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Linkage disequilibrium in wild mice.

... differentiation of the Arizona population into a small number of subpopulations. We also estimated the inbreeding coefficient of each individual and the kinship coefficient of each pair of individuals using a model that allows for inbreeding, but no population structure. The mean of the inbreeding coefficients is 0.21 (consistent with the observed deviations from the ... (nine Alox15, 53 Apoa2, 70 C3ar1, 31 Nr1h3). The lines connect the midpoint of each distance bin and give either the mean or the 95th percentile of r2 for that bin. The lower panel compares LD in 60 unrelated individuals each of Arizona mice and humans of European ancestry from the CEU sample of the HapMap project. The mouse SNPs are the same as in the ... individuals and pairs of individuals with a variety of different levels of relatedness and inbreeding. In general, estimated kinship coefficients were within 0.063 units of the true values in 95% of all simulated pairs of relatives. Estimated inbreeding coefficients were within 0.120 units of the true values in 95% of all simulated individuals. Estimation was
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Government borrowing and the long-term interest rate: Application of an extended loanable funds model to the Slovak Republic

... 0.830, the positive coefficient of the ratio of the net capital inflow to GDP is insignificant at the 10% level, and other results are similar to the closed-economy loanable funds model. Hence, the inclusion of the EU government bond yield and the nominal effective exchange rate increases the value of adjusted R-squared of the regression and improves the ... part of private investment expenditures. It suggests that the multiplier effect of increased government deficit spending would not change much due to crowding-out. In the open-economy loanable funds model, the world interest rate and the exchange rate need to be considered as international investors search for better returns in determining the supply of ... = the demand for loanable funds in Slovakia, S = the supply of loanable funds in Slovakia, R = the long-term interest rate in Slovakia, RS = the real short-term interest rate in Slovakia, πe = the expected inflation rate in Slovakia, Y = percent change in real GDP in Slovakia, B = the government deficit in Slovakia, R* = the world long-term interest
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The effects of backward adjustable thoracic support in wheelchair on spinal curvature and back muscle activation for elderly people.

... [11, 12]. In this study, the SS posture presented the greatest posterior pelvic tilt among the 4 sitting postures, decreasing hamstring tightness. However, the posterior pelvic tilt increased the shear stress between the sacral spine and the seat, thereby increasing the risk of sacral pressure ulcers [30–32]. The LSS posture exhibited the greatest anterior ... activation, and hamstring tightness are correlated and all influence the maintenance of sitting posture. Regarding seating systems, the most frequently used system in the clinical care is the standard sling seat and back upholstery, which pose limitations on the maintenance of optimal posture [2]. Previous studies have indicated that reclined backrest, forward ... allowing it to significantly tilt posteriorly, with the trunk maintaining a C-shaped posture against the backrest [3]. While the NS, LSS and BTS postures, the participants were instructed to rest their buttocks as far back in the seat as possible, and to have the back flat against the backrest [21]. All the participants were asked to practice the postures
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Exploring a vocabulary test and a judgment task as diagnoses of early and late bilinguals' L2 proficiency

... Summary of the research Objectives Experiment 1 Experiment 2 • To investigate the ability of VLT to • To investigate the ability of the discriminate L2 English proficiency Spanish VLT to discriminate L2 profiles in relation to the OPT and the AJ Spanish proficiency profiles in task; relation to the SPT and the AJ task •To estimate the ... not the lexical units themselves, and (2) these constructions are systematized in the speaker’s mind as a conceptual entanglement. For example, in English, a speaker certainly understands the meaning of the verb “miss” and the noun “boat”, however, the meaning of the expression “miss the boat” (idiom) cannot be obtained through the integration of both ... 5) claims that constructions have to be conceived as a theoretical instance per se: ? ?The collection of constructions is not assumed to consist of an unstructured set of independent entities, but instead it is taken to constitute a highly structured lattice of interrelated information.” The comparison of argument structures of bilinguals’ languages
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Effects of acupuncture at Shenmen (C-7) and Neiguan (PC-6) acupoints on the heart hate, hart rate variability and cardiac rhythm in healthy dogs.

