Physical Effort Test

Test of IL28B polymorphisms in chronic hepatitis C patients treated with PegIFN and ribavirin depends on HCV genotypes: results from a meta-analysis.

... ONE | 7 September 2012 | Volume 7 | Issue 9 | e45698 SNPs of IL28B Predict Response Only in HCV G1/4 Table 3. Results for publication bias test using Egger’s test and Peters’ test. P for Egger P for Peters HCV G1/4 and treatment- naı̈ve patient 0.310 0.286 HCV G2/3 and treatment- naı̈ve patient 0.889 0.946 Patients with unsuccessful ... association in patients with HCV genotype 1 or 4, but not in genotype 2 or 3 [44]. Publication bias No obvious publication bias was observed in studies using Egger’s test and Peters’ test respectively, as shown in table 3. Discussion In the present study, we collected and summarized studies on associations between SNPs near IL28B gene (rs12979860 ... for rs8099917, TT vs TG+GG). OR (odds ratio) of each study with its 95% CI (confidence interval) was calculated and displayed in a forest plot. Heterogeneity across studies was tested by Cochran’s Q statistic and quantified by I2, a transformation of Q that estimates the percentage of variation in effect size that is due to heterogeneity. However, the
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Fox squirrels match food assessment and cache effort to value and scarcity.

... of cache investment with the risks of cache loss. They should adjust efforts to item value, their own physical condition, their current cache inventory, and the PLOS ONE | 1 March 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 3 | e92892 Fox Squirrels Match Food Assessment and Cache Effort their paws and rotating it in their mouth and then ‘‘head flick,’’ moving ... tend to be low [28–30]. Fox squirrels may not only be sensitive to seasonal abundance of food, but might also respond to an experimental test session as an ephemeral environmental abundance. If squirrels strictly match effort to value on an item-by-item basis, then assessment and investment should not change over trials except based on other external variables ... peanuts, then five hazelnuts. Peanuts weighed between 2.0 to 3.0 g, and hazelnuts weighed between 2.5 and 3.5 g. Twenty-two of 23 squirrels were tested in both experimental conditions within a season; one squirrel was tested only in one condition (‘‘Hawaii’’, male). To determine the relative value of hazelnuts to peanuts, we calculated what percent of total
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Study of dynamics of level of physical preparedness of students.

... dynamics of level of physical preparedness of students. The dynamics of level of physical preparedness of students is studied in the article. A tendency is marked to the decline of level of physical preparedness of students of 1-3 courses. Methodical recommendations are presented on the improvement of the system of organization of physical education of ... national university. The dynamics of indexes of physical preparedness of students 1, 2, 3 courses of different years of teaching is studied. Principal reasons of decline of level of physical preparedness of students are certain. There are recommendations the department of physical education in relation to physical preparedness of students. студенты, ... часи кількість публікацій з вивчення проблеми організації фізичного виховання студентів ВНЗ зросла, проте залишається багато наукових і © Коваленко Ю.О., 2010 56 dynamics, physical практичних питань, вирішення яких може мати суттєве значення для розуміння механізмів підвищення рівня здоров’я юнаків та дівчат, і як наслідок рівня їх фізичної підготовленості. Робота
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Use of outdoor games in physical rehabilitation of children with a cerebral paralysis.

... основной группы здоровья. Доказано, что специально организованные подвижные игры на занятиях содействуют росту этих показателей. Vindiuk P.A., Volkova S.S. Use of outdoor games in physical rehabilitation of children with a cerebral paralysis. We considered the estimation of energy in children’s organism with cerebral paralysis. 16 children of secondary school
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Test of Random Walk Behavior in Karachi Stock Exchange

