Haematological Parameters


... E2. Other haematological parameters were without significant differences (P>0.05). Nickel has negative effect on some haematological parameters, but zinc can eliminates its influence. Corresponding author:emrichova@gmail.com The aim of this study was to determine the effect of dried strawberry leaves inclusion on selected haematological parameters ... significant differences (P>0.05). Strawberry leaves as a source of antioxidants altered haematological parameters according to our expectations. This study presents only partial results of continuing experiment. Keywords: haematological parameters, nickel, zinc, rabbit Keywords: haematological parameters, strawberry leaves, rabbit Acknowledgments: This work was financially ... journal... Nutrition Physiology 2013 : 2 (Special issue) 18-23 NUTRITION PHYSIOLOGY THE EFFECT OF DRIED STRAWBERRY LEAVES ON HAEMATOLOGICAL PARAMETERS OF RABBITS THE EFFECT OF SINGLE NICKEL AND COMBINED NICKEL AND ZINC PERORAL ADMINISTRATION ON HAEMATOLOGICAL PARAMETERS IN RABBITS Jana Emrichova1*, Anna Kalafova1 Katarina Zbynovska1, Peter Petruska1, Lubomir Ondruska2,
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Comparison of microbiological, histological, and immunomodulatory parameters in response to treatment with either combination therapy with prednisone and metronidazole or probiotic VSL#3 strains in dogs with idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease.

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Current state-of-the-art for the measurement of non-Maxwellian plasma parameters with the EISCAT UHF Facility

... conditions it is necessary to simultaneously fit seven independent parameters to analyse one ionic radar spectrum: these are electron density, electron temperature, ion composition and two effective non-Maxwellian shape distortion parameters for both O` and NO` ion species. Our attempts to fit so many parameters led to ambiguous results. Then, we proposed a scenario ... constant, * m the ion mass and ¹*u , D* u are shape parameters * (Kikuchi et al., 1989). From this model of distribution we obtain the line-of-sight temperature as given by ¹u¹* u (1#D*2 u ). (2) This fitting process contains four parameters: the electron density, the electron temperature and two effective parameters ¹* u , D* u . Table 1 presents, for ... become saturate of for large electric field inten90 sities, like the other shape parameters D* u for 30°4u( Fig. 3. Shape parameters D* u of the NO` line-of-sight velocity distribution as a function of the electric field intensity. All curves saturate for all angles u 90°. The parameters D*u also increase with an increasing u whatever the electric field
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Dance type and flight parameters are associated with different mushroom body neural activities in worker honeybee brains.

... Dance Type and Flight Parameters Are Associated with Different Mushroom Body Neural Activities in Worker Honeybee Brains Taketoshi Kiya*¤, Takeo Kubo Graduate School of Science, Department of Biological ... suggest that the foraging frequency and visual experience during foraging are associated with different MB neural activities. Citation: Kiya T, Kubo T (2011) Dance Type and Flight Parameters Are Associated with Different Mushroom Body Neural Activities in Worker Honeybee Brains. PLoS ONE 6(4): e19301. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0019301 Editor: Daniel Osorio, ... were observed in the field experiments. The discrepancy between these experiments implies that kakusei-signal density in the MBs is not a simple reflection of the foraging flight parameters, but rather varies depending on the experimental conditions. This variability might be one of the reasons that we could not detect a significant relationship between
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... of the yarns. Key words: fiber fineness, coefficient of variation, the rotor spinning machine, yarns strength, technological parameters 1. INTRODUCTION The parameters of the raw material significantly influence the basic quality parameters of the yarns. Numerous studies have shown that the quality of ring-spun yarns is influenced primarily by length, ... /fb) 23,7 25,5 4,42 Impurities (%) 4,32 Fineness (Nm) 5770 30,0 27,8 24,03 4,23 6,92 5682 30,1 17,65 20,08 3,81 2,06 5272 28,8 20,0 27,76 4,04 3,08 5736 To minimize the number of the impact parameters on the quality of the studied fibers it was adopted the same spinning plan for all fiber blends. The technological parameters used in the experiment are shown in Table 2. Nm d Machine name 4C card Rolling mill LB I LB LB II Spinning ... system. 64 ANNALS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ORADEA FASCICLE OF TEXTILES, LEATHERWORK 2.2. Results and discussions Strength parameters of yarns are especially important for rotor-spun yarns. Due to their different method of forming, these parameters are lower than for ring-spun yarns. Because of their higher elasticity, rotor-spun yarns are used mainly for
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On the validity of evolutionary models with site-specific parameters.

