Reproductive Health


... e -Health The term e -Health refers to “the use of emerging information and communication technology, especially the Internet, to improve or enable health and healthcare thereby enabling stronger and more effective connections among patients, doctors, hospitals, payers, laboratories, pharmacies, and suppliers” [11]. E -Health offers important medical/healthcare ... business-intelligence-in-the-cloud/, 2011 11. eHealth Technologies, authors. What is eHealth?, what%20is%20ehealth.htm, 2004 12. 13. Eman AbuKhousa, Nader Mohamed and Jameela Al-Jaroodi, e -Health Cloud: Opportunities and Challenges, Future Internet 2012, 4, ... in eHealth Canada, 2012, 22. Tammi Marcoullier, Trending in 2013: Electronic Health Records, 2013, -health- records/ 23. Colley, A., Telstra cloud pilot in e -health system, 2010,,telstra-to-build-e -health- cloud.aspx 38
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CSP26.R21: Women, Health and Developmemt

... PAN AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION 26th PAN AMERICAN SANITARY CONFERENCE 54th SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington, D.C., USA, 23-27 September 2002 RESOLUTION CSP26.R21 WOMEN, HEALTH, AND DEVELOPMENT THE 26th PAN AMERICAN SANITARY CONFERENCE, Having considered the report of the Director on women, health, and development (Document ... gender perspective in health analysis so as to target policies and programs more effectively and to develop and implement models that address gender inequities in health in an integrated manner; (f) address the need for more in-depth studies on the perception of health service providers, for the identification and explanation of the health problems of ... establishing and financing information systems on gender differences in health and development; and to the collection, processing, and presentation of health information disaggregated by sex; (b) promote the participation of users and producers of information about gender and health issues from both government and civil society; CSP26.R21 (Eng.) Page
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The regulation of privacy and data protection in the use of electronic health information: an international perspective and reference source on regulatory and legal issues related to person-identifiable health database

... USE OF ELECTRONIC HEALTH? ?INFORMATION An International Perspective and Reference Source on Regulatory and Legal Issues Related to Person­Identifiable? ?Health? ?Databases R. J. Rodrigues P. Wilson S. J. Schanz PAN  AMERICAN  HEALTH? ?ORGANIZATION Pan  American  Sanitary  Bureau,  Regional  Office  of  the WORLD  HEALTH? ? ORGANIZATION DIVISION OF? ?HEALTH? ? SYSTEMS  ... Rodrigues Regional Advisor,? ?Health? ? Services Information  Technology Division  of? ?Health? ? Systems and Services  Development Pan American  Health? ?Organization  / World? ?Health? ? Organization Washington,  D.C., USA Petra Wilson * Scientific Officer European Commission, Directorate General for Information Society Applications Relating to  Health Brussels, Belgium Stephen J. Schanz Adjunct Associate Professor East Carolina  ... the  Internet,  facilitate  communication  among  health stakeholders.  Networked  interactive  communication  technologies  are shaping  the  future  of  healthcare.  They  reinforce,  complement,  and enhance  existing  health? ? programs  and  healthcare  delivery  systems, offer  new solutions  for  health? ? interventions,  and  create  the  opportunity for 
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The Pan American Sanitary Code: Toward a Hemispheric Health Policy

... Public Health and Chief of the Department of Public Health History of the National School of Public Health, Ministry of Public Health, Calle 150 entre 31 y 25, Cubanacán, Municipio Playa, Havana, Cuba. 2 Former professor (deceased) of the School of Medicine, Central University of Quito, Ecuador. 3 Chief of the Publications Program, Pan American Health ... in health. Without question, the cholera epidemic that ravaged Europe in 1848 proved the best ally of English public health authorities, who, faced with the horrible spectacle of some 54,000 deaths, called for the imposition of order. As a result, England initiated health reforms based on the collection of demographic and health data, established health ... data, established health posts, enacted health policies, conducted studies on the causes of diseases, and, on the basis of their findings, applied prevention and control measures. T his was the origin of England’s National Public Health Act and General Board of Health, both important landmarks in the history of public health. Following England’s example,
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Legislation and policy for adolescent health in Latin America and the Caribbean

