Musculo Skeletal Balance

An analysis of the alleged skeletal remains of Carin Goring.

... Fontander, skeletal elements presumably belonging to Carin were discovered near Carinhall. The remains, described as ‘‘not more than a human torso’’ were handed over to a minister and transferred to the Swedish church in Berlin, cremated and buried in the family tomb in Stockholm [3]. Forty years later, in 1991, treasure hunters found a zinc coffin with skeletal ... University, Stockholm, Sweden, 2 Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden Abstract In 1991, treasure hunters found skeletal remains in an area close to the destroyed country residence of former Nazi leader Hermann Göring in northeastern Berlin. The remains, which were believed to belong to ... circumstantial evidence in our efforts to identify the remains of Carin Göring. Citation: Kjellström A, Edlund H, Lembring M, Ahlgren V, Allen M (2012) An Analysis of the Alleged Skeletal Remains of Carin Göring. PLoS ONE 7(12): e44366. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0044366 Editor: Lyle Konigsberg, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, United States of
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Proteomic and carbonylation profile analysis of rat skeletal muscles following acute swimming exercise.

... control 23 P68136 Actin, alpha skeletal muscle 2 24 P68136 Actin, alpha skeletal muscle 1.8 25 P68136 Actin, alpha skeletal muscle 1.8 1 P15429 Beta-enolase 1.8 2 P15429 Beta-enolase 2.2 3 P68136 Actin, alpha skeletal muscle 2.1 4 P68136 Actin, alpha skeletal muscle 3 5 P68136 Actin, alpha skeletal muscle 1.9 EDL a Spot ... aldolase A 3.4 13 P05065 Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase A 2.4 14 Q7TNB2 Troponin T, slow skeletal muscle 14 15 Q7TNB2 Troponin T, slow skeletal muscle 4 16 Q7TNB2 Troponin T, slow skeletal muscle Only in control 17 Q7TNB2 Troponin T, slow skeletal muscle Only in control 18 O88989 Malate dehydrogenase, cytoplasmic Only in control Spot ... several proteins that undergo an increase in carbonylation levels after physical exercise in both rat skeletal muscles [23] and human plasma [28]. Despite these variations, we demonstrated that a basal level of protein carbonylation is present both in skeletal muscle and in plasma, in keeping with several other studies [28–31]. This probably means that
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Uncertainty analysis of a spatially explicit annual water-balance model: case study of the Cape Fear basin, North Carolina

... describe the degree to which long-term catchment water balances deviate from the parameterless Budyko curve, a number of scholars have proposed one-parameter functions P. Hamel and A. J. Guswa: Uncertainty analysis of a spatially explicit annual water -balance model 2.2 841 Spatially explicit application ... for a parcel-based application of Eq. (2). Thus, error in the catchment-scale water balance will arise by ignoring the excess water generated P. Hamel and A. J. Guswa: Uncertainty analysis of a spatially explicit annual water -balance model at one spot that is later evaporated at a downgradient location. Such ... parameter from known characteristics of the climate and basin, since it cannot be determined via calibration. Second, the Budyko approaches have been developed for long-term water balances at the catchment scale, rather than at the scale of individual land parcels, which is required for ecosystem-service decisions. The effect of this change in spatial scale
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The Role of Lumbar Sympathetic Nerves in Regulation of Blood Flow to Skeletal Muscle during Anaphylactic Hypotension in Anesthetized Rats.

... of the blood flow to hindquarter skeletal muscles during anaphylactic hypotension in anesthetized rats. To the best our knowledge, this is the first experimental study to clarify, by measuring simultaneously the femoral arterial blood flow and LSNA, the relationship between the blood flow to hindlimb or hindquarter skeletal muscles and their relevant sympathetic ... shock Generally, during severe hypotension, as observed in all forms of systemic shock, the blood flow to peripheral organs such as skeletal muscle is reduced to keep constant blood flow supplied to vital organs such as brain and heart. In fact, skeletal muscle blood flow in anesthetized rats was decreased under the anaphylactic shock [16]. To redistribute the systemic ... demonstrated that lumbar sympathetic nerves innervating the hindlimb play an important role in regulating skeletal vasomotion [17, 18]. Consistent with this notion, in the present study, anaphylaxis caused both a decrease in FBF supplied to the skeletal muscles of the hindlimb and an increase in LSNA. Unexpectedly, however, the selective sympathectomy
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Exercise training reverses skeletal muscle atrophy in an experimental model of VCP disease.

