Institutional Violence

Improvement of social-economic partnership in the youth labor market segment: the institutional forms and implementation mechanism

... Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, e-mail: In the paper institutional features and forms of social-economic partnership as regulation institute of a youth segment of labor market are considered. Use of interdisciplinary approach in combination with methodology of institutionalism forms new opportunities for the solution of problems of ... of realization of the mechanism of socialeconomic partnership at primary and secondary employment of youth are defined. Keywords: the social-economic partnership; consistency; institutional forms; the implementation mechanism of the partnership. JEL: B52, E24, J08, J13, J38. © Железняк М. И., 2015 JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC REGULATION (Вопросы регулирования
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Domestic Violence: Women’s Profile With Social Care

... of women having suffered domestic violence is presented. It is based on a study made on 297 women who receive social care from the Valencia Council. 37,3% of the women in this group has suffered domestic violence. The profile of these women, compared with the ones belonging to the same group who don’t suffer domestic violence, is characterized by the ... (M) 7. Violencia de género 4/1/10 12:29 Página 165 INVESTIGACIONES APLICADAS / APPLIED RESEARCHES Violencia de Género: Perfil de Mujeres con Ayuda Social Domestic Violence: Women’s Profile With Social Care Francisco González Sala y Adelina Gimeno Collado Universidad de Valencia Resumen. Se ofrece el perfil de la mujer que ha sufrido malos ... differences where appreciated. Based on the present information’s, advise on prevention and community intervention is considered. Key words: profile of women having suffered domestic violence, social care, prevention, community intervention. Justificación Según diferentes estudios realizados por el Consejo de Europa, una de cada cuatro mujeres europeas experimentará
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The quest for the regional city : new identities and institutional conditions in a context of metropolitan fragmentation

... urban identity. In this article I shall first briefly categorise the relevant trends in social, economic and institutional conditions, then investigate their repercussions on spa¬ tial configuration. After that I shall consider several substantial institutional matters which are exerting a strong influence upon the opportunities for metropoli¬ tan development. ... it is extremely important that the administration be able to operate from clearly delineated positions. So we shall now examine the institutional positioning of the adminis¬ tration 4 in the new metropolis. Institutional dilemmas administrative levels in a metropolis corresponds with the dynamics of spatial The less the scale of the trends, ... redistribution policy - generally speaking - should be more centralised. By consciously implementing this institutional framework, the ability of both government and pri¬ vate entities to act effectively in the metropolis can be enhanced. Jg. 56 2001 /Heft 4 institutional dilemma con¬ cerns the relationship between the electoral principle and the principle
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Evaluating the impact of flexible alcohol trading hours on violence: an interrupted time series analysis.

... patterns of violence. Preand post-intervention events were separated into four three-hour segments 18:00–20:59, 21:00–23.59, 00:00–02:59, 03:00– 05:59. Results: Analysis found no evidence that the Licensing Act (2003) affected the overall volume of violence. However, analyses of night-time violence found a gradual and permanent shift of weekend violence ... more subtle changes to night-time patterns of violence 5 February 2013 | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | e55581 Flexible Alcohol Trading Hours and Violence Table 3. ARIMA Interrupted Time Series Parameter Estimates (Analysis of Night-Time Patterns of Weekend Violence) . 95% Confidence Interval ARIMA Model Ln Violence 18:00–20:59 a) Zero-Order Transfer Function b) ... no statistically significant changes in violence between 6 p.m. and 3 a.m. However, consistent with several other evaluations [26,27,31], 6 February 2013 | Volume 8 | Issue 2 | e55581 Flexible Alcohol Trading Hours and Violence Figure 2. Effect on Weekend Violence (3 a.m. to 6 a.m.). Weekly trends in (A) violence between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m., and
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Time to end violence against Palestinian women and girls