... advance the health and development of adolescents. Adolescent health is best dealt with in a comprehensive, holistic manner. Based on the analysis of the existing laws and policies, an appropriate adolescent health policy should be addressed through all of the following sectors: Health. Laws and policies on youth health should encourage health promotion ... and access to reproductive health services (Table 1). Another questionnaire, sent to all the PAHO country offices, sought information on national policies on adolescent health being implemented by the Ministry of Health in those nations. In total, 191 existing laws and regulations from 16 countries were analyzed, as well as adolescent health policies ... and policy for adolescent health in Latin America and the Caribbean1 1 Based on: Rodriguez-Garcia R, Russell JS. Legislative and policy environment for adolescent health in Latin America and the Caribbean. Washington, D.C.: Pan American Health Organization, Division of Health Promotion and Protection, Program of Adolescent Health; 1997. Rev Panam
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The canadian health system and its financing

... and spending less: policies and partnerships for health care in Canada. Ottawa: The Health Group; 1994. 5. Fulton J. Canada’s health system: bordering on the possible. Washington, DC: Faulkner & Gray’s Healthcare Information Center; 1993. 6. Heidemann E. The Canadian health care system: cost and quality. Bull Pan Am Health Organ 1994;28:169–176. 30 7. Chernomas ... Health. The public and private financing of Canada’s health system. Ottawa: National Forum on Health; 1995. 2. Ministry of Supply and Services. Choose Canada: for world class health products and services. Ottawa: Ministry of Supply and Services; 1992. 3. Health Canada. Canadian report to the Special Meeting on Health Sector Reform. Washington, DC: 29–30 September ... Canadian health care system. Int J Health Serv 1994; 24:189–200. 8. World Bank. World development report 1993: investing in health. Washington, DC: World Bank; 1993. 9. Himmelstein DM, Woolhandler S. Cost without benefit: administrative waste in U.S. health care. N Engl J Med 1986;314:441–445. 10. Evans RG, Lomas J, Barer ML, et al. Controlling health
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Epidemiology and leadership in public health

... specific causes of ill health in order that the indicated action may be directed appropriately. To evaluate the effectiveness of health programs and services in improving the health of the population. The Importance of Public Health What is the importance of the public health movement? Returning to Winslow, in a report to the American Public Health Association ... with public health. For without public health, there is no epidemiology (6. The Tasks of Public Health As mentioned earlier, one dictionary states that "a leader is a person who leads others along a way; a guide." To discuss leadership in epidemiology and public health, one must define which "way" we have in mind. What are the tasks of public health today ... Health Organization. Health Conditions in the Americas, 1981-84. Volume 1. Washington, D.C., 1986. 2. Support the appointment of leaders of health departments, schools of public health, and departments of community, social and preventive medicine who are committed to the new direction, namely, an epidemiologic and preventive approach to the major health
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Fortieth anniversary of the World Health Organization

... health ministries. PAHO is sponsoring a "Health for All - All for Health" essay 6. contest for high school students of the Americas to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the World Health Organization. The contest is designed to create general public interest in the celebration of WHO's 40th Anniversary, to call attention to the outstanding public health ... Fortieth Anniversary of the World Health Organization had served as an opportunity for developing activities to heighten awareness about WHO and international health in the Americas. The Region's official observance of the anniversary took place at PAtiO Headquarters on World Health Day. National observance ceremonies were sponsored by the Ministries of Health and, in ... directing council -t NoM )}~} % · PAN AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION LP\iP/ WORLD HEALTHJi RGANA ORGANIZATION 101st Meeting Washington, D.C. June-July 1988 Provisional Agenda Item 6.1 CE101/15 (Eng.) 18 April 1988 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION The Fortieth World Health Assembly (1987) adopted Resolution WHA40.36
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Health as an economic value in a time of crisis