... industries, which is crucial for regional economic development and dynamism. This idea, in the literature often known as Jacobs externalities or urbanization economies and has been tested by many regional economists in favor of Marshall’s notion of agglomeration economies [see Goldstein and Gronberg (1984), Helsley and Strange (1990), Glaeser et al. (1992), ... theoretical developments. Yet the empirical work on the agglomeration economies continues unabated and the augmentation of results yields appealing regularities which lead to continuing research efforts on subject area (David; 1999). Most of the empirical studies on agglomeration economies are conducted to observe the productivity of similar as well as dissimilar firms ... clusters. In M. Steiner (ed.), Clusters and Regional Specialisation: On Geography, Technology, and Networks: 18-40. London, United Kingdom: Pion. Feser, E. J. (2001). A flexible test for agglomeration economies in two US manufacturing industries, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 31(1): 1-19. Fogarty, M. S., and G. A. Garofalo (1978). An exploration
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The effect of aquatic plyometric training with and without resistance on selected physical fitness variables among volleyball players

... F-value obtained from testing the adjusted means between the control, aquatic training with and without weight groups on endurance was 89.77. It was found to be significant. TABLE –3, Analysis of Variance & Covariance of Pre, Post and Adjusted Post Test on Endurance Pre -Test Means SD (±) Post - Test Means SD(±) Adjusted Post - Test Means CG ATWG ATWOG 2168.50 224.66 2137.50 203.15 2151.00 236.55 2258.00 225.16 2145.00 252.03 2212.50 243.04 2124.75 2261.57 2221.67 Source ... α < 0.05 level was 3.15, but the obtained F-value for the pre -test mean on endurance was 0.006. It was not found to be significant. The post test analysis the F-ratio on the variables such as speed was 1.47. The analysis of covariance adjusted the differences in pre test means with post test means between the aquatic Plyometric training with weight ... pre -test means of APTWG, and APTWOG on speed. The F-value needed for significance for df (2, 57) at α < 0.05 level was 3.15. The obtained F-value for the pre -test mean on speed was 0.05 which was not found to be significant. In post test analysis the F-ratio on the speed variable was 14.28. The analysis of covariance adjusted the differences in pre test
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A Novel Method to Test Dependable Composed Service Components

... a request with random data and a test script which manipulates and modifies the request parameters. In [8] other technique for testing Web service systems using mutation analysis is proposed. A mutant WSDL document is generated by applying mutant operators to the elements of the original WSDL document. A test tool called WSDLTest [9] testing tool generates Web service ... using the value boundaries specified by the tester. WSInject [14] testing tool injects both communication and interface faults, and the ability to inject faults for testing a single Web service or composed service system. A common characteristic of previous testing method tools is that their focus is mostly on testing single Web services in isolation (except ... in [12] helps Web service requesters to create test cases scenarios in order to select suitable and correct Web service application from public repositories. It proposes a testing method tool which injects faults into SOAP messages to test the parameter boundaries, as specified in the WSDL document. WS-FIT testing tools [13] inject 150 International
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Associations of sedentary behaviour, physical activity, blood pressure and anthropometric measures with cardiorespiratory fitness in children with cerebral palsy.

... with shuttle run test level. Only VPA remained associated with shuttle run test level after adjustment for total activity. Shuttle run test level was negatively associated with BMI grade, WC, WHtR, and zSBP (Table 4). WC and WHtR respectively, remained associated with shuttle run test level after adjustment for BMI (Table 4). Shuttle run test level was ... (2.8) 34.0 (8.0) 433.2 (178.2) MVPA (min) Mean counts.min-1 *Significant difference in physical activity intensity between tertiles, p
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Transient drawdown solution for a constant pumping test in finite two-zone confined aquifers