... intracellular calcium, activation of signaling pathways, and increased antioxidant capacity. However, the molecular mechanisms by which exercise may delay or reverse skeletal muscle myopathy remains elusive. Skeletal muscle is a highly adaptable tissue and changes in response to environmental Effect of treadmill exercise on apoptosis To examine the effect of exercise ... (2013) Exercise-induced AMPK activity in skeletal muscle: role in glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity. Mol Cell Endocrinol 366: 204–214. 29. Mortensen B, Hingst JR, Frederiksen N, Hansen RW, Christiansen CS, et al. (2013) Effect of birth weight and 12 weeks of exercise training on exerciseinduced AMPK signaling in human skeletal muscle. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 30. ... display rimmed vacuoles and TAR DNA-binding protein-43 (TDP-43)positive ubiquitinated inclusion bodies in muscle [3–6]. The myopathy is characterized by muscle weakness and atrophy of skeletal, pelvic and shoulder girdle muscles. ALS patients demonstrate asymmetric focal weakness of the extremities or bulbar muscles which then spreads to the adjacent anatomical regions
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Energy balance of forage consumption by phyllophagous insects: optimization model

... equation of energy balance of food consumption and determining the effectiveness of consumption and the risk of death of the individual. Experiments on larvae’s feeding in laboratory conditions were carried out to verify the model. Caterpillars of Aporia crataegi L. (Lepidoptera, Pieridae) were the research subjects. Supply-demand balance, calculated ... critical value of food conversion price below which the energy balance is negative and the existence of an individual is not possible. Keywords: phyllophagous insects, forage, consumption, models, efficiency, consumption costs. How to cite: Tarasova O. V., Kalashnikova I. I., Kuznecsova V. V. Energy balance of forage consumption by phyllophagous insects: optimization ... ДАН. 2000. Т. 373. № 3. С. 424–426. Суховольский В. Г., Исхаков Т. Р., Тарасова О. В. Оптимизационные модели меж91 О. В. Тарасова, И. И. Калашникова, В. В. Кузнецова Energy Balance of Forage Consumption by Phyllophagous Insects: Optimization Model O. V. Tarasova, I. I. Kalashnikova, V. V. Kuznecsova Siberian Federal University Prospekt Svobodny, 79,
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... ORIGINAL PAPER EFFECTS OF HEAT STRESS ON BLOOD ACID-BASE BALANCE AND MINERAL CONTENT IN GUINEA FOWLS WHEN DRINKING WATER TREATED WITH MAGNETIC FIELD WAS USED WPŁYW STRESU TERMICZNEGO NA RÓWNOWAGĘ KWASOWO-ZASADOWĄ I SKŁADNIKI MINERALNE ... 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland E-mail:, Tel. +48 52 374 97 25 ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of 24-hour heat stress on blood acid-base balance parameters and mineral content in guinea fowls when drinking water treated with magnetic field was used. The maximum environmental temperature at the end of the present ... significant decrease of sodium was found. No changes in the level of potassium and chlorine ions in guinea fowls watered magnetized water occurred. KEY WORDS: guinea fowls, acid-base balance, minerals, heat stress, magnetized water STRESZCZENIE Celem badań było określenie wpływu 24-godzinnego stresu termicznego na parametry równowagi kwasowozasadowej i zawartość
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Performance of repetitive tasks induces decreased grip strength and increased fibrogenic proteins in skeletal muscle: role of force and inflammation.

... CTGF and TGFB1 production in musculoskeletal tissues. We have reported increased CTGF as well as collagen production in involved nerves and tendons of rats performing HRNF and HRHF tasks for 9–12 weeks [7,8,17]. Cyclical loading of tendons also results in increased CTGF [30]. Acute exercise does not alter TGFB1 mRNA levels in skeletal muscles [51]. In ... author and source are credited. Funding: The project described was supported by Grant Numbers AR056019 to MFB and AR051212 AEB from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and by Grant Number OH-8599 to MFB from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ... manuscript. Competing Interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. * E-mail: towards the development of tissue injury and musculoskeletal disorders, as well as strategies to reduce their severity [4]. Several animal models have been developed to study WMSDs and have shown that repetitive hand activities
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Discovery of MicroRNAs associated with myogenesis by deep sequencing of serial developmental skeletal muscles in pigs.

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Inhibition of xanthine oxidase by allopurinol prevents skeletal muscle atrophy: role of p38 MAPKinase and E3 ubiquitin ligases.

