Post Partum

Identification of novel microRNAs in post-transcriptional control of Nrf2 expression and redox homeostasis in neuronal, SH-SY5Y cells.

... there have been reports addressing transcriptional, translational and phosphorylation based posttranslational control of Nrf2 expression [2,12–14]. Yet, the mechanisms elucidating the posttranscriptional control of Nrf2 are scant. Recently, a novel class of posttranscriptional regulators, microRNAs (miRs) which are short non-coding RNAs of ,21– 23 nucleotides ... transcription of antioxidative and detoxification genes. While a protein can be regulated at multiple levels, control of Nrf2 has been largely studied at post- translational regulation points by Keap1. Importantly, post- transcriptional/translational based regulation of Nrf2 is less understood and to date there are no reports on such mechanisms in neuronal systems. ... firefly luciferase activity normalized with renilla PLOS ONE | 7 December 2012 | Volume 7 | Issue 12 | e51111 miRNA Based Posttranscriptional Regulation of Nrf2 luciferase was measured 48 h post- transfection and results are plotted as percentage change over respective control. (C) Cells were co-transfected with both the reporter
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Post-embryonic nerve-associated precursors to adult pigment cells: genetic requirements and dynamics of morphogenesis and differentiation.

... differential regenerative capabilities persist into the adult. These findings provide a foundation for future studies of post- embryonic pigment cell precursors in development, evolution, and neoplasia. Citation: Budi EH, Patterson LB, Parichy DM (2011) Post- Embryonic Nerve-Associated Precursors to Adult Pigment Cells: Genetic Requirements and Dynamics of Morphogenesis ... E-mail: events, it is now clear that pigment cells of adults derive in large part from post- embryonic stem cells that are themselves of neural crest origin [15–18]. We know some of the mechanisms that underlie post- embryonic precursor development yet many outstanding questions remain. Foremost among these concern the genes ... places during post- embryonic development and in the adult organism. The significance of the problem cannot be overstated. Not only are these cells essential for normal development and homeostasis, but understanding their biology has profound translational importance. If we seek to evoke regenerative responses in a clinical content, then post- embryonic stem
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Male infertility workup needs additional testing of expressed prostatic secretion and/or post-massage urine.

... (EPS), and/or post- massage urine (post- M). Systemic (8-isoprostanes in urine) and local (diene conjugates and total antioxidant capacity in seminal plasma) OxS was measured The levels of OxS markers were significantly elevated in both severe inflammation groups – leukocytospermic men and subjects whose inflammation was limited only to EPS and/or post- M. Comparison ... Workup Needs EPS /Post- M Testing Table 1. Clinical and oxidative stress parameters of the study subjects. Group I (n=29) Group II (n=31) Group III (n=24) Group IV (n=32) Group V (n=27) P values * Mild inflammation in Severe inflammation in Severe inflammation in semen, EPS and/or post- Oligospermia without semen EPS and/or post- M M inflammation Age ... – not detected, EPS – expressed prostatic secretion, WBC – white blood cells, post- M – post- massage urine, IL-6 - interleukin-6, DC – diene conjugates, TAC – total anti-oxidant capacity, ROS – reactive oxygen species, ROS-TAC score – ratio of DC and TAC. * One-Way ANOVA; post- hoc Bonferroni between each pair of the similarly superscripted data at the
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Hauke Brunkhorst e o conceito de solidariedade democrática como crítica à esfera pública pós-nacional de Jürgen Habermas = Hauke Brunkhorst and the concept of democratic solidarity as criticism to Jürgen Habermas’ post-national public sphere

... concept of democratic solidarity as criticism to Jürgen Habermas’ post- national public sphere *Jorge Adriano Lubenow Resumo: O artigo trata da reformulação do conceito de esfera pública habermasiano por parte de Hauke Brunkhorst. Visa a reconstruir essa crítica e elucidar a contraproposta de esfera pública a partir do conceito de solidariedade democrática. ... reconstruir a crítica e elucidar a proposta de Brunkhorst é o de “solidariedade democrática”. 1 A esfera pública pós-nacional em Jürgen Habermas A categoria de esfera pública é central na configuração do pensamento político de Jürgen Habermas.14 No entanto, é possível identificar, nos escritos políticos de Habermas posteriores à obra Faktizität und Geltung (1992), ... podem ser integrados na sociedade?28 A resposta dá-se com a inclusão política (por exemplo: ampliação dos direitos eleitorais, sufrágio universal). O segundo aspecto trata da exclusão social, da exclusão da população dos ganhos da sociedade diferenciada funcionalmente (por exemplo: pauperização, proletarização). A resposta dá-se, depois de movimentos revolucionários
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The Role of the Anonymous Voice in Post-Publication Peer Review Versus Traditional Peer Review

