Maternal Nutritional Status

Effects of feeding Bt maize to sows during gestation and lactation on maternal and offspring immunity and fate of transgenic material.

... Effects of Feeding Bt Maize to Sows during Gestation and Lactation on Maternal and Offspring Immunity and Fate of Transgenic Material Stefan G. Buzoianu1,2, Maria C. Walsh1, Mary C. Rea3,4, Orla O’Donovan2, Eva Gelencsér5, Gabriella Ujhelyi5, Erika ... Central Food Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary Abstract Background: We aimed to determine the effect of feeding transgenic maize to sows during gestation and lactation on maternal and offspring immunity and to assess the fate of transgenic material. Methodology/Principal Findings: On the day of insemination, sows were assigned to one of two treatments ... maize safety assessment. Citation: Buzoianu SG, Walsh MC, Rea MC, O’Donovan O, Gelencsér E, et al. (2012) Effects of Feeding Bt Maize to Sows during Gestation and Lactation on Maternal and Offspring Immunity and Fate of Transgenic Material. PLoS ONE 7(10): e47851. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0047851 Editor: Alejandra Bravo, Universidad Nacional Autonoma
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Nutritional evaluation of commercially important fish species of Lakshadweep archipelago, India.

... consumption, since these fishes are highly enriched with nutrition. The results can be used as a baseline data for comparing the various nutritional profiles of fishes in future. Citation: Dhaneesh KV, Noushad KM, Ajith Kumar TT (2012) Nutritional Evaluation of Commercially Important Fish Species of Lakshadweep Archipelago, India. PLoS ONE 7(9): e45439. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0045439 Editor: ... vary among species, little attention has been paid to the nutritional composition of different fish species while selecting for diet. As the Lakshadweep Sea is vastly supplied with a great variety of fish species, islanders are highly dependent on fish for food. However, knowledge concerning the nutritional quality of the commercially important fishes ... of v-6 PUFA was recorded in S. lalandi (9.82%). The v-3/v-6 ratio is a good index for comparing the relative nutritional values of fish oils of different species, and a higher ratio of n-3/n-6 PUFAs has often been quoted as an index of higher nutritional value. Fatty acids of all species are positively correlated with each other (P,0.01) and did not
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Maternal malaria, birth size and blood pressure in Nigerian newborns: insights into the developmental origins of hypertension from the Ibadan growth cohort.

... 20.00 0.045 20.28 20.81 to 0.25 0.31 0.15 Maternal age (years) 0.00 20.01 to 0.01 0.35 0.04 20.01 to 0.09 Maternal weight (kg) 0.01 0.00 to 0.01 ,0.001 0.01 20.01 to 0.03 0. 45 Maternal height (cm) 20.00 20.01 to20.00 0.22 0.03 20.01 to 0.08 0.09 Maternal SBP (mmHg) 0.00 20.01 to 0.01 0.88 20.01 20.05 to 0.02 0.49 Maternal DBP (mmHg) 20.00 20.01 ... 2.8 0.001 24.06 26.7 to 21.4 0.003 Maternal age (years) 0.32 20.3 to 0.7 0.07 20.04 20.3 to 0.2 0.73 Maternal weight (kg) 20.06 20.2 to 0.09 0.41 20.01 20.1 to 0.1 0.82 0.06 Maternal height (cm) 20.31 20.6 to 20.05 0.02 20.17 20.4 to 0.01 Maternal SBP (mmHg) 0.19 20.05 to 0.4 0.12 0.07 20.1 to 0.2 0.40 Maternal DBP (mmHg) 20.25 20.5 ... maternal malaria and HIV status. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed 90: F161–F165. 41. Menendez C, Ordi J, Ismail MR, Ventura PJ, Aponte JJ, et al. (2000) The impact of placental malaria on gestational age and birth weight. J Infect Dis 181: 1740–1745. 42. Godfrey KM, Forrester T, Barker DJ, Jackson AA, Landman JP, et al. (1994) Maternal nutritional status
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Escola e status racial em Cachoeira do Campo/MG no século XIX.

