Impervious Area

INTRODUCTION A National park is an area set aside by a national government for the preservation of the natural environment. The World Conservation Union defines a National park as a natural area designated to protect the ecological integrity of one or mor

... Pakistan. Received 27.05.2011; accepted 10.08.2011; printed 30.09.2011 INTRODUCTION A National park is an area set aside by a national government for the preservation of the natural environment. The World Conservation Union defines a National park as a natural area designated to protect the ecological integrity of one or more ecosystems for present and future generations. ... significant native flora. A list of plant species present in the study area is provided in Table 1. Apart from their importance from ecological point of view few species are used as medicinal herbs by local inhabitants. Observed biodiversity of occuring species indicate that this area can be used for conservation of native flora. 116 SHEIKH SAEED ... demarcation study area was divided into two zones. Zone 1 was located about 1 m from the walking track. 60 quadrats were laid down along both sides (30 quadrats on each side). Quadrat method was used for the collection of vegetation data. Quadrat size of 1×1 m was selected because a high number of herbs and shrubs were present in the area. Within each
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... sheltered areas (O'Rourke et al., 2002). Sheltered areas in terms of land use, are the human goals present in 6% of the study area, but also the patches of forest that extend over approximately 5294 ha. It should be noted that growing areas in the study area, which are present mainly in the plain region contact with Istriţei Hill on about 4% of the study area, ... share of these areas is about 83%. The average of snow-drifts potential index (SDPI = 6-8), in case of blizzard phenomena occurs, appears in approximately 14% of the study area. Areas of potential in that class are the growing zones, wetlands and areas exposed in South-Eastern and North-West of contact with the hilly plain area. The plain areas of Buzău ... snow-drifts potential (SDPI = 8-10) are the built-up areas of villages under full field exposure in West, south and south-west areas, and areas where the environmental factors overlaps the snow-drifts potential. This potential class is specific in the most villages of the study area and the proportion of areas with high levels of SPDI is 2%. This phenomenon
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Incorporation of Socio-Economic Features' Ranking in Multicriteria Analysis Based on Ecosystem Services for Marine Protected Area Planning.

... Mediterranean Marine Protected Area Planning Fig 1. The area of interest (AOI): the proposed MPA. (A) Detailed view of the currently proposed Rosh Hanikra protected area. (B) The Mediterranean Sea coast of Israel with the six new and/or expanded reserves proposed by the INPA (in green). The northernmost proposed MPA is the area originally proposed for ... Mediterranean Marine Protected Area Planning conflicts by Davies et al. [18]. Moffet & Sarkar's [27] paper, termed a “mini-review” by the authors, deals exclusively with the use of MCA for the design of conservation area networks. Moffett & Sarkar [27] suggest that MCA is inappropriate for decision making about conservation area networks when there is ... [13] review of 312 papers presenting cases of MCA being used for environmental decision-making, protected area management is not even designated as a category of application. The planning of protected area zoning—frequently used for protected area management— requires choosing among possible scenarios. Therefore, MCA is highly applicable despite overall
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Epidemiology and Clinical Burden of Malaria in the War-Torn Area, Orakzai Agency in Pakistan.

... collection site (Orakzai Agency: black area) in FATA, Pakistan. FATA (gray): Federally Administered Tribal Areas, KPK: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, AK: Azad Kashmir. doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0004399.g001 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases | DOI:10.1371/journal.pntd.0004399 January 25, 2016 3 / 12 Malaria in the War-Torn Pakistani Area shown in Fig 1). Keeping ... [3]. The collapse of the program resulted in the re-emergence of malaria, and turned the region into a malaria endemic area. After the Soviet war, Afghanistan and the nearby Pakistani regions, specifically the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA, a semi-autonomous territory running along the Pakistan–Afghanistan border) transformed into religious ... impoverished and extremely underdeveloped area in the Pakistan has the highest malaria burden due to the large Afghan refugees and IDPs [8]. Social development gages are appallingly low. There are only 41 hospitals for a population of 3.1 million. The Orakzai Agency (Fig 1) has been one of the most neglected areas in FATA during the multi-decade-long
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Modeling social heterogeneity, neighborhoods and local influences on urban real state prices: spatial dynamic analyses in the Belo Horizonte metropolitan area, Brazil

