The growth characteristics of common carp (<i>Cyprinus carpio</i>) in the northern part of the Small Island of Brăila Natural Park

... Legislation International Journal of the Bioflux Society The growth characteristics of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in the northern part of the Small Island of Brăila Natural Park Daniela C. Gheorghe, Georgel P. Răzlog, Victor Cristea and Ionica Enache Department of Aquaculture, Environmental Science and Cadastre "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati, ... 2010), the common carp populations suffered a regression in the last half century, becoming vulnerable species. The studied area represents the northern part of Brăila Natural Park, a wetland of international concern (Ramsar site), the last remaining vestige in natural regime of flooding on the Lower Danube Delta after draining former of Interior’s Danube ... article: Gheorghe D. C., Răzlog G. P., Cristea V., Enache I., 2011 The growth characteristics of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in the northern part of the Small Island of Brăila Natural Park. AACL Bioflux 4:154-158. AACL Bioflux, 2011, Volume 4, Issue 2. 158
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The diversity and distribution of Holothuroidea in shallow waters of Baluran National Park, Indonesia

... eastern of Indonesia (Sluiter 1901; Massin 1996; Massin 1999). Study of sea cucumber in national parks in Indonesia is still limited. Baluran National Park (BNP) is a conservation area located in the Situbondo district, East Java, Indonesia. Geographically, this park is directly adjacent to two open waters, Bali and Madura straits. BNP is located in the northern ... Qayim I. 2015. The diversity and distribution of Holothuroidea in shallow waters of Baluran National Park, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 17: 55-60. A study of the diversity and distribution of sea cucumber (Holothuroidea) in shallow waters at Baluran National Park, East Java, Indonesia was carried out from July until September 2015. The method used in this ... Bilik (S=15, H’=1.335, J’=0.506), followed by Air Figure 1. Study sites in shallow waters of Baluran National Park, East Java, Indonesia: 1. Bama, 2. Air Karang, 3. Bilik SIDDIQ et al. – Holothuroidea in shallow waters of Baluran National Park, Indonesia Karang (S=13, H’=0.666, J’=0.259), and Bama (S=9, H’=0.146, J’=0.066). In contrast, the highest
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Preliminary Findings from a New Study of the Congo Clawless Otter (Aonyx congicus) on the Dji Dji River, Ivindo National Park, Gabon (or “Where Have all the Otters Gone?”)

... and ANPN, the Gabonese National Park Service. METHODS Field Site Our main fieldsite is the Dji Dji River, a tributary of the Ogooué River of central Gabon. The Dji Dji’s watershed drains much of the central portion of Ivindo National park, with headwaters near Mont Ngouadi (elevation 870 m) about 45 km south-east of the park border (Figure 1). The Dji ... river features were mapped using the Garmin MapSource software. Interview Methods Since the creation of the Ivindo National Park, permanent settlements have been prohibited within the park. However, some prior inhabitants of the park, primarily fisherman, are permitted to reside temporarily in small camps along the Ivindo River and practice artisanal ... River, (Ivindo National Park, Gabon) of varying length (3 days to 6 weeks) to collect preliminary observations on this species, the sympatric spot-necked otter (Lutra maculicollis), and the fish community of the Dji Dji River. We also surveyed local people (primarily artisanal fishermen) in the Makokou area of Ivindo National Park about their knowledge
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INTRODUCTION A National park is an area set aside by a national government for the preservation of the natural environment. The World Conservation Union defines a National park as a natural area designated to protect the ecological integrity of one or mor

... Analysis, Species richness, Soil moisture, Ayubia National Park, Pakistan. Received 27.05.2011; accepted 10.08.2011; printed 30.09.2011 INTRODUCTION A National park is an area set aside by a national government for the preservation of the natural environment. The World Conservation Union defines a National park as a natural area designated to protect the ecological ... the Ayubia National Park, the study area was the moist temperate forest in Rawalpindi, NE-Pakistan (Fig. 1), showing a high diversity of susceptible plant and animal species. The geographical location of the park is 330° 52' N and 730° 90' E (Farooque, 2002). The aim of this research was to quantify the vegetation in Ayubia National Park using ordination ... community assemblage in Ayubia National Park, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, using CCA 119 Figure 4: Pie symbols plot (Both Zones) of species over classes of samples with different soil moisture. DISCUSSIONS Multivariate analysis technique called Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) was used in this study in Ayubia National Park to identify the correlation between
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Distribution of Phoxinus eos, Phoxinus neogaeus, and their asexually-reproducing hybrids (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario.