... not modulate the skeletal muscle antioxidant enzymes levels (See Figure 4). Thus, our data support the idea that XO is not the only source of ROS production in skeletal muscle during hindlimb unloading. resistance exercise [44] blunt the induction of the atrogenes following limb unloading. Reid and co-workers showed in 2005 that p38 signalling promotes skeletal ... in cachexia [16]. However, the molecular mechanism(s) by which this enzyme elicits skeletal muscle atrophy remains unknown. Allopurinol is a well-known inhibitor of XOR widely used in clinical practice [17]. We have previously reported that allopurinol Introduction Skeletal muscle atrophy is a debilitating consequence of multiple chronic diseases and ... survival. Preservation of skeletal muscle is also critical during aging. Sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs with aging, is a widespread syndrome that has a devastating effect on quality of life and ultimately survival [30]. Here we demonstrate that treatment with allopurinol significantly prevents skeletal muscle atrophy after
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The regulation of skeletal muscle protein turnover during the progression of cancer cachexia in the Apc(Min/+) mouse.

... doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0024650.g002 PLoS ONE | 6 September 2011 | Volume 6 | Issue 9 | e24650 Skeletal Muscle Protein Turnover during Cachexia PLoS ONE | 7 September 2011 | Volume 6 | Issue 9 | e24650 Skeletal Muscle Protein Turnover during Cachexia Figure 3. Skeletal muscle protein degradation consists of ATP dependent and independent ... weight loss (Figure 2C). PLoS ONE | 4 September 2011 | Volume 6 | Issue 9 | e24650 Skeletal Muscle Protein Turnover during Cachexia PLoS ONE | 5 September 2011 | Volume 6 | Issue 9 | e24650 Skeletal Muscle Protein Turnover during Cachexia Figure 1. Muscle protein synthesis and IGF-1/mTOR signaling ... [26,27]. Similar to other methods of muscle degradation, autophagy is an essential process in skeletal muscle required to remove organelles, i.e. mitochondria and portions of the cytoplasm [28]. Deletion of Atg7, a critical gene involved in autophagy, results in skeletal muscle atrophy, abnormal mitochondria and disorganization of sarcomeres [29]. In contrast
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Tissue depletion of taurine accelerates skeletal muscle senescence and leads to early death in mice.

... tissue taurine depletion shortens the lifespan of mice and accelerates skeletal muscle aging. We further demonstrate that tissue taurine depletion initiates ER stress and stimulates unfolding PLOS ONE | 1 September 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 9 | e107409 Enhanced Skeletal Muscle Senescence by Tissue Taurine Depletion protein response ... TauTKO and young WT was not different (Data not shown), suggesting that its induction in old TauTKO is due to tissue aging. Aging-related phenotype in skeletal muscles of TauTKO mice One of the features of skeletal muscle aging is sarcopenia, which is characterized by a decrease in the size of the muscle fibers. Yet, muscle size of young TauTKO mice is ... Fig. S1). Microarray analysis Our data suggest that tissue taurine depletion of skeletal muscle accelerates the aging process. To uncover the mechanism involved in acceleration of tissue aging in the TauTKO mouse, transcriptome assays and pathway analysis were carried out on skeletal muscle samples isolated from both young and older TauTKO and WT mice
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Variable myopathic presentation in a single family with novel skeletal RYR1 mutation.

... Khanna VK, DeLeon S, Yokobata K, et al. (1996) The structural organization of the human skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor (RYR1) gene. Genomics 34(1): 24–41. 6. Ferguson DG, Schwartz HW, Franzini-Armstrong C (1984) Subunit structure of junctional feet in triads of skeletal muscle: a freeze-drying, rotary-shadowing study. J Cell Biol 99(5): 1735–1742. 7. ... HP, Rousseau E, Liu QY, Meissner G (1988) Purification and reconstitution of the calcium release channel from skeletal muscle. Nature 331(6154): 315–319. 8. Hwang JH, Zorzato F, Clarke NF, Treves S (2012) Mapping domains and mutations on the skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor channel. Trends Mol Med. 11: 644–657. 9. Zhou H, Jungbluth H, Sewry CA, Feng ... in COS-7 cells transfected with the cDNA encoding skeletal- muscle ryanodine receptor carrying a mutation associated with malignant hyperthermia. Biochem J 301(Pt 3): 661–665. 32. Otsu K, Nishida K, Kimura Y, Kuzuya T, Hori M, et al. (1994) The point mutation Arg615–.Cys in the Ca2+ release channel of skeletal sarcoplasmic reticulum is responsible for
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Evapotranspiration Calculation on the Basis of the Riparian Zone Water Balance