... SEXUAL VIOLENCE FMR 27 Time to end violence against Palestinian women and girls by the FMR editors Domestic violence is an all too common response to the pressures of life in crowded refugee camps and communities living under occupation. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has failed to establish a framework to respond to violence against women ... calls on the PA to establish guidelines for responding to family violence in line with international standards and to train government employees to recognise and respond appropriately to the needs of genderbased violence (GBV) survivors. The PA should enact a specific law criminalising domestic violence and repeal discriminatory laws that hinder efforts ... of violence. The health care system is typically the first and sometimes the only government institution that victims of abuse come into contact with, yet doctors are ill-equipped to deal with such cases. The Ministry of Health has no medical procedures or protocols to guide medical professionals or ministry staff in their treatment of domestic violence
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... Kyiv INSTITUTIONAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE AGRICULTURAL MARKET FORMATION PROCESS This article considers institutional aspects of the organized agricultural market formation process. Theoretical base to distinguish institute and institutes is given. In order to find out main influential institutes of the "organization" phenomenon author analyses Ukrainian institutional environment ... institutional environment that is under construction process. Author considers main processes which are running during the organized market formation. Author researches theoretical approaches to the institutional staff. In order to structure the most common approaches and theoretical knowledge of this problem author proposes few schemes. Author's points of view for many questions
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Institutional Framework of Income Inequality in Modern Economy

... Федерации» № 15-02-00638. © Малкина М. Ю., 2016 Институциональные основы неравенства доходов в современной ... 101 JOURNAL OF INSTITUTIONAL STUDIES (Журнал институциональных исследований) Том 8, № 1. 2016 INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK OF INCOME INEQUALITY IN MODERN ECONOMY MALKINA MARINA, YU., Doctor of Economics (DSc), Professor of the Department ... and intra-wage differences in the public sector industries. It enabled us to conclude about the deterioration of the institutional environment in the public sector. In the second part of our paper we compared two approaches to the role of institutional environment in inequality: the approach of T. Piketty (according to which rising inequality is the result ... political processes and social well-being of population. It puts forward a number of proposals to manage institutional environment in order to bring inequality closer to its optimal economic level. Keywords: inequality; income; salary; differentiation indices; institutional environment; Kuznets curve; wealth. JEL: D31, O43. Неравенство доходов населения в
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A National Study on Nurses' Exposure to Occupational Violence in Lebanon: Prevalence, Consequences and Associated Factors.

... reported type of violence [3–5]. Nurses are consistently reported as being disproportionately exposed to violent incidents in the workplace [3,6–11]. Although relatives and patients are the most common perpetrators of violence [12,13], staff-to-staff violence (horizontal violence) is also reported in literature [14–16]. Determinants of violence classify ... Exposure to Occupational Violence violence. Additionally, under the assumption that our study sample is representative of all nurses in Lebanon, the current prevalence of exposure to physical violence observed amongst respondents would be translated into 750 incidents of physical violence over a one year period. Exposure to violence, whether in the ... DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0137105 September 10, 2015 6 / 15 Lebanese Nurses' Exposure to Occupational Violence Exposure to physical violence In terms of exposure to physical violence, Table 2 reveals that 10% (CI: 8–13%) of surveyed nurses reported being subjected to physical violence. Exposure was equally distributed between the day and night shifts and the most
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Political Regimes in Central Asia: Crisis of Legitimacy, Political Violence and Uncertain Prospects

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The need for changes in administrative law from the aspect of prevention of domestic violence

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Banal and Implied Forms of Violence in Levinas' Phenomenological Ethics

... must be cautious because violence may be (and, for sometimes, is inevitably) used in the exercise of justice. Levinas himself admits the existence of violence in the fulfillment of justice in his ethical thought. As he confirms, There is an element of violence in the state, but the violence can involve justice. That does not mean violence must not be avoided ... speaks of violence readers may confuse themselves for his referents, leading them to ask whether he speaks of violence as reduction or actual tyranny, an epistemic dissection or a real-bloody genocide. Violence is viewed as a condition for totality and a negation of infinity. It absolutizes being through a cruel negation of its possibilities. Violence ... presence of violence in his very method and ethical proposal. This portion then identifies the forms of violence, both evident and implied. After which, we will assess whether (and if so, how) these forms can be conquered through resolutions that are still amenable to the Levinasian framework. Emmanuel Levinas on Violence Levinas’ common approach to violence
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Fostering maternal and newborn care in India the Yashoda way: does this improve maternal and newborn care practices during institutional delivery?