... site-specific parameters is proportional to the number of sites, having a large number of sites is clearly of no help when estimating the parameters of such a model. This is true even for estimates of parameters that are not site-specific: the mere presence of site-specific parameters in the model can cause estimates of non-site-specific parameters to ... e94534 Evolutionary Models with Site-Specific Parameters sizing: site-specific parameters cannot be estimated reliably (at least using currently typical data sets with no more than hundreds of taxa) and models that contain such parameters are not (or should not be) developed with the aim of obtaining and interpreting point estimates of parameters. Thus, although caution is ... site-specific parameters each. SimulaPLOS ONE | www.plosone.org 1 April 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 4 | e94534 Evolutionary Models with Site-Specific Parameters Figure 1. Convergence of site-specific and branch-specific parameter estimates with increasing data set size. A–B and D–E: estimated versus true parameter values for site-specific rate parameters
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Quality assessment of water cycle parameters in REMO by radar-lidar synergy

... large as 200 m (Hennemuth and Lammert, 2006). Cloud parameters Scattering of millimeter waves is particularly suited to characterise cloud parameters because most clouds can on one hand be detected and on the other hand are penetrated, even if there are multiple optically thick cloud layers. Cloud parameters to be determined by radar are cloud cover, ... of8000 water cycle parameters in REMO by radar-lidar synergy km-1 B. Hennemuth et al.: Quality assessment of water cycle parameters in REMO by Radar-Lidar synergy 21.3 Height, m 6 6000 20.4 2000 23.117.7 21.3 multiple cloud layers areassessment pene24.0 6 Figure 3 illustrates that B. Hennemuth et al.: Quality of12000 water cycle parameters in REMO ... evaluation of the water cycle simulated by a model with observations is tried. The water cycle parameters measured at the Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg (MOL), Germany, during experiments in summer and autumn 2003 and 2004 are compared with simulated parameters of the regional model REMO. The comparisons include vertical distribution of humidity
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ariação e parâmetros genéticos em dois bancos de germoplasma de Tabebuia heptaphilla (Velloso) Toledo. Variation and genetic parameters in two germplasm banks of Tabebuia heptaphilla (Velloso) Toledo.

... baixa variação genética e pequeno número status retido em ambos os bancos de germoplasma. The aim of this study was to investigate the genetic variation and to estimate genetic parameters for growth, form and survival traits at 22 and 21 years of age in two progeny tests of Tabebuia heptaphylla, established in Luiz Antônio Experimental Station, belonging
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Comparative analysis of morphogeometric parameters of forward cranial pole depending on type of a skull basis

... Comparative analysis of morphogeometric parameters of forward cranial pole depending on type of a skull basis // Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research. 2012. Vol. 8, № 1. P. 14–16. Саратовский научно-медицинский журнал. 2012. Т. 8, № 1. MACRO- AND MICROMORPHOLOGY 15 The purpose of the work is comparison of parameters of a forward cranial pole ... аспирант; А. Н. Анисимов — ГБОУ ВПО Саратовский ГМУ им. В. И. Разумовского Минздравсоцразвития России, кафедра анатомии человека, аспирант. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF MORPHOGEOMETRIC PARAMETERS OF FORWARD CRANIAL POLE DEPENDING ON TYPE OF A SKULL BASIS O. Yu. Aleshkina — Saratov State Medical University n.a. V. I. Razumovsky, Head of Department of Human Anatomy, ... pole depending on type of a skull basis. The research material contained 100 adult skulls divided into three craniotypes. The method of craniotopometry was used for measuring the parameters and further calculation of average value and their comparison among themselves. Results. The research helped to reveal that length of a forward cranial pole, length
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Evaluation of Machining Parameters Influencing Thrust Force in Drilling of Al– SiC–Gr Metal Matrix Composites using RSM

