Good Manufacturing Practices

A question for tomorrow: The robust demands of the good

... sense may be the enemy of the good, when the robust demands of the good are taken into account. Finally, let me mention a third implication of the robust structure of the good, which is that it may often justify common intuition in a range of problematic cases. Is omitting to do good — in particular, intentionally omitting to do good — as bad as intentionally ... source of more robustly demanding goods. Let demands of the good be often robust in the way that I have described, then this challenge to consequentialism — and, I would argue, other challenges too — is going to lose much of its force. Being good can be the best way of conferring certain benefits on others and being good may be inconsistent with a policy ... to be important in ensuring the good of respect that people are capable of enjoying amongst their fellows. Standard views of virtues and laws suggest that they may serve to promote the good either practically or epistemologically. Virtues may make people more likely to do good and they may enable people to recognize the good that they may do. Laws may
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Mathematical Modeling of Additive Manufacturing Technologies

... Congress on Engineering 2014 Vol II, WCE 2014, July 2 - 4, 2014, London, U.K. Mathematical Modeling of Additive Manufacturing Technologies Alexander V. Manzhirov, Member, IAENG, and Sergei A. Lychev Abstract—Mathematical modeling of additive manufacturing technologies is aimed at improving the performance of device, machine, and mechanism parts. These ... considered in the paper describe the evolution of the end product stress-strain state in additive manufacturing and are of general interest for modern technologies in engineering, medicine, electronics industry, aerospace industry, and other fields. Index Terms—Additive manufacturing technology, mathematical modeling, mechanics of growing solids, stress-strain state,
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... gibi bakış açılarıyla irdelenmiştir. Anahtar Kelimeler: Kaşkay Türkleri, Doğum Adetleri, Al BELIEFS AND PRACTICES OF QASHQAI TURKS WITHIN THE CIRCLE OF BIRTH ABSTRACT In this study, which deals with the birth traditions of The Qashqai, and beliefs and practices in this aspect, the data gained through approximately two-month studies in the field of Iran
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Competition in Healthcare: Good, Bad or Ugly?

... circumstances in which competition is more and less likely to be a good tool to achieve benefits, rather than whether or not it is ? ?good? ?? or “bad,” per se. Keywords: Competition, Health System, Markets Copyright: © 2015 by Kerman University of Medical Sciences Citation: Goddard M. Competition in healthcare: good, bad or ugly? Int J Health Policy Manag. 2015;4(9):567– 569. ... Int J Health Policy Manag 2015, 4(9), 567–569 doi 10.15171/ijhpm.2015.144 Editorial Competition in Healthcare: Good, Bad or Ugly? Maria Goddard* Abstract The role of competition in healthcare is much debated. Despite a wealth of international experience in relation to competition, evidence ... countries where competitive forces are at times in favour and other times not, it is perhaps surprising that we do not appear to have sufficient evidence from comparison of different practices, to settle this debate. There are at least 2 reasons for this: first, “competition in healthcare” is a broad term that does not capture adequately the many variations
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A survey to assess family physicians' motivation to teach undergraduates in their practices.

... education. FPs were mainly male (66.7%). The proportion of the participants working in rural practices was 49.7%. The majority of the FPs (53%) practiced single-handed, the others worked in joint practices (35.6%) or in group practices (8.4%). Of the participating practices, 69.4% were accredited for post-graduate education (vocational training), and in ... physicians. Our findings might however be confounded by the fact that teaching is voluntary for German Family Practices, and that practices accredited for postgraduate training may be overrepresented, since these are preferentially recruited as teaching practices. This implies that FPs have significant experience and a profound interest in teaching. In Germany, ... Germany as well as worldwide. In German medical schools, there is a compulsory 1- to 3-week full time practical training/clerkship in certified peripheral family practices, the so-called ‘teaching practices? ??. These clerkships usually take place in the more advanced study years, often in the 3rd clinical year, usually after the other major clinical rotations.
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Seroadaptive practices: association with HIV acquisition among HIV-negative men who have sex with men.