... cardíaca, acupuntura ABSTRACT Acupuncture derives from traditional Chinese medicine, which aims to restore homeostasis. The action mechanism of this technique involves stimulation of certain points on the skin by inserting a needle. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of stimulation of acupoints C7 and PC6 on the heart rate variability, ... was observed between the groups (p = 0.0051), however, when comparing the baseline with 15 and 25 minutes of monitoring in the false acupoint group, no significant results were found when compared with true acupoint. In conclusion, it is suggested that the stimulation of acupoints C-7 and PC-6 in healthy dogs does not promote change in sympathovagal balance, ... 2016 255 Silva et al.  Previously to the acupuncture an ECG with 2 minutes of recorder was performed, and after an insertion of needles the electrocardiographic recording was maintained during the 30 minutes of acupuncture. Results showed no significant difference between the HR when comparing true and false acupoints (p = 0.890). For heart rate variability
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Avaliação dos modelos logístico bicompartimental e de Gompertz na estimativa da dinâmica de fermentação ruminal in vitro do farelo e da torta de babaçu (Orbignya martiana).

... matter. However, the bicompartimental logistic model showed the best RMS value. Logistic models are recommended to describe the kinetic of gas production from babassu foods using the semi-automated in vitro technique. Keywords: gas production, ruminal inoculums, mathematical models INTRODUÇÃO A eficiência de produção de ruminantes é, em grande ... matemáticos ABSTRACT Two mathematical models were used to evaluate gas production from the meal and pie of babassu using the semi-automated gas production technique. The logistic and Gompertz models were used and the validation parameters for both models were the residual mean square (RMS), the coefficient of determination (R2), the absolute average ... dos modelos logístico bicompartimental e de Gompertz na estimativa da dinâmica de fermentação ruminal in vitro do farelo e da torta de babaçu (Orbignya martiana) [Avaliation of bicompartimental logistic and Gompertz mathematical models to estimate gas production from babassu (Orbignya martiana) meal and pie using the semi-automated in vitro technique] L.N.
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Impact of Intensive Physiotherapy on Cognitive Function after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery.

... variables. Variables without normal distribution were compared between groups by using Mann-Whitney test, and, within the same group at different times, by using Wilcoxon test. The chi-square test assessed differences of categorical variables. Statistical tests with a p value ≤ 0.05 were considered significant. Results: Changes in pulmonary function were not ... different between the groups. However, while Group 2 patients showed no decline in their neurocognitive function, Group 1 patients showed a decline in their cognitive functions (P ≤ 0.01). Conclusion: Those results highlight the importance of physiotherapy after CABG and support the implementation of multiple sessions per day, providing patients with ... randomized study. Ann Thorac Surg. 2000;69(1):140-5. 21. Stiler K, Montarello J, Wallace M, Daff M, Grant R, Jenkins S, et al. Efficacy of breathing and coughing exercises in the prevention of pulmonary complications after coronary artery surgery. Chest. 1994;105(3):741-7. 22. Kadoi Y, Goto F. Factors associated with postoperative cognitive dysfunction in
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Dinâmica de degradação in vitro da fibra em detergente neutro e qualidade da silagem do resíduo de palmeira-real australiana (Archonthophoenix alexandrae)

... was within the normal for rich fiber diets. The quality of silage produced with residues from the production of King palm appears to be promising, however, these silages and fresh residues, according to chemical analysis and the degradation rates obtained for NDF, needs application of techniques that improve digestibility, aiming to increase their use ... evaluated in a simulated rumen environment by in vitro incubations, where the samples were submitted to different incubation times: 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 and 96 hours. The incubation procedure was repeated four times. The incubation residues were evaluated for NDF, followed by the adjustment of a logistic non-linear model. To evaluate the silage ... 2013. In vitro degradation dynamics of neutral detergente fiber and silage quality of the King palm residue (Archonthophoenix alexandrae). Adviser: Augusto César de Queiroz. Co-Advisers: Edenio Detmann and Marcos In? ?cio Marcondes. This study aimed to analyze chemically the residue from the production of King palm, fresh and silage, to evaluate the in
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Ectomicorriza in vitro entre Hydnangium sp. e Eucalyptus grandis e análises de seqüências de genes de Hydnangium sp.

... quantity from roots of 130 seedlings for each phase was insufficient for the transcripts detection through RTPCR. The intron analysis of the partial sequences of the genes that encode ATP sintase (atp) and acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase (aat) of Hydnangium sp. enabled two introns identification in partial sequence of atp gene (53 and 65 bp), while in partial ... partial sequence of aat gene were identified three introns (52, 52 e 46 bp). All introns analyzed have the canonical sequence 5’ GT – 3’ AG on splicing sites, ranging the adjacent nucleotides. The phylogenetic analysis, using the partial sequences of amino acids of atp and aat genes, enabled the correct group separation, corroborating the Hydnangium sp. classification ... system for the symbiosis-regulated genes expression analysis. In this work, the in vitro mycorrhization system for the Hydnangium sp. and Eucalyptus grandis interaction was performed for the colonization, differentiation and functioning phases for the ectomicorriza formation. The colonization phase were verified after five days of inoculation with the
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Organogênese in vitro em feijão guandu (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.)