... Zone Water Balance 99 view of Figure 4. it is not unreasonable to expect that at the point of maximum groundwater levels, the rate of recharge will be a minimum and at the point of minimum groundwater levels, the rate will be a maximum. Evapotranspiration rates were calculated from the diurnal cycle of groundwater levels. A simplified water balance ... nature protection and utilization of water resources. Numerical hydrodynamic models demand exact groundwater evapotranspiration data also to calculate regional or local water balances. Therefore vegetation influence on the riparian groundwater resources and on the baseflow regime has been intensively investigated in almost all parts of the world in ... o’clock in the morning and the minimum about in the middle of the afternoon. A detailed description of this characteristic signal and vegetation impact on riparian groundwater balance in case of our experimental catchment (Hidegvíz Valley) can be found in Gribovszki et al. (2006) and Kalicz et al. (2005). In early investigations the main driving force
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Exposure to ozone modulates human airway protease/antiprotease balance contributing to increased influenza A infection.

... data indicate that pre-exposure to ozone disrupts the protease/antiprotease balance found in the human airway, leading to increased influenza susceptibility. Citation: Kesic MJ, Meyer M, Bauer R, Jaspers I (2012) Exposure to Ozone Modulates Human Airway Protease/Antiprotease Balance Contributing to Increased Influenza A Infection. PLoS ONE 7(4): e35108. ... human nasal epithelial cells (NECs) to determine the effects of ozone on influenza cleavage, entry, and replication. We show that ozone exposure disrupts the protease/antiprotease balance within the airway liquid. We also determined that functional forms of HAT, TMPRSS2, and SLPI are secreted from human airway epithelium, and acute exposure to ozone inversely ... Exposure to Ozone Modulates Human Airway Protease/ Antiprotease Balance Contributing to Increased Influenza A Infection Matthew J. Kesic1*, Megan Meyer1,4, Rebecca Bauer1,2, Ilona Jaspers1,2,3,4 1 Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma,
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Age effects on mediolateral balance control.

... cognition and balance and balance- recovery, have shown a decreased balance performance in older adults [47]. This cognition -balance interference could be expected to cause a lower performance in the older adults, especially when tracking the unpredictable target. However, we did not find an interaction of age and task suggesting that other neuro-musculoskeletal ... Participants did not report any musculoskeletal or neurological condition or use of medication that could affect balance. The older adults scored close to the maximum in all clinical tests and scores were above the cutoff scores for the highest (best balance performance) category defined for each test. ML-CoM tracking For all balance performance measures ... Belgium Abstract Background: Age-related balance impairments, particularly in mediolateral direction (ML) may cause falls. Sufficiently sensitive and reliable ML balance tests are, however, lacking. This study is aimed to determine (1) the effect of age on and (2) the reliability of ML balance performance using Center of Mass (CoM) tracking. Methods: Balance performance
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... the skilled artisan. 3. Social Balance indicators National Board of Accountancy in France included social balance among the documents provided by the annual financial accounts. The social balance sheet is drawn up according to a law dating from 1977, which provides information about employees and their work. In France, the balance sheet is required for ... is one of the countries that successfully use social balance and was the first country that adopted the law in 1977 regulating such social data presentation. Social balance their indicators grouped into seven chapters, presented in Figure no. 2. [3]. Source: own interpretation Figure no. 2. Social balance indicators „ACADEMICA BRÂNCUŞI” PUBLISHER, ... Decree nr. 221 of 20 February 2002, France is mandatory publication of social balance by listed companies and those that have a number of employees exceeds 300. The objectives of the social balance are shown in Figure no. 3. Source: own interpretation Figure no. 3. Social balance objectives Under a law passed in 1952, in Germany, employees were allowed
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XBP1-Independent UPR Pathways Suppress C/EBP-β Mediated Chondrocyte Differentiation in ER-Stress Related Skeletal Disease.