... 8.8 8.8.1 8.8.2 8.8.3 8.8.4 8.8.5 Application: cellular automata model for the Greater Area of Belo Horizonte (1897-1991) Objective of the application Definition of actors Exogenous historical features implemented Application data Workspace: study area Exogenous demand Accessibility Possible scenarios: data Model application time scheme ... Radial distribution of actors from the city center – RMBH – 2000 138 7.5 Evolution of occupation of high-income residential areas from 1991 to 2000 139 7.6 Evolution of occupation of low-income residential areas from 1991 to 2000 140 7.7 Map of price per square meter for Belo Horizonte, 2007. Source: elaboration of the author ... Urban occupation in Belo Horizonte 1930 78 4.6 Urban occupation in Belo Horizonte 1940 79 4.7 Urban occupation in Belo Horizonte 1964 80 4.8 Official urban areas RMBH 2000 81 4.9 Evolution of RMBH municipalities boundaries from 1893 to 1996 83 5.1 Synthesis of the indicators used to describe the urban fabric 90 5.2
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Multivariate analysis of phisico-chemical parameters in samples of red wines sold in the metropolitan area of Recife.

... SAMPLES OF RED WINES SOLD IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA OF RECIFE. The Brazilian legislation requires analysis of certain parameters to classify a wine and allow its commercialization. Some physico-chemical and some color parameters were determined in this work in samples of different red wines sold in the metropolitan area of Recife. Multivariate analysis comprising
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Bioceramics: tendencies and perspectives of an interdisciplinary area.

... Campinas - SP Recebido em 21/9/98; aceito em 10/2/00 BIOCERAMICS: TENDENCIES AND PERSPECTIVES OF AN INTERDISCIPLINARY AREA. The need for new materials to substitute injured or damaged parts of the human body has led scientists of different areas to the investigation of bioceramics since the 70’s, when other materials in use started to show implantation
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Comparison of methodologies for assessment of pork loin eye area

... the tool that determines the area and the values of each figure were written down. Figure 3. Circumference method by AutoCad® software. 5) Method of weighing paper (WP). A known area of paper (standard) was cut off and its weight (standard weight) determined (Figure 4). After this procedure, the drawing of loin eye area (LEA) was transcripted from ... carcass swine standardized assessment methodology by the Brazilian Association of Swine Breeders (ABCS, 1973). The following methods were applied to loin eye area, based on the circumference of the area: 1) Point counting over a 1 cm2 square plastic grid (PCGP 1 cm2). From a sheet of graph paper divided into squares of one cm2 were made copies on transparent ... performed to obtain the total area. 4) Method of circumference by AutoCad® (CAD) program. The images of LEA in the transparent film were placed on the computer screen and then outlined with a spline tool (Figure 3). Once linked the initial and final point of the image, the software allowed the determination of the area through its drawing properties.
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Results of research in the area of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials. Part 2

... Чость 2 // Нонотехнологии в строительстве. 2014. – Том 6, № 2. – С. 32–44. URL: (дото оброщения: __ _____ _). Karpov A.I. Results of research in the area of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials. Part 2. Nanotehnologii v stroitel’stve = Nanotechnologies in Construction. 2014, Vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 32–44. Available at: ... Engineering, referent, International Academy of Engineering; Gazetny str., 9, bld. 4, 125009, Moscow, Russian Federation, e-mail: RESULTS OF RESEARCH IN THE AREA OF NANOTECHNOLOGIES AND NANOMATERIALS. Part 2 To popularize scientific achievements in construction the main results of Russian and foreign scientists’ research are published ... of performed investigation «Research of electron structure functionalized carbon nanotubes by spectographic methods with synchronous radiation» is that it developed one of the areas of physical chemistry: complex research of electron structure of carbon nanotubes including functionalized ones was carried out by the method of experimental (spectographic
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Questionnaires for Students with Special Educational Needs in the Area of Learning: Results from Multi-Group Analysis

... Messinvarianz, Mehrgruppenvergleich, sonderpädagogischer Förderbedarf, Lesemotivation, akademisches Selbstkonzept Questionnaires for Students with Special Educational Needs in the Area of Learning: Results from Multi-Group Analysis Abstract This article focuses on measurement invariance of the assessment of educationally relevant constructs via written questionnaires ... for students at special schools and at low track schools attending 5th grade. To examine optimal conditions of administration for students with special educational needs in the area of learning an experimental design was implemented. If accommodated questionnaires, different school enrollments as well as competence differences allow equivalent assessment
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A study of infant deaths in tribal area of Andhra Pradesh, India