... are three machining parameters i.e. Spindle speed, Feed rate, Drill diameter. Experiments are conducted on a vertical machining centre using Taguchi design of experiments. Taguchi orthogonal array is designed with three levels of drilling parameters with the help of software Minitab 15. A model is developed to correlate the drilling parameters with thrust ... drilling parameters on Thrust force in drilling Al/SiC/Graphite hybrid metal matrix composites. The experiments were conducted on a CNC Vertical machining centre using Multifaceted drills of diameter 4mm,8mm and 12mm. Response surface model is developed to correlate the thrust force with respect to different drilling parameters. The machining parameters considered ... mechanical structures. Many researchers [8-10] reported that the quality of the drilled surfaces depend strongly on the tool geometry, drilling parameters and tool material. An inappropriate selection of these parameters can lead to material degradations, such as fiber pull-out, matrix cratering, thermal damage and delamination [10]. Latha and Senthilkumar
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Optimization of extraction parameters on the antioxidant properties of banana waste

... source of valuable compounds, this study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of different extraction parameters on the antioxidant activities of the industrial by-product of banana waste (peel). Materials and methods. Influence of different extraction parameters such as types of solvent, percentages of solvent, and extraction times on total phenolic content ... antioxidant activity, banana peel, extraction parameters, total phenolic content  hsyim@ucsiuniversity.edu.my, phone +603 91018880, fax +603 91023606 © Copyright by Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego w Poznaniu Toh, P. Y., Leong, F. S., Chang, S. K., Khoo, H. E., Yim, H. S. (2016). Optimization of extraction parameters on the antioxidant properties ... determine the optimum extraction condition for banana peel. The influence of extraction parameters on the AA of banana peel, namely types of solvents, solvent concentration, and extraction duration were studied where one parameter was varied at a time while other parameters were kept constant (Thoo et al., 2010; Wong et al., 2014). Extraction solvent
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The experimental effect of artificial air ionizer (negative and positive) on some hematological parameters at Wistar rats

... Balneo-Research Journal Vol.2, Nr.1, 2011 THE ARTIFICIAL AIR IONIZATION EFFECT (NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE) IN EXPERIMENT ON SOME HEMATOLOGICAL PARAMETERS OF WISTAR RATS * Iu. Simionca, L.Enache National Institute of Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Balneoclimatology 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1. General considerations
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Constraining model parameters on remotely sensed evaporation: justification for distribution in ungauged basins?

... parsimony in model parameters is often advocated to prevent the undesirable occurrence of equifinality (e.g. Beven and Binley, 1992; Beven and Freer, 2001; Savenije, 2001). Although parsimony results in simple and to a certain extent identifiable models, their predictive capacity, for instance of land cover changes, is rather small, because parameters usually ... all parameters, their physical meaning and unit is given in Table 1. Note that in this study, the focus is only on the soil reservoir of the model, not on the runoff generating reservoirs. An upward flux from the runoff generating reservoirs to the soil reservoir was deliberately excluded. This results in a model structure in which there are only 2 parameters, ... and 4.5, linearly depending on the normalised soil texture between 0 and 1. Also the routing parameters Fperc, Ks and Kq do not influence our results, because there is no feedback from the discharge generating reservoir towards the soil moisture. Therefore these parameters are not mentioned in the remainder of this article. Daily rainfall input was taken
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A Comparison of the Dosimetric Parameters of Cs-137 Brachytherapy Source in Different Tissues with Water Using Monte Carlo Simulation