... species in Algonquin Park were obtained from a database of collections housed at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Algonquin Park covers an area of 7725 km2 and encompasses the headwaters of five major watersheds flowing into both the Ottawa River and the Great Lakes. The ROM collection was compiled from an inventory of fish species in Algonquin Park from 1989 ... Phoxinus and relative to physical and chemical characteristics of lakes in Algonquin Park, Ontario. This comparison of the distributions of hybrid and parental Phoxinus was intended to address the hypothesis that, over the range of lakes and habitats sampled in Algonquin Park, hybrids and parental species should be constrained to particular, and perhaps ... the Discussion Hybrid Phoxinus, which are sperm-dependent asexuals, are widely distributed in Algonquin Park. The presence of hybrids in particular lakes was not correlated with the presence of a particular parental species. This observation suggests that the hybrids in Algonquin Park are generalists with respect to which parental species they use as a sperm donor.
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Relação solos/vegetação em area natural no Parque Estadual de Porto Ferreira, São Paulo. Soil-native vegetation relationships at Porto Ferreira State Park, São Paulo, Brazil.

... vegetação. Understanding soil-native vegetation interactions provides better support for managing conservation units. As an input for the management plan of Porto Ferreira State Park, SP, Brazil, relationships between soil attributes and native vegetation were studied. Regional climate is tropical humid with mild dry winter. Locally, the most occurring
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Dendroflora of the historical park in Rzepiszew (Łódź province)

... ZABYTKOWEGO PARKU W RZEPISZEWIE (WOJEWÓDZTWO ŁÓDZKIE) DENDROFLORA OF THE HISTORICAL PARK IN RZEPISZEW (ŁÓDŹ PROVINCE) Streszczenie. Zabytkowy park dworski w Rzepiszewie został założony w XIX wieku w stylu nawiązującym do angielskiego. Założenie parkowo-dworskie ma bogatą historię i w pełni zasługuje na ochronę. Inwentaryzacja dendroflory wykazała, że w parku ... o liczbie park? ?w w naszym kraju, ponieważ nie wszystkie obiekty zostały zewidencjonowane (SIKORA 2010). W 1974 roku OLACZEK podał, że w Polsce mamy około 10 000 park? ?w wiejskich. Do 1993 roku spisem zostały objęte 9182 parki, z czego 5430 to parki prawnie chronione, wpisane do rejestru zabytków. Wśród zinwentaryzowanych obiektów przeważają parki dworskie ... ogólna. PWN, Warszawa. OLACZEK R., 1974. Ochrona park? ?w wiejskich. LOP, Warszawa. OLACZEK R., 1981. Ochrona dziedzictwa kulturalnego i przyrodniczego park? ?w. LOP, Warszawa. PARK we wsi Rzepiszew. 1978. Maszynopis. Urząd Miasta i Gminy, Sieradz. PARKI i ogrody zabytkowe w Polsce. 1994. Ogrody 1, Suplement 1. PARKI i ogrody zabytkowe w Polsce, stan 1991 rok.
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Vegetation and proximity to the river control amorphous silica storage in a riparian wetland (Biebrza National Park, Poland)

... Discussions is the access reviewed discussion forum of Biogeosciences Vegetation and proximity to the river control amorphous silica storage in a riparian wetland (Biebrza National Park, Poland) E. Struyf1,2, W. Opdekamp2, H. Backx2, S. Jacobs2, D. J. Conley1, and P. Meire2 1Lund University, GeoBiosphere Science Centre, Department of Geology, So¨ lvegatan ... 2009 Silica storage in a riparian wetland E. Struyf et al. Title Page Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures Fig. 1. Biebrza National Park and the position of Rogozynek in the upper basin (right panel). Sampling schedule at Rogozynek (lower panel) with all 17 sampling sites. 912 Back Close Full Screen
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Nitrogen–use efficiency in different vegetation type at Cikaniki Research Station, Halimun-Salak Mountain National Park, West Java

