Organic Matter And Legal Amazon

The mode of action of spatial repellents and their impact on vectorial capacity of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto.

... volunteers had been paired with the control and treatment once, which resulted into a four – day block. Six distances (0.3 m, 1 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m and 30 m) were randomly allocated to each four – day block. In this set up, one coil was placed equidistant on the left hand side and another coil on the right hand side of the volunteer at the designated ... s.s. aged between 3 and 8 days and previously starved for 6 hours were released from cages placed inside the tunnel by a pulley system (Figure 3) and operated from outside the tunnel. Mosquitoes were left to acclimatize for 20 minutes and a volunteer entered the tunnel. Volunteers collected mosquitoes that landed on the bare legs and feet for 2 hours ... allowed mosquitoes to fly through. The pulley comprised a rope and lever located 10 meters from the boxes. The boxes were raised 15 cm from the floor and the wooden stands were placed inside plastic cups that contained water and grease. This prevented ants from reaching the mosquitoes. Experimental design A fully randomized study was conducted. The study involved
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Selectivity Profiling and Biological Activity of Novel β-Carbolines as Potent and Selective DYRK1 Kinase Inhibitors.

... of the phosphorylated upper band and the lower band. B, HEK293 cells with constitutive expression of GFP-tau and regulatable expression of GFP-DYRK1A were treated with doxycyclin and the indicated inhibitors for 18 h. Phosphorylation of tau on Thr212 was detected with a phosphospecific antibody. Expression levels of GFP-tau and GFP-DYRK1A were assessed ... for DYRK1A and selectivity for DYRK1A and DYRK1B over the related kinases DYRK2 and HIPK2. An optimized inhibitor, AnnH75, inhibited CLK1, CLK4, and haspin/GSG2 as the only off-targets in a panel of 300 protein kinases. In cellular assays, AnnH75 dose-dependently reduced the phosphorylation of three known DYRK1A substrates (SF3B1, SEPT4, and tau) without ... permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Data Availability Statement: All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Funding: This work was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG grants BE 1967/3-1 to WB and BR 1034/6-1 to FB; Competing
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Description and implementation of a MiXed Layer model (MXL, v1.0) for the dynamics of the atmospheric boundary layer in the Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy)

... simultaneously and interactively calculate the exchange of energy (sensible heat flux), water (latent heat flux), wind (momentum flux) and chemical species (emission and deposition) between the land surface and the ABL. In that way, a fully online coupled land surface-ABL chemistry model is obtained, in which all exchanges between the land surface and the ... chemistry and gas/particle partitioning take place in both ABL and FT. The chemical production and loss of a species is calculated in the MECCA submodel (Sander et al., 2011), which uses the Kinetic PreProcessor (KPP; Sandu and Sander, 2006) for the numerical integration of the chemical reaction mechanism. MECCA uses photolysis rates calculated by JVAL (Sander et ... possibilities. On one hand, MXL/MESSy offers the possibility to use interactive emission (via the ONEMIS (Kerkweg et al., 2006b) and MEGAN (Guenther et al., 2006) submodels), dry deposition (DDEP; Kerkweg et al., 2006a) and land surface parametrizations (Sect. 2.7). In these submodels, land surface-ABL exchange is calculated as function of land surface and ABL characteristics,
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Essential oil content and composition of aniseed

... reduction of bleeding duration and menstrual pains and the reduction of hot flashes in postmenopausal women. Numerous studies have found that anise has an impact on microorganisms that cause many diseases. Aniseed has a wide range of effects on many bacteria, fungi, viruses and amoebas [Shojaii and Fard 2012]. The content and the composition of essential ... from 95.57 to 97.24%, and the content of methyl chavicol varied between 1.89 and 3.18% [Tort and Honermeier 2005]. In this study, there was a significantly smaller variation between localities in case of trans-anethole (94.58–95.02%), but for methyl chavicol variations between 0.38 (locality Ostojićevo) and 0.54 (localities Mošorin and Veliki Radinci) ... 22: 212–218. Yassen AA, Mazher AAM. and Zaghloul SM (2010): Response of anise plants to nitrogen fertilizer and foliar spray of tryptophan under agricultural drainage water. N. Y. Sci. J. 3: 120–127. Zand A, Darzi MT, Hadi MRHS (2013): Effects of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms and plant density on seed yield and essential oil content of anise
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Relationship between Interleukin-6 gene polymorphism and hippocampal volume in antipsychotic-naive schizophrenia: evidence for differential susceptibility?