... HIV seroconversions. No UAI was reported in 47.4% of intervals, UAI with some seroadaptive practices in 31.8%, and UAI with no seroadaptive practices in 20.4%. All seroadaptive practices were associated with a lower risk, compared to UAI with no seroadaptive practices. However, compared to no UAI, serosorting carried twice the risk (HR = 2.03, 95%CI:1.51–2.73), ... respectively). Conclusions/Significance: Seroadaptive practices appear protective when compared with UAI with no seroadaptive practices, but serosorting appears to be twice as risky as no UAI. Condom use and limiting number of partners should be advocated as first-line prevention strategies, but seroadaptive practices may be considered harm-reduction for men ... UAI. Seroadaptive practices originated within communities at risk for HIV, and have been increasingly reported in many countries [3– 6]. Among MSM, seroadaptive practices may be more common and more consistently adhered to than condom use, and appear to be deliberately adopted with the intention to reduce HIV risk [7,8]. However, these practices remain
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Canonical discrimination of the effect of a new broiler production facility on soil chemical profiles as related to current management practices.

... analysis approach was used. The soil profiles assembled into five distinctive clusters corresponding to time and management practices. Results of this work revealed that the majority of parameters increased over time. The management practices of partial and total house clean-outs markedly altered soil profiles the house underlayment, thus reducing the ... Crippen TL, Byrd JA, Beier RC, Yeater K (2015) Canonical Discrimination of the Effect of a New Broiler Production Facility on Soil Chemical Profiles as Related to Current Management Practices. PLoS ONE 10(6): e0128179. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0128179 Academic Editor: Jose Luis Balcazar, Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA), SPAIN Received: September ... RESEARCH ARTICLE Canonical Discrimination of the Effect of a New Broiler Production Facility on Soil Chemical Profiles as Related to Current Management Practices Cynthia L. Sheffield1‡*, Tawni L. Crippen1‡, J. Allen Byrd1, Ross C. Beier1, Kathleen Yeater2 1 Food and Feed Safety Research Unit, Southern Plains Agricultural Research
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Is physiological performance a good predictor for fitness? Insights from an invasive plant species.

... yield seem to be good predictors for plant fitness. We suggest that rapid measurements, such as those obtained from the maximum quantum yield, could provide a straightforward proxy of individual’s fitness in changing environments. Citation: Molina-Montenegro MA, Salgado-Luarte C, Oses R, Torres-Díaz C (2013) Is Physiological Performance a Good Predictor ... individuals of the invasive plant species Taraxacum officinale from 17 localities distributed in five continents. Specifically, we tested if i) the maximum quantum yield is a good predictor for seed-output ii) whether this physiology-fitness relationship can be modified by environmental heterogeneity, and iii) if this relationship has an adaptive consequence ... Is Physiological Performance a Good Predictor for Fitness? Insights from an Invasive Plant Species Marco A. Molina-Montenegro1*, Cristian Salgado-Luarte2, Rómulo Oses1, Cristian Torres-Díaz3 1 Centro de Estudios
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La educación en medios en Francia: difícil consolidación, perspectivas futuras Media education in France: a hard consolidation with good prospects

... (Francia) TEMAS (Solicitado: 14-02-06 / Aceptado: 22-09-06) La educación en medios en Francia: difícil consolidación, perspectivas futuras Media education in France: a hard consolidation with good prospects Francia ha tenido, desde hace más de un siglo, un relevante papel en la educación en medios, con un espíritu muy innovador, incluso casi combativo en pro de una
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Mobile and Social: Ten Best Practices for Designing Mobile Applications

