Nitric Oxide

Effect of labeling with iron oxide particles or nanodiamonds on the functionality of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells.

... a 9:1 ratio of concentrated sulphuric to nitric acids for 1 day at 70uC followed by ultrasonication in deionized water with a horn-type sonotrode (Branson Sonifier, USA) for 1 hour. The diamond particles were then acid refluxed for an additional 3 days, rinsed and ultrasonicated for 1 hour in 0.1 M sodium hydroxide. The diamond particles were subsequently ... al., (2011) measured a small number of cytokines and growth factors secreted by bone marrow derived MSCs and illustrated that labeling these cells with superparamagnetic iron oxide particles (fermuoxides) did not affect their secretion profiles [36]. Furthermore, when immune cells recognize foreign material, they respond by secreting pro-inflammatory cytokines ... contain no iron oxide on their surface. Although we did observe some differentially expressed proteins in the intra-cellular proteomes of the M-SPIO labeled MSCs, the particles did not appear to be toxic to the cells or inducing any stress responses that could affect their suitability as a cell labeling agent. Superparamagnetic iron oxide particles
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Methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide fluxes in soil profile under a winter wheat-summer maize rotation in the North China Plain.

... potassium (mg K kg21) kg21) Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Fluxes in Soil Profile 4 June 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 6 | e98445 Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Fluxes in Soil Profile PLOS ONE | 5 June 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 6 | e98445 Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Fluxes in Soil Profile Figure 1. CH4, ... cm 771 691 491 287 0–300cm 8,884 12,049 12,706 13,337 0–300cm 2414 2704 2662 2408 0–300cm Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Fluxes in Soil Profile June 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 6 | e98445 Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Fluxes in Soil Profile Figure 3. CO2 flux rates (means ± standard deviations, n = 3) at various soil depths ... evidence for the production and consumption of CH4, CO2 and N2O in the soil profile. Citation: Wang Y, Hu C, Ming H, Oenema O, Schaefer DA, et al. (2014) Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Fluxes in Soil Profile under a Winter WheatSummer Maize Rotation in the North China Plain. PLoS ONE 9(6): e98445. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0098445 Editor: Dafeng
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Electrospinning and Porosity Measurements of Nylon-6/Poly(ethylene oxide) Blended Nonwovens

... Electrospinning and Porosity Measurements of Nylon6/Poly(ethylene oxide) Blended Nonwovens Margaret W. Frey, Ph.D.1 and Lei Li, Ph.D.1 1 Department of Textiles and Apparel, Cornell University, Ithaca NY Correspondence to: Margaret W. Frey, ... solvent. The applied voltage is necessarily the same for both materials. ABSTRACT A simple method was used to prepare a nonwoven fabric of intimately co-mingled Nylon-6 and Polyethylene oxide (PEO) electrospun fibers by spinning fibers onto a rotating collector. Electrospinning parameters for each polymer were independent. Fiber mixture and distribution was uniform ... are not Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics Volume 2, Issue 1 - 2007 EXPERIMENTAL Materials and Solution Preparation Polyamide-6 (Nylon-6, Mn = 10,000g/mol), poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO, Mv = ~400,000 g/mol) and two fluorescent dyes, 5wt% Eosin Y aqueous solution and 8-Hydroxypyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid trisodium salt (Solvent Green 7), were purchased from
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Comparative proteomic analysis of the molecular responses of mouse macrophages to titanium dioxide and copper oxide nanoparticles unravels some toxic mechanisms for copper oxide nanoparticles in macrophages.