... ambiens and inferiorly by vertical arbitrary line placed at the dorsomedial tip of the white matter of the parahippocampal gyrus[37]. Coronal slice where an ovoid gray matter starts to appear inferiomedially to the trigone of the lateral ventricle marked the posterior end [38]. Sagittal and axial sections were used to confirm the anatomical landmarks. ... diagnosis-bygenotype interaction effect on hippocampal gray matter in the same direction (Figure-4). Coordinates, cluster size and peak t value for the VBM analysis of main and interaction effect are presented in Table-3. Further, hippocampal volumes obtained from manual and voxel wise measurements showed a significant and strong positive correlation [Right: r = 0.8; ... functional polymorphism rs1800795 of IL-6 and hippocampal gray matter volume in antipsychotic-naı̈ve schizophrenia patients in comparison with healthy controls. Methodology: We examined antipsychotic-naı̈ve schizophrenia patients [N = 28] in comparison with healthy controls [N = 37] group matched on age, sex and handedness. Using 3 Tesla – MRI, bilateral
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Off-line signature verification based on hus moment invariants and zone features using support vector machine

... pattern was used in different sub-bands; a Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) method [8] that works by extracting the vertical projection feature from signature images and by comparing reference and probe feature templates with elastic matching; an off-line Arabic signature verification system based on statistical and local features and multistage classifiers has ... measure of handwritten curves modeling of dynamic signature forgery”, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, vol. 23, pp. 400–413 , 1995. E.J.R. Justino,F. Bortolozzi, R. Sabourin,” Off-line signature verification using HMM for random, simple and skilled forgeries”, In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, ... This database consists of 300 signatures (30 signatures each of the 10 signers) and 200 forged signatures (20 signatures each of the 10 users). This database of signatures has further been divided randomly into training database and testing database as shown in Table-1. Table 1. Training and Testing Databases. Training Set Testing Set Total Genuine Signatures 240 60 300 Forged
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Detection/Removal of Cooperative Black and Gray Hole Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

... operations, and terrorism response where no pre deployed infrastructure exits for communication. Due to its intrinsic nature of lacking of any centralized access control, secure boundaries (mobile nodes are free to join and leave and move inside the network) and limited resources mobile ad-hoc networks are vulnerable to several different types of passive and ... detecting and removing malicious node by aggregating the response from the monitoring nodes and the network. The rest of this paper is organized as follows. In section II, we discuss the related work. Network model and assumptions are discussed in section III. We present the methodology and relevant algorithms in section IV. Finally, the conclusion and discussion ... Engineering and Computer Science 2008 WCECS 2008, October 22 - 24, 2008, San Francisco, USA Detection/Removal of Cooperative Black and Gray Hole Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Sukla Banerjee Abstract—The inherent features (such as-open medium, dynamically changing network topology, lack of centralized monitoring and management point, and lack of
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Understanding the connection between epigenetic DNA methylation and nucleosome positioning from computer simulations.

... | e1003354 DNA Methylation and Nucleosome Positioning Figure 3. Methylated and non-methylated DNA elastic deformation energies. (A) Distribution of deformation energies for 147 bplong random DNA sequences with CpG steps positioned every 10 base steps (one helical turn) in minor (red and dark red) and major (light and dark blue) grooves respectively. ... energy difference between the best and the worst sequence that could form a nucleosome is 0.7 kj/mol per base (a minimum of 1 kJ/mol and maximum of around 1.7 kJ/mol per base, the first best and the last worst sequences are displayed in Table S3 in Text S1). We repeated the same calculation for one million random sequences and we obtained equivalent results. ... 200 ns of MD simulation, and we used the last structure to introduce different number of CpG and methylated CpG steps in positions described in Table S1 in Text S1. After energy minimization and initial thermalization, we performed MD for 100 ns for the selected single mutations and 200 ns for the multiple mutations (see table 1 and the next section),
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Expression of fibroblast growth factor-21 in muscle is associated with lipodystrophy, insulin resistance and lipid disturbances in patients with HIV.