... living standards. Health occupies a prominent place in economic and social development, because of the sizable investments and expenditures in the sector and also because of the population’s increasing expectations of better achievements. As a result, health has come to be viewed as a value of production, for the study of which the discipline of health economics ... the World Health Organization set the goal of health for all by the year 2000, which we can today view from another perspective.) This interrelationship between economics, society, and application of technology has produced many approaches to development (among them important ones capable of inducing diverse social attitudes), ranging from health education ... services and corresponding reductions in the health sector are becoming more marked, with a resulting increase in the social debt. Generally, the prospects for maintaining the economic resources that support the poor countries’ health programs are becoming increasingly dim; and certain components of the goal of health for all by the year 2000, devised in
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The financing of health: conditions for effectiveness and equity

... T HE FINANCING OF HEALTH: CONTXTIONS FOR EFFECTIVENESS AND EQUITY1 David Tejada de Rivero’ The World Bank study-proposal on financing health services3unquestionably constitutes an important agenda for urgently needed reforms in this field. Indeed, the World Bank’s Population, Health, and Nutrition Department has opened the ... a different effectsuch as an individual’s perception of a change in health. There are, for instance, serious pathologic processes that begin without any signs or symptoms, so that they do not generate a spontaneous demand for services. Health SectorProblems The list of three main health sector problems referred to in the study could be supplemented ... sicknesswith health, of curative serviceswith health services, and of effectiveness with complexity; and it has done so among providers because their training is technology- 449 dominated and because they get a sense of professional achievement from a high-technology work environment. Internal ineffkiency of public programs. It is a fact that health
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Brazilian health care delivery during a recession

... pattern of growing health care expenditure away from its existing course. The sections that follow review certain salient features of the Brazilian health care system, describe the effects of Brazil’s economic crises, assessthe apparent effects of those crises on health expenditures, and discuss certain implications for health care. Health Care in Brazil The ... importance of health care services to Brazilian development make the health impact of economic stress especially interesting. In‘Also appearing in Spanish in the Bolefin de In Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana. *Assistant Professor, Health Administration Program, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. deed, health care is ... “reorientation” seeks to increase the quality of health care and reduce PAHO BULLETIN I vol. 18. no. 4, 1984 health costs, both by investing in a modemization and expansion of government hospitals and by increasing the collaboration between INAMPS, the national ministry of health, and each of the various state and local health ministries. An experimental trial
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Primary health care: worldwide interest... and a U.S. perspective

... quite concerned about providing health services to people living in rural areas and to the urban poor. l The Pan American Health Organization’s United States-Mexico Border Health Association held a workshop on primary ‘Public Health Adviser, United States Public Health Service, Health Services Administration, Bureau of Community Health Services. 35 health care in ... Association, Center for Health Services Research and Development. Socioeconomic Issue of Health, 1977. Chicago, 1977. (3) United States, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, U.S. Public Health Service. FoTwaTd Plan for HeaEth, FY 1978D.C., 1976. 1982. Washington, (4) United States, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, U.S. Public Health Health SeTvices ... health professionals do experience Baidi l PRIMARY HEALTH 37 CARE allocated for primary health care. So the questions to ask are: How effective is the allocation of these funds? and Are a nation’s people healthier from both a physical and emotional point of view? In general, when assessing national health care systems and the allocation of health care
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Environmental health and technical cooperation among developing countries

... Bull Part Am Health Organ 12(2), 1978. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND AMONG DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Frank A. TECHNICAL ’ COOPERATION Butrico2 The subject of technical cooperation tries has attracted growing attention between developing counin recent years. The account presented here summarizes PAHO’s efforts to promote health. such cooperation ... are directed towards defining national health goals and. will contribute directly and significantly to the improvement of the health status of their populationsthrough methods they can apply now and at a cost they can afford now. The Current Outlook One of the technical cooperation activities in the environmental health field that is being given priority attention is ... collaboration with the Member Governments by ECO, PAHO’s new HEALTH 129 Pan American Center for Human Ecology and Health. ECO, which recently began operating from its headquarters in Mexico City, is expected to serve as a regional catalyst that will promote research and training activities. REFERENCES (I) World Health Organization. “Technical Cooperation Among
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CD25.R11: Resolutions of the 30th World Health Assembly and of the 60th session of the Executive Board of interest to the Regional Committee