... skeletal phenotypes of wildtype, ColXN617K, Xbp1CartΔEx2, and C/X mice. Skeletal preparations of newborn, seven day old, and two week old mutant and wildtype mice were stained with Alcian blue and Alizarin red to visualize cartilage and bone. Although no overt phenotype was apparent by visual inspection (Fig 1C) quantitative analysis of individual skeletal ... TL, Bell KM, Gresshoff IL, Sampurno L, Mullan L, Ermann J, et al. (2015) XBP1Independent UPR Pathways Suppress C/EBP-β Mediated Chondrocyte Differentiation in ER-Stress Related Skeletal Disease. PLoS Genet 11(9): e1005505. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1005505 Editor: Gregory S. Barsh, Stanford University School of Medicine, United States of America Received: ... modulation of C/EBP-β activity in MCDS chondrocytes may offer therapeutic opportunities. Author Summary A significant component of the molecular pathology of many inherited skeletal disorders caused by mutations that cause misfolding and intracellular retention of extracellular matrix proteins is the induction of a cellular response to endoplasmic
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T-Bet and Eomes Regulate the Balance between the Effector/Central Memory T Cells versus Memory Stem Like T Cells.

... T-Bet and Eomes Regulate the Balance between the Effector/Central Memory T Cells versus Memory Stem Like T Cells Gang Li1., Qianting Yang2,3., Yibei Zhu2,4., Hong-Rui Wang5, Xinchun Chen3, Xueguang Zhang1, ... phenotype of effector/central memory CD8 T cell versus that of memory stem like T cells. Citation: Li G, Yang Q, Zhu Y, Wang H-R, Chen X, et al. (2013) T-Bet and Eomes Regulate the Balance between the Effector/Central Memory T Cells versus Memory Stem Like T Cells. PLoS ONE 8(6): e67401. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0067401 Editor: Mehrdad Matloubian, University ... and homeostasis of effector and memory T cells, their role in TSCM is not studied. PLOS ONE | 1 June 2013 | Volume 8 | Issue 6 | e67401 T-Bet and Eomes Balance Memory T Cell Subsets Adoptive T cell therapy has become increasingly appreciated as a feasible therapeutic approach for human cancer. The infused tumor antigen-specific
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Reconfiguración del estado colombiano: el difícil balance entre consenso y coerción

... Reconfiguración del estado colombiano: el difícil balance entre consenso y coerción Reconfiguration of the Colombian State: the Difficult Balance Between Consensus and Coercion Daniel James Hawkins Estudiante de Doctorado. Universidad de Kassel, Alemania. Correo electrónico: ... cuando el Plan Colombia empezó. Véase “Drogas y Democracia”, El Tiempo, 24/05/2008. 106 ÍCONOS 35, 2009, pp. 105-116 Reconfiguración del estado colombiano: el difícil balance entre consenso y coerción La institucionalización inicial del Plan Colombia como principal política bilateral anti-drogas liderada por los Estados Unidos se convirtió, ... neo-mercantilista del estado y una postura anti-imperialista para enfocarse en la reduc- 108 ÍCONOS 35, 2009, pp. 105-116 Reconfiguración del estado colombiano: el difícil balance entre consenso y coerción ción del estado. Una reducción del Estado lograda a través de la privatización del sector público y la reorientación del desarrollo hacia una
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Gait and balance kinematic control for a humanoid robot based on dual quaternion algebra

... Engenharia Elétrica Research group MACRO - Mechatronics, Control and Robotics GAIT AND BALANCE KINEMATIC CONTROL FOR A HUMANOID ROBOT BASED ON DUAL QUATERNION ALGEBRA Ana Christine de Oliveira Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2015 Ana Christine de Oliveira GAIT AND BALANCE KINEMATIC CONTROL FOR A HUMANOID ROBOT BASED ON DUAL QUATERNION ALGEBRA Thesis ... novel method to obtain the kinematic model for a humanoid robot based on dual quaternion (DQ) algebra, and propose a control strategy that fulfills the kinematic constraints for a balanced gait. The modeling method consists of three stages: the robot’s limbs modeling, the center of mass modeling, and the legs cooperative behavior modeling using the Cooperative ... provides reliable information. Furthermore, the robot successfully performed different walking motions when controlled by the proposed strategy, and was capable of keeping the balance even when the arms were moving. This work is the first stage of the Popeye Project, whose goal is to build a test framework for a real humanoid robot. ix x Contents List
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Post surgical evaluation of external skeletal fixation in 29 dogs: a retrospective study.

