The European Union’s external trade policy after the Treaty of Lisbon: a neo-gramscian perspective

... the Council of the European Union (2013), What is the EU Presidency Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2013. Available online at: Last accessed: June 30, 2013. European Union, About CSDP - Overview. European Union – European External Action Service. ... by shaping the discourse in which European decision-making is embedded.55 Organic intellectuals of the new European elite were able to frame these issues as being of general interest of European public by spreading the norms and values of European transnational businesses not only at a national level, but also at the European one. Neoliberal policies ... recently some European associations representing organized labour have objected to plans of the European Commission to sign free trade agreements with a number of partners. According to Ferdi De Ville & Jan Orbie, large associations like European Metalworkers Federation (EMF), European Automobile Manufacturer's Association (ACEA), the European Confederation
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... THE INFLUENCE OF EUROPEAN CLIMATE VARIABILITY MECHANISM ON AIR TEMPERATURE IN ROMANIA M. MATEI 1 ABSTRACT. - The influence of European climate variability mechanism on air temperature in Romania. The main objective of the present paper is to analyze ... relationships between Romanian temperature and precipitation parameters and European climatic variability were found. Also, must be pointed out that the results of the present study are in accordance with those presented by Busuioc et al., 2010, where the main variation trends of the principal European variables and their connection with temperature regime in ... METHODS The monthly air temperature data used in the present study are provided by the European Climate Assessment and Dataset project (ECA&D). The ECA&D started in 2003 and its main objective is to analyze the temperature and precipitation variation of more than 40 European countries, with special focus on trends in climatic extremes observed at meteorological
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Vrancea Vineyard: A Rural Area with a European Comparative Advantage –The Wine

... no.13) within the project has been focused on this area. The COHESION (Integrated COncepts EnHancing CohESion of EurOpeaN Space) Project aimed at enforcing the cohesion of the CADSES area, through developing policies to meet the problems of the European rural space. To this context, the project developed during 2003-2005 applied a methodology focused on ... ROMANIAN REVIEW OF REGIONAL STUDIES, Volume IV, Number 1, 2008 VRANCEA VINEYARD: A RURAL AREA WITH A EUROPEAN COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE – THE WINE ALINA CHICOŞ1 ABSTRACT - This article intends to disseminate the partial results of a work that lasted more than three years and involved ... this information to other local development actors, so as to facilitate their action and thus contribute to accelerating convergence of the space in question and cohesion of the European territory” (PINDOS Strategic Planning Centre, 2006). The approach planned and applied by COHESION was the bottom up approach. Parallel and similar development projects
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Birth of Olympic flame: Ancient Greece and European identity (II)

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Matters of Conceptualization and Security in the Building of One-