... National Park, West Java SUHARNO1,♥, IMAM MAWARDI2, SETIABUDI2, NELLY LUNGA1, SOEKISMAN TJITROSEMITO2 1Jurusan Biologi FMIPA, Universitas Cenderawasih Jayapura, Papua 2SEAMEO BIOTROP, Bogor ABSTRACT A research about nitrogen–use efficiency (NUE) and trees identification was conducted at different vegetation type at Cikaniki, HalimunSalak National Park, ... lebih tinggi. Hasil ini berbeda dengan pengamatan yang Variasi ukuran daun terhadap fungsi besarnya helaian dilakukan oleh Tateno & Kawaguchi (2002) yang dianalisis oleh Parkhurs & Loucks (1971) dengan melakukan penelitian pada beberapa jenis tumbuhan pendekatan metode ekofisiologi yang mengasumsikan canopy dan subcanopy. Menurut Tateno & Kawaguchi ukuran ... dengan tipe vegetasi emergen mempunyai NUE rata–rata yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan tipe bawah naungan (underlayer). DAFTAR PUSTAKA Allen, S.E., H.M. Grimshaw., J.A. Parkinson, and C. Quarmby. 1974. Chemical analysis of ecological materials. Blackwell Scientific Publications. Oxford. Pp: 184–206. Anonimous. 2006. Laporan kegiatan monitoring
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Macroinvertebrates and fishes in the part of the Danube flowing through the Iron Gate national park and possibilities of their protection under in situ and ex situ conditions

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A visita do Robert Park ao Brasil, o "homem marginal" e a Bahia como laboratório.

... a importância da visita de Park [e de Pierson] à Bahia. Retoma as noções clássicas de Homem Marginal, desenvolvida por Park e de melting pot, usada por Park e discípulos, ao se referirem à convivência, em Chicago, de comunidades com nacionalidades diferentes, que não se misturavam. O caso baiano, de miscigenação, intrigou Park, que acabou transformando ... Robert Park, para Tennessee, após sua estadia na Bahia. Robert Park conseguira para ele uma posição de assistente na Universidade de Fisk. (Fonte: Carta do Robert Park a Charles Johnson, então chefe do Departamento de Sociologia, Archival and Manuscript Collections of the Fisk University Franklin Library). Os Pierson’s moraram em Nashville com o casal Park, ... Dr. Park? ??s advice to me before I left for Bahia was to put down everything that seems interesting or important. [Dr. Park me aconselhou a registrar tudo que parecesse interessante ou importante antes mesmo que eu partisse para a Bahia.]. (Fonte: Special Collections, University of Chicago Library, Robert Park Papers, Box 19). Pierson disse de Park,
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Os trópicos na rota do Império britânico: a visão de Mungo Park sobre a África em fins do século XVIII.

... artigo, examina-se a narrativa de Mungo Park considerando-se as relações entre trópico, ciência e viagem nos primeiros tempos do expansionismo inglês sobre o interior da África. Palavras-chave: trópicos; narrativa de viagem; Mungo Park (1771-1805?); African Association. Abstract The young Scottish physician Mungo Park, aged 23, arrived in Africa in 1795 ... cristão, nem ouvi, por uma vez sequer, o maravilhoso som de meu idioma natal” (Park, 2002, p.330).1 Foi com estas palavras que o médico escocês Mungo Park buscou traduzir, para seus leitores, a sensação de ser um estrangeiro em viagem de exploração ao interior do continente africano. Park chegou à África em 1795, aos 23 anos, contratado pela African Association ... mover-se e flutuar ... eu desmaiei de sede ...” (Park, 2002, p.161-162).9 Acreditando estar próxima a hora da morte e vendo-se diante de uma tempestade de areia, Park encontrou conforto em uma pequena cabana de uma aldeia dos Fula, onde uma mulher de “olhar maternal” estava sentada fiando algodão. Afastando Park dos rigores da wilderness10, essa criatura
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Anthropophilic black flies (diptera:Simuliidae) in the Amazon national park (Tapajós) and their effects on man

... year to seriously interrupt both work and leisure activities (5). Within the Amazon National Park (Tapajos), the Tapaj6s River and its tributaries provide ideal conditions for piuns (Simulium spp.). The Amazon National Park (Tapaj6s) is one of several national parks located within Brazil’s Amazon Basin. In an effort to find out more about the periodicity and ... obtained-on biting activities, seasonal abundance, and effects on visitors and inhabitants of the park- are presented here. The Study Site The Amazon National Park (Tapaj6s) was created by federal decree in February 1974. Most of it (see Figure 1) is’located in western Para State. The park includes a million hectares consisting of primary forest, extensive waterways, and ... and occurred during periods of elevated black-fly activity. Similar reactions among visitors to the park should be anticipated by medical personnel in the Itaituba area. The opening of the park, the easy access permitted by the Transamazon Highway, and the park? ??s close proximity to the Itaituba Airport will increase the opportunity for interested individuals to
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