... ESCOLA E STATUS RACIAL EM CACHOEIRA DO CAMPO/MG NO SÉCULO XIX ARTIGOS ESCOLA E STATUS RACIAL EM CACHOEIRA DO CAMPO/MG NO SÉCULO XIX MARCUS VINÍCIUS FONSECA 156 CADERNOS DE PESQUISA v.45 n.155 ... negros escolarizados eram preferencialmente designados como pardos e estes podiam mudar de status racial, passando até mesmo a ser classificados como brancos. História da educação • Negros • MiNas gerais • século XiX Marcus Vinícius Fonseca SCHOOL AND RACIAL STATUS IN CACHOEIRA DO CAMPO/MG IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY ABSTRACT In Minas Gerais there ... revealing, among other things, that educated blacks were preferably designated as pardos and they could change their racial status, and were even classified as white. History of educatioN • Blacks • MiNas gerais • NINETEENTH CENTURY ESCUELA Y STATUS RACIAL EN CACHOEIRA DO CAMPO/MG EN EL SIGLO XIX RESUMEN Según algunos documentos que contabilizaron la población
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Global status of DDT and its alternatives for use in vector control to prevent disease.

... REVISÃO REVIEW Global status of DDT and its alternatives for use in vector control to prevent disease Estado global do DDT e suas alternativas para utilização no controle de vetores para prevenção ... Colet and EHP. 1 Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University. Timmerhout 13, 6846EC Arnhem, the Netherlands. Abstract In this article I reviewed the status of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), used for disease vector control, and its benefits and risks in relation to the available alternatives. Contemporary data on DDT ... Information on human exposure and health effects was based on reviews published over the past 5 years and supplemented with recent studies on exposure due to indoor spraying. Status of DDT Production, use, and management DDT is currently being produced in three countries: India, China, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK; North Korea)
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As American girls: migração, sexo e status imperial em 1918.

... As American girls AS AMERICAN GIRLS: MIGRAÇÃO, SEXO E STATUS IMPERIAL EM 1918 75 Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette Centro Universitário Augusto Motta – Brasil Ana Paula da Silva Centro Universitário Augusto Motta – Brasil Resumo: ... e/ou ameaças biológicas (doenças venéreas, miscigenação, etc.), essas quase sempre relacionadas ao seu comportamento sexual. No segundo caso, ela é uma ameaça em potencial ao status de seu país de origem, alguém cujo comportamento (e particularmente seu comportamento sexual) pode macular a reputação de sua terra natal. Em destaque particular nesse quadro ... de traficada não para salvaguardar os direitos humanos e/ou constitucionais de suas cidadãs, e sim para sanear a reputação da nação em um momento em que projetos de expansão de status nacional estavam em destaque. O caso analisado aqui envolve um grupo de dançarinas estadunidenses trazidas ao Brasil durante a Primeira Guerra Mundial para trabalhar em
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Status of malaria programs in the Americas: XXXV report

... Meeting Washington, D.C. September 1987 I .~~~ - s .... -umprF CD32/INF/2 (Eng.) 21 September 1987 ORIGINAL: SPANISH STATUS OF MALARIA PROGRAMS IN THE AMERICAS XXXV REPORT INDEX Page INTRODUCTION ... I. II. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CURRENT STATUS OF MALARIA CONTROL PROGRAMS . . .. 1 2 A. General Situation . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 B. Operations ... . . . . . . 39 - ii - TABLES, MAPS, AND FIGURES Page 1. Population of malarious areas, 1958-1986 . . . 43 2. Status of malaria program in the Americas, by population, 1986 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Status of malaria programs in the Americas, by area, 1986 ................. 45 Morbidity from malaria in the Americas, 1958-1986 ... countries in the Region of the Americas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... 71 Annexes I. Communicable Diseases Program List of Publications, 1986 . . . . . . . . . ... 36 STATUS OF MALARIA PROGRAMS IN THE AMERICAS XXXV REPORT INTRODUCTION The general purposes of the Communicable Diseases Program during 1986 were to provide technical cooperation
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Request of Portugal for observer status in the PAHO