... stronger post- publication culture is needed for better science‘ Available from: Teixeira da Silva, J.A. (2013) The need for post- publication peer review in plant science publishing. Frontiers in Plant Science 4: Article 485. CrossRef Teixeira da Silva, J.A. (2015a) Debunking post- publication ... (2015d) The importance of the anonymous voice in post- publication peer review. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology Advance Online Publication. CrossRef Teixeira da Silva, J.A, Dobránszki, J. (2015) Problems with traditional science publishing and finding a wider niche for post- publication peer review. Accountability in Research: ... review is as unbiased as possible, by concealing the identities of the Address for Correspondence: Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva, email: jaimetex[at], P. O. Box 7, Miki-cho post office, Ikenobe 3011-2, Kagawa-ken, 761-0799 Article received on the 24th June, 2015. Article accepted on the 25th October, 2015. Conflict of Interest: The authors declares
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The Beneficial Auxiliary Role of Poison Information Centers: Stewardly Use of Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in a Time of Shortage

... of MEDICAL TOXICOLOGY APJMT 1;1 DECEMBER, 2012 SHORT COMMUNICATION The Beneficial Auxiliary Role of Poison Information Centers: Stewardly Use of Rabies Post- Exposure Prophylaxis in a Time of Shortage 1,* 2 2,3 2,3 RACHEL M. GORODETSKY , STEPHANIE L. HON , ROBERT J. GELLER , BRENT W. MORGAN 1 Department of Pharmacy Practice, ... who needed the vaccine were able to receive it. This further shows the potential capacity of the poison information centers to optimize healthcare services. Keywords: Rabies; Post- exposure prophylaxis; Medication shortage; Poison center; Public health Department in 1994, our Regional Poison Center began to host the state rabies hotline through our ... World Health Organization (WHO), rabies causes 55,000 human deaths annually worldwide (2), while an estimated 327,000 deaths are prevented with the timely administration of rabies post- exposure prophylaxis (PEP) (3). PEP consists of a combination of wound care, rabies immunoglobulin, and vaccination. Because rabies is still commonly found in animals both in
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Challenges of the Central Banks in the Post Crisis Period when Needed to Ensure the Financial Stability

... analize, Editura Universităţii “Al. I. Cuza” din Iaşi 3. David., D., (2013), Tendinţe în evoluţia sectorului bancar din România, studiu publicat în volumul Studii post- doctorale în economie. Disertaţii post doctorale, Ed. Academiei Române 4. Donato Masciandaro, Marc Quintyn, Michael W. Taylor, (2008), Inside and Outside of the Central Banks: Independence and Accountability ... banking system is regulated and supervised nowadays; emphasizing the role of the National Bank in this area and analyze its response to the challenges of the crisis, but also post- crisis. 2. General aspects of banking supervision Financial Supervision involves, apart from choosing a supervision pattern, establishing the institution that will perform ... guarantying (even if it is not always among the responsibilities of central banks), monitoring payment and settlement systems to support and influence the financial stability. In the post- crisis period, a key challenge for central banks is to maintain simultaneously monetary and financial stability (Granville and Mallick, 2009 cited in Tiberius Claudius Albulescu,
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Acute post-exercise myofibrillar protein synthesis is not correlated with resistance training-induced muscle hypertrophy in young men.

... above rest at 1 and 3 h post exercise but had returned to baseline by 6 hours post exercise (Figure 2A). Phosphorylation of AktSer473 was increased above resting at 1 h post- exercise then returned to baseline by 3 hours post exercise (Figure 2B). Phosphorylation of 4EBP1Thr37/46 was not significantly increased at any time postexercise (P = 0.142; Figure ... (P,0.001) above rest 60–180 min post- exercise and 184628% (P = 0.037) 180–360 min post exercise. Quadriceps volume increased 7.961.6% (21.9–24.7%) (P,0.001) after training. There was no correlation between changes in quadriceps muscle volume and acute rates of MPS measured over 1–3 h (r = 0.02), 3–6 h (r = 0.16) or the aggregate 1–6 h post- exercise period (r ... Phosphorylation of rpS6Ser240/244 was elevated above rest at 1,3 and 6 h post- exercise; however, at 6 h post exercise the phosphorylation was reduced compared to 1 and 3 h (Figure 2D). There was a significant correlation between the phosphorylation of 4E-BP1 phosphorylation at 1 h post exercise and the change in muscle volume (r = 0.42, P = 0.047, Figure
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Preclinical screening for retinopathy of prematurity risk using IGF1 levels at 3 weeks post-partum.