... PAN AMERICAN? ?HEALTH? ?ORGANIZATION  WORLD? ?HEALTH? ?ORGANIZATION                    25th DIRECTING COUNCIL   29th SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 27 September – 6 October 1977 RESOLUTION CD25.R11 RESOLUTIONS OF THE 30th WORLD HEALTH ASSEMBLY AND OF THE 60th SESSION OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD ... COUNCIL, Having examined Document CD25/6 containing resolutions of the Thirtieth World Health Assembly and of the Sixtieth Session of the Executive Board, which the Director has brought to the attention of the Directing Council as Regional Committee of the World Health Organization for the Americas; and Having taken note of the information provided ... the information provided by the Director on the activities being carried out by the Organization in the various fields, RESOLVES To take note of the resolutions of the World Health Assembly and of the Executive Board contained in Document CD25/6. Sept.–Oct. 1977 OD 152, 53
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Creation of national systems for health sciences documentation in Latin America

... (A) MINISTER OF HEALTH CD24/29 (Eng.) 'CREATION OF-NATIONAL SYSTEMS FOR HEALTH 'SCIENCES DOCUMENTATION ' I9? LATIN -AMERICA' (Item p'roposed by the Government' of Chile) The Teni-Year 'Health Plan for the Americas (PAHO Official Document 118, January 1973) contains the following recommendations: I'.'' Est'abli-sh national documentation systems for the health ... the Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization, the Government of Chile has pleasure in submitting for consideration by the XXIV Meeting of the Directing Council of PAHO, XXVIII Meeting of the Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas the following agenda item: "CREATION OF NATIONAL SYSTEMS FOR HEALTH SCIENCES DOCUMENTATION IN LATIN AMERICA." ... it could be included in the agenda of the Meeting. The topic with which the Chilean proposal is concerned was recommended by the III Meeting of Ministers of Health and included in the Ten-Year Health Plan, which is evidence of its importance and its continuing validity. We feel, however, that it has not been given its due importance, and hence that
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First intersectorial meeting on health of man in the Americas: progress report of the Director

... directing council regional committee PAN AMERICAN HEALTH WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATION XXIII Meeting XXVII Meeting Washington, D.C. September-October 1975 Provisional Agenda Item 26 CD23/24 (Eng.) 5 September 1975 ORIGINAL: SPANISH FIRST INTERSECTORAL MEETING ON'THE 'HEALTH OF'MAN'IN THE AMERICAS PROGRESS REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR At ... proposal. 4 CD23/24 Page 3 (Eng.) INTERSECTORAL COLLABORATION Problems and Prospects If we are to succeed in meeting the health needs, let alone in fulfilling the health expectations, of total populations rather than of small privileged groups, we must ensure that health care is fully integrated with the other economic and social sectors involved in community development. H. ... cancelled out, within a short time. This may be seen very clearly where the poor health of a population is a reflection of the living standards of the very low income sectors 1 rather than of a lack of health services; in such cases, even the most complete and high quality health care services can be rendered useless if they do not go hand in hand with
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Provision of health services to the rural and underserved population of Latin America and the Caribbean

... AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION XXIII Meeting XXVII Meeting Washington, D.C. September-October 1975 Provisional Agenda Item 32 CD23/25 (Eng.) 11 September 1975 ORIGINAL: SPANISH PROVISION OF HEALTH SERVICES TO THE RURAL AND UNDERSERVED POPULATION OF LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN CD23/25 (Eng.) PROVISION OF HEALTH SERVICES ... Meeting, held at Santiago, Chile, in 1972, the Ministers of Health of the Americas underlined the need for extending coveragel of health services to the population living in rural zones or areas cut off from city amenities and at present not having access to minimum health services. In their Ten-Year Health Plan for the Americas 1971-1980, the Ministers designated ... designated as one of the principal goals the extension of coverage of health services, giving priority to communicable disease control, maternal and child health, malnutrition, and environmental health, with special reference to the most vulnerable group, the mother and child. The World Health Assembly has also given priority attention to the problem, as 2 reflected
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Recent progress in tuberculosis chemotherapy applicable to public health programs