... April 22, 2015 2 / 22 Toxic Mechanisms for Copper Oxide Nanoparticles in Macrophages comparative analysis has been carried out on titanium dioxide vs. zinc oxide [19], but is lacking so far for copper oxide. This is why we This is why we carried out this comparison for copper oxide vs titanium dioxide, on the macrophage cell line J774, using a proteomic ... toxic doses. Besides titanium dioxide and copper oxide nanoparticles, copper ions were used as controls. We also showed that the overall copper release in the cell does not explain per se the toxicity observed with copper oxide nanoparticles. In addition, both copper ion and copper oxide nanoparticles, but not titanium oxide, induced DNA strands breaks ... induced by copper oxide nanoparticles. Characterization of the nanoparticles-induced DNA strand breaks Genotoxicity has been described on several cellular models, both for titanium dioxide [36, 53– 56] and for copper oxide nanoparticles [27, 57]. We decided to test comparatively the DNA strand breaks induced by titanium dioxide and copper oxide nanoparticles
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Concentration of Nitric Oxide in Saliva of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

... disease activity in RA patients. List of Abbreviations: NO- nitric oxide RA - rheumatoid arthritis DAS28 - Disease activity score NO-3 - nitrate NO-2 - nitrite NOS - nitric oxide synthase eNOS - endothelial nitric oxide synthase nNOS - neuronal nitric oxide synthase iNOS - inducible nitric oxide synthase OA - osteoarthritis ACR - American College of ... E.A. Nitric oxide: physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology. Pharmacol. Rev. 1991;43(2):109-142. 2. Nathan C. Nitric oxide as a secretory product of mammalian cells. Faseb (Fed. Am. Soc. Exp. Biol.) J. 1992;6:3051-3064. 3. Van't Hof R.J., Ralston S.H. Nitric oxide and bone.Immunology 2001;103:255-61. 4. Moncada S, Higgs A. The L-arginine -nitric oxide ... arthritis (RA), disease activity score (DAS28), nitric oxide (NO) Introduction Nitric oxide (NO) is a gas, messenger molecule with numerous physiological and pathological functions in human organism (1). NO is synthesized from L-arginine in many tissues and cell types by the three established isoform of enzyme nitric oxide synthase (NOS): endothelial NOS (eNOS),
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Comparison of the Antibacterial effect of Diapaste with Sealapex and Zinc Oxide-Eugenol (ZOE) on Enterococcus Faecalis: A Laboratory Study

... pathogens of root canals. The aim of this laboratory study was to compare the antibacterial activity of a newly introduced premixed calcium hydroxide root canal filling paste of deciduous teeth (Diapaste) with Zinc OxideEugenol (ZOE) and Sealapex on Enterococcus faecalis. Materials & Methods: In this study, agar diffusion inhibitory test was used to assess ... 195-9. Queiroz AM, Nelson-filho P, da Silva LA, Assed S, Silva RA, Ito IY. Antibacterial activity of root canal filling materials for primary teeth: Zinc oxide and eugenol cement, calen paste thickened with zinc oxide, sealapex and endorez. Braz Dent J 2009; 20(4): 290-6. Cerqueira DF, Volpi Mello-Moura AC, Santos EM, Guedes-Pinto AC. Cytotoxicity, histopathological, microbiological ... Comparison of zinc oxide and eugenol, and Vitapex for root canal treatment of necrotic primary teeth. Int J Paediatr Dent 2004; 14(6): 417-24. Ozalp N, Saroglu I, Sonmez H. Evaluation of various root canal filling materials in primary molar pulpectomies: An in vivo study. Am J Dent 2005; 18(6): 347-50. Desai SH, Chandler N. Calcium hydroxide-based root
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Effect of Organic Matter on Cyanide Removal by Illuminated Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

... VK: Photocatalytic oxidation of cyanide in aqueous titanium dioxide suspensions: Effect of ethylenediaminetetraacetate. Solar Energy 2008, 82:1031–1036. doi:10.1186/2052-336X-11-23 Cite this article as: Farrokhi et al.: Effect of organic matter on cyanide removal by illuminated titanium dioxide or zinc oxide nanoparticles. Journal of Environmental Health Sciences ... Finally photocatalytic reaction with TiO2 or ZnO can be effectively applied to treat synthetic wastewater contaminated with cyanide. Keywords: Photocatalysis, Nanoparticle, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Organic compound, Cyanide Background Cyanide (CN) is a highly toxic component, which is generated from several industrial activities such as gas production, pharmaceutical, ... (humic acid (HA), oxalate, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), nitrolotriacetic acid (NTA), phenol) on the photocatalytic removal of cyanide by illuminated titanium dioxide or zinc oxide nanoparticles with variation of solution pH, contact time and initial cyanide concentration. In addition, kinetic parameters were obtained by application of zero,
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Direct synthesis of nanocrystalline oxide powders by wet-chemical techniques