... 0. (3) C.-T. Wang et al.: Transient drawdown solution for a constant pumping test 443 Fig. 1. pumping Schematic diagram of theconfined pumping test in a finite-extent confined aquifer. Fig. 1. Schematic diagram of the test in a finite-extent aquifer. In addition, the drawdown at R is also zero. The flux across the well is ... parameters are known, the present solution can be used to predict the spatial or temporal drawdown distributions in both the skin and formation zones and explore the physical insight of the constant-flux test in two-zone aquifer systems. On the other hand, those five parameters can be determined via the data analyses if their values are not unknown. The determination ... 2012 C.-T. Wang et al.: Transient drawdown solution for a constant pumping test References Abramowitz, M. and Stegun, I. A.: Handbook of Mathematical Functions, Dover publications, New York, 1970. Baker, J. A. and Herbert, R.: Pumping test in patchy aquifer, Ground Water, 20, 150–155, 1988. Barry, D. A., Parlange, J. Y., and Li,
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Development of a Biosensor-Based Rapid Urine Test for Detection of Urogenital Schistosomiasis.

... identified. Given only S. haematobium eggs are generally found in urine, we determined that the sequences would confer specificity for S. haematobium when testing human urine samples (Table 1). We tested the probe pairs in our electrochemical biosensor assay with S. haematobium RNA prepared from adult worms by the Schistosome Research Reagent Resource ... haematobium egg RNA, serial dilutions of the purified RNA were prepared and tested. Using the 28S495 probe pair, as little as 0.53 ng/μl total egg RNA from S. haematobium egg rRNA was detected in the biosensor assay (Fig 2B). Direct detection of 28S rRNA from S. haematobium eggs Next, we tested different egg lysing strategies to enable direct detection of ... minutes rather than hours. Disadvantages • Sensitivity for detecting low intensity infections likely still not optimal. • Current version of biosensor-based diagnostic test is not POC. • Test still requires trained users rather than being usable by lay persons. Acknowledgments We would like to thank the Schistosome Research Reagent Resource Center
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... bathymetry and also in some of their physical characteristics. The identification of the lakes’ morphobathymetric features and of the waters’ physical characteristics relied on measurements taken in the summer of 2009 (August 17). In the field, we used a Hannah HI 9828 multiparameter instrument to measure the waters’ physical characteristics and a GPS ... both natural and anthropic. 145 The determination of the lakes’ bathymetric elements and of their waters’ physical features was achieved on the basis of the measurements carried out on August 17, 2009. In order to measure the depth and the physical characteristics of the lakes’ waters we used a Hannah HI 9828 multiparameter instrument, and in order ... To capture the best possible spatial variation of the mentioned characteristics, we used interpolation as modeling method. Keywords: lake bathymetry, Cuciulat quarry, waters’ physical characteristics 1. Introduction The two lake units (Cuciulat I and Cuciulat II) are situated in the area of the lime quarry from Cuciulat, in between the localities
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Quantitative Analysis of Torso FDG-PET Scans by Using Anatomical Standardization of Normal Cases from Thorough Physical Examinations.

... RESEARCH ARTICLE Quantitative Analysis of Torso FDG-PET Scans by Using Anatomical Standardization of Normal Cases from Thorough Physical Examinations Takeshi Hara1*, Tatsunori Kobayashi1,2, Satoshi Ito3, Xiangrong Zhou1, Tetsuro Katafuchi4, Hiroshi Fujita1 1 Department of Intelligent Image Information, ... Hara T, Kobayashi T, Ito S, Zhou X, Katafuchi T, Fujita H (2015) Quantitative Analysis of Torso FDG-PET Scans by Using Anatomical Standardization of Normal Cases from Thorough Physical Examinations. PLoS ONE 10(5): e0125713. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0125713 Academic Editor: John A D Aston, University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM Received: September ... organs (9). This study reported that the mean ± SD of SUV in the liver were 2.06 ± 0.45 for group-a (age, 30–55 years) and 2.18 ± 0.44 for group-b (age, 56–80 years). We used a t test to compare their results with ours and determined the statistical significance (p < 0.01). This may be caused by differences in the radioactivity of injected FDG. This study
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Home free? The (After)Effects of Imprisonment on Women's Bodies, Physical and Mental Health and Identity