... years) were eligible for inclusion in the study. The total population of the tribal areas of the district (study area) was 4,18,670. The sample setting includes 19 tribal primary health centres PHC’s . Our sampling frame included mothers in the age of 15-45 years in the tribal area of Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh. Systematic random sampling was used ... 239 per 1000 live births in the tribal areas under study which is 10 times more than that reported by the district (22/1000) and 4-5 times more than Sample Registration System (SRS) data of 2011 for AP (IMR of 55 per1000 lives births in rural areas).5, 7, 10 SRS data has not focused on specific information on tribal areas regarding IMR and the same limitation ... around 55 per 1000 live births for tribal areas and hence 5.5% is derived with plus or minus 5%), a design effect of 2.5 and for a finite population (with finite population correction being done), the number of mothers with infants required is 200. However, we have oversampled the mothers in the particular area to reflect on possible refusals and to
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Characterization of on-road vehicle emissions in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area using a mobile laboratory in chase and fleet average measurement modes during the MCMA-2003 field campaign

... 2006. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Characterization of on-road vehicle emissions in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area using a mobile laboratory in chase and fleet average measurement modes during the MCMA-2003 field campaign M. Zavala1 , S. C. Herndon2 , R. S. Slott1 , E. J. Dunlea1,* , L. ... 2006 Abstract. A mobile laboratory was used to measure onroad vehicle emission ratios during the MCMA-2003 field campaign held during the spring of 2003 in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA). The measured emission ratios represent a sample of emissions of in-use vehicles under real world driving conditions for the MCMA. From the relative amounts of NOx ... indicate these species are present in concentrations higher than previously reported. The high motor vehicle aldehyde emissions may have an impact on the photochemistry of urban areas. 1 Introduction Emissions from mobile sources in megacities represent a major contribution to the degradation of air quality at local and regional scales. They contribute
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... avalanches are common geomorphic processes in alpine and subalpine areas of Carpathians. )n these areas, they have a severe impact upon all human activities and existing infrastructure. The railways, the roads, the backcountry recreation areas, the sky areas and even the recreation and public areas can be affected by snow avalanches Muntán E. et al., , Jamieson ... but only to test if trees in this area are suitable for a further dendrogeomorphic reconstruction. SNOW AVALANC(E ACT)V)TY )N PARÂNG SK) AREA REVEALED BY TREE-R)NGS Fig. 1. Study area location 2. MATERIALS AND METHODS The occurrence of geomorphic processes, including snow avalanches, may disturb the trees located in the area affected. The most important ... activity. Moreover, in this ski area, the snow avalanches were not studied previously. Only one avalanche event is known to have occurred in the winter and recorded by forestry archives. At that time, large forest areas were affected by the avalanche on the NE slopes of Parângul Mic peak and the timber was extracted in order to clean the area. No destructive avalanche
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... extracting the lowest height levels of an area, it becomes visible where the areas with high ground-water tables can be expected (Fig. 3). When earthquakes occur such areas have often shown the highest damage intensities (Schneider, 2004). Fig. 2. Perspective 3D-view of a LANDSAT ETM image of the Valparaiso area merged with ASTER DEM data looking to ... significantly, shadow effects from high topographical areas lead to an overestimation of the water body extent in areas with strong relief. In almost all techniques for mapping water signatures from satellite imagery, shadow areas are a constant noise as the absorption and reflectance of wavelengths in these areas are almost identical spectrally to the absorption ... derived by Wald and Allen (2007) there is a coincidence of areas assumed to be more susceptible to soil amplification according to the weighted overlay approach with areas of estimated lower shear wave velocities (Vs < 250, Fig.14). Fig. 13: Estimated shear wave velocities (Vs) in the Valparaiso -area area as derived by Wald and Allen (2007) Science of Tsunami
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An overview of global solar radiation measurements in Ghardaia area, south Algeria

