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Stimulation of medical decision expert system by using of time color Petri net method

... IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 9, Issue 3, No 2, May 2012 ISSN (Online): 1694-0814 382 Stimulation of medical decision expert system by using of time color Petri net method 1 Neda Darvish, 2Khikmat.Kh.Muminov , 3Hoda Darvish 1 Physical-Technical Institute named after S.U.Umarov ... Tajikistan 2 Physical-Technical Institute named after S.U.Umarov of the Academy sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan Dushanbe, Tajikistan 3 Islamic Azad University, Tehran Medical Branch Tehran,Iran Abstract The role of management science methods in solving the health problems is a clear potential for improvement. Such an approach in an advanced ... of system properties. The modeling is done by using the time color Petri net method, the complicated system of decision for solving the management problems and planning of the medical and nursing service system. In this research, by using the Matlab software, the planning of the hospital decision environment is carried out in order to increase the hospital
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PLoS Medicine— A Medical Journal for the Internet Age.

... 19th and early 20th centuries independent physicians and small medical societies, interested in making the best new medical knowledge available to doctors, students, and the public, began to publish general medical journals containing case reports, ideas for new treatments, and the results of medical experiments. These pioneers took advantage of the best ... medical journals should not be accessible to patients because patients are unable to use the information effectively, we believe it is our responsibility as publishers and members of the medical community not only to give patients access, but to provide them with tools to use the medical literature wisely. Medical research is a partnership between medical ... quackish and dangerous. Google ? ?medical? ?? and you get 85 million pages, “drug,” 40 million, and “health,” 230 million. But something is conspicuously missing. The most reliable medical information on the Internet—the contents of peer-reviewed medical journals—is hidden from the public and most of the world’s physicians. Although most medical journals are available
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Department of Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology of Faculty of Postgraduate Education SE «Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine»

... ɯɿɪɭɪɝɿʀ, ɬɪɚɜɦɚɬɨɥɨɝɿʀ ɬɚ ɨɪɬɨɩɟɞɿʀ ɮɚɤɭɥɶɬɟɬɭ ɩɿɫɥɹɞɢɩɥɨɦɧɨʀ ɨɫɜɿɬɢ (ɡɚɜ.- ɞ. ɦɟɞ. ɧ.,ɩɪɨɮ. ȼ.ȱ. Ⱦɟɫɹɬɟɪɢɤ) ɜɭɥ. Ⱦɡɟɪɠɢɧɫɶɤɨɝɨ, 9, Ⱦɧɿɩɪɨɩɟɬɪɨɜɫɶɤ,49044, ɍɤɪɚʀɧɚ SE «Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine» Department of Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology of Faculty of Postgraduate Education Dzerzhinsky str., 9, Dnipropetrovsk, 49044,
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... completed by 190 students in their 4th and 5th year of studying in medical universities in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. Data was collected during the period from January to May 2013. Results: In order for us to achieve the goal of this study we focused on the questions from the questionnaire. Conclusion: The role that research projects play in medical universities ... of dental students in research projects is very important on their undergraduate and postgraduate success. [3, 1] Also the projects are an opportunity to develop their clinical competency [4] and to promote leadership in medical education. [11] AIM The purpose of our study is by analyzing data from our questionnaire to examine the level of students? ?? ... is also interesting – 18.7% of the students give individual answers different from the proposed ones and those participants insist on involving other people such as lecturers not having any academic ranks, consultants, students? ?? representatives, supporting staff representatives (nurses, sanitary attendants), etc. Students aware that the unit in charge of
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SMOKING AS A FORM OF DEVIANT BEHAVIOR OF A METROPOLIS’ RESIDENTS (according to a poll conducted among the students of MGSU)

... магистрантов / The students' and postgraduate students' research studies а б в Рис. 1. Результаты первичной обработки данных Fig. 1. The results of the primary data социологического опроса студентов МГСУ processing of the opinion poll of MGSU students Согласно данным анкетирования, студенты According to poll data the students выкуривают ... Situation in MGSU. Data of the opinion poll. The authors held opinion poll among the students of MGSU. 485 people took part in the poll. The general totality of our investigation were young people (first of all the students of technical universities) so we polled the students of the Institute of Construction and Architecture of the Mytishchi branch of ... near the University the non-smoking teachers and students of MGSU have to go through the clouds of cigarette smoke. Even a non-smoking person has to sink into nicotine atmosphere against his or her will. Beginning with 2014 the Federal Law is effective which prohibits smoking on the territory of educational, medical, institutions, institutions of culture
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Teaching geometrical principles to design students