... Women’s Bodies, Physical and Mental Health and Identity Laura shantz & sylvie frigon Introduction The number of women imprisoned in Canada and elsewhere in the world has grown significantly in recent years.[1,2,3] As such, increasing numbers of women are exposed to carceral practices which rely on disciplinary routines to regulate physical activities, ... town square. The physical location of punishment has changed, as well as its ultimate goal, but punishments are still situated on the body, and continue to have real and lasting effects on prisoners’ corporeality. As forms of punishment changed, so too did individual responses to it. The condemned had no recourse in the face of early physical punishments; ... detrimental to an individual’s physical and mental health, it can provide a refuge for women who have been homeless, addicted to drugs or victimized. Prison provides a warm place to sleep and access to regular meals, medical services and dental care, all of which women might not have otherwise. The prison also protects women from the physical violence of families,
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Evaluation of autologous serum skin test and skin prick test reactivity to house dust mite in patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria.

... duration and drug intakes were reviewed. All subjects were informed about the process of SPT and ASST and given the written consent prior to the testing. Figure 1. Detection of autologous serum skin test and skin prick test to HDM in 862 patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria. A. Comparison of percent of positive ASST in female patients and male patients. ... doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0064142.g003 unpaired t -test or Mann-Whitney U test, respectively. The oneway analysis of variance (one-way ANOVA) was performed to detect statistical differences of clinical and laboratory parameters among subgroups. Differences within the ANOVA were determined by using the Tukey’s post-hoc test. All statistical data analyses were ... also presented with physical urticaria. 82 (9.5%) patients had a history of atopic diseases, and 59 (6.8%) cases had family history of atopy. The most common atopic diseases were allergic rhinitis (n = 39; 4.5%), atopic dermatitis (n = 17; 1.9%), and asthma (n = 17; 1.9%). Autologous serum skin test (ASST) A total of 399 patients tested positive in
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Exploring a vocabulary test and a judgment task as diagnoses of early and late bilinguals' L2 proficiency

... statistics tests such as the KolmogorovSmirnov test for normality, to guarantee that the population of this study is normally distributed, which allows us to use parametric tests. In order to test the variance between groups across the levels of proficiency, we apply an analysis of variance. In order to assess the ability of the proficiency tests accurately ... APPENDIX 2 – The English Version of the Vocabulary Level Test (VLT) ................120 APPENDIX 3– The Spanish Version of the Vocabulary Level Test (VLT).................121 APPENDIX 4– The Oxford Placement Test (OPT)......................................................124 APPENDIX 5– The Spanish Placement Test (SPT) .....................................................127 ... research...................................................................................20 Table 2: Participants’ proficiency in Vocabulary Level Test (VLT) and Oxford Placement Test (OPT).........................................................................................................71 Table 3: Participants’ proficiency in Vocabulary Level Test (VLT) and Spanish Placement Test (SPT)........................................................................................73 Table
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RNI Point-of-care test (POCT): esperança ou ilusão?.

... protrombina. Abstract In the last decade, point-of-care tests were developed to provide rapid generation of test results. These tests have increasingly broad applications. In the area of hemostasis, the international normalized ratio, INR point-of-care test (POCT INR), is the main test of this new proposal. This test has great potential benefit in situations ... qualidade desses testes. A Resolução – RDC/ ANVISA Nº. 302 [19], transcrita a seguir deixa claro que os testes POCT, denominados testes laboratoriais remotos (TLR), devem ser supervisionados pelo responsável técnico do Laboratório Clínico nas fases pré-analítica, analítica e pós-analítica. Na prática, o laboratório não participa da execução dos testes POCT ... 2012;27(2):296-301 RNI Point-of-care test (POCT): esperança ou ilusão? Point-of-care test (POCT) INR: hope or illusion? Luci Maria Sant’Ana Dusse1,2, Nataly Carvalho Oliveira1, Danyelle Romana Alves Rios1,3, Milena Soriano Marcolino2,4 DOI: 10.5935/1678-9741.20120047 Resumo Na última década, foram desenvolvidos os testes pointof-care visando à geração
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Avaliação da equivalência semântica e consistência interna de uma versão em português do Internet Addiction Test (IAT).