... at 3 Weeks Post- Partum Alejandro Pe´ rez-Mun˜ uzuri1*, Ma Luz Couce-Pico1, Ana Ban˜ a-Souto1, Olalla Lo´ pez-Sua´ rez1, Alicia IglesiasDeus1, Jose´ Blanco-Teijeiro2, Jose´ Ramo´ n Ferna´ ndez-Lorenzo1, Jose´ Marı´a Fraga-Bermu´ dez1 1 Neonatology Service, Department of Paediatrics, Clinical Hospital of the University of Santiago de Compostela, Santiago ... Neonatology Service, Department of Paediatrics, Clinical Hospital of the University of Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2 Ophthalmology Service, Clinical Hospital of the University of Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, Spain Abstract Following current recommendations for preventing retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) involves ... uzuri A, Couce-Pico ML, Ban˜ a-Souto A, Lo´ pez-Sua´rez O, Iglesias-Deus A, et al. (2014) Preclinical Screening for Retinopathy of Prematurity Risk Using IGF1 Levels at 3 Weeks Post- Partum. PLoS ONE 9(2): e88781. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088781 Editor: Tailoi Chan-Ling, University of Sydney, Australia Received June 23, 2013; Accepted January 16, 2014;
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International Conference: Post-Communism and the New European Identity

... number 1, 2009 UPCOMING CONFERENCES International Conference: Post- Communism and the New European Identity The Research Centre on Identity and Migration Issues within the Faculty of Political Science and Communication, University of Oradea is organizing the International Conference ? ?Post- Communism and the New European Identity”, that will be held
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Influence of post hatch dietary supplementation of fat on performance, carcass cuts and biochemical profile in Ven Cobb broiler

... KP, Gendley MK, Tiwari SP, Sahu T, Naik SK (2015) Influence of post hatch dietary supplementation of fat on performance, carcass cuts and biochemical profile in Ven Cobb broiler, Veterinary World 8(2):187-191. Abstract Aim: The present experiment was conducted to study the effect of post hatch dietary fat supplementation on performance of broiler ... the development of hydrophilic conditions in the intestinal lumen [1]. During 1st week post hatch nutrient utilization is gradually increased. Therefore this stage of development is very crucial for modern broiler industry. The objective, of feeding the 1st week posthatch diet, is to provide the nutrient dense ration to the birds [2]. Researchers have ... Hydrolysis and absorption in the small intestines of post hatch chicks. Poult. Sci., 79(9): 1306. 2. Garcia, A.R., Batal, A.B. and Dale, N.M. (2006) Biological availability of phosphorus sources in prestarter and starter diets for broiler chicks. J. Appl. Poult. Res., 15(4): 518-524. 3. Saki, A.A. (2005) Effect of post- hatch feeding on broiler performance.
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Voiced Speech from Whispers for Post-Laryngectomised Patients

... International Journal of Computer Science, 36:4, IJCS_36_4_13 ______________________________________________________________________________________ Voiced Speech from Whispers for Post- Laryngectomised Patients Hamid Reza Sharifzadeh Ian Vince McLoughlin Farzaneh Ahamdi ∗ Abstract—Patients who suffer larynx and voice box deficiencies are typically unable ... when speaking without voicing, and is functionally similar to a laryngectomy patients’ speech. It should also be noted at this point that existing methods of returning speech to post- laryngectomised patients do exist, especially the following three most (Advance online publication: 19 November 2009) IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, ... codec to analyse, modify and reconstruct the missing elements of the whisper speech, extending previous work [6, 7] with a new method for formant tracking, smoothing and extended post- processing spectral enhancements. In the remainder of this paper, Section II will outline whispered speech features relevant to the source-filter model and also in terms of
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Análise do desempenho econômico-financeiro: um estudo ex ante e ex post diante da fusão Itaú Unibanco