... Processing and Application of Ceramics 4 [3] (2010) 127–134 Direct synthesis of nanocrystalline oxide powders by wet-chemical techniques Vladimir V. Srdić1,*, Ružica Djenadić1,#, Marija Milanović1, Nikolina Pavlović1, Ivan Stijepović1, Ljubica M. Nikolić1, Evagelia Moshopoulous2, ... Perovskite nanopowders Nanocrystalline titanate (SrTiO3, PbTiO3, La2/3TiO3, Bi4Ti3O12) powders were synthesized using a two-step process: first by controlled hydrolysis of titanium-butoxide (Ti(OC4H9)4, Fluka) with distilled water, and then by 127 4 94 4 9 4 in inanhayndhryodursouesthaenthoalnowl itwh ithdistdililsetidlledwatwera.terT. heThe d AsoopbpltuosaliotibcinlaotueatnitdioinonweunodnhfdiwCuteeenhrrditatiemetvariitncgisitvoa4irngos[ioou3alr]sosw(ou2sla0st1siwr0Vasr.a)Vitds.nxidrSxgarxeidd–dnidćxtgoxteeoxtdatNplot.or/aePONpcroirHapceOeicstaisaHpqintiuegtaeaqonttuedhueAesopthpulesication ... 120°C for 1 day in air. 2.1 Strontium titanate powders Direct synthesis of crystalline strontium titanate par- ticles is based on the reaction between the hydrolyzed titanium alkoxide and Sr2+ ions in a highly alkaline so- O3c)o2,rcreosrpreosnpdoindgingionisonws aswacsarrciaerdriedoutouatt adtiffdeirfefnertent lution. In the first step, the highly porous
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Association of endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene polymorphisms with coronary artery disease: an updated meta-analysis and systematic review.

... Association of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Polymorphisms with Coronary Artery Disease: An Updated Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review Himanshu Rai1*., Farah Parveen2, Sudeep Kumar1*., Aditya Kapoor1, ... Pradesh, India, 3 Department of Cardiology, Sahara India Medical Institute, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India Abstract Several association studies of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (NOS3) gene polymorphisms with respect to coronary artery disease (CAD) have been published in the past two decades. However, their association with the disease, ... subjects of Asian ancestry (OR range = 1.61–1.90, and P#0.01 for all comparisons). Citation: Rai H, Parveen F, Kumar S, Kapoor A, Sinha N (2014) Association of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Polymorphisms with Coronary Artery Disease: An Updated Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review. PLoS ONE 9(11): e113363. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0113363 Editor:
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Ecosystem respiration, methane and nitrous oxide fluxes from ecotopes in a rewetted extracted peatland in Sweden

... Tallinn University, Estonia _______________________________________________________________________________________ SUMMARY Ecosystem respiration (carbon dioxide; CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) fluxes to the atmosphere were determined using an opaque closed chamber method within various ecotopes (vegetation covered, bare peat and open water) ... extraction, peat accumulation is terminated and the peat body suffers structural damage (Zeitz & Velty 2002). Simultaneously, drained peatlands are major sources of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O) (Joosten & Clarke 2002, Strack 2008, Berglund et al. 2010). Methane (CH4) emissions are reduced after drainage but may remain high from drainage ditches ... to management of extracted peatlands, the construction of a nutrient-poor shallow lake showed great potential for lowering GHG fluxes to the atmosphere. KEY WORDS: carbon dioxide, constructed water body, greenhouse gases, mire restoration, wetland _______________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION When
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Activation of Endothelial Nitric Oxide (eNOS) Occurs through Different Membrane Domains in Endothelial Cells.