... initial testing of the Internet Consequences Scales (ICONS). Comput Inform Nurs. 2005;23(5):285-91. 17. Widyanto L, McMurran M.   e psychometric properties of the internet addiction test. Cyberpsychology Behav. 2004;7(4):443-50. 18. Khazaal Y, Billieux J, orens G, Khan R, Louati Y, Scarlatti E, et al. French validation of the internet addiction test. ... / Rev Psiq Clín. 2012;39(3):106-10 Palavras-chave: Adaptação transcultural, escalas, estudos de validação, teste de dependência de internet, Brasil. Abstract Objective: e aim of this study was to cross-culturally adapt the Internet Addiction Test (IAT) to the Portuguese language. Methods: e translation and evaluation process consisted of ve steps: ... original Avaliação da equivalência semântica e consistência interna de uma versão em português do Internet Addiction Test (IAT) Evaluation of semantic equivalence and internal consistency of a Portuguese version of the Internet Addiction Test (IAT) MARIA APARECIDA CONTI1, ADAN PELEGRINO JARDIM1, NORMAN HEARST2, TÁKI ATHANÁSSIOS CORDÁS1, HERMANO TAVARES3,
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Versão brasileira do Social Interaction Self-Statement Test (SISST): tradução e adaptação transcultural.

... Artigo original Versão brasileira do Social Interaction Self-Statement Test (SISST): tradução e adaptação transcultural Brazilian version of the Social Interaction Self-Statement Test (SISST): translation and cross-cultural adaptation ADRIANA CARDOSO DE OLIVEIRA E SILVA1, ANTONIO EGIDIO NARDI2 1 Doutora ... português brasileiro. Silva ACO, Nardi AE / Rev Psiq Clín. 2010;37(5):199-205 Palavras-chave: Psicometria, escalas, testes psicológicos, transtornos fóbicos, ansiedade. Abstract Background: The Social Interaction Self-Statement Test (SISST) proposes to evaluate cognitive responses in adults who reported heterosocial difficulties. Its cross-cultural ... específicos para os quadros de ansiedade3-16; além disso, o uso de testes e escalas já adotados internacionalmente apresenta a vantagem de permitir a comparação entre dados oriundos de diferentes populações, representativas de diversas culturas17. O Social Interaction Self-Statement Test (SISST) foi desenvolvido para avaliar pensamentos ligados especificamente
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Quantitative computed tomography as a test of endurance for evaluation of bony plates.

... Vet. Zootec., v.64, n.3, p.766-768, 2012 Comunicação [Communication] Utilização da tomografia computadorizada quantitativa como teste de resistência para avaliação de placas ósseas [Quantitative computed tomography as a test of endurance for evaluation of bony plates] E.V. Melo Filho1, L.A.V.S. Costa1, P.M.C. Freitas2, D.C. Oliveira1, M.W. Teixeira3, ... densidade, orientação das fibras colágenas, porosidade e conteúdo mineral (Rho et al., 1998). Vários testes biomecânicos foram realizados em ossos, conservados ou não, visando analisar suas características estruturais, sendo mais frequentemente relatados os testes de tração, compressão, flexão em três ou quatro pontos, torção, cisalhamento puro, fadiga ... Hounsfield (HU) nas placas ósseas, com desvio-padrão de 35,27HU. Não foi observada diferença significativa entre as regiões de interesse analisadas nos diferentes planos de corte, pelo teste t (P>0,05). A análise quantitativa da densidade mineral óssea por tomografia computadorizada helicoidal, em estudos anteriores, permitiu a determinação precisa da radiodensidade
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Assessment of Myocardial Ischemia in Obese Individuals Undergoing Physical Stress Echocardiography (PSE).