... such abstract and technical topics to design students is challenging and we experimented with new approaches for industrial design students (Vlist et al., 2008). In 104 Teaching
design? ?students? ?? this study, we describe a new method of teaching geometry to industrial design students, but we believe that it can be used ... concepts of math into the real world, so that the students can experience them directly, which provides a tremendous reward to the students. Keywords: Design, math, tessellation, Escher, geometry Introduction One of design’s main goals is to give form to products and communication. However, most design students approach form intuitively, neglecting ... ARTICLE Feijs
 Teaching Geometrical Principles to Design Students Abstract Loe Feijs & Christoph Bartneck Department of Industrial Design Eindhoven University of Technology We propose a new method of teaching the principles of geometry to design students. The students focus on a field of design in which geometry is the design: tessellation.
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... diagnosis, therapy, medical reference, and medical training. In this paper, an image matching scheme using Discrete Sine Transform for relevant feature extraction is presented. The efficiency of different algorithm for classifying the features to retrieve medical images is investigated. Keywords: Content based Image Retrieval (CBIR), Medical images, Discrete ... for Medical Images. European Journal of Scientific Research, 74(2), 286-291. [10] Han, J. G., & Shyu, C. R. (2010). Improving Retrieval Performance in Medical Image Databases Using Simulated Annealing. In AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings (Vol. 2010, p. 276). American Medical Informatics Association. [11] K. Rajakumar, “An Integrated Approach for Medical ... retrieval, Euclidian distance method values were calculated between query and database images. This work aims to provide a medical image retrieval system for medical diagnosis. Quellec et al [8] proposed a CBIR method for diagnosis in medical fields. In this, images are indexed in a generically, without extracting domain-specific features: a signature
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Influence of socio-economic changes on students' health of Siberian Federal University

... життя. Temnykh A.S., Bogashchenko Yu.A. Influence of socio-economic changes on students? ?? health of Siberian Federal University. The results of statistical researches of morbidity of students of university are presented in times of socio-economic reforms from 1990 to 2011. 1775 students took part in an experiment. The tendency of decline of health of young ... level of motive activity. The annual medical inspection of all of students, engaged in a physical culture and sport is recommended. The necessity of maintainance is marked for an educational process on a physical culture volume of employments in an amount 408 hours on 1, 2 and 3 courses. An increase of activity of students and efficiency of employments ... Aleksandrova L.I. Sravnitel’nyj analiz zabolevanij studentov special’nogo medicinskogo otdeleniia v Sibirskom federal’nom universitete [A comparative analysis of diseases of students of the special medical separation in the Siberian Federal University]. Fizicheskaia kul’tura i sport v sisteme obrazovaniia [Physical culture and sport in the system of education],
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Factors associated with emergency contraceptive use among Female Preparatory Schools Students Adwa Town, Northern Ethiopia. Across sectional study design, 2013.

... students, 1500 of them are females), 3 secondary schools, . Study was conducted from July to June 2013. Source population The source population was all female students in both preparatory school of Adwa town The Study population was Female preparatory students selected from the source population with systematic random sampling procedure from the students. Sampling ... utilization and associated factors among female students in ADWA preparatory schools, Tigray region, Northern Ethiopia. Specific objective • To describe magnitude of emergency contraceptive uses among female preparatory school students in Adwa. • To identify factors associated with emergency contraceptive among female students in Adwa preparatory schools. Study ... about emergency contraception (20). A study conducted among college female students in Oromia Regional state, Arsi Zone, Asella town shows 63 % of the students had an intention to use Emergency contraceptive in the future and 2.4% had ever used emergency contraceptive method. Students of age 20 and above years were more likely to have knowledge, among
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An analysis of translation errors made by brazilian students of english

... BRAZILIAN STUDENTS OF ENGLISH FACULDADE DE LETRAS - UFMÔ 1Q82 AN ANALYSIS OF TRANSLATION ERRORS MADE BY BRAZILIAN STUDENTS OF ENGLISH Maria da Conceição Magalhães Vaz de Mello Faculdade de Letras Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte Maria da Conceição Magalhães Vaz de Mello AN ANALYSIS OF TRANSLATION ERRORS MADE BY BRAZILIAN STUDENTS ... to do an analysis of the errors contained in translations from Portuguese into English written by Brazilian students. This topic has been chosen for two main reasons: first, there are few studies of errors made by Brazilian students in the process of learning English; second, many language teachers still consider interference from the ... is concerned,lies in the fact that in composition students try to use the most familiar constructions, whereas in translation they are forced to use the constructions of the original text. The corpus used in this study consists of fifteen translations from Portuguese into English written by Brazilian students of English as part of the "Lower Cambridge
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CD42.R10: Medical divices