... capabilities into mobile apps and which are the bad ones. This paper does exactly that. It takes a good look at what makes a good app and why some apps are bad, from the point of view of integration of social capabilities. Based on that it presents a list of 10 best practices to follow when designing mobile apps with integrated social-networking capabilities ... truly one click, effortless experience. 4 Making mobile apps more social – 10 best practices Putting everything together, it is now possible to make a list of 10 best practices to keep in mind when designing mobile applications that have social-networking functions. The best practices below are the result of extensive research and analysis in mobile applications ... 60 Informatica Economică vol. 14, no. 3/2010 Mobile and Social: Ten Best Practices for Designing Mobile Applications Liviu LICĂ Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania This paper gives ten best practices for designing mobile applications that have socialnetworking functions. The need for such
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... under HR practices represent a source of competitive advantages. These practices encompass various job characteristics including job rotation, learning across tasks, teamwork, decentralization of responsibility, top managers support, worker participation in decision making, etc. Previous scholars confirm the positive relationship between HR practices ... Huselid et al., 1997; Ichniowski et al., 1997). However, less is known concerning HR practices and innovation performance (Laursen and Foss, 2003; Cheng and Huang, 2009). The rational for positive relation between HR practices and innovation could be based on the fact that HR practices through the capacity in knowledge acquisition, sharing, and application ... influence innovation while being in manufacturing and trade sector increases firm’s probability to generate profit from innovation activities. 5. Conclusions The purpose of this study is to examine direct approach to HR practices and innovation performance in Montenegrin firms. More precisely, we use two measures for HR practices: Top Management Support
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Fostering maternal and newborn care in India the Yashoda way: does this improve maternal and newborn care practices during institutional delivery?

... Fostering Maternal and Newborn Care in India the Yashoda Way: Does This Improve Maternal and Newborn Care Practices during Institutional Delivery? Beena Varghese1*, Reetabrata Roy2, Somen Saha1,3, Sidsel Roalkvam4 1 Public Health Foundation of India, New Delhi, India, 2 London School ... of deliveries. Citation: Varghese B, Roy R, Saha S, Roalkvam S (2014) Fostering Maternal and Newborn Care in India the Yashoda Way: Does This Improve Maternal and Newborn Care Practices during Institutional Delivery? PLoS ONE 9(1): e84145. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0084145 Editor: Hamid Reza Baradaran, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Iran (Republic ... nurse in various postnatal care activities for making the newborn and the mother comfortable. N Counsel the mother on family planning options, newborn care, nutrition, feeding practices, and hygiene. The rationale for the Yashoda intervention is found in concepts such as baby-friendly hospital and mother-friendly health care complemented with continuum
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Ärzte-Ausbildungsordnung Urologie 2015 – to good to be true?

... Ärzte-Ausbildungsordnung Urologie 2015 – to good to be true? Plas E Journal für Urologie und Urogynäkologie 2015; 22 (Sonderheft 9) (Ausgabe für Österreich), 16 Homepage: Online-Datenbank mit Autoren- ... Tagungsort Mercure Hotel Elfrather Weg 5 Am Golfplatz D-47802 Krefeld zum Programm bitte hier klicken   Extended Abstracts Ärzte-Ausbildungsordnung Urologie 2015 – to good to be true? E. Plas Mit 1.6.2015 ist die neue Ausbildungsordnung als Bundesgesetz für die Ausbildung zum Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin und zum Facharzt in Kraft getreten und
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... Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XLI-B4, 2016 XXIII ISPRS Congress, 12–19 July 2016, Prague, Czech Republic OBLIQUE AERIAL IMAGERY FOR NMA – SOME BEST PRACTICES F. Remondino1, I. Toschi1, M.Gerke2, F. Nex2, D. Holland3, A. McGill4, J. Talaya Lopez5, A. Magarinos5 1 3D Optical Metrology (3DOM) unit, Bruno Kessler Foundation ... cameras, Photogrammetry, Dense Image Matching, Building Reconstruction ABSTRACT: Oblique airborne photogrammetry is rapidly maturing and being offered by service providers as a good alternative or replacement of the more traditional vertical imagery and for very different applications (Fig.1). EuroSDR, representing European National Mapping Agencies (NMAs) ... academia demonstrated the potentialities of oblique aerial datasets to generate textured 3D city models or large building block models. The paper provides an overview of tests, best practices and considerations coming from the R&D community and from three European NMAs concerning the use of oblique aerial imagery. a) b) Figure 1: Results from oblique aerial
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Effectiveness of peer-counseling for promoting optimal complementary feeding practices among infants belonging to urban slums of Delhi