... Histological sections revealed the adventicious origin of the shoots via direct organogenesis in the embryonic explants, as well as indirect via in the epicotyl explants. According to the results, the following conclusions were drawn: the use of the embryonic axis, epicotyl segments and both BAP and TDZ cytokinins in inducing the adventicious shoots of ... evaluated at the end of 30 days under culture: the percent callus, the number of roots and shoots formed at both ends (proximal and distal), as well as the presence of contamination and explants without response. The formation of roots were restricted to the explants cultured in the MSØ medium and at the proximal end. In the explants cultured in the MS medium ... with combination of two cytokinins (2.22µM BAP and 2.27µM TDZ) made possible the formation of callus that were visually higher, but at the presence of AgNO3 occurred lower callus formation. The shoot were restricted to basal end of the explants cultured in the medium added with cytokinins and AgNO3, and this combination made possible the formation of higher
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Differential Gene Expression (DGE) by RNA sequencing analysis and development of software for integrating different DGE methods

... T474Dinduced transcriptome mimicked the infected transcriptome as they clustered together with high confidence and they differ from the normal NIK-induced expression profile. Furthermore, the elimination of the mock T474D DE genes from the raw of all treatments further indicates that the expression profile induced by the T474D mutant mimics greatly the ... by the edgeR package revealed that the T474Dinduced transcriptome mimicked the infected transcriptome as they clustered together with high confidence and they differ from the normal NIK-induced expression profile. Furthermore, the elimination of the mock T474D DE genes from the raw of all treatments further indicates that the expression profile induced ... was shown to bind stably to the kinase domain of NIK (Fontes et al., 2004). Replacing T474 with aspartate does not prevent NSP binding to NIK but decreases the NSP-mediated inactivation of the kinase activity. These in vitro results suggest that the hyperactive NIK T474D mutant may be a more effective target for engineering resistance against begomovirus. To
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Crescimento e anatomia foliar de bananeiras submetidas a diferentes condições de cultivo in vitro.

... enraizamento in vitro, sacarose. ABSTRACT GROWTH AND LEAF ANATOMY OF BANANAS SUBMITTED TO DIFFERENT CONDITIONS OF IN VITRO CULTURE Initiatives aiming at to reduce production costs and to improve the quality of plantlets are necessary in order to turn micropropagation commercially more feasible. The objective of this work was to evaluate the influence of the ... on the growth and leaf anatomy of banana plantlets during in vitro elongating/ rooting phase. Shoots of Caipira and Pacovan cultivars were cultivated in MS medium, supplemented with NAA (1 mg L-1) and agar (6 g L-1), submitted to sucrose concentrations of 15 g L-1 or 30 g L-1 under natural light of greenhouse or artificial light of growth chamber. Investigations ... for the in vitro culture of banana (Musa acuminata cv. ‘Grande Naine’). Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, Amsterdam, v. 55, n. 2, p. 141-145, 1999. KODYM, A.; ZAPATA-ARIAS, F. J. Low-cost alternatives for the micropropagation of banana. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, Amsterdam, v. 66, p. 67-71, 2001. KÖPPEN, W. Climatología: con un estudio
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Cultura de embriões in vitro para o melhoramento de pessegueiros precoces.

... Results showed that the culture media increased the seed germination as compared with the stratification treatments. The embryo-culture technique had the highest percentage of germination and of the seedlings and could well be used in the breeding program to shorten the ripening cyclesof peaches. Index terms: peach breeding, germination, in vitro embryo ... culture of peaches. Hilgardia, 20:147-170, 1950. KESTER, D.E. & HESSE, C O . Embryo culture of peach varieties in rela¬ tion to season of ripening. Proceedings of the American Society of Horticultural Science, 65:265-273, 1955. LAMMERTS, W.E. Embryo culture an affective technique for shortening the breeding cycle of deciduous trees and increasing germinations ... obtained from eaily ripening peach were stratified either immediately after extraction from fruits (50 seeds) or after exposuie to room tempeiature for 96 hours (50 seeds). Embryos from mature fruits were cultured aseptically in vitro on nutrient media containing the macro and microelements of Murashige & Skoog, inusitol, thiamine, nicotinic acid, glycine, GA3,
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Propagação in vitro de genótipos de alface via embriogênese somática.