... 1995. GORSE, M.J. Using external skeletal fixation for fractures of the radius and ulna and tibia. Vet. Med., v.93, p.463-467, 1998. HARARI, J. Complications of external skeletal fixation. Vet. Clin. North Am: Small Anim. Pract., v.93. p.445-453, 1992. HARARI, J.; SEGUIN, B.; PADGETT, S.L. Principles of external skeletal fixation in small-animal ... small-animal sugery. Vet. Med., v.93 .p.445-453, 1998. JOHNSON, A.L. Treatment of growth deformities with external skeletal fixation. Vet. Clin. North Am.: Small Anim. Pract., v.22, p.209-223, 1992. JOHNSON, A.L.; DeCAMP, C.E. External skeletal fixation: linear fixators. Vet. Clin. North Am.: Small Anim. Pract., v.29, p.1135-1152, 1999. PIERMATTEI, ... p.283-286, 2006 Comunicação [Communication] Avaliação pós-operatória da fixação esquelética externa em 29 cães: estudo retrospectivo [Post surgical evaluation of external skeletal fixation in 29 dogs: a retrospective study] C.M.F. Rezende1, H.P. Oliveira1, E.M. Penha2, E.G. Melo1, N.F. Borges2, J.V. Doretto2 1Escola de Veterinária - UFMG Caixa
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Composition of skeletal muscle fibers of young Brasileiro de Hipismo horse breed.

... Zootec., v.58, n.4, p.672-674, 2006 Comunicação [Communication] Composição de fibras musculares esqueléticas de eqüinos jovens da raça Brasileiro de Hipismo [Composition of skeletal muscle fibers of young Brasileiro de Hipismo horse breed] F.H.F. D’Angelis1, C.B. Martins2, M.A.G. Silva2, J.V. Oliveira3, I.C. Boleli2, J.C. Lacerda-Neto2, A. Queiroz- ... na formação do cavalo Brasileiro de Hipismo. Palavras-chave: eqüino, Brasileiro de Hipismo, biópsia muscular, histoquímica ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to typify the skeletal striated fibers of the gluteus medius muscle of young Brasileiro de Hipismo (BH) horses by means of histochemical analysis with m-ATPase and NADH-TR according to the sex
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Effect of the time after milk feeding on the acid-base balance of calves.

... observed later than 2h after milk feeding, supporting the influence of the diet on the acid-base balance of calves during the milk feeding phase. Keywords: nursing calf, acid-base balance REFERÊNCIAS BIBLIOGRÁFICAS HOUPT, R.T. Water, electrolytes, and acid-base balance. In: SWENSON, M.J. Duke's physiology of domestic animals. 10.ed. Ithaca: Cornell University ... conservação em água gelada. Ciên. Rural, v.31, p.271-276, 2001. REECE, W.O. Acid-base balance and selected hematologic, electrolyte, and blood chemical variables in calves: milk-fed vs conventionally fed. Am. J. Vet. Res., v.41, p.109-113, 1980. REECE, W.O. Acid-base balance and selected hematologic, electrolytic, and blood chemical variables in calves ... 2003 Comunicação [Communication] Efeito do tempo após a ingestão de leite sobre o equilíbrio ácido-básico de bezerros [Effect of the time after milk feeding on the acid-base balance of calves] J.A.N. Lisbôa1, F.J. Benesi2, M.L.R. Leal2, C.M.C. Teixeira2 1Departamento de Clínicas Veterinárias, Universidade Estadual de Londrina Campus Universitário 86051-990
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Estudios de balance metabólico de proteína y de grasa en niños en vía de recuperación del síndrome pluricarencial de la infancia

... aumentando de peso cuando se principiaron los estudios de balance metabólico. Otros datos clínicos pertinentes a cada caso pueden ser resumidos de la siguiente manera: F.A., un niño de 2 años 7 meses de edad, ingresó con SPI severo 10 semanas antes de que se le practicara el primer período de balance. Un año antes habia estado hospitalizado con este ... semanas antes de que se le sometiera al primer periodo de balance. Pesaba 18,3 kg, pero éste bajó a 12,7 kg al desaparecerel edema. Su estatura era de 104 cm. T.A., un niño de 1 año 5 meses, ingresó con SPI severo de tipo marásmico pronunciado, seis semanas antes de someterse al primer período de balance. Pesaba 7,4 kg, y al desaparecer el edema éste bajó ... durante el primer per@do de balance pero mejoraron durante el segundo período, y la velocidad de ganancia de peso también aumentó. Presuntamente, debido a la disminución drástica de la cantidad de proteína que se le administró, su peso disminuyó durante el período de adaptación previo a la iniciación de la tercera prueba de balance, pero permaneció estable
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