... feeding practices especially complementary feeding practices. The groups counseled by the nutrition professional and the peercounselors were almost similar in bringing about a positive change in these practices. This study, thus, highlights that educational intervention directed through the peer-counselors can improve complementary feeding practices ... infant feeding practices in the area. The results of this study highlighted that most women were following sub-optimal infant feeding practices and along with this there was a high prevalence of malnutrition among the infants7. This made this area appropriate setting for examining the potential benefits of counseling on optimal infant feeding practices. ... complementary feeding practices is important in reducing malnutrition in infants and young children. Yet, India has dismal rates of optimal complementary feeding practices which are not rising. Aim: This study aimed to find the impact of the educational intervention directed through peer counselors to promote optimal complementary feeding practices. Methods
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O gênero atuante: a performance de gênero em The Passion of New Eve e Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

... Carlos Henrique Bento O gênero atuante: a performance de gênero em The Passion of New Eve e Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) Tese apresentada ao Programa de Pós-Graduação em Letras (Estudos Literários) da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, como ... Regina Goulart Almeida Belo Horizonte Faculdade de Letras da UFMG 2007 Resumo Este trabalho faz uma leitura dos livros The Passion of New Eve, de Angela Carter, e Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), de Ann-Marie MacDonald, usando o conceito de performance de gênero, de Judith Butler. Desta forma, discute algumas questões relacionadas com o ... duas obras literárias, que pretende contribuir para o campo dos estudos de gênero. Abstract This work reads the books The Passion of New Eve, by Angela Carter, e Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), by Ann-Marie MacDonald, using the concept of gender performance, by Judith Butler. This way, it discusses some issues related to gender, showing
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Utilização da abordagem Quick Response Manufacturing em uma empresa de materiais de escrita: proposta e análise de benefícios esperados.

... 2011 Utilização da abordagem Quick Response Manufacturing em uma empresa de materiais de escrita: proposta e análise de benefícios esperados Quick Response Manufacturing approach in a school supply company: proposal and analysis of expected results Elizangela Veloso Saes1 Moacir Godinho Filho1 Resumo: O Quick Response Manufacturing? ?(QRM) é uma abordagem ... aumentar a divulgação do paradigma QRM na academia e prática gerencial brasileira. Palavras-chave: Redução do lead time. Quick Response Manufacturing. Gestão da produção. Estudo de caso. Abstract: Quick Response Manufacturing? ?(QRM) is a production management approach aiming at reducing lead time in environments with high product variety. The main ... forma: na seção 2, é apresentado um referencial teórico a respeito da abordagem Quick Response Manufacturing, na seção 3, encontra-se o estudo de caso e, na seção 4, são feitas as considerações finais do trabalho. 2 Referencial teórico: o Quick Response Manufacturing? ?(QRM) O QRM foi proposto em 1998, nos EUA, por Rajan Suri (SURI, 1998), tendo como
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Teaching Small Group Communication: A Do Good Project

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Healthy Eating for Better Living. A Caribbean Handbook. A Handbook on Good Nutrition and Healthy Eating for People Living with HIV/AIDS

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Early termination of breast-feeding in periurban Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: mothers' community perceptions and personal practices

... Domingo, Dominican Republic: mothers’ community perceptions and personal practices John D. McLennan 1 ABSTRACT Objectives. The objectives of this study were to determine: 1) whether mothers’ perceptions of typical community practice for breast-feeding duration influence their personal practices and 2) whether the mothers’ reports of community reasons for ... engage in behavior). For some behaviors, such as adolescent substance abuse, the perception of others’ practices has been found to be a more powerful predictor of personal use than actual community practice (7). However, whether perception of community practices on breast-feeding is associated with actual practice is unknown. This study utilized data from ... 2nd ed. Geneva: WHO; 1986. 10. Bryant C. The impact of kin, friend and neighbor networks on infant feeding practices: Cuban, Puerto Rican and Anglo families in Florida. Soc Sci Med 1982;16(20):1757–1765. 11. McLennan J, Spady D. Infant feeding practices in a poor district in Santo Domingo. Ecology of Food and Nutrition 1994;32:167–179. 12. Jakobsen
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Screening practices for cervical and breast cancer in Costa Rica