... quality of maternal and newborn care during institutional delivery and could potentially have an impact on neonatal and maternal mortality. References 1. Graham WJ, Varghese B (2012) Quality, quality, quality: gaps in the continuum of care. The Lancet 379: e5–e6. 2. Dongre AA (2010) Effect of Monetary Incentives on Institutional Deliveries: Evidence from ... deliveries. Citation: Varghese B, Roy R, Saha S, Roalkvam S (2014) Fostering Maternal and Newborn Care in India the Yashoda Way: Does This Improve Maternal and Newborn Care Practices during Institutional Delivery? PLoS ONE 9(1): e84145. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0084145 Editor: Hamid Reza Baradaran, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Iran (Republic Of Islamic) Received ... Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) launched by the Government of India in 2005 under the ambit of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) has resulted in unprecedented increase in institutional deliveries in India. The JSY beneficiaries increased from 700,000 in 2005–2006 to 9.23 million women in 2009–2010 2]. This dramatic increase in facility births, although
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Domestic violence and perinatal mental disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

... association between domestic violence and perinatal mental disorder. Future research should also collect and report data on all types of violence (i.e., physical, sexual, and psychological violence) ; the majority (48/67) of the studies included in this review reported on physical violence? ??either alone or in combination with other forms of violence? ??and fewer than ... disaggregate findings according to whether violence was reported during Table 1. Summary of included studies (n = 67). Characteristic Diagnosis Depression Anxiety PTSD Psychological distress Recency of violence Lifetime Past year During pregnancy Perpetrator of violence Partner or spouse Family member Type of violence Physical Psychological Sexual ... cross-sectional studies. Domestic Violence and Perinatal Mental Disorders 4 May 2013 | Volume 10 | Issue 5 | e1001452 Disorder Lifetime Domestic Violence Median Prevalence Pooled OR Past-Year Domestic Violence Individual ORs Where Pooled OR Could Not Be Calculated Median Prevalence Pooled OR Domestic Violence during Pregnancy Individual
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Some issues of sexual violence against children

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The Institutional Component of the Efficient Economic Policy of the State

... им. В. Н. Каразина (пл. Свободы, 4, Харьков, 61022, Украина) E-mail: UDC 338.2 Mykytas V. V. The Institutional Component of the Efficient Economic Policy of the State The article substantiates the necessity of institutional accompanying the economic policy of the State, establishing an efficient system of institutions. Challenges ... sotsialno-ekonomichnykh system [Institutional factors of sustainable development of regional socio-economic systems]. Kharkiv: KhNAMH, 2013. Yaremenko, O. L., and Nazyrov, K. Z. “Predposylki stanovle­ niya institutsionalnoy kontseptsii konkurentosposobnosti natsio­ nalnoy ekonomiki v usloviyakh globalizatsii“ [Prerequisite for the development of the institutional concept ... ekonomicheskaya dilemma [Individual & state: economic dilemma]. Moscow: Ves mir, 2013. Gritsenko, A. A. Institutsionalnaya arkhitektonika i dinamika ekonomicheskikh preobrazovaniy [Institutional dynamics of architectonic and economic transformation]. Kharkiv: Fort, 2008. “Global Competitiveness Index 2013-2014“.
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... the main institutional investors (mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds) under the impact of the current global financial crisis, the modifications which intervened in asset assignment and investment relocation. 2. Empirical proofs of institutional investors’ behaviour The effects of the financial globalization can also be felt in the institutional ... of the main institutional investors (mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds) under the impact of the current global financial crisis, the modifications which intervened in asset assignment and investment relocation, showing that the instability generated in the global financial system had immediate effects on all the portfolios of institutional ... flow increase, adjusted by the global financial crisis, the presented analysis and empirical proofs show a tendency of institutional investors’ asset reallocation on developed markets and the withdrawal from the emergent ones. Keywords: institutional investors,mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, financial crisis JEL codes: G11, G23 1. Introduction The
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Perceptions of the mental health impact of intimate partner violence and health service responses in Malawi