... 7.3 PORTUGAL FOR CSP22/8 (Eng.) 28 July 1986 ORIGINAL: SPANISH OBSERVER STATUS IN THE PAN AMERICAN HEALTH In its 95th Meeting (June 1985) the Executive Committee took note of and held a preliminary discussion on the request of the Government of Portugal of June 1985 for observer status in the Organization (Annex I). At that time the Executive Committee ... resolution recommending to the Conference that it approve the request and grant observer status to Portugal: CSP22/8 Page 2 THE 97th MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE (Eng.) COMMITTEE, Having in mind that in June 1985 the Government of Portugal presented a request for observer status in the Pan American Health Organization; Considering that Portugal fully established in ... our country in being admitted to Observer status in Committee for the Americas of the World Health Organization. reasons Country It has therefore for this request in PAHO. fallen to me to explain of Portugal to be granted the found at the Pan American the interest the Regional to you the principal the status of Observer The desire of Portugal to Join the Pan American Health Organization
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CD31.R18: Maternal and child health and family planning programs

... PAN AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION  WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION                    31st DIRECTING COUNCIL   37th SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 23-28 September 1985 RESOLUTION CD31.R18 MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH AND FAMILY PLANNING PROGRAMS THE 31st DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having examined the report of the Director (Document CD31/24) on the progress that the Organization
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Anaemia status and current methods for its control in Antigua. Suggested methods for its control through the Primary Health Care System

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Status of the evalution of Pan American centers: Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP)

... D.C. September-October 1981 INDEXE IDEXED I _ Provisional Agenda Item 15 (d) (Eng.) CD28/17 4 August 1981 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH-SPANISH STATUS OF THE EVALUATION OF PAN AMERICAN CENTERS: OF CENTRAL AMERICA AND PANAMA (INCAP) INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION the status of the work done to This document summarizes evaluate the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP) ... to acquire the status of an agency of Central America and Panama outside the organic and administrative system of PAHO and, consequently, of the United Nations system; b) that provisions be written into the new Basic Agreement which are required for the administration of its human, financial and material resources in keeping with its new status as an ... (Annexes I and II) are the reports of the study groups set up by Resolution IV of the XXXI Meeting of the INCAP Council for the specific purposes of (1) analyzing the current status of the Institute in the light of the recommendations made by the Special Evaluation Team (Documents CD27/23, ADD. III and CE84/19, ADD. III); and (2) drafting a new Basic
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Status of plague in the Americas, 1970-1980

... Cruz - 86 3 5 2 6 70 17 2 4 1 3 7 4 4 - BRAZIL Ceará Mato Grosso - 3 3 3 3 3 - PERU Cuzco Madre de Dios Piura San Martín -1 -1 4 2 UNITED STATES Arizona New Mexico - 3 2 1 - - - - 1 7 7 3 1 2 -None. Status of Plague in the Americas, 1970-1980 Sporadic cases of plague and numerous small outbreaks attest to the persistence of the disease in the Americas. Wild rodent foci of
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Status of malaria programs in the Americas: XXVIII report

... 1980 Provisional Agenda Item 12 CD27/24, ADD. (Eng.) 8 September 1980 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH-SPANISH STATUS OF MALARIA PROGRAMS IN THE AMERICAS XXVIII REPORT TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Introduction .............................................. I. II. III. PRESENT STATUS OF THE MALARIA PROGRAMS............. 1 2 A. General information ........................... 2 B. Field ... .............. 15 2 Population in the malarious areas in the Americas, 1958-1979 ........................................ 16 Status of the malaria program in the Americas, by population, 1979 .............................. 17 Status of the malaria program in the Americas, by area, 1979. 18 5 Malaria morbidity in the Americas, 1958-1979 ..... 21 6 Case ... ....................... 42 Drugs provided by PAHO/WHO to the Malaria programs in the Americas, 1958-1979 ............................. 43 Status of the Malaria Programs in the Americas, . ......... December 1978 .............................. 19 Status of the Malaria Programs in the Americas, December 1979 ....................................... 20 Geographical distribution
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Health-related components of a nutritional surveillance system