... pg/ml and the interassay coefficient of variation was 3.9%. All samples and standards were run as duplicates and the mean of duplicates was used in the statistical analyses. RNA analysis and quantitative PCR analysis RNA was extracted from 20–30 mg of skeletal muscle biopsies using TriZol (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA) and reverse transcribed using random ... (Fig. 1H). Relationships between muscle FGF-21 mRNA, and fat distribution and lipids We found a strong negative association between muscle FGF-21 mRNA and the amount of subcutaneous fat (limb fat mass) (r = 20.46; p = 0.0038) and positive association with trunk-limbfat-ratio (r = 0.51; p = 0.001) and triglycerides (r = 0.56; p = 0.0003). FGF-21 mRNA ... during Nan oral glucose tolerance test (F), and negatively correlated to the incremental rate of disappearance of glucose (G), and fractionel velocity of glycogen synthesis (H) in healthy (e) and HIV subjects with lipodystrophy ( ). In the dot plots data for each subjects are given and the line represent means. * P,0.05 and ***P,0.001 for healthy vs HIV-lipodystrophy
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HLA-Cw Allele Frequency in Definite Meniere’s Disease Compared to Probable Meniere’s Disease and Healthy Controls in an Iranian Sample

... possible relation between the severity of the disease and HLA-Cw presence. Materials and Methods Type of study: descriptive analytical study using a control group. Dabiri S, et al Patients Twenty three patients (13 males and 10 females) with definite Meniere’s disease and twenty four patients (17males and7 females) with probable Meniere’s were selected ... disease patients, and healthy controls has been appraised in this study. A significant association between HLA-Cw*04 and HLA-Cw*16 alleles with both probable and definite Meniere’s disease was observed in our patients. This was in agreement with the study of Koyama and colleagues in which they found significant association between HLA-Cw4 and HLADRB1*1602 ... association between HLA-Cw Alleles in patients with definite Meniere’s disease and patients with probable Meniere’s disease and a control group. Materials and Methods: HLA-Cw genotyping was performed in 23 patients with definite Meniere’s disease, 24 with probable Meniere’s disease, and 91 healthy normal subjects, using sequence specific primers polymerase
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Development of Information Technologies in Slovak Small and Medium Enterprises From the Point of View of a Learning Organization

... health and social care it is mostly applications for financial and material help, forms of medical and social insurance and other forms used in financial transactions. In the manufacturing industry it is mainly forms and orders for suppliers and buyers, product offer and other documents. This is a very important function of company’s website and it ... essential for a company to not only make information available and update it on a regular basis, but also – and mainly – provide clear and understandable information. Managers need to focus on the simplicity of the company’s website, which should have a simple and clear design and graphics, and be substantially colorful, which helps the website visitors ... on tools which support cooperation and communication. It can be communication between employees themselves, employees and the management of the organization, communication between the employee and the customer or, generally, communication among public or communication between the organization and the public. Bureš and Hájek (Kelemen, 2008) emphasize
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Governance and Civil Society at the EU Level

... rules and institutional norms but also the performance of democratic institutions and their agents. As stated by March and Olsen (1995, 44), ‘democratic governance is more than the management of efficient political coalition building and exchange within prior constraints [. . .] It involves moulding social and political life – shaping history, an understanding ... Participation and opposition. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. ———. 1989. Democracy and its critics. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. ———. 1998. On democracy. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. ———. 1999. Can international organisation be democratic? A sceptic’s view. In Democracy’s edges, ed. I. Shapiro and C. Hacker-Cordon, ... Democracy in the European Union: Why and how to combine representation and participation? In Civil society and legiti- Managing Global Transitions Governance and Civil Society at the eu Level 419 mate European governance, ed. S. Smismans, 23–42. Aldershot: Elgar. Maloney, W., and S. Rossteutscher. 2007. Social capital and associations in European democracies:
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Government borrowing and the long-term interest rate: Application of an extended loanable funds model to the Slovak Republic

... interest rates (Hoelscher, 1986; Tran and Sawhney, 1988; Thomas and Abderrezak, 1988; Cebula, 1988, 1994, 1997a, 1997b, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005; Correia-Nunes and Stemitsiotis, 1995; García and Ramajo, 2004; Quayes and Jamal, 2007; Barnes, 2008). Hoelscher (1986) develops a closed-economy loanable funds model, and Cebula (1988, 1994, 1997a, 1997b, ... employed in empirical work, and the results would have more policy implications. The paper is organized in the following manner. The theoretical model is presented in the next section. Data sources, the definition and measurement of variables, and empirical results are described and analyzed in the third section. The summary and conclusions are made in ... expenditures, and hinder economic growth. Previous studies suggest that more government deficit may or may not lead to a higher interest rate. Feldstein (1982), Hoelscher (1986), Wachtel and Young (1987), Zahid (1988), Thomas and Abderrozak (1988), Miller and Russek (1991), Raynold (1994), Cebula (1989, 1991, 1993, 1997, 1999, 2003), Vamvoukas (1997), Ewing and
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Seasonal distribution of dissolved inorganic carbon and net community production on the Bering Sea shelf