... TG-43 [2]. According to the recommendations of this formalism, the dosimetric parameters of each brachytherapy source should be determined by two investigators using the Monte Carlo simulations or experimental measurements and be presented in tabular forms. As the TG-43 dosimetric parameters of brachytherapy sources are obtained by the direct measurement ... dosimetry parameters should be performed in a homogeneous water phantom. As the attenuation, scattering, and absorption coefficients of the different tissues are different from those of water phantom, the dose calculation in water would be the cause of the errors in dose calculations of the TPSs. The purpose of this study is to determine the TG-43 parameters ... respectively [2, 10]. 2.2. Simulation of different phantoms 66 Iran J Med Phys, Vol. 8, No. 1, Winter 2012 The dosimetry parameters of Cs-137 bracytherapy source in different tissues The TG-43 dosimetry parameters (i.e. dose rate constant (Λ), radial dose function (g(r)), and function (F(r,θ))) of the Cs-137 LDR brachytherapy source were
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A New Method to Calculate Centrifugal Pump Performance Parameters for Industrial Oils

... is represented for calculating centrifugal pump performance parameters when the pump works with viscous fluids. In this way, mechanical, volumetric and disk friction losses are considered in calculating hydraulic efficiency. A computer program was developed for computing the pump performance parameters such as head, efficiency and input power for viscous ... computer program. The interesting point known previously as "sudden rising head" can be seen on such diagram. 2. CALCULATION OF PUMP PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS FOR VISCOUS FLUID PUMPING In this section, performance parameters of centrifugal pump such as head (H), efficiency (ߟ) and input power ( P ), for viscous fluid pumping in will be derived using new ... losses in all components of pump are made up by friction and turbulent dissipation losses. Friction losses are depended on working fluid viscosity and therefore pump performance parameters are highly affected by this parameter. It should be noted that this is because the flow regime of highly viscous fluids tends to be laminar, roughness of impeller side
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Change of sensory characteristics and some quality parameters of mixed milk and cocoa spreads during storage up to 180 days

... data obtained in the investigations performed in this study were analyzed by descriptive and analytical statistics. Basic parameters of the descriptive statistics included calculations of the arithmetic mean values, and variabiltiy parameters of the investigated properties included determinations of standard deviations (Sd) and variation coefficients ... oiliness. 785 J.V. POPOV-RALJIĆ et al.: QUALITY PARAMETERS OF MIXED MILK AND COCOA SPREADS Hem. ind. 67 (5) 781–793 (2013) Figure 4. Box-plots for sensory property – flavor-odor. Figure 5. Box-plots for sensory property – flavor-taste. Figure 6. Box-plots for weighted mean value. 786 J.V. POPOV-RALJIĆ et al.: QUALITY PARAMETERS OF MIXED MILK AND COCOA ... production. Besides achieving the appropriate sensory properties (appearance, colour, surface, shine, consistence and flavor), as very important parameters for the con- 789 J.V. POPOV-RALJIĆ et al.: QUALITY PARAMETERS OF MIXED MILK AND COCOA SPREADS Hem. ind. 67 (5) 781–793 (2013) sumers, a considerable task for the confectionery industry is
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The VITRO Score (Von Willebrand Factor Antigen/Thrombocyte Ratio) as a New Marker for Clinically Significant Portal Hypertension in Comparison to Other Non-Invasive Parameters of Fibrosis Including ELF Test.