... UM ESTUDO EX ANTE E EX POST DIANTE DA FUSÃO ITAÚ UNIBANCO BELO HORIZONTE 2012 Leandro Lima Resende Análise do desempenho econômico-financeiro: um estudo ex ante e ex post diante da fusão Itaú Unibanco UFMG – FACE CEPCON 2012 LEANDRO LIMA RESENDE ANÁLISE DO DESEMPENHO ECONÔMICO-FINANCEIRO: UM ESTUDO EX ANTE E EX POST DIANTE DA FUSÃO ITAÚ ... componentes: “C” – Capital (adequação de capital); “A” – Assets (qualidade dos ativos); “M” – Management (qualidade da gestão); “E” – Earnings (resultados); “L” – Liquidity (liquidez). Posteriormente, por meio de uma análise descritiva, foram realizados testes estatísticos para avaliar se cada indicador foi modificado com a mudança de propriedade. E ainda, se ... bancário e manter sua posição destacada como intermediários financeiros (PAULA, 2002). Mesmo tendo o conhecimento do ambiente regulatório ao qual as instituições financeiras são impostas, Assaf Neto (2006) afirma que o principal objetivo dessas instituições, atingido por 18 um processo racional de tomada de decisões financeiras, é maximizar sua riqueza
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O corpo, a morte, a imagem: a invenção de uma presença nas fotografias memoriais e post-mortem

... invenção de uma presença nas fotografias memoriais e post- mortem / Carolina Junqueira dos Santos.– 2015. 288 f.: il. Orientador: Stéphane Huchet Coorientador: David Le Breton Tese (doutorado) – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Escola de Belas Artes. 1. Fotografia – Filosofia – Teses. 2. Fotografia post- mortem – Teses. 3. Morte na arte – Teses 4. ... on couch posed with milk bottle that may have killed her, carte-de-visite, EUA, c.1874 [The Burns Archive]. Fig. 125 - Sisters, double post- mortem, ambrótipo, c.1860 [Thanatos Archive]. Fig. 126 - Southworth & Hawes, Post- mortem, unidentified young girl, daguerreótipo, EUA, c.1850 [George Eastman House]. Fig. 127 - Fotografía Rodríguez, Gabriel Rodríguez, ... coffin, gelatina de prata, Alemanha (provavelmente), 1931 [Paul Frecker Collection]. Fig. 143 - Standing postmortem photo of child, ambrótipo, s.d. [Thanatos Archive]. Fig. 144 - Little girl in chair, ambrótipo, c.1856 [Thanatos Archive]. Fig. 145 - Postmortem photomontage of a young girl, c.1885 [The Burns Archive]. Fig. 146 - De Vinney, s/t, carte cabinet,
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Corrosão de refratários utilizados na siderurgia. Parte IV: Caracterização de refratários post mortem.

... Cerâmica 60 (2014) 236-242 236 Corrosão de refratários utilizados na siderurgia. Parte IV: Caracterização de refratários post mortem (Corrosion of refractories used in steel metallurgy. Part IV: Characterization of post mortem refractories) S. R. Bragança DEMAT, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Sul, Av. Osvaldo Aranha 99/705, Porto Alegre, ... Refratários magnésia-carbono e doloma-carbono post mortem foram caracterizados quanto às suas propriedades microestruturais, avaliando-se essas em relação ao mecanismo de corrosão. Foram investigados os tijolos refratários utilizados como revestimento da linha de escória em uma panela de aço. A análise post mortem mostra a interface de reação entre ... experimental results. The microstructural properties of magnesia-C and doloma-C post mortem refractories were characterized, evaluating them according to the corrosion mechanism. It was investigated the refractory bricks used as lining of slag line in a steel ladle. The post mortem analysis showed the surface interface of reaction between the corroded
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Distribuição e concentração da riqueza com base em inventários post mortem na presença de casos de riqueza líquida negativa.

... História (São Paulo) Distribuição e concentração da riqueza com base em inventários post mortem na presença de casos de riqueza líquida negativa Distribution and concentration of wealth based on post mortem inventories in cases of negative net worth ___________________________________________________________________________________ Agnaldo ... JÄNTTI, 2005, p. 16). O ajuste proposto por Chau-Nan Chen e colaboradores objetiva “[...] to reformulate and normalize the Gini coefficient so that comparability can be attained between the distributions without negative incomes and the distributions with some negative incomes” (CHEN et al., 1982, p. 473). O algoritmo proposto pelos autores acrescenta ... da riqueza com base em inventários post mortem na presença de casos de riqueza líquida negativa nos inventários. Um problema a ser enfrentado refere-se à classificação dos itens avaliados segundo os grupos de bens. Nesse campo, o pesquisador geralmente vê-se dividido entre a manutenção da própria categorização proposta no documento original – meritória
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Post surgical evaluation of external skeletal fixation in 29 dogs: a retrospective study.