... September 2000 RESOLUTION CD42.R10 MEDICAL DEVICES THE 42nd DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having considered Document CD42/12 on medical devices; Considering that, in the exercise of the steering role of the health sector, it is an essential function of the health authority to safeguard the efficacy, safety, and quality of the medical devices utilized by the health ... recommendations on medical devices contained in Document CD42/12 and to support the work of PAHO in this field. 2. To support the proposal to form an ad hoc group to promote and facilitate the medical devices harmonization processes in the Americas. 3. To urge the Member States to: (a) develop and strengthen their programs for the regulation of medical devices; (b) ... four study groups, while promoting the use of GHTF documents in their programs for the regulation of medical devices. 4. To request the Director to continue his support to the governments for the development and implementation of programs to regulate medical devices and to support the search for sources of financing for the activities of the proposed
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The relationship of autonomy and integrity in medical ethics

... Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research. 1983. Emanuel, L. L., and E. J. Emanuel. The medical directive. JAh4A 261(22):32883293,1989. Wojtyla, K. The Acting Person. Dordrecht, Reidel, 1979. Marcel, G. Being and Having: An Existentialist Dia y. Harper and Row, New York, 1965, pp. 172-173. Pellegrino, E. D. Toward a reconstruction of medical morality: ... respectful of the dignity of the person of the patient. But autonomy is insufficient to guarantee the nuances and the full meanings of respect for persons in medical transactions. As a foundation for medical relationships, the concept of integrity is richer, more fundamental, and more closely tied to what it is to be a whole human person. So, for reasons ... autonomy in the forefront of medical ethics legally and philosophically: the Nuremberg trials; the worldwide spread of participatory democracy; mistrust of authority in general and technical expertise in particular; the expansion of public education; the civil rights movement; the intrusions of law, economics, and commerce into medical decisions; and the
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Report of the PAHO Advisory Committee on Medical Research

... implementing primary health care. The Committee also heard of steps that have been taken by Mexico to provide medical students and junior doctors with learning experiences and service roles more relevant to the nation's health goals, modifying the medical undergraduate training programs, and using junior doctors in the practice of family medicine and compulsory ... SPANISH REPORT OF THE PAHO ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL RESEARCH The XXIII Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Health Research was held in Washington D.C., from 4-7 September 1984. This is the first meeting in which the Committee meets under this title. Previously the title was: Advisory Committee on Medical Research. Dr. Frederick C. Robbins was elected ... Pedro Kouri La Habana, Cuba */ Unable to attend Dr. David Picou Chairman and Project Manager Mount Hope Medical Complex Task Force 63-65 Independence Square Port-of-Spain, Trinidad Dr. V. Ramalingaswami+/ Director General Indian Council of Medical Research New Delhi, India Dr. Frederick C. Robbins*/ President Institute of Medicine National Academy
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Report of the PAHO Advisory Committee on medical research

... D.C. SEPTEMBER1982 Provisional REPORT A_enda Item 24 OF THE PAHO ADVISORY CSP21/17 (Eng.) 19 July 1982 ORIGINAL_ ENGLISH COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL RESEARCH The 21st meeting of the PAHO Advisory Committee on Medical Research (ACMR) was held in Caracas, Venezuela, April 29-30 1982. The meeting was chaired by Dr. H. Groot and opened by Dr. S. Paul Ehrlich, Jr., ... ..,. ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL RESEARCH CAaACAe,VZNEZUZZ, A REPORTTO THE DIRECTOR RZF: PAN AMERICAN RD/21/4 HEALTH ORGANIZATION Pan American Sanitary Bureau, Regional Office of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION Washington, D.C. Pan American Health Organization TWENTY-FIRST MEETING OF THE PAHO ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL RESEARCH Caracas, ... American Dr. the important Chairman effective to Dr. R.F. Badgley the full range Members. that that welcomed Research remarks RESEARCH to the Director 1982 Medical 1982. OF THE ON MEDICAL the Vice-Chairman, on ana indicated MEETING of health in established, in the he component of the Americas." projects Director pointed of Sanitary out the
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Textbooks and medical instruments program