... 2014; 17: 145Á54. 36. Heise L. Violence against women: an integrated, ecological framework. Violence Against Women 1998; 4: 262Á90. 37. Wolfe DA, Jaffe PG. Prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault. VAWnet, a project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence/ Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence; 2003. Available from: ... effectiveness of mental health interventions are different in the context of violence, where the cycle may start in childhood due to witnessing violence (36) and/or the external mental ill-health trigger of violence may be ongoing. Intervention may therefore be required to prevent continued violence in order to effectively address its mental health impact. There ... Interpers Violence 2007; 22: 1305Á14. 4. Ellsberg M, Jansen HA, Heise L, Watts CH, Garcia-Moreno C. Intimate partner violence and women’s physical and mental health in the WHO multi-country study on women’s health and domestic violence: an observational study. Lancet 2008; 371: 1165Á72. 5. Humphreys C, Thiara R. Mental health and domestic violence:
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CD44.R13: Impact of violence on the health of the populations in the Americas

... 2003 RESOLUTION CD44.R13 IMPACT OF VIOLENCE ON THE HEALTH OF THE POPULATIONS IN THE AMERICAS THE 44th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having reviewed the report on the Impact of Violence on the Health of the Populations in the Americas (CD44/15) and on the progress achieved by the prevention and control of the different forms of violence; Recalling that the Directing ... World Report on Violence and Health; CD44.R13 (Eng.) Page 2 (c) take the necessary steps for improving information systems, epidemiological monitoring of the different forms of violence; and monitor the progress of the interventions with the collaboration of the different committed stakeholders; (d) promote research on the causes of violence in specific ... self-inflicted violence have increased or remain high in many countries, while there are effective interventions that can reduce the problem, RESOLVES: 1. To urge the Member States to: (a) give priority and support for the development of plans, programs, and projects at national, intermediate, and local levels for the prevention of social and gender violence,
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Impact of violence on the health of the populations in the Americas

... chiefly in social or interpersonal violence, gender violence, economic violence with little or no institutional basis, and self-directed violence. It is known that one form of violence can lead to the appearance or persistence of other forms. This association reveals the need for intersectoral action, since the causes of this violence are rooted in situations ... make it possible to characterize the problem as domestic violence, juvenile violence, violence against children, sexual violence, or violence of another type. (b) Conducting research to obtain evidence that will make it possible to determine: ƒ ƒ the factors that heighten or diminish the risk of violence; behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that can be ... dialogue and a willingness to collaborate in facilitating the formulation of activities. Classification of Violence (Typology) 45. Violence takes many forms. Some classify it by the perpetrator or victim involved (youth violence, gender violence, violence against children or the elderly), by where it occurs (street, home, or workplace), by the sector
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Behavioral sciences concepts in research on the prevention of violence

... homicide rates within Colombia. Differences in cultural attitudes may also bring about variations in family violence, political violence, and other forms of violence in the different nations of the Americas. To help understand the factors that lead to varying rates of violence, further studies are needed to describe and analyze the differences in skills, attitudes, ... help illuminate the social-cognitive factors that influence violence in different populations. Implications for prevention The ACTIVA research reported in the other articles in this publication has identified many social factors that are associated with violence. For domestic violence and violence among unrelated persons, various analyses of the ACTIVA ... and social norms in different populations and to determine how these social-cognitive factors influence different forms of violence. A behavioral sciences framework for understanding violence In seeking a better understanding of violence, there is a well-established theoretical framework that can guide the use of social science interview methodologies
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Youth violence in Latin America: current situation and violence prevention strategies