... the tuberculosis problem has been transformed from a complex socio-medical matter into a public health administration problem which can be solved even in conditions of underdevelopment. These facts, although encouraging, lend added urgency to the mission of those responsible for health administration, sincenegligence or failure to adhereto the principles involved ... al. The discovery of drugs for treating tuberculosis gave public health authorities a control method with the essential characteristics needed for large-scaleuse: a high degree of efficacy, easeof operation, and low cost. Thus it became feasible to make regular use of chemotherapy in generalhealth services,so that all the benefits could be madeavailableto ... indicated that sources available for health activities in most daily administration of 1 g streptomycin over a Latin American communities. Though many four-week period during the initial phase im- physicians are fascinatedby newer drugs, their proved the results of the unsupervisedINH-T use in Latin American public health programsis regimen. not recommended
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Symposium on Education in Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine Education in veterinary public health and preventive medicine, St. Paul, Minnesota, 18-22 March 1968

... IN VETERINARY PUBLIC HEALTH ANI) PREVENTIVE MEDICINE PAN AMFRICAN HIIALT'H ORGANIZATIO()N Pan Amierican Sanitary Bureau, Regional Office of the \WORLD) HEALTHI ORGANIZATION 1969 SYMPOSIUM ON EDUCATION IN VETERINARY PUBLIC HEALTH AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE (St. Paul, Minnesota, 18-22 March 1968) Scientific Publication No. 189 PAN AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION Pan ... public health activities in various schools presents almost the same state of disorganization. The public health teaching program is incorporated into the teaching of microbiology, pathology, parasitology, or almost any other subject embraced by "public health. " In contrast, many schools have complete departments devoted to comprehensive public health ... discipline. Public health is a discipline in itself like parasitology, medicine, or surgery. The true public health teacher who conducts research in microbiology, pathology, or immunology is to be admired, since the new knowledge he gains will be fed back into his teaching program in public health. It is time we subjected our public health teaching to
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Health Conditions in the Americas, 1961-1964

... American Health Organization, Summary 01 Four-Year Reports on Health Conditions in the Americas, Scientific Publication No. 40, Washington, 1958. 3. Pan American Health Organization, Summary 01 Four- Year Reports on Health Conditions in the Americas, 1957-1960, Scientific Publication No. 64, Washington, 1962. 4. Pan American Health Organization, Health ... Washington, 1964. 5. World Health Organization, First Report on the World Health Situation 1954-1958, Official Records No. 94, Geneva, 1959. 6. World Health Organization, Second Report on the World Health Situation 1957-1960, Official Records No. 122, Geneva; 1963. " . 7. World Health Organization, Supplement to the Second Report on the World Health Situation, ... Attending Health Establishments, Total Visits and Ratios per 100' Population by Country, 1964 . , " " " " " " " " " " " 88 Maternal and Child Health Centers and Services Around 1964 " " " " ' " 89 Mental Health Clinics and Services Around 1960 and 1964 89 Dental Health Clinics and Services Around 1960 and 1964 90 Number of Public Health Laboratories
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CD13.R39: Education and training of health personnel

... PAN AMERICAN? ?HEALTH? ?ORGANIZATION  WORLD? ?HEALTH? ?ORGANIZATION                    13rd DIRECTING COUNCIL   13rd SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 3 - 13 October 1961 RESOLUTION CD13.R39 EDUCATION AND TRAINING OF HEALTH PERSONNEL THE 13rd DIRECTING COUNCIL, Considering the existing ... trained health workers; Considering the information furnished by the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau in the documents on this subject; Considering the necessity for expanding the programs of collaboration with centers providing training in the health sciences; Considering the constant increase in the requirements of the ministries of health ... increase their efforts to have the ministries of health and of education initiate, or accelerate, arrangements for strengthening their programs of mutual collaboration and establish close relationships with the pertinent university authorities in order to increase and improve the training of personnel for the health services of the Member Governments. 2. To
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Public health in the United States