... proteins and multiple cytoplasmic signalling molecules [16, 17]. One of the key functions of endothelial cells is the production of nitric oxide (NO), and the enzyme responsible for NO production is endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS). In endothelial cells, eNOS generates NO in the reaction converting L-arginine to L-citrulline [18]. The endothelial ... Sydney, Sydney, Australia * OPEN ACCESS Citation: Tran J, Magenau A, Rodriguez M, Rentero C, Royo T, Enrich C, et al. (2016) Activation of Endothelial Nitric Oxide (eNOS) Occurs through Different Membrane Domains in Endothelial Cells. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0151556. doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0151556 Editor: Ivan R Nabi, University of ... respond to a large range of stimuli including circulating lipoproteins, growth factors and changes in haemodynamic mechanical forces to regulate the activity of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) and maintain blood pressure. While many signalling pathways have been mapped, the identities of membrane domains through which these signals are transmitted
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Mensuração digital da radiopacidade de diferentes cimentos obturadores resinosos e de base zinco-enólica = Digital radiopacity measurement of different resin- and zinc oxide-based root canal sealers

... differences in the radiopacity potential of specific components, similar as the effects observed when bismuth oxide (present in Epiphany) and zirconium oxide (present in AH Plus) are added individually to pure Portland cement (16). When evaluating zinc -oxide eugenol sealers, the powder/ liquid ratio chosen directly influenced the in vitro radiopacity (18). ... formula of Sealapex was modified, and barium sulfate was replaced by bismuth trioxide (a more efficient radiopaque agent) (15). This alteration likely caused an increase in the radiopacity of this sealer, which could justify its radiographic superiority compared to the zinc oxide sealers and Sealer 26. This result was not observed in former investigations ... DigitalOradrioipgaciintyamleaAsurretmiecnlt eof different sealers Digital radiopacity measurement of different resin- and zinc oxide- based root canal sealers Mensuração digital da radiopacidade de diferentes cimentos obturadores resinosos e de base zinco-enólica Abstract Purpose: To evaluate the radiopacity
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... Chandra Sekhar Beera et al. / International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST) EFFECT OF STRONTIUM OXIDE ON GRAIN GROWTH AND DENSIFICATION IN BNN SYSTEM CHANDRA SEKHAR BEERA P.S.V SUBBA RAO B.PARVATHEESWRA RAO Department ... densification in all the samples have been estimated and found lying in the range of 50-60 kcal/mole. The results are discussed in the light of present understanding. Keywords: Strontium Oxide, Grain Growth, Densification, Activation Energy. Introduction Ceramic Barium Sodium Niobate (BNN) has been emphasized by many workers as the most promising candidate material ... dense niobate by the addition of certain dopants such as Li2O and MnO2 [5].The primary difficulty encountered in the sintering of BNN appears to be the volatilization of sodium oxide at high temperatures. ShenLiFu et al.[6] and Ravez et al. [7] achieved better sintering of PLZT and TB type systems respectively with the aid of doping of dopants [8,9] such
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Nitric Oxide-Related Biological Pathways in Patients with Major Depression.

... 15 NO-Related Biological Pathways and Depression Ratio; HAMD-17, Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression; iNOS, inducible nitric oxide synthase; LDL, low density lipoprotein; NO, nitric oxide; nNOS, neuronal nitric oxide synthase; NOS, nitric oxide synthase; SD, standard deviation; SDMA, symmetric dimethylarginine. Conclusions Our study results are evidence ... molecules [7–10]. The substrate for NO synthesis is arginine, which is converted to NO and citrulline by three nitric oxide synthase (NOS) isoforms: endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) and neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS). The enzyme arginase competes with NOS and metabolizes l-arginine to ornithine [11]. ... 1738–1751. PMID: 11058466 35. Prast H, Philippu A. Nitric oxide as modulator of neuronal function. Prog Neurobiol. 2001; 64: 51–68. PMID: 11250062 36. Demas GE, Kriegsfeld LJ, Blackshaw S, Huang P, Gammie SC, Nelson RJ, et al. Elimination of aggressive behavior in male mice lacking endothelial nitric oxide synthase. J Neurosci. 1999; 19: RC30. PMID:
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Rhythmical changes of a level nitric oxide (NO) in roots etiolated seedlings of pea (Pisum sativum L.) and influence of exogenous calcium