... JOURNAL OF ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT Volume 2, Issue 2, 2011 pp.255-260 Journal homepage: An overview of global solar radiation measurements in Ghardaïa area, south Algeria Kacem Gairaa, Yahia Bakelli Applied Research Unit for Renewables Energies, Ouargla road, Ghardaïa, Algeria. Abstract This paper presents an overview of actual ... 20.86 14.54 09.97 20.50 4. Conclusion In this study, global solar radiation and temperature data were measured to get a better view of the solar energy potential in Ghardaïa area. The total solar radiation of Ghardaïa throughout the year, indicate a strong potential for utilizing solar energy. Daily average global solar radiation data show that average values ... maximum temperature in the summer exceeds 48°C. The highest daily maximum and monthly average temperatures were 48.81°C and 43.87°C on 29 and 27 July. Solar radiation in Ghardaïa area is promising; the higher values of global radiation energy recorded in summer season were 28 (MJ/m2/day) and lower ones during winter were 14 (MJ/m2/day). ISSN 2076-2895
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Regional energy projects in the Eurasian Area

... Original Scinetific Paper Regional energy projects in the Eurasian Area * UDK 330.524:620.92 (470+571) Summary: The Еurasian area has a very rich energy reserves, and is characterized by a complex network of relationships between major suppliers and consumers. The central place in this area has Russia as a country richest in energy resources in Eurasia. ... 2012 Antevski, M., P. Petrović, D. Vesić: Regional energy projects in the Eurasian Area 1. INTRADUCTION Europe and Asia are cradles of ancient peoples and cultures, now the development place of some of the most dynamic economies in the world. The most important actors in this area, in every sense, and going from West to East, are the European Union, Russia, ... by countries of the Near and Middle East, and Central Asia. Turkey as a transit area, also can not be ignored. Finally, the United States as a global power, and its transnational energy corporations have a very large impact on energy and security issues, and in this vast area and globally. It is obvious that only the spatial definition of the scope of
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Strain localization in brittle–ductile shear zones: fluid-abundant vs. fluid-limited conditions (an example from Wyangala area, Australia)

... pole figure) map of Qtz3 microstructures in phyllonites (acquisition locations marked in Figs. 5a, 6b). Map 2 is separated in two areas for pole figure plots. Area (i) represents quartz-rich part (15 % muscovite), while area (ii) has large muscovite mode (30 % muscovite). Map 3 is an enlarged image from map 2b, showing subgrain-scale microstructures; ... (all grains with area smaller than a squared step size), where grains were determined by a minimum grain boundary angle of 10◦ and subgrains were defined by a boundary angle of 2–10◦ in intra-grain regions. After the processing procedure, indexing in all maps except for one exceeded 80 % and was close to 100 % for quartz-dominated areas. Pole figures ... zones 889 of the recrystallizing porphyroclasts. The CL image displays a polygonal structure where the lighter central areas are enclosed by darker rims (Fig. 11a). Comparison of the CL image and EBSD map, acquired from the same area, shows that the dark rims in the CL pattern coincide mainly with grain, and in some cases subgrain, boundaries (Fig.
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Research on evaporation of Taiyuan basin area by using remote sensing

... the study area on 4 July 2003, albedo, expressed in percentage, goes from 7.7 to 25.0 over the study area. Low values are found at city areas – Taiyuan city for instance, whiles high values are distributed at north and south mountainous area, loess mesa around the basin. Albedo ranges between 10 and 16 in the alluvial plain, the mountainous area and ... Discussion EGU study area, approximating to 16, concentrating in the mountainous area and loess mesa. The mean value of the surface albedo is 15.34 with a standard deviation of 5.56. 5.2. Emissivity 5 10 The present emissivity images (Fig. 3a) are also in percent unit. It appears to be 95 to 95.5 (green) in the city areas, 95.5 to 96 in mountainous area and 96 ... of large areas of croplands. The strip-shaped loess mesa distributes around the basin with different width. The Fenhe River flows through all the basin area. Due to the latitude and terrain, the climate is semi-arid and the average annual precipitation is between 433 mm and 528 mm. 2, 209–227, 2005 Research on evaporation of Taiyuan basin area X. Jin
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Cytogenetic examination in remote period after the stay in the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site area