... no reports of development of complete somatic embryogenesis protocols, with plant production of lettuce. This study aimed to establish lettuce in vitro propagation of Paris White and Red Salad Bowl genotypes, evaluating embryogenic callus induction, somatic embryos regeneration and subsequent conversion into plants. For somatic embryogenesis induction, ... Process control in somatic polyembryogenesis. In: HALLGREN, J.E. Frans symposium department of forest genetics and plant physiology. Swedish: University of Agricultural Sciences, 1988. p.147-186. FAOSTAT (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Statistics). Top production - Lettuce and chicory, 2009. Acesso em: 24 out. 2011. Online. Disponível ... jun. 2011. FERREIRA, D.F. Programa de análises estatísticas (Statistical Analysis Software) e planejamento de experimentos. SISVAR 5.0 (Build 67). 2003. Disponível em: . Acesso em: 26 jun. 2010. FRANKLIN, G. et al. In vitro flowering and viable seed setting of transgenic lettuce cultures. Plant Biotechnology,
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Bounds for the probability distribution function of the linear ACD process

... realizations of the process and then estimate the unconditional cumulative distribution of the duration process using the empirical distribution of the last 8,000 observations of the sample. Figure 2 illustrates the fact that, despite the slackness of the trivial upper limit, the nontrivial lower bound is extremely sharp and informative. Further simulations show ... that this result is quite robust to the specification of the linear ACD process. The simulations also indicate that by substituting maximum likelihood estimates for the true values of the parameters, the 95% confidence interval of the lower bound provides a tight confidence band to the true probability distribution function of the process. References Bauwens, ... cω. The result then follows by applying the Jensen’s inequality to (2) with z = ω 1−γ x. As is apparent, the applicability of the lower bound depends essentially on the constant c, and hence it is interesting to evaluate (10) for the usual distributions in the ACD literature. I therefore consider in the next section
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The trajectory of social housing policy in Brazil: From the National Housing Bank to the Ministry of the Cities

... to the construction of individual housing units. This figure is an indication of housing units which benefited from improvements made to the surrounding environment or to the housing unit itself under the program. aspect of housing policy was the production of new housing. In a sense the Cardoso government, by instituting the system of ‘letters of ... keep in line with IMF orthodoxy by expanding on the Collor government’s reforms: the commercial openings (end of import restrictions), the privatisation program, the ‘reform’ of the state, etc. At the same time, the government operated a policy of skyrocketing interest rates, attracting an in? ??ux of ‘hot’ money to the country and ‘muddling through’ the ... (1990a,1990b). compatible with the housing market activity, as claimed by the government, was proposed in a bill sent to the National Congress by the end of 1992. The bill proposed the creation of Real Estate Investment Funds (Fundos de Investimento Imobilia´rio), operating in the secondary markets, inspired by the extensive use of this approach in the USA and Britain, a measure
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Diretor da London School of Economics, Craig Calhoun, é recebido pela FGV/DAPP durante visita institucional

... Amaro Grass i e Pedro Lenhard. INSTITUCIONAL 23/D6/2014 Estudo da Diretoria de Aná lise de Políticas Públicas aponta eficácia dos proj etos do governo gaúcho INST ITUCIONAL 29/04l2014 Santa Catarina e DAPP lança m Parlamento Digita l INST ITUCIONAL 26103/2014 Presidente da FGV participa de painel em Mad ri co patrocinado pela DAPP (CONOMIA 26103/20'4 Diretor-Adjunto ... jornada de estudos de regulaçdo INSTITUCIONAL 30/07i20'4 Diretor da London School of Econ omics, Cralg Calhoun, é recebido pela FGVIDAPP durante visita instit ucion al INSTITUCIONAL 1'/0712014 Governador do Rio Grande do Sul. Tarso Genro, participa de re uni;'lo na FGV/DAPP para ava liaçdo de tecn ol ogias aplicadas no Estado "' Tw_ I 8+1 o o ... PÚBLICAS INICIO DAPP FERAAMENTAS 8lOG BIBLIOTECAS PARCERIAS EQUIPE CONTATO o. INSTITUCI ONAL 30/07/20 14 Notícias mais recentes Diretor da London Sc hoo l of Eco nom ics, Cra ig Ca lhoun, é receb id o pe la FGV/DAPP durante visita instituc io na l DAPP 26/11120'4 Coord enador de Pes quisa da FGVDAPP parti cipa de jornada de estudos de
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Role of Bmi-1 in regulation of ionizing irradiation-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition and migration of breast cancer cells.