... nDIC and inorganic nitrogen, and increases dispersion in the direction of the origin, 15 where as the production of nDIC and inorganic nitrogen through water column and sedimentary oxidation of organic matter increases dispersion away from the origin. Inorganic nitrogen concentrations in surface waters decreased to zero in summer at most locations and ... studies of dissolved oxygen, inorganic nitrogen, and inorganic carbon drawdown (e.g., oxygen: Ivenakov, 1961; Azova, 1964; Sapohznikov and Naletova, 1995; inorganic nitrogen: Hansell et al., 1993; inorganic carbon: Codispoti et al., 1982, 1986). Estimation of NCP using oxygen and inorganic carbon drawdown have given 25 the highest and lowest production rates, ... sedimentary and water column remineralization of organic matter exported to depth in large quantities, although a previous study indicated that this export should be minimal over the shelf, and ungrazed organic matter should be deposited over the slope (Walsh and McRoy, 1986). 5 Other studies in the region show similar values of NCP (e.g., Rho and Whitledge,
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The multi-seasonal NO<sub>y</sub> budget in coastal Antarctica and its link with surface snow and ice core nitrate: results from the CHABLIS campaign

... summer The variation of inorganic and organic NOy components between summer and winter at Halley is presented in Fig. 2. The first month in which all NOy species were measured is July, and Fig. 2a shows the July averages of all species, as well as the total inorganic and total organic NOy for this month. The dominance of the organic species is clear, ... Layer and the Interface with Snow) and 5 cover over half a year, from austral winter 2004 through to austral summer 2005. They are the longest duration and most extensive NOy budget study carried out to date in polar regions. Results show clear dominance of organic NOy compounds (PAN and MeONO2) during the winter months, with low concentrations of inorganic ... exceptionally high PAN and MeONO2, and the background mixing ratios are more typically of the order of a few pptv (see Mills et al., 20075 for further details). However, it is interesting to note that mixing ratios of PAN dominate over any other single component during the entire measurement period. 15 3.1.2 Inorganic vs organic NOy in winter and summer The
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Introduction: Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GoAmazon2014/5)

... distribution, and liquid water content (Dandin et al., 1997; Liu and Daum, 2002; Rotstayn and Liu, 2003). Cloud microphysical properties, cloud cover, precipitation, lightning, and regional climate over the Amazon basin can be significantly affected by aerosol particles (Andreae et al., 2004; Lin et al., 2006; Rosenfeld et al., 2008, 2014; Martins and Silva ... Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GoAmazon2014/5) Experiment was carried out in the environs of Manaus, Brazil, in the central region of the Amazon basin for 2 years from 1 January 2014 through 31 December 2015. The experiment focused on the complex interactions among vegetation, atmospheric chemistry, and aerosol production on the one hand and ... expansion of cities and population throughout the basin can be expected to alter particle concentrations, and changes in cloud properties can be expected. The Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GoAmazon2014/5) Experiment was motivated by the need to gain a better understanding of aerosol–cloud– precipitation interactions and processes over
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The effects of backward adjustable thoracic support in wheelchair on spinal curvature and back muscle activation for elderly people.

... Wilkins. 39. Andersson BJ, Ortengren R (1974) Lumbar disc pressure and myoelectric back muscle activity during sitting. II. Studies on an office chair. Scand J Rehabil Med 6: 115–121. 40. Newman AB, Lee JS, Visser M, Goodpaster BH, Kritchevsky SB, et al. (2005) Weight change and the conservation of lean mass in old age: the health, aging and body composition ... [11, 12]. Therefore, lumbar curvature, pelvic tilt, back muscle activation, and hamstring tightness are correlated and all influence the maintenance of sitting posture. Regarding seating systems, the most frequently used system in the clinical care is the standard sling seat and back upholstery, which pose limitations on the maintenance of optimal posture ... assume that the BTS posture can maintain neutral pelvic tilt and lumbar lordosis through lower back muscle activation at upright sitting posture and indirectly alleviate hamstring tightness and stress on the intervertebral disc. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the spinal curvature and back muscle activation when using the BTS in the elderly
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Exploring a vocabulary test and a judgment task as diagnoses of early and late bilinguals' L2 proficiency