... Screening Practices for Cervical and Breast Cancer in Costa Rica1 KATHLEEN L. IRWIN,~ MARK W. OBERLE,~ & LUIS ROSERO-BIXBY~ Cervical cancer and breast cancer are leading causes of cancer-related morbidity and mortality in Costa Rica. This article reports results of an evaluation of cervical and breast cancer screening practices among Costa ... analysis to the control group because the women in that group constituted a sample representative of women 25-58 years old nationwide, one that would reflect the cancer screening practices among the general population. These control women had been identified through a household survey conducted between September 1984 and February 1985. Their selection through probability sampling ... = 861 I; weighted for age of all women who had Smear or exam (N = for age of all women 25-34 years old who had smear 249); weighted for age. RESULTS Cervical Cancer Screening Practices . Most of the control women (83.5%) reported having had a cervical smear or gynecologic examination before the interview; fewer (74.7%) specifically reported having
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Know well to do good

... in pain, nurses sometimes adhere strictly to the drug administration schedule for giving analgesics, or they delay giving the medication so that the patient “will have a good Both practices frequently occur night.” without careful evaluation of the patient’s pain and needs. As a result, analgesics are often administered at tunes indicated on the chart, ... wellrounded education, humanistic training should be a requirement for all-prospective scientists as well as prospective lawyers-and should underlie the practice of any profession. Any good professional should be, in his or her own way, a humanist. Not in vain has it been said that ours is the time of “humanisms,” especially when one recognizes the “greatness ... Know Well to Do Good M. AN&LICA PIWONKA GAETE Q.,l ISABEL BUSTOS D.,l WANA & MILA URRUTIA B.l DE A.,1 444 Health care should be entrusted to professionals who have received well-rounded training
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Report of the working party on the item "collaboration of the PASB in administrative practices of national health services"

... Bureau in collaborating with the Ministries of E.ealth to promote better administrative organization and practices. 2. To recommend to the Governments that they devote special attention to research in admin.istration for the purpose of improving the practices and procedures employed in health administration. To instruct the Bureau to.undertake a * .3. study,
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Collaboration of the PASB in administrative practices of national health services

... would be, in heavy measure, related to good management. The PAHO consultants advised on the development of budget estimates, the institution of budgetary and financial control systems, the creation of procurement and supply facilities, space and transport management, records and.the operation of personnel systems, reports practices, and other aspects of the ... program and budget of PAHO, for the years 1964-65, reflect the desire of the Director of PASB, to achieve, in good season, the objectives established in this mandate. The success to 'date of this program to better.administrative organization and practices in the health ministries of the.Americas gives. hope, and serves as an augury'of a truly meaningful ... Meeting Mexico, D.F. August-September 1964 CD15/21 (Eng.) 29 June 1964 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH Provisional Agenda Item 30 COLLABORATION OF THE PAN AMERICAN SANITARY BUREAU IN ADMINISTRATIVE PRACTICES OF NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES The Director has the honor to present a report on the PAHO program in public administration which derives from a resolution of the XDirecting Council
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CD10.R35: PASB collaboration with the governments in the field of administrative methods and practices

... SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 16 - 27 September 1957 RESOLUTION CD10.R35 PASB COLLABORATION WITH THE GOVERNMENTS IN THE FIELD OF ADMINISTRATIVE METHODS AND PRACTICES THE 10th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Considering that the progress made by the public health services has demonstrated the growing importance of administrative functions; Recognizing ... administrative personnel opportunities for training and for specialized study, RESOLVES 1. To recommend that the Member States give their attention to the improvement of administrative practices related to public health programs. 2. To give emphasis, within the general policy of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau, to collaboration in matters concerning administrative
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