... медицинский биофизический центр им. А. И. Бурназяна» ФМБА России, научный сотрудник. CYTOGENETIC EXAMINATION IN REMOTE PERIOD AFTER THE STAY IN THE SEMIPALATINSK NUCLEAR TEST SITE AREA V. Yu. Nugis — Federal Medical and Biophysical Center n. a. A. I. Burnazyan, Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Biological Sciences; M. G. Kozlova — Federal Medical and Biophysical ... аберрации хромосом, облучение, Семипалатинский атомный полигон. Nugis VYu, Kozlova MG. Cytogenetic examination in remote period after the stay in the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site area. Saratov Journal of Medical Scientiic Research 2015; 11 (4): 620–624. Aim: retrospective cytogenetic indication of doses probably received by individuals during the residence ... for a more correct interpretation of the results; Detection of single multiaberrant cells in peripheral blood lymphocyte cultures is characteristic of persons who were in the areas of alpha-emitting radionuclide pollution, what is allowed to talk about radiation damage, but does not allow to make dose assessment. Key words: peripheral blood lymphocyte
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Atherosclerotic plaque characterization using plaque area variation in IVUS images during compression: a computational investigation

... of the Plaque Area Variation (AR) (Figure 2c). The AR outcomes are obtained by: AR = ( ) ( Area PlaqueHigh Pressure − Area PlaqueLow Pressure ( Area PlaqueLow Pressure ) ) (1) where, Area( PlaqueLow Pressure) and Area( PlaqueHigh Pressure) are the plaque areas with low, and high intraluminal pressure, respectively. The plaque areas were obtained from ... catheter eccentricity and inclination are well overcome. After, the Plaque Area Computation (Figures 1c and d), the plaque areas under inspection in the IVUS images are segmented and the area of a suspecting plaque quantiied in different pressures. Next, Ratio of the Plaque Area Variation, the overall percentage of plaque deformation is calculated (Cardoso ... lipidic regions of the phantoms. Once the corresponding areas were obtained, the Ratios of the Plaque Area Variation were computed for the segmented plaques. The impact of segmentation (IS) was obtained by computing the error, using: IS = AR − ARSegmented (3) where, AR and ARSegmented, are the area ratios computed by the gold standards (Figure 7a),
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... someăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăă recommendationsăforăimprovingătheăprovisionăofăPTăinătheăstudied? ?area? ?areăgiven. Materials and methods Theăstudy? ?area? ?isăcomprisedăofătheătwoămetropolitanăareasăbelongingătoătwoămiddle-sizedăcitiesă –ă Suceavaă andă Boto aniă –ă situatedă ină theă Northă Easternă sideă ofă Romania.ă Theseă citiesăăăăăăăăăăăăăă developedă togetheră ană associativeă formă ofă governanceă calledă Suceava-Boto aniă Urbană Area? ? (Fig.ă ... aniă andăSuceavaăcountiesăandătheăbuilt-up? ?area? ?hasăaăshareăofă11șăofăitsătotalăsurface.ăBeingăană associationătoăwhichămembersăadhereăvoluntarily,ăaăcommuneălocatedănearăSuceavaăchoseănotă toăbeăaăpartăofăthisăorganizationădueătoăpoliticalăreasons,ădespiteătheăfactăthatăităhasăaăsignificantă roleăinătheăSuceavaăMetropolitan? ?Area. ăThisăcommuneăwasăincludedăinătheăstudy? ?area. ăTheăInter -Communityă Developmentă Association’să goală isă toă makeă Suceava-Boto aniă Urbană Area? ? theă “mostă dynamică urbană area? ? ată theă easternă EUă border,ă ană economic,ă culturală andă touristicăăăăăăăăăăă competitiveăpole,ăaccessible,ăsustainableăandăinclusive,ăattractiveăforăitsăinhabitants,ăforătouristsă andăinvestors,ăwithăanăefficientăgovernanceăandăactiveăandăinvolvedăcitizens”ă(Boto ... theăăăăăăăăăăăăăăă respectiveăcounties’ătotalăpopulationăandă50șăofătheirăurbanăpopulationă(212ă257ăinhabitants),ă includesă4ăcities,ăofăwhichă2ăareămunicipalities,ăandă20ăcommunesăthatăhaveătogetheră89ăvillages.ăSuceava-Boto aniăUrban? ?Area? ?occupiesă9șă(1212.1ăsq.ăkm)ăofătheătotal? ?area? ?ofăBoto aniă andăSuceavaăcountiesăandătheăbuilt-up? ?area? ?hasăaăshareăofă11șăofăitsătotalăsurface.ăBeingăană associationătoăwhichămembersăadhereăvoluntarily,ăaăcommuneălocatedănearăSuceavaăchoseănotă toăbeăaăpartăofăthisăorganizationădueătoăpoliticalăreasons,ădespiteătheăfactăthatăităhasăaăsignificantă roleăinătheăSuceavaăMetropolitan? ?Area. ăThisăcommuneăwasăincludedăinătheăstudy? ?area. ăTheăInter -Communityă
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Candidemia Surveillance in Brazil: Evidence for a Geographical Boundary Defining an Area Exhibiting an Abatement of Infections by Candida albicans Group 2 Strains