... only language while interacting with parents, relatives, and/ or nannies. As she grows up and goes to school, she gets to speak in English while studying and interacting with teachers and colleagues. When she becomes an adult, English is her 18 first language and Spanish becomes the second (as a matter of use). Due to this inversion, a great endeavor ... Portuguese-English speakers’ and Spanish Heritage Language (HL) speakers’ capacity to access grammatical representations when using their non-dominant language. Considering the scenario with two types of bilinguals (L2 learners and HL), two types of knowledge (implicit and explicit), and two types of proficiency measures (vocabulary size and sentence judgment), ... tests and sentence types ..............95 Table 10: Sample of Cut-off point values, Sensitivity and Specificity of VLT and OPT scores for Experiment 2...................................................................................................97 Table 11: Sample of Cut-off point values, Sensitivity and Specificity of AJ task (Ungrammatical and
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Microbial contamination of disinfectants and antiseptics in four major hospitals in Trinidad

... disinfectants and antiseptics in four major hospitals in Trinidad Tswana Gajadhar,1 Alicia Lara,1 Patricia Sealy,1 and Abiodun A. Adesiyun 2 1 2 ABSTRACT Objective. To assess the microbial contamination of disinfectants and antiseptics in major hospitals on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Methods. For this cross-sectional study, disinfectants and antiseptics ... St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago; e-mail: abiodunadesiyun@ Disinfectants and antiseptics of different preparations and concentrations have been used universally on animate and inanimate surfaces in hospitals (1–4). The observed increase in the resistance of a number of bacterial pathogens to some disinfectants and antiseptics has resulted ... agents. Trinidad and Tobago, a twin-island republic in the Caribbean, has a population of 1.3 million people. Its health care system, which is currently undergoing structural reform, consists of a combination of public establishments (government hospitals, health centers, 194 and other health institutions) and private establishments (hospitals, clinics, and nursing
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The regulation of privacy and data protection in the use of electronic health information: an international perspective and reference source on regulatory and legal issues related to person-identifiable health database

... DATABASES  2.4.  2.5.  2.6.  2.7.  2.8.  3.  STANDARDIZATION? ?AND? ? PERSONAL DATA  WHAT IS AN ELECTRONIC  HEALTH RECORD?  DECISION SUPPORT APPLICATIONS  NETWORKED HEALTHCARE  APPLICATIONS  ELECTRONIC  COMMERCE  LEGAL? ?AND? ?REGULATORY ISSUES  3.1.  AREAS OF? ?LEGAL? ?AND? ?REGULATORY CONCERN  IN THE USE OF COMPUTER­BASED  HEALTH RECORDS? ?AND? ?DATABASES  3.2.  DATA RELIABILITY, SECURITY,? ?AND? ?PRIVACY  3.3.  PRIVACY? ?AND? ?CONFIDENTIALITY  3.4.  ... Communication Technologies in Healthcare addresses  basic  rights? ?and? ?responsibilities of users, providers,  and? ?data subjects. Freedom  of  access  to  information  and? ? expression  and? ? the protection  of  users'  data  security  and? ? privacy  are  especially  critical topics.  Decisions  and? ? initiatives  related  to  cyberspace  law  and? ? ethics issues in health? ?and? ?healthcare  must necessarily involve experts from a variety  ... to assess data related to a patient under his/her care. 2.4.  Standardization  and? ?Personal Data The design  of  information? ?and? ?telecommunication  systems? ?and network technology influences which personal health data are  collected, stored,  and? ?maintained  and? ?who should or could  have access to  them. One  main  effect  of  the  development  of  such  technologies  is  the globalization  of  standards  and? ?
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Epidemiology and leadership in public health

... service which involves the cooperative effort of a score of different disciplines. The fact that doctors and dentists and nurses and engineers and health educators and microbiologists and statisticians and nutritionists sit together in our schools and take the same degree is of incalculable importance. It is based on bold assumptions; but it has worked. ... somewhat to conform to current concepts: Public health is the science and the art of preventing illness and disability, prolonging life, and promoting physical and mental health and efficiency through organized community efforts for the sanitation of the environment, the control of infectious and noninfectious diseases as well as injuries, the education of ... are: 1. 2. 3. 4. To discover the agent, host and environmental factors which affect health in order to provide the scientific basis for the prevention of disease and injury and the promotion of health. To determine the relative importance of causes of illness, disability and death in order to establish priorities for research and action. To identify those sections
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CD26.R36: Emergency preparedness and disaster relief coordination program in the Americas