... classified as decompensated according to the D’Amico staging system. The patient age was defined as age at the time of the HVPG measurement. Laboratory parameters, including clinical chemistry and haematological parameters, as well as VWF-Ag, were determined routinely during HVPG measurement, and the VITRO score was calculated. TE to assess liver stiffness ... in Table 1. Table 2 shows the median values of the patient scores and laboratory parameters (VITRO score, ELF test, TE (kPa), VWF-Ag, platelets, bilirubin, albumin, creatinine, INR, MELD score and APRI) according to CPS, compensation vs. decompensation and PH severity. All parameters shown in Table 2, except creatinine and APRI, differed significantly ... patients with CSPH versus patients with HVPG
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... physiological parameters on subjects undergoing surgery. The study was conducted in 32 individuals between ages of 20 – 70 at Civil hospital, GMERS, Valsad and was compared with a control group (N=32) of the same age. The parameters recorded were arterial pulse, arterial blood pressure. The results show the significant differences in the recorded parameters ... PROGRESSIVE MUSCULAR RELAXATION AND PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING ON PHYSIOLOGICAL PARAMETERS DURING SURGICAL STRESS Avnish Dave1, Jayant Makwana2 HOW TO CITE THIS ARTICLE: Avnish Dave, Jayant Makwana. “The Effect of Progressive Muscular Relaxation and Psychological Counseling on Physiological Parameters during Surgical Stress”. Journal of Evidence based Medicine ... 10.18410/jebmh/2015/1041 ORIGINAL ARTICLE Whether the stressors are general or specific it affects the physiological functions and parameters. Stress activates autonomic nervous system and thus it effect on body (physiology) can be assessed by recording the physiological parameters affected by ANS e.g. pulse, blood pressure, respiration, GSR etc. these changes manifests themselves
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... separation between signal and pump source, which will be used to propose a power independent method for extraction of dispersion parameters of a fibre. Keywords: Four wave mixing (FWM), Efficiency, Power of Idler, and Dispersion Parameters I. INTRODUCTION The field of nonlinear optics was ushered in with the development of the first laser by Maimenin ... extract the dispersion parameters. Figure 4 shows the experimental setup to obtain the power of the idler. Fig. 4Experimental arrangement for finding out the power of idler as a function of wavelength separation Once the idler power graph is obtained for the fibre the following algorithm can be used to find the dispersion parameters. A. Algorithm ... description of all four-wave mixing processes. The experiment is performed using a highly non-linear fibre. The experiment classifies itself as a technique to calculate the dispersion parameters. The first input field causes an oscillating polarization in the dielectric which re-radiates with some phase shift determined by the damping of the individual dipoles;
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Research on the changes of some physiological parameters in several fish species under the action of the talstar insecticide

... also been noticed by Marinescu [11] and Ponepal [16-18]. Haematological studies in fishes have assumed greater significance because these parameters were to be used as an effective and sensitive index to monitor physiological and pathological changes induced by natural or anthropometric factors. Haematological analysis can provide important information ... Drăghici, O., (2009): The Changes of Some Physiological Parameters in Prussian Carp Under The Action of the Tilt Fungicide. Bulletin UASVM, Cluj, 66(1-2): 47-52. [17] Ponepal, M.C., Păunescu, A., Marinescu Al. G., Drăghici, O., (2009): Effect of the Fungicide Chlorothalonil (Bravo) on Some Physiological Parameters in Prussian Carp. Lucrări ştiinţifice USAMV ... trout (Oncorhyinchus mykiss). Veterinarni Medicina, 51: 469-476. [30] Velisek, G., Svobodova, Z., Machova, J., (2009): Effects of bifenthrin on some haematological, biochemical and histopathological parameters of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.). Fish Physiology and Biochemistry, 35: 583590. [31] Walden, C.C., Howard, T.E., Froud, G.C., (1970): A
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Small changes in environmental parameters lead to alterations in antibiotic resistance, cell morphology and membrane fatty acid composition in Staphylococcus lugdunensis.