... doi:10.1128/JCM.00262-10 Copyright © 2010, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved. Vol. 48, No. 9 Candidemia Surveillance in Brazil: Evidence for a Geographical Boundary Defining an Area Exhibiting an Abatement of Infections by Candida albicans Group 2 Strains䌤 Daniel A. Da Matta,1 Analy S. Melo,1 Arnaldo L. Colombo,1 Joao P. Frade,2 Marcio Nucci,1 and Timothy ... representative of the public health system of nine major cities in Brazil (5). These hospitals are located in the South, Southeast, and Central regions, including the metropolitan areas of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (5). Each isolate was obtained from a different patient, with the exception of three distinct strains isolated from one patient during the
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Assessment of aquifer intrinsic vulnerability using GIS based Drastic model in Sialkot area, Pakistan

... from DRASTIC model for the study area were between 112 and 151. The area was dominated by medium and moderate vulnerable zones covering an area of 446 km2 and 442 km2 respectively. An area of 79 km2 was covered by the low vulnerable zone while the high vulnerable zone encompassed a total area of 38 km2. Least covered area i-e., 09 km2 was found in the ... in the Sialkot area. Fig. 9 Drastic based vulnerability map of Sialkot area. 80 Int. j. econ. environ. geol. Vol:7(1) 73-84, 2016 Fig. 10 Nitrate concentration in the shallow groundwater of the Sialkot area. Table 3: DRASTIC Index ranges, classes, area occupied and colors assigned DRASTIC Ranges and Zoning Area covered Zone Range Low 112-119 79 Dark ... classes. It was found that the Low vulnerable zone (DI 112-119) covered an area of about 70 km2. Highest area was covered by medium vulnerable zone (DI 120-127) with the total occupied area of 446 km2 followed by moderate vulnerable (DI 128-135) zone encompassing a total area of 442 km2.An area with high vulnerability (DI 136-143) was comparatively smaller
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An International Workshop on Lake Hövsgöl Area Ecosystem Modeling

... Mongolian Journal of Biological Sciences 2006 Vol. 4(1): 55-59 [Notes from the Field] An International Workshop on Lake Hövsgöl Area Ecosystem Modeling Bazartseren Boldgiv1 and Clyde E. Goulden2 1 Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104-4207, USA, Present address: Department ... (International Consultant for the Hövsgöl GEF/WB Project and Director of Institute for Mongolian Biodiversity and Eco- Introduction A ten-day international workshop on Lake Hövsgöl area ecosystem modeling was held at Hustai National Park May 14 - May 23, 2006. The workshop was organized by and for the Dynamics of Biodiversity Loss and Permafrost Melt in Lake ... and some of the directions for the 2005 field season were determined to fill in the gaps and to further our understanding about the system. Six main compartments of the Hövsgöl area ecosystem were identified by habitat during Phase I, and this ecosystem partitioning was kept in Phase II (Figure 1). In this conceptual model, the atmosphere and permafrost
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... the Buzău, except in the area of the keys. This situation explains the impossibility of creearii s of accumulations, because there are few areas without infrastructure and villages are subject to exposure to spills and premises for the change of place being detailing. Measures relating to the management of floods in the catchment area of the Buzau presented ... and Cândești . Siriu lake is located on the Upper Valley of the river Buzau (Common Siriu). Register as an area of 2,6 km and a depth of 45 m. The lake Cândești - lake located on the river Buzau, at 19 km upstream of the city of 2 Buzau, in the area of the village Cândești (0.6 km surface and 5 m depth of the average). The volumes of 3 3 water are kept ... the local and major events after raising their (fig. 2). Branches of the river Buzau, in the area of hill and mountain (Panatau, Balaneasa, Saratel, Paclele), water content uncontrolled, there have been significant increases of levels and flows. In these same areas were strong leaks on the slopes and in the bodies with cadastral unregistered (fig. 3) Figure
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