... Region, and that the ministries of health should play a leading role, within the civil defense system, in emergency preparedness and relief activities related to health; and Convinced that the most valuable contribution of the Organization in the wake of a disaster may be the speedy provision of technical cooperation. RESOLVES 1. To thank and commend ... development of the Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief Coordination Program and for the technical cooperation and assistance provided to Member Countries during emergency situations since its inception. 2. To urge Member Governments to establish a high-level multisectoral group to coordinate all relief measures and an ongoing program to update emergency ... measures and an ongoing program to update emergency plans, train health personnel, and promote research and case studies to improve disaster management. 3. To urge Member Governments and funding agencies to contribute to the Natural Disaster Relief Voluntary Fund (PD) and promptly to provide the Organization with technical cooperation immediately following
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Proposed program and budget estimates of the WHO for the region of the Americas for 1978-79

... Program and Budget Estimates of the World Health Organization for the Region of the Americas for 1976 and 1977; and needs Recognizing the advisability into future years, of projecting probable program RESOLVES: To recommend to the Director General that he include in the Program and Budget Estimates of the World Health Organization for 1978 and 1979 ... 1974 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH PROPOSED PROGRAM AND BUDGET ESTIMATES OF THE WORLD THE REGION OF THE AMERICAS FOR 1978-79 HEALTH ORGANIZATION FOR The Director-General of the World Health Organization has requested that the Regional Committee for the Americas recommend a tentative program projection in global terms for 1978 and 1979, within a planning ceiling of US$12,744,000 and $13,445,000, respectively. The ... planning ceiling of US$12,744,000 and $13,445,000, respectively. The tentative projections, summarized in the annexed table, have been made taking into account trends in programs and priorities for such additional resources as may become available in this Region. The Regional Committee may wish to recommend this distribution to the Director-General of the
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Symposium on Education in Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine Education in veterinary public health and preventive medicine, St. Paul, Minnesota, 18-22 March 1968

... and disease) 1. Natality, growth, and mortality of normal and abnormal populations; age, sex, breed, etc. 2. Rates and ratios Incidence and prevalence rates Case fatality, attack rates-apparent and inapparent 3. Adjustment of rates and standardization of rates 4. Comparison of rates 5. Life tables and life table methods-life expectancy 6. Sampling and ... one of great change, both in legal aspects of inspection and in food production, transportation, and processing technology. These changes are necessary to meet the demands of the consumer and to protect his health and welfare. Rapid movement of livestock, people, and goods increases hazards from exotic diseases of both man and animals. The Wholesome Meat ... should encompass: research; legislation; inspection standards; enforcement; incentives; systems analysis and evaluation; demography and land usage; sociological and aesthetic considerations; and forensic medicine. Teaching methods and techniques for presenting this material should include: lectures; field and laboratory exercises; demonstrations; visual
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Second International Conference on Live Poliovirus Vaccines. Papers presented and discussions held

... reinvestigated by Martins da Silva et al,'7 Horstmann and Paul,' Dick and Dane,` Gelfand and Fox, 22 and by Plotkin et al.2 3 The extent of virus spread to susceptible persons in contact with vaccinated persons depends on the strain employed, the age of the vaccinated person, and the prevailing social and economic conditions. The route of transmission ... Conference, and all members of the Committee are with us. Thus, they will have the rare advantage of hearing all the latest data and opinions immediately prior to their deliberations, and this can only be of incalculable value to them in coming to their conclusions and making their recommendations. As last year, the Pan American Health Organ- ization and the ... TCD,, of Type 3 Attenuated Virus-V. Vonka, E. Skrídlovská, J. Jelínek, and J. Duben .... . 228 2. Virologic and Serologic Investigations of Children Immunized with Trivalent Live Vaccine from A. B. Sabin's Strains-M. K. Voroshilova, V. 1. Zhevandrova, E. A. Tolskaya, G. A. Koroleva, and G. P. Taranova ........................ 240 Discussion ............................... ..... ..... 266 (b)
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