... the three environmental parameters in wound sites as summarized in Figure 1. The reference control samples were incubated at 37uC and pH 7, with no added NaCl and were represented on the lowest horizontal plane in the cube design. The ‘‘centroid’’ (37uC, pH 7 and 2.5% added NaCl) sample represents the mid-point of the variable parameters and was essential ... optimal adaptations for survival in changing environments. Citation: Crompton MJ, Dunstan RH, Macdonald MM, Gottfries J, von Eiff C, et al. (2014) Small Changes in Environmental Parameters Lead to Alterations in Antibiotic Resistance, Cell Morphology and Membrane Fatty Acid Composition in Staphylococcus lugdunensis. PLoS ONE 9(4): e92296. doi:10.1371/journal.pone. ... conditions involving temperature, pH, nutrient and water availability as well as exposure to toxic chemicals. Once colonized on the skin surface as a commensal, the environmental parameters of temperature, pH, osmotic pressure and water availability would be more stable. In the event of a wound breaking the skin surface, the bacterium must go through a
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... effects of administration of AgNPs and AgNPs in liposomal form (10 µg/kg/day from Day 0 to GD 14) on blood parameters during hormonal treatment, fertilization and early embryonic development in New Zealand White rabbits were investigated. The parameters of red blood cells are shown in Table 1. Ht and MCV significantly increased, while MCHC significantly ... LDH activity after gonadotropins surge. However, there were no significant changes in all parameters between control (CG) and silver groups (SG, LSG). 275 J Microbiol Biotech Food Sci / Syrvatka et al. 2014 : 3 (4) 274-278 Table 1 Changes in red blood cell parameters in each group of rabbits Day RBC (x1012/L) Hb (g/L) Ht (%) MCV (fL) MCH ... activities, progesterone and estradiol concentration, malondialdehyde level, etc.) and hematological (hematocrit, mean cell volume, mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, etc.) parameters under the influence of hormonal treatment and pregnancy. The concentration of progesterone showed significantly higher values (P˂0.05) on GDs 1 in S group than in C
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... (1) 358-367 parameters. Parity influences the concentration of cadmium in umbilical cord blood with higher level found in multiparous women. Average content of iron in cord blood did not decrease with parity, it indicate that this element is preferentially taken up by the child. Keywords: cord blood, magnesium, iron, copper, cadmium, parameters of ... circumference of a newborn. 361 JMBFS / Kozikowska et al. 2012: 2 (1) 358-367 Table 1 Characteristics of the newborn’s parameters depending on the number of pregnancies (multiparous n=46, nulliparous n=53) Newborn’s parameters Multiparous Mean Min Max Std.Err Mean Nulliparous Min Max Std.Err Birth weight (g) 3084.13 1400.00 4250.00 ... et al. 2012: 2 (1) 358-367 REGULAR ARTICLE ACCUMULATION OF SELECTED METALS IN UMBILICAL CORD BLOOD OF NULLIPAROUS AND MULTIPAROUS WOMEN AND CORRELATION WITH THE NEWBORN´S PARAMETERS Iwona Kozikowska*1, Katarzyna Suprewicz1, Katarzyna Forma2, Katarzyna Miszczuk2, Anna Piekarz3, Jerzy Sikora3 Address: 1Pedagogical University of Cracow, Department
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Chemical composition and physical parameters of sorghum with differents endosperm textures.

... 2007 Comunicação [Communication] Composição bromatológica e parâmetros físicos de grãos de sorgo com diferentes texturas do endosperma [Chemical composition and physical parameters of sorghum with differents endosperm textures] R.C. Antunes1*, N.M. Rodriguez2, L.C. Gonçalves2, J.A.S. Rodrigues3, I. Borges2, A.L.C.C. Borges2, E.O.S. Saliba2 1Conselho ... médio-macia. Palavras-chave: sorgo, bromatológica, vitreosidade composição Arq. Bras. Med. Vet. Zootec., v.59, n.5, p.1351-1354, 2007 1353 Antunes et al. ABSTRACT Chemical composition and physical parameters of 33 sorghum grain genotypes with different endosperm textures were obtained. Dry matter mean of genotypes was 88.77%; crude protein varied from 9.85% to 18.28%; starch ... varied from 1.40g/cm3 for texiota 5 to 1.50g/cm3 for SC 283. The vitreosity values varied from 1.10 to SC 283 to 4.20 for Early Hegari. Great variability for chemical and physical parameters of sorghum genotypes was observed. Keywords: sorghum, bromatologic composition, vitreosity REFERÊNCIAS BIBLIOGRÁFICAS CHANG, C.S. Measuring density and porosity
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