... Nutritional Surveillance Traditionally, nutritionists and those concerned with nutritional well-being have relied on occasional surveys to obtain data on the status of particular groups or populations. These surveys typically use anthropometric, clinical, and biochemical data to assess current nutritional status or to indicate prior nutritional problems that may adversely affect growth ... pertinent PAHO BULLETIN l vol. 14. no. 4. 1980 indicators of food supplies and nutritional status. The countries have also made rapid progress in establishing pilot nutritional surveillance projects. In addition, the Caribbean territory of St. Kitts-Nevis recently initiated an intersectoral nutritional surveillance system for its entire population that employs ... was established to outline a nutritional surveillance methodology. The report of this committee, published in 1976 (2), recognizes that nutritional surveillance should provide ongoing information about nutritional conditions and the factors that influence them. The report also stresses the need to take a multisectoral view of nutritional surveillance, so
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Effects of maternal nutrition on fetal growth and infant development

... subsequent fetal nutrition. Other maternal anthropometric variables are currently under investigation. It has been found, for example, that a significant association exists between birthweight and maternal arm circumference. It is felt that this latter correlation may reflect the influence of the mother’s more recent nutritional status. early Maternal head circumference and ... growth Assessment of child’s mental development l Other data: Mother’s obstetric historyC Details of the delivery Details of clinical examination Family dietary status Maternal morbidity status Family socioeconomic status aA gruel commonly bA cool, refreshing ‘%ased on diagnosis menstruation. made with corn. drink. of pregnancy by absence of enteric bacteria. Corn ... prevented. Maternal and child malnutrition has been postulated as one of several factors contributing to these high rates of developmental retardation and infant death. However, confirmation of its role has been difficult in populations with chronic moderate malnutrition-partly because of the imprecision involved in defining maternal and child nutritional status
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CD22.R26: Report on the status of Aedes aegypti eradication in the Americas

...   25th SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 8 – 18 October 1973 RESOLUTION CD22.R26 REPORT ON THE STATUS OF AEDES AEGYPTI ERADICATION IN THE AMERICAS THE 22nd DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having examined the report of the Director on the status of Aedes aegypti eradication in the Americas (Document CD22/6); Bearing in mind that at its 70th Meeting
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Report on the status of smallpox eradication in the Americas

... AMERICAN WORLD HEALTH HEALTH ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATION XXII Meeting XXV Meeting Washington, D.C. October 1973 Provisional Agenda Item 24 CD22/19 (Eng.) 11 September 1973 ORIGINAL: SPANISH REPORT ON THE STATUS OF SMALLPOX ERADICATION IN THE AMERICAS Smallpox, which is epidemiologically characteristic of urban areas or large population centers where it continues to be endemic ... Health), as well as a network of RS's; the latter are located in the Municipal Seat, at least of each municipio which has one. * Weekly average. CD22/19 Page 16 TABLE 6 (EnE.) Status of the Reporting System of the Epidemiological Surveilance -Units According to the Nmber of Reporting Stations Installed in Municipios, by Maior Political Divisions, Brazil ... hypothesis that a municipio is 100% covered if there is at least one RS in it, which in reality does not always mean real functional coverage. CD22/19 (Eng.) Page 17 TABLE 7 Status of the Reporting System of the Epidemiological Surveillance Units According to the Number of RS's Installed in Municipios, by Major Political Divisions of Brazil, during
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CD16.R20: Status of national health planning

... COUNCIL   17th SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., September 27 – 8 October 1965 RESOLUTION CD16.R20 STATUS OF NATIONAL HEALTH PLANNING THE 16th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having considered the report of the Director on the status of national health planning (Document CD16/15), 1 the Final Report of the Study Group on Health Planning, and
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Status of national health planning

... Meeting XVI Meeting Washington, D. C. Set ember-October 1965 Provisional Agenda Item 13 CDI6/15 (Eng.) 7 July 1965 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH STATUS OF NATIONAL HEALTH PLANNING 1. Highlights of the past year The general status of national health planning in the Americas is reported in subsequent sections of this document, but two events deserve special mention ... to WHO is proceeding steadily in the Americas. The Report of the Technical Discussions is reproduced in Annex II. CD16/15 (Fig.) Page 3 2. General status of national health planning The general status of national health planning in mid-1965 is shown in Table 1. Of the 22 Governments reporting, 16 had national planning units in operation and even ... Group-teld an opening session, five plenary sessions, nine working-party sessions, and a closing session. P9S/18 Page 3 CONCLUSIONS Item 1 PRESENT STATUS OF HEALTH PLANNING IN LATIN AMERICA 1. To analyze the present status of health planning in Latin America, the Study Group considered it necessary to define what, in its opinion, were the health planning
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Status of smallpox eradication in the Americas