... Bureau. PUBLIC HEALTH IN THE UNITED STATES By Dr. THOMAS PARRAN Surgeon General, U. S. Public Health Service The most important advanoe in public health in the United States since the turn of the century has been the development and strengthening of permanent, professional health organisation at Federal, State and local levels. The Public Health Service-the ... Public Health Service was enabled to play the most direct part in its history in improving the health The health provisions of the Act services of the 48 States and the Territories. made available Federal funds to be allotted in grants-in-aid to the States for public health work. To become eligible for these funds, the States were required to submit health ... represent the most recent advances in public health in the United States. The principie of Federal cooperation with the autonomous State and Territorial health departments underlies each of these progressive programs. There has been a beginning toward unification of Federal health and welfare activities. The U. S. Public Health Service, the Food and Drug Administration, the
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Public health in Honduras

... PUBLIC HEALTH IN HONDURAS By Dr. PEDRO H. ORDÓÑEZ DfAZ Director General of Health History.-Public health development in Honduras began in 1910 with the promulgation of the Sanitary Code. The Public Health Council established by this Code commenced to function in 1914. Prior to 1910, public health was regulated by a series ... Department of Health was created as a dependency of the Superior Council of Health, and the Republic was divided into five sanitary sones. The Council functioned until June 1920, when the Department of Health was given ample facilities for carrying out an effeotive Publio health program. Present organization-At the present time public health administration ... Government, Justice, Health and Welfare, with its Department of Health, Secretariat of Health, and Divisions of General Prophylaxis, Tropical Diseases, Laboratories and Biologic Institute, Sanitary Engineering, Sanitary Polioe, and Sanitary Delegations. Legislation-The Constitution of Honduras contains the following provisions regarding Publio health: Every
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Health declaration of Habana : Meeting of the Directing Council of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau : Final Act

... particularly to H. E. the President, Dr. Ramón Grau San Martín; to the Minister of Public Health and Social Welfare, Dr. José R. Andreu, the Undersecretary of Public Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Ramiro de la Riva, and the Director of Health, Dr. Pedro Nogueira, and the Health Authprities in general, fo? their generous hospitality, which contributed so greatly ... public health matters. II.-Central Organization Director A-Direclion / Sub-director [Secretary-General B-Z’echnz’cal Adoisory Committee, including permanent members G-Sections (a) Health Administration (b) Epidemiology (c) Sanitary Engineering D-ConsuZtatie,e Commitlees (others may be added as they become necessaw) (a) Health Administration : Publio health ... guarantee the essential purposes of the World Health Organization. III-That in order to enable the Pan Ameritan Sanitary Bureau and the World Health Organization to integrate their aims, it is necessary or the Republics, members of the Pan Ameritan Union, to define the actual scope of Article 54 of the Constitution of the World Health Organization, so as to prevent
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Closing the ranks for health for all

... XXXII Meeting of the Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization, XXXIX Meeting of the Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas. See PAHO document entitled Messagefrom Dr. H. Mahler, Director-General of the World Health Organization: Closing the Ranks for Health for All; Pan American Health Organization, Washington, D.C., September 1987. use ... system that prevailed before WHO’s new health paradigm surfaced, and I am sorry to say the kind that still prevails in too many countries. Would it cost less and relieve national health budgets, as well as WHO's budget in support of these? Not at all; to the contrary. The strategy for health for all based on primary health care, with its emphasis on a ... permanent health infrastructure based on primary health care, in order to attain health for all. For my part, desiring to compensate for the difficult regular budget situation, I have stretched my moral conscience to the limit in attempts to secure extrabudgetary funds for that purpose. I now appeal to you to stretch your imagination to the limit to make health
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