... Dmitriev A.P. (2004) The signaling role of nitric oxide in plants. Cytol. Genet. (Ukraine), 38, 67-75. Freschi L. (2013) Nitric oxide and phytohormone interactions: current status and perspectives. Front. Plant Sci., 4, Article 398. Garcia-Mata C., Gay R., Sokolovski S., Hills A., Lamattina L. and Blatt M.R. (2003) Nitric oxide regulates K+ and Cl- channels ... исследований. REFERENCES Besson-Bard A., Pugin A. and Wendehenne D. (2008) New insights into nitric oxide signaling in plants. Annu. Rev. Plant Biol., 59, 21-39. Besson-Bard A., Courtois C., Gauthier A., Dahan J., Dobrowolska G., Jeandroz S., Pugin A. and Wendehenne D. (2008a) Nitric oxide in plants production and cross-talk with Ca2+ signaling. Mol. JOURNAL ... STRESS PHYSIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY Vol. 10 No. 4 2014 Glyan’ko and Ischenko 64 Plant, 1, 218-228. Bogdan C. (2001) Nitric oxide and the regulation of gene expression. Trends Cell Biol., 11, 66-75. Сlementi E. (1998) Role of nitric oxide and its intracellular signaling pathways in the control of Ca2+ homeostasis. Biochem. Pharmacol., 55, 713-718.
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Vibration analysis of angular contact ball bearing operated with copper oxide nanoparticles mixed ISO VG 68 lubricating oil

... amount of copper oxide nanoparticles were added and dispersed with 20 kHz Ultrasound sonication probe for 30 min to achieve a stabilized liquid. The precipitates were rinsed thoroughly with ethanol by filtering and the Tween 20 surface modified copper oxide nanoparticles would be obtained finally. The 0.2 wt.% of surface modified copper oxide nanoparticles ... / 3 (2014) 43 - 46 2.1 Method of nanoparticles dispersion: Copper oxide nanoparticles was purchased from Nanoshell Company in USA and dispersed primarily by a commutation ball impactor and then prepared by the Tween 20 (Combination of polyoxyethylene sorbitol ester with ethylene oxide, sorbitol, and lauric acid produced by Sigma Aldrich., USA) modification ... copper accelerations produced by the vibration [1]. oxide nano-particle operates in the lubricant temperature of 100 - 150°C and even higher than There are numerous accelerometers on the market that with high loading conditions [12, 16, 18, 19]. outputting both digital and analog signals that can Dispersion of nano copper oxide (CuO) particle be captured
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The endogenous nitric oxide mediates selenium-induced phytotoxicity by promoting ROS generation in Brassica rapa.

... (2008) Nitric oxide evolution and perception. J Exp Bot 59: 25–35. 26. Gas E, Flores-Perez U, Sauret-Gueto S, Rodriguez-Concepcion M (2009) Hunting for plant nitric oxide synthase provides new evidence of a central role for plastids in nitric oxide metabolism. Plant Cell 21: 18–23. 27. Fro¨hlich A, Durner J (2011) The hunt for plant nitric oxide synthase ... cross talk between reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide, and calcium. Plant Physiol 150: 229–243. 31. Srivastava S, Dubey RS (2012) Nitric oxide alleviates manganese toxicity by preventing oxidative stress in excised rice leaves. Acta Physiol Plant 34: 819–825. 32. Verma K, Mehta SK, Shekhawat GS (2013) Nitric oxide (NO) counteracts cadmium induced cytotoxic ... and nitric oxide in the alleviation of cadmium-induced oxidative damage in alfalfa seedling roots. Biometals 25: 617–631. PLOS ONE | 10 October 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 10 | e110901 Nitric Oxide Mediates Selenium-Induced Phytotoxicity in Brassica rapa 34. De Michele R, Vurro E, Rigo C, Costa A, Elviri L, et al. (2009) Nitric
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The influence of nitric acid on the cloud processing of aerosol particles

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