... Bmi-1, the PI3K/Akt cascade is also involved in regulation of the IR-induced EMT process and migration of breast cancer cells demonstrated by the results showing that either PI3K inhibitor or Akt inhibitor can abolish the inducibility of the effect of IR on breast cancer cells (Fig. 4). Interestingly, while the PI3K and Akt inhibitors can only suppress the ... metastatic potential of cancer cells. A new role of Bmi-1 in mitochondrial function was investigated, suggesting that Bmi-1 was involved in regulation of the oxidative stress levels by suppressing the expression of oxidase genes [14–16]. In this report, we investigated the effect of IR on the expression of Bmi-1 and its effect on EMT and metastasis of ... oxidative stress and promotes metastasis in some tumors. But, its potential role in the metastasis induced by IR of breast cancer has not been explored. In our study, we found that increased levels of Bmi1 were correlated to EMT of breast cancer cells. Through analyzing the EMT state and metastasis of breast cancer induced by IR, we found the metastatic
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Model Adaptation for Prognostics in a Particle Filtering Framework

... f/αj, time index k dropped for the sake of generality, at any point in the state space defined by xk = [xk αk]T. If the partial derivative is positive, then the value of the function increases with an increase in the parameter value and vice-versa. The magnitude of the derivative indicates the degree to which the parameter affects the output of f. This ...  . (5) The last step of Eq. (5) assumes that the measurements are independent of each other such that zk only depends upon xk. The normalizing constant in the denominator can be represented in terms of the likelihood function p(zk|xk), defined by Eq. (2) and the known statistics of as follows: pz k Zk-1   pz k x k px k Zk-1 dx k .  (6) Substituting ... a n dynamic system xk  R , where R is the set of real numbers and nx is the dimension of the state vector, n using a time-sequence of noisy measurements zk  R , where nz is the dimension of the measurement vector (Ristic et al., 2004). The time index k  N, where N is the set of natural numbers, is assigned to the continuous-time instant tk. Thus the state
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Thin layer chromatography of camel urine

... Sudan Abstract General screening of 10 camel urine samples was carried out to determine the most common constituent of camel urine. Samples used were crude, ethanolic and chlorofermic extracts and compared with their lyophilysed urine. The study revealed the presence of alkaloids and triterpene. The objectives of this investigation are to verify camel urine ... (Ks) in 10ml of water. The two solutions are mixed and diluted to 100 ml with distilled water. Thin layer (0.1-0.5 mm) of the grained silica gel (kessel gellG; 30 gram) was dissolved in 60 ml of D.W, spread on 20x20 cm carrier plate made of glass. 1-5µl of sample was applied as spots and the stating line about 10-15 mm from the bottom edge of the plate. 395 Hab ... camel urine (CU) treated with 6 (NHCL ). Fig. 1: Thin layer chromatography of crude urine ethanolic and chloroformic extracts of camel urine by using BAW system at ratio of 4:1:5 Thin layer chromatography of butanolic chloroformic, methanolic and ethanolic extract was shown in Figure 1, using BAW system at a ratio 4:1:5. The spots appeared in the
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... field effect in the drain junction of the CMOS transistor causes the leakage current. The gate induced drain leakage current IGIDL increases when thinner oxide and higher supply voltage are used. Thus, one of the techniques to control IGIDL is via controlling the doping concentration in the drain of the transistor. The carriers which trapped in the oxide ... transistors in PDN applied instead of using the traditional PUN and PDN. Due to the input from with hybrid network (DXGH), both the static inverter and tilted input signal were cancelled. Hence, the power performance could be improved with an effective layout area. The structure of the proposed method is shown in Fig. 11. #$ ! ! $ BC2 & - ( ) The ... in deep submicron technology, all consumed power commonly dissipated as heat and the cost of providing power has caused great interest in power reduction [23]. VLSI designers must keep the balance in power dissipation and the circuit’s performance with scaling of the devices. Scaling methods pay a significant role in reducing the power dissipation from
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Constraint-based model of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 metabolism: a tool for data analysis and hypothesis generation.