... AND MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS PROGRAMS THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, Having studied the report on financing the programs for medical and nursing textbooks and for basic diagnostic instruments for medical students (Document CE74/15); Recognizing the importance of adequate capital to permit this program to meet the demand and needs of the medical and nursing students ... countries based on the estimated number of medical students in their third year. The cost of equipment represents the amount of capital needed. The immediate demand is much greater because it involves the students in the third through seventh years. After the initial accumulated demand is met, it will be largely limited to students entering their third year. ... principal ($100,000 per year). The demand curve of book purchases by students is expected to continue rising rapidly until 1977. By that time the proportion of students buying books is expected to become stabilized so that future increases would be due primarily to growth in numbers of students, which has been about 15 per cent per year. This increasing
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Financing of the program of textbooks for medical students - Pan American Health and Education Foundation

... PROGRAM OF TEXTBOOKS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS THE PAN AMERICAN HEALTH AND EDUCATION FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization located in the District of Columbia of the United States of America, hereafter referred to as "the Foundation", and "the THE PAN AMERICAN Organization", medical HEALTH ORGANIZATION, DESIRING to plan and carry students in the Americas, out ... I Objectives The objective of the textbook program is to improve the quality and quantity of medical education by promoting the use in all medical schools of the best available textbooks in the respective disciplines. This activity is part of a larger program of medical education to improve the health and welfare of the peoples of the Americas. This joint ... REGIONAL COMMITTEE MEETING WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER Provisional Agenda Item 36 U.S.A. 1970 CSP18/29 (Eng.) 20 September 1970 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH FINANCING OF THE PROGRAM OF TEXTBOOKS FOR MEDICAL PAN AMERICAN HEALTH AND EDUCATION FOUNDATION STUDENTS INTRODUCTION In accordance with Resolution XXXVl approved by the Directing at its XIX Meeting the Director has taken action to: i. loan Continue to
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CD19.R18: Report of the study group on the coordination of the medical care services of ministries of health, social security institutes, and universities

... COORDINATION OF THE MEDICAL CARE SERVICES OF MINISTRIES OF HEALTH, SOCIAL SECURITY INSTITUTES, AND UNIVERSITIES THE 19th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having examined the report of the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (Document CD19/19, Rev. 1)1 apprising the Directing Council of the Final Report of the Study Group on the Coordination of Medical Care Services ... Americas may take it into account in organizing their national health services. 5. To recommend to the Director that he organize zone meetings of senior health, social security, and medical education officials for the purpose of discussing how and to what extent the recommendations of the Study Group can be applied in the countries concerned. Sept.–Oct. 1969
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Perinatal factors affecting human development ; proceedings of the special session held during the 8th meeting of the PAHO advisory Committee on Medical Research, 10 June, Washington, 1969

... Committee on Medical Research 10 June 1969 Scientific Publication No. 185 PAN AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION Pan American Sanitary Bureau, Regional Office of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION 525 Twenty-third Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20037, U.S.A. October 1969 NOTE At each meeting of the Pan American Health Organization Advisory Committee on Medical ... ensuing discussions. PAHO ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON MEDICAL RESEARCH Dr. Robert Q. Marston Director, National Institutes of Health Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A. Dr. Hernán Alessandri Ex-Decano, Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Chile Santiago, Chile Dr. Walsh McDermott Chairman, Department of Public Health Cornell University Medical College New York, New York, U.S.A. Dr. ... Maryland, U.S.A. Dr. Louis M. Hellman Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology State University of New York Downstate Medical Center Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. Dr. Joseph Bieniarz Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Dr. Wilbur Lawrence Holley Section on Pediatric Neurology National Institute
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Coordination between the medical care services of the Ministries of Health and of the social security institutions

... demand 9 5° Coverageof the population ll 6° Qualityof medicalservices 12 7o Cost of medicalservices 13 8o Attemptsat coordination 14 9o 14 Measuresto improve coordination The cost and sources of finance Security medical care lo of Ministry and Social 19 Relative importance_of Ministry and Social Security expendituresfor medical care 19 2° The problem of ... which limits the capacity of institutions to provide medical service° Since the physician is the irreplaceable element in providing medical care, a brief analysis of the availability and utilization of medical work will give an idea of the medical care capacity of the countries° In Latin America, there are at present some 134,000 physicians in professional practice_ ... universality of medical care, recognizing the right to health of all members of society° In practice, this is not absolutely true, inasmuch as persons covered by social CSP17/DT/1 Page 12 (Engo) security institutions, those who can pay for private medical care, those who belong to mutual cooperatives and other systems which provide medical care, members
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CD16.R38: Establishment of official relations with the Pan American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools

... PAN AMERICAN FEDERATION OF ASSOCIATIONS OF MEDICAL SCHOOLS THE 16th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having considered Document CE52/6 on the Pan American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools, and bearing in mind the considerations contained therein; Having examined the statutes of the Pan American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools; Bearing in mind the ... American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools as a nongovernmental organization representing the medical schools in the Americas. 2. To authorize the Director to develop with the Federation, to the extent that financial and budgetary limitations allow, cooperative activities of mutual interest aimed at strengthening medical education programs in the
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Study of the relationship between social security medical programs and those of ministries of health or other official health agencies

... July 1965 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIAL SECURITY MEDICAL PROGRAMS AM)THOSE OF MI3ISTRIES OF HEALTH OR OTHER OFFICIAL HEALTH AGENCIES FINAL REPORT WASHINGTON, D.C., 12-16 July 1965 STUDY GROUP ON COORDINATION OF MEDICAL CARE IN LATIN AMERICA with special emphasis on the RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN SOCIAL SECURITY MEDICAL PROGRAMS AND THOSE OF MINISTRIES OF ... Garcia Valenzuela Regional Adviser on Medical Care, PASB Dro Alfredo Leonardo Bravo Special Consultant,PASB Dr. Ao Peter Ruderman Economic Adviser, PASB Miss Mary Ho Burke Statistician, PASB STUDY GROUP ON COORDINATION OF MEDICAL CARE IN LATIN AMERICA with special emphasis on the RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN SOCIAL SECURITY MEDICAL PROGRAMS AND THOSE OF MINISTRIES ... the transport of sick persons and the concentration of medical resources in large regional hospitals, well equipped and capable of providing high-quality medical care° The Group recognized fully that all these plans, which are not part of the health sector as such and are not in the hands of the medical profession, nevertheless have an undeniable impact
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Recent medical advances en Argentina

... research; (2) preparation of specialized physicians; (3) preventive medicine and public health. Every year students are taken on expeditions lasting severa1 weeks, into the sones afilicted by the most endemic diseases, and which have the lea.4 medical attention. The Schools of Medicine of Argentina have been gradually preparing for the training of specialists ... Pierini’s studies on the frequency of pigmentary dermatosis due to cosmetics (1941). In Rosario there has been rapid progressin the quality of medical investigations. Constant improvement has been observed in the various medical branchee, such as Medicine (Alvarez, Staffieri); Surgery (Carnes, Tejerina); Gynecology (Araya, Borras); Cardiology (González Sabathié); ... A. Brandan on “Climatology of Córdoba Province,” 1940. Brandán has devoted more attention than any other worker to the medical climatology of Argentina. It would be impossible to review the developments in Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and the medical (Neurology, Psychiatry, Gastroenterology) and surgical (Urology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Orthopedics)
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Scientific Institutions in Latin America : The Federico Leeras Institute of Medical Research

... SCIENTIFIC THE (INSTITUTO INSTITUTIONS IN LATIN AMERICA FEDERICO LLERAS INSTITUTE MEDICAL RESEARCH” OF FEDERICO LLERAS DE INVESTIGACI6N Bogo& Colombia MÉDICA) Director: Dr. Luis Patiíío Camargo The Federico Lleras Institute of Medical Research had its beginning in the Central Laboratory of Leprosy Investigation (Laboratorio Central de ... Laboratories, Clinic, Administration, Library, and Museum; a second for hospitalization of patients undergoing experimental treatment, clinical observation, or observation by students; and a third for laboratory animals. The patients are provided with al1 modern comforts, and are attended by the Institute personnel and by Sisters of Charity. Much of ... parts of the building was furnished through the generosity of a lady of Bogotfi (Srta. Dona Lucy Parga). The personnel of the Institute includes a Director, Assistant director, Medical Assistant, Sisters of Mercy and others, and may be increased by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare as the needs require. The present budget is $30,000.00
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The role of medical anthropology in primary health care

... medical anthropology-must be considered. To this end, study of the ways in which the prevailing folk or traditional medical systems can interrelate with the Western medical system may be fruitful. The author introduces some basic concepts of medical anthropology, particularly related to the Mexican-United States border area. Begining about 1950 small numbers of anthropologist8 began ... Berkeley, California. ‘From Anthropology 335 traditional medicine-traditional medical systems is perhaps a better term-represents a large number of independent lines of development, and its practitioners reflect far greater differences of opinion about etiologies and treatment than do modern physicians. Whereas there is a single modern medical system, there are many traditional systems. All traditional medical systems ... immediate, and 336 it is never complete. Perhaps it never should be complete, for no medical system in itself seems capable of satisfying every medical expectation of all people who have the opportunity to utilize it. As traditional (in the sense of ancient) medical systems decline, new alternative systems arise to meet needs that modern medicine has
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