... AMERICAN WORLD HEALTH HEALTH ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATION XI Meeting XI Meeting Washington, D.C. September, 1959 CDll/14 (Eng.) 25 August 1959 ORIGINAL: SPANISH Topic 28: STATUS OF SMALLPOX ERADICATION IN THE AMERICAS 1. Introduction The XV Pan American Sanitary Conference (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1958), after adetailed study of the problem of smallpox ... and Ecuador. Chile, where no cases had been present since 1954, reported the CD1/ (Eng.) Page 3 occurrence of 3 imported cases, follo!ed by 1 secondary indigenous case. 4. Present Status of the Program The Organization has continued to promote and to cooperate with the Member Governments in the planning of smallpox eradication programs through vaccination ... on vaccinations carried out in 1958 and the first half of 1959; and Table C contains the data on vaccine production during 1957, 1958, and the first half of 1959. A summary of the status of activities in the various Member Countries is given below. In the Lesser Antilles several cases were reported in 1958, one in Saint Vincent and two in Anguilla, which
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Present status of water-supply and sewage disposal services in the Republic of Cuba

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Reports on the status of malaria eradication in the Americas

... 1956 I CD9/43 (Eng.) 22 September 1956 ORIGINAL: SPANISH Topic 18: REPORTS ON THE STATUS OF MALARIA ERADICATION IN THE AMERICAS Report submitted by Dr. Carlos A. Alvarado, Chief, Coordination Office of the Malaria Eradication Program (COMEP) CD9/43 (Eng.) Page 1 STATUS OF THE MALARIA ERADICATION CAMPAIGN IN THE AMERICAS (as of 1 September 1956) ... already converted or are in the process of converting their control program (CP) to malaria eradication programs (MEP). Two tables form part of this repbrt; the first shows the status of anti-malaria campaign in the Americas as of 1 January 1955; the second, as of 1 September 1956. The progress made will be seen by comparing the two tables. Of the 16
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Puerto Rico's nutritional problem

... PUERTO RICOS NUTRITIONAL PROBLEM By Dr. P. MORALES OTERO Director, SchooE of Tropical Medicine, Puerto Rico Before attempting to give even a birdseye view of the nutritional problem of Puerto Rico, 1 must very briefly summarize beforehand some of the more important ... same diet is given to femaIes, reared and bred on an adequate diet, from the time of insemination and al1 through gestation, fetuses develop at the expense of maternal tissue, and there is a high maternal and infant mortality. If the diet is given duringlactation, from the day of birth of the litter, to females that have been reared and bred on adequate ... studies have been made of the nutritional value of tropical foodstuffa and fruits. Since practically all the fats used in the Island are imported, we have been conducting systematic research on the oil-bearing seeds, growing in Puerto Rico, and determining the characteristics and chemical composition of the oils, as well as their nutritional value.17 WHAT
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... Status of Chagas' Disease in the Region of the Americas Current Status Chagas' disease or American trypanosomiasis is a disease exclusive to the Region of the Americas that is transmitted to man mainly through ... America that roughly 10% of the individuals infected develop the clinical symptoms and signs characteristic of chronic Chagas' disease. This brief report summarizes the present status of Chagas' disease in the countries of the Region by compiling data available from various sources. Argentina The area of transmission of infection by Trypanosoma cruzi
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Provisional agenda item 16: aedes aegypti; report on the status of the cost-benefit study

... committeeA _-._/(__ ORGANIZATION HEALTH 68th Meeting Washington, D. C. July 1972 Provisional AEDES A_enda AEGYPTI: Item 16 REPORT In accordance CE68/13 (Eng.) 15 May 1972 ORIGINAL: SPANISH ON THE STATUS with OF THE COST-BENEFIT the instructions contained STUDY in Resolution XXIII of the XIX Directing Council (September-October 1969), a PAHO study group on the prevention ... increasing the budget; and to endeavor to obtain sufficient voluntary contributions. "To request the Director to submit to the 66th Meeting the Executive Committee a report on the status of the proposed cost-benefit study." of In compliance with the instructions of the XVIII Pan American Sanitary Conference, the Director submitted to the 66th Meeting of
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