... 4), indicating that glycine is made from serine, instead of threonine being degraded into glycine and then converted into serine (see Figure S5). Experimental assessment of a DglyA mutant found that glyA is essential for aerobic growth on lactate (Figure S2 and Figure S6) indicating that serine hydroxymethyltransferase is used in the production of either serine ... further. The model predicted that MR-1 could metabolize glycine by first using the glycine cleavage system to convert glycine into 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate (mlthf), CO2 and NH4, and then combining mlthf with another glycine molecule to produce serine (by serine hydroxymethyltransferase, glyA) which can then be deaminated into pyruvate. Further experiments ... data, in particular the role of serine hydroxymethyltransferase and glycine cleavage system in the metabolism of one-carbon units, and growth on different sources of carbon and energy. This work illustrates how integration of computational and experimental efforts facilitates the understanding of microbial metabolism at a systems level. Citation: Pinchuk
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. Characteristics Of Hydrogenous Body Media Self-Emission And Its Use For Identification And Monitoring Of Inflammatory Infiltrative Changes In Lower Respiratory Tract

... отделения. CHARACteRIStICS Of HYDROGeNOuS BODY MeDIA SeLf-eMISSION AND ItS uSe fOR IDeNtIfICAtION AND MONItORING Of INfLAMMAtORY INfILtRAtIVe CHANGeS IN LOWeR ReSPIRAtORY tRACt M.S. Gromov – Ministry of Defense of the RF, Saratov Military Medical Institute, Professor, Doctor of Medical Science; I.V. Terekhov – Ministry of Defense of the RF, Saratov Military Medical Institute, ... Characteristics Of Hydrogenous Body Media Self-Emission And Its Use For Identiication And Monitoring Of Inlammatory Iniltrative Changes In Lower Respiratory Tract. Saratov Journal of Medical Scientiic Research, 2009, vol. 5, № 4, p. 558–561. the article based on scientiic research gives the description of radio-wave investigation of iniltrative processes in the ... iniltrative processes in the lungs. a new method of studies – trance-resonant functional topography – has been used. Some new diagnostical criteria for identiication and speciication of iniltrative disease of thorax have been presented and some problems of diagnostics of inlammatory iniltrative changes of lower respiratory tract (pneumonia, sarcoidosis
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Efeito in situ da utilização de uma goma de mascar com caseína fosfopeptídea fosfato...

... group-salivary effect without stimulation (no gum). Nineteen volunteers participated on this study during 3 crossover phases of 2 h. On GI and GII, the volunteers wore intraoral palatal devices for 120 min and chewed a unit of the corresponding chewing gum on the last 30 min. On Control group the volunteer wore the appliance for 2 h, without chewing gum. On each ... erosion-protective effect of CPP-ACP is controversial. This in situ study aimed to investigate the ability of CPP-ACP chewing gum to prevent a single event of erosive demineralization. Bovine enamel blocks (120), after selection (initial surface hardness) were randomly assigned to groups: GI-chewing gum with CPP-ACP, GIIchewing gum without CPP-ACP and ... when compared to salivary effect without stimulation (control- 39.8%) (p0.05). The results suggest that the use of chewing gum immediately before an erosive demineralization is able to diminish the enamel hardness loss. However, the presence of CPP-ACP in the chewing gum cannot enhance this protective
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Efeitos do ultrassom pulsado de baixa intensidade na proliferação e mineralização de pré-osteoblastos in vitro

... RNA was extracted using a Superscript Protocol III First Strand Supermix Kit (Invitrogen). The mRNA levels of osteopontin, osteonectin, NF-κB1 and pγ8α were analyzed using a StepOne real-time PCR system (Applied Biosystems), applying the SYBR Green gel stain (Invitrogen), with the following cycles: initial incubation 95ºC step for 5 minutes, followed by ... called mechanotransduction). The therapeutic ultrasound (TU) is one of several resources capable of promoting bone cell mechanical stimulation. Therefore, the main purpose of present study was to evaluate the effect of TU on the proliferation of pre-osteoblasts using in vitro bioassays. Study Design/Materials and Methods We used MC3T3-E1 pre-osteoblast lineage cells kept in ... 110ºC for 24 hours and then in a muffle furnace at 700ºC for 5 hours. The muffle furnace remained closed during cooling until the temperature reached 250ºC. The crucibles were then stored in a desiccator until the final weighing of samples. The final sample obtained in the crucible was diluted in distilled water (100 mL); 0.5 mL of each sample was taken
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