... pós-operatória da fixação esquelética externa em 29 cães: estudo retrospectivo [Post surgical evaluation of external skeletal fixation in 29 dogs: a retrospective study] C.M.F. Rezende1, H.P. Oliveira1, E.M. Penha2, E.G. Melo1, N.F. Borges2, J.V. Doretto2 1Escola de Veterinária - UFMG Caixa Postal 567 303130-970 - Belo Horizonte, MG 2Aluno de Pós-Graduação – ... deformidades angulares, bem como no tratamento de fraturas expostas. Palavras-chave: cão, fixação percutânea, fratura ABSTRACT In this retrospective study 29 dogs of both sexes of several breeds, were evaluated. Complications of external skeletal fixation were common. The most frequent post- surgical complications were chronic pin track drainage ... ao tratamento de fraturas diafisárias simples de tíbia/tíbula, 20 (69,0%) ao tratamento de fraturas diafisárias simples em rádio/ulna e cinco (17,1%) casos foram de fratura exposta (um de tíbia/fíbula e quatro de rádio/ulna) e desses, três (60%) tiveram os aparelhos retirados em 69 dias, em média, com retorno às funções normais, à exceção de um (20%)
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Inflammation and oxidative stress are elevated in the brain, blood, and adrenal glands during the progression of post-traumatic stress disorder in a predator exposure animal model.

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... 2013 Page-3602 ORIGINAL ARTICLE POSTOPERATIVE CARE: ANTIBIOTICS: Three doses of i/v antibiotics are enough first preoperatively, second postoperatively and last at night operated day. Then patient is put on oral antibiotics (Most commonly 2nd generation cephalosporin cephalexin). IV FLUIDS: 5% dextrose on first postoperative day, then oral is started. PHYSIOTHERAPY: ... investigation for all patients for confirmation of diagnosis. All patients posted for laparoscopic surgery were explained in detail about the procedure and about possible conversion to open cholecystectomy when needed. A well Informed, explained and written consent was taken of all patients who were posted for laparoscopic cholecystectomy, all patients were operated ... complications occurred in 4 (6.66%) patients. Spillage of stone and bile was present in 3 (5%) postoperative complications occurred in 7 (11.6%) patients. Wound infection was present in 1 patient, shoulder pain in 5 patients, prolonged ileus in 1 patient. The mean postoperative hospital stay of the patients of the present study was 2.26 days (range 1 – 5.5
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La investigacion post mortem de bovinos reactores a la prueba de tuberculina

... tráquea; pueden variar en posición, número y tamaño, y extenderse hasta el grupo anterior o aun hasta la parte posterior de los ganglios cervicales posteriores. El número varfa de 1 a 7 a cada lado y su longitud de 0,5 a 3 cm. Los ganglios cervicales posteriores se encuentran situados en la base del cuello cerca de la entrada del tórax; generalmente hay de ... r-rhn Ganglio bronquial izquierdo k .1 .,y ;-s"I";· o Figuro 7 13 Lobulp apical anterior, pulmón derecho Lonuio apical posterior, pulmón derecho olio a a nolioapical L.UUlU aUdUlauv, pulmón derecho Figura 8 14 GANGLIOS LINFATICOS MEDIASTINALES POSTERIORES Estos ganglios también varían en número y se les encuentra en la masa de tejido enlabase de los pulmones. ... a los servicios de salud pública y agricultura, y especialmente a los médicos veterinarios que trabajan en inspección de carnes, con un conjunto de normas a seguir en el examen post mortem de ganado bovino que haya reaccionado positivamente a la prueba de tuberculina. La tuberculinización del ganado bovino constituye hoy en dfa el elemento diagnóstico
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Procedimiento sencillo para el diagnóstico bacteriológico post-mortem de la peste humana

... many hygienic houses for workers. PROCEDIMIENTO SENCILLO PARA EL DIAGNÓSTICO BACTERIOLÓGICO POST- MORTEM DE LA PESTE HUMANA Por el Dr. CARLOS ALBERTO ALVARADO Director General de Paludismo, Departamento Nacional Tucumcín, Argentina de Higiene, La comprobación post- mortem de la existencia de peste en el hombre es asunto de rutina cuando los casosfatales ... material debe estar en condiciones de cumplir con la tarea correspondiente: examen bacterioscópico más cultivo o inoculación de cada pieza. POST- MORTEM BACTERIOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS OF HTJMAN PLAGUE Su.mmary.-The post- mortem diagnosis of plague in isolated regions remote from medi%al services presenta a problem not entirely solved by the usual methods of ... 601. a Girard G., C. R.: Bull. Sm. Path. Ezot., 30, No. 3, 1937, p. 240 (Pd. t Unidos recomienda preferencia ganglio, 130 OFICINA SANITARIA PANAMERICANA [Febrero pero posteriormente4 encontró que en “suspensi6n” el bacilo pestoso conserva mejor su virulencia en solución fisiológica que en medio glicerinado. El metodo de Girard tiene como principal
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Notas sobre enfermedades post-hispanicas en Mexico: El paludismo

... NOTAS SOBRE ENFERMEDADES POST- HISPANICAS EN MEXICO: EL PALUDISMO Dr. Miguel E. Bustamante ’ Datos hoy vigentes parecen indicar que el paludismo fue introducido en México hacia 1519 y que plasmodios ... comunidad al quedar expuesta por vez merciantes, y viajeros-incluso como Don Francisco Hernández, médico de primera a un nuevo germen, es bien conola Casa Real española en las postrimerías del cida; como lo son, por otra parte, la resistensiglo xrv,-son también de ayud’a, a veces cia y la inmunidad natural o adquirida de insustituible. Sus trabajos, ... Plasmodium simium in Brasil.” Presentado en el ler. Congreso Internacional de Parasitología. Roma: 1966. Publicado en español en Bol Ofic Sanit Punamer 63(2): 100-105, 1967. Notes on Post- Hispanic Diseases in Mexico: Malaria (Summary) Currently available data appear to indicate Owing to its widespread occurrence and the number and seriousness of its attacks,
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Preparacion de las enfermeras en el campo de la salud publica en Chile, con especial referencia a la organizacion de cursos post-graduados

... pública y otras especializaciones en el campo de la enfermería. CURSOS DE POST- GRADUADOS Como ya lo enunciamos, el desarrollo que la enfermería ha alcanzado en Chile y especialmente en la realización de este plan integral de enseñanza, demuestra la necesidad de establecer cursos de post- graduados en el campo de la enseñanza, supervisión y administración ... realizado cursos de renovación y suplementarios en salud pública y enfermería sanitaria. REQUISITOSINDISPENSABLESPARALAORGANIZACIÓNDECURSOS POST- GRADUADOS Organización y administración.-Se ha reconocido que los cursos post- graduados deben establecerse en la universidad y organizarse para 266 BOLETIN DE LA OFICINA SANITARIA PANAMERICANA su mejor funcionamiento en ... adecuado para establecer cursos post- graduados en forma permanente, 268 BOLETIN DE LA OFICINA SANITARIA PANAMERICANA (b) La conveniencia de que la universidad imparta esta educación a través de sus diversos institutos de educación superior, para que sea económica y eficiente. (c) La importancia de planear cursos de post- graduados de acuerdo con las funciones
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Enseñanza de ingeniería sanitaria a nivel post-graduado en América Latina

... enseñanza de la ingeniería sanitaria. Al trat,ar el tema de la enseñanza, a nivel post- graduado, en las naturales referencias y comparaciones que hacemos con la enseñanza en Estados Vaidos, deseamos aclarar, para evitar confusiones, que por lo general, el significado de post- graduado, que para nosotros los latinoamericanos cs perfecta- mente claro, ... que sirvan de orientación de los cst,udios a nivel post- graduado, y permitir a los ingenieros civiles conocer la significación e importancia de un gran número de obras vitales para la colectividad. La tendencia en general de la enseñanza especializada de la ingeniería sanitaria es hacia los niveles de post- graduado (“mast,er” y doctorado). IV. LA IKGENIERIA Si ... la administración. 110 VI. BOLETIN COXSIDERACIONES PLrlNES DE EN LA GENERALES ESTUDIOS INGENIERIA NIERIA DE DE SANITARIA DE EX SALZD OFICINA SOBRE POST- GRADCADOS E IKGE- PUBLICA AMERICA A. Planes generales de estudio vigentes LOS SANITL4RIA PANAMERICANS pública incluidas en el Directorio y que ofrecen estudios de post- graduados en ingeniería de salud pública. Se resumen a continuacion, por separado,
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