Incidence of Aeromonas spp. infection in fish and chicken meat and its related public health hazards: A review

... isolates of aeromonads from 92 chicken samples and 27 (17%) isolates of aeromonads from 158 minced meat samples. The isolation rate in chicken was significantly higher than minced meat. The highest contamination was found in chicken with A. caviae and minced meat contaminated with A.hydrophila [27-31]. Antibiotic Resistance McNicol et al. [32] carried ... foods, especially, fishes and other seafood, raw and cooked meat, chicken, vegetables, milk and milk products can be a potential vehicle for human infections as well as animals [11-16]. The present review discusses and elaborates on the zoonotic importance of Aeromonas pathogen in fish and chicken meat. Isolation and Identification of Aeromonas Fricker ... of Aeromonas pathogen in fish and chicken meat. Keywords: Aeromonas, antibiotic resistance, chicken, fish, public health. Introduction In the last two to three decades Aeromonas spp. have emerged as an important human pathogen.Praveen et al. [1] conducted a study on 179 samples from fish (Gills), and chicken (Raw meat) were processed for bacteriological
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... losses % 28.8 29.8 28.9 ns ns 3.2 kg/cm2 3.4 3.1 3.4 ns ns 1.0 Shear force ns = not significant. Consistent with the colour evaluation, meat cooking loss and tenderness (measured as shear force) were similar across dietary treatments (Table 3). Chemical analysis of meat samples showed no effects of CS inclusion on meat DM, intramuscular fat and protein content and these results were in agreement with ... protein content due to the different silage inclusion in the diet. Only the cholesterol content was progressively reduced in the meat of bulls fed increasing quantities of corn silage according to a significant negative linear trend. Meat colour, cooking losses and shear force values were not affected by the diet. Therefore, based on these findings there ... regards the effects on meat quality and colour in particular, since diets rich in forages have shown detrimental effect on this important quality trait (Mandell et al., 1998). The aim of this study was to verify if the inclusion of increasing amounts of CS in diets fed to Charolais bulls have any effects on their carcass traits and meat quality. MATERIAL
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Effect of ethanolic fl ax (Linum usitatissimum L.) extracts on lipid oxidation and changes in nutritive value of frozen-stored meat products

... oxidation in meat products. Therefore, the effect of ethanolic flaxseed extracts (EFEs) on lipid stability and changes in nutritive value of frozen-stored meat products (pork meatballs and burgers) was determined. Material and methods. EFEs from three Polish flax varieties (Szafir, Oliwin, Jantarol) were applied in the study. During 150-day storage of meat ... thiamine retention was found after 90-day storage of the meat products (Table 1). Slower dynamics of thiamine changes was observed in all meatball and burger samples with EFEs when compared to the controls, irrespective of extract type. Earlier studies on changes in thiamine content in stored meat and meat products showed that formation of lipid oxidation ... value of frozen-stored meat products. Acta Sci. Pol., Technol. Aliment. 13(2), 135-144. Table 2. Changes in lysine and methionine availability in frozen meat products, g 100 g-1 of protein a) Meatballs Addition Control (without addition) Ethanolic flaxseed extract (0.05%) EFE-Szafir EFE-Oliwin EFE-Jantarol Available lysine Meatballs 1 8.77Ba 9.65Ba 8.90Aa 9.37Aa 150 7.37Aa 8.29Ab 8.04Ab 8.48Ab 1 9.27 8.82 9.10 8.79 150 7.79Aa 8.35Ab 7.87Ab 7.74Aa b b 80 75 C a EFE-Jantarol b Ba Available
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... genotype and pre-slaughter treatment on pig meat quality. Part 1. Post mortem metabolism, meat quality indicators and sensory traits of m. Longissimus lumborum. Meat Science, 62(4), 429-437. doi:10.1016/S03091740(02)00034-7. 184 Zybert et al.: Glycolytic And Energetic Resources As The Determinants Of Meat Quality... Florowski T., Pisula A., Słowiński ... Raman Sensor for In-situ Characterization of Meat Aging. In 55th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, Meat - Muscle, Manufacturing and Meals, ICoMST, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 16 – 21, 2009. Copengahen: ICoMST. Terlouw E.M.C., Rybarczyk P. (2008) Explaining and predicting differences in meat quality through stress reactions at slaughter: ... Determinants Of Meat Quality... potential and pH measured in 45 min, 24 h, 48 h, 96 h and 144 h after slaughter was 0.64. Table 1. General characteristics of the research material in the lean meat content, hot carcass weight, glycolytic potential and its components, i.e. content of glycogen and lactate, approximate composition and analysed meat quality
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Occurence of Campylobacter spp. in chicken meat and giblets exposed to consumption in Northern Brazil.

... 2007 Comunicação [Communication] Ocorrência de Campylobacter spp. em carne e miúdos de frango expostos ao consumo em Belém, Pará [Occurence of Campylobacter spp. in chicken meat and giblets exposed to consumption in Northern Brazil] J.A. Freitas1, G.N. Noronha2 1Instituto de Saúde e Produção Animal - UFRA – Belém, PA 2Médica veterinária autônoma ... Campylobacter spp. nos locais pesquisados. Palavras-chave: carne de frango, Campylobacter spp., vigilância sanitária ABSTRACT In order to study Campylobacter in chicken meat exposed to consumption in the city of Belém, state of Pará, Brazil, 16 samples (four of liver, four of gizzard, two of heart, two of skin, one of neck, two of carcass and ... the recommended methods. In high percentage, the foods exposed to consumption were contaminated by this agent, meaning a potential risk to the human health. Keywords: chicken meat, Campylobacter spp., sanitary surveillance AGRADECIMENTOS À Professora Doutora Ângela C.F.B. Carvalho da UNESP/Jaboticabal, SP e aos Laboratórios Allergan- Produtos Farmacêuticos
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