... nature, violence should be prevented through the coordinated and active participation of all sectors, with a multidisciplinary focus. LESSONS LEARNED FROM VIOLENCE PREVENTION STRATEGIES The PAHO Adolescent Health Program of the Division for Health Promotion and Protection recently published a document on violence prevention entitled “Juvenile violence ... youth in the Region of the Americas are exposed to a great deal of violence through the mass media. Currently, a consensus exists that this exposure is one of the reasons for aggressive behavior, crimes, and other violence among young people. Although it does not constitute the sole cause of violence, the influence of the media is one of the contributing ... most feasibly be controlled (12). Adolescents are not only victims of violence; they are also perpetrators or intermediaries of various acts of violence. Violent acts affect victims directly, as well as their families, classmates, colleagues, and the rest of the community. All forms of violence have damaging short- and long-term effects on the physical
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Progress in the eradication of violence against women

... Progress in the eradication of violence against women BACKGROUND During the past two decades, violence against women has been recognized as deserving of international concern and action. Women’s organizations around the world embraced gender violence as a priority issue during the United Nations Decade for Women ... various offices. Two recent international agreements recognized all gender-based violence as an abuse of human rights: the UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women (1993) and the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment, and Eradication of Violence against Women (1994), negotiated through the Inter-American Commission ... SITUATION Source: Pan American Health Organization. Progress in the eradication of violence against women. Washington, DC: PAHO, Program on Women, Health, and Development; 1997. 208 Men abusing women accounts for 92% of reported incidents of domestic violence. Male violence against women is a learned behavior, a conscious and directed practice embedded
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Progress in the implementation of the regional plan of action on violence and health

... 2 CONTENTS Page 1. Background ....................................... 3 2. Situation of Violence in the Americas ........................ 3 3. Inter-American Conference on Society, Violence, and Health 4. Other Developments of the Regional Plan of Action ............... 4.1 Epidemiological Surveillance ......................... 4.2 Multicenter Study on Attitudes and Cultural Norms on Violence .... 4.3 Costs of Violence ................................ 4.4 ... together constitute the most extreme form of violence inasmuch as they put an end to life. However, other forms of violence exist, such as violence against women and children, which, being more frequent by far, are much more difficult to detect since they only produce physical or psychological injuries. Domestic violence is frequently sanctioned by cultural ... you" are used to justify violence against women, and "discipline comes with blows" to justify violence against children. Corporal punishment continues to be extremely prevalent within the school system. A wall of silence (wall of shame) has been erected around sexual violence against women and children alike. Such forms of violence have not been sufficiently
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CD39.R8: Progress of activities of the Regional Plan of Action on Violence and Health

... Organization of American States; Considering the impact of violence on the health and well-being of people and on the economies of countries; Noting that the various manifestations of violence appear to be widespread in the Region of the Americas; and Stressing the need to develop programs to control and prevent violence, RESOLVES 1. To note with satisfaction ... COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 23-27 September 1996 RESOLUTION CD39.R8 PROGRESS OF ACTIVITIES OF THE REGIONAL PLAN OF ACTION ON VIOLENCE AND HEALTH THE 39th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having reviewed the document "Implementation of the Regional Plan of Action on Violence and Health" (Document CD39/14); Taking into account the recent resolution on "Support for Mine-Clearing ... violence, emphasizing a public health approach; (b) To create a registry and perform a detailed analysis of mortality from external causes, in compliance with the recommendations of the Workshop on Epidemiological Surveillance of Homicides and Suicides (1995); (c) To conduct studies to measure social attitudes towards, perceptions of, and costs of violence; (d)
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Progress in the implementation of the Regional Plan of Action on Violence and Health

... guidelines for the work. 2. Violence Situation in the Americas The study of violence is eslx_ially difficult, given the extraordinary variety of ways in which it can be viewed. We speak in terms of the affected party (violence toward children, women, or the elderly) or the type of violence (psychological, physical, sexual violence) . Violence can also be classified ... Violence can also be classified in terms of its apparent motivation or intent (political, economic, or racial violence) or the environment in which it takes place (domestic violence or violence in the workplace). In developing the Plan, the concept of violence was confined to the use (or threatened use) of physical force with the intent to harm oneseff or ... attainable, homicides and suicides are frequently utilized as indicators of violence. It should be emphasized, however, that these acts are but a small part of the total acts of violence, of which they are the most extreme manifestation. Other, more widespread forms of violence, such as violence against woman or children, require special studies; the available
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