... mortalidade. Abstract Background: Physical stress echocardiography is an established methodology for diagnosis and risk stratification of coronary artery disease in patients with physical capacity. In obese (body mass index ≥ 30 kg/m2) the usefulness of pharmacological stress echocardiography has been demonstrated; however, has not been reported the use of physical stress ... group. Objective: To assess the frequency of myocardial ischemia in obese and non-obese patients undergoing physical stress echocardiography and compare their clinical and echocardiographic differences. Methods: 4,050 patients who underwent treadmill physical stress echocardiography were studied according to the Bruce protocol, divided into two groups: ... esforço. Análise estatística As variáveis quantitativas foram descritas como média e Desvio Padrão (DP). Foi aplicado o teste de Kolmogorov‑Smirnov para avaliar o pressuposto de normalidade da amostra estudada. Em seguida, utilizou-se o teste t de Student ou o de Mann-Whitney para grupos independentes, de acordo com padrão de normalidade da amostra. Quanto
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Physical Stress Echocardiography: Prediction of Mortality and Cardiac Events in Patients with Exercise Test showing Ischemia.

... exercise test positive for myocardial ischemia is limited. Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of physical stress echocardiography in the prediction of mortality and major cardiac events in patients with exercise test positive for myocardial ischemia. Methods: This is a retrospective cohort in which 866 consecutive patients with exercise test positive ... (p < 0. 001 and p = 0.001, respectively). Conclusion: Physical stress echocardiography provides additional prognostic information in patients with exercise test positive for myocardial ischemia. (Arq Bras Cardiol. 2014; 103(5):418-425) Keywords: Echocardiography,Stress/mortality; Exercise Test; Physical Exertion; Coronary Artery Disease; Myocardial ... pacientes com teste ergométrico positivo para isquemia miocárdica. (Arq Bras Cardiol. 2014; 103(5):418-425) Palavras-chave: Ecocardiografia sob Estresse/mortalidade; Teste de Esforço; Esforço Físico; Doença da Artéria Coronariana; Isquemia Miocárdica. Abstract Background: Studies have demonstrated the diagnostic accuracy and prognostic value of physical
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Physical and psychological stress have similar effects on gastric acid and pepsin secretions in rat

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Obesity, diet, and physical activity

... term and that the promotion of healthy diet and physical activity should not exclusively focus on obesity control but on changing inadequate dietary and physical activity patterns, as well. Promotion of Physical Activity as an Everyday Lifestyle The New Paradigm in Physical Activity Promotion: Moderate Physical Activity 33. Sedentary lifestyles are not ... energy intake. Physical Inactivity 12. Physical activity, defined as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in a substantial increase over the resting energy expenditure,” ranges from the performance of occupational work and household chores to recreational physical activity, such as sports and exercise. Decreased physical activity ... from performing physically arduous tasks and otherwise discouraged simple activities such as walking, bicycle–riding, and stair– climbing. Moreover, leisure time is now increasingly dominated by television–viewing and other physically inactive choices. Social Class and Education 19. By adopting healthy dietary practices and engaging in more physically active living,
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Pap test coverage in Sao Paulo Municipality and characteristics of the women tested

... undergone Pap testing and, if so, when was the most recent test. The text of this latter question explained that the Pap test Nascimento et al. Pap Testing in Go Paul0 303 is directed at early detection of gynecologic cancer and that it can contribute to preventing this type of cancer. Except as indicated, having ever submitted to Pap test screening ... about whether they had ever had a Pap test; 666 (68.9%) said they had undergone Pap testing at least once during their lives; 588 (60.8%) said they had been tested in the three years preceding the survey; and 399 (41.3%) said they had been tested within the preceding year. The average age of the women who had received at least one Pap test at some time during their ... the test; it is possible that some women were not able to distinguish between the taking of samples for cervical cytology testing and a routine gynecologic examination (despite the fact that the question explains that the Pap test is a test for the early detection of gynecologic cancer). (2) It is not possible to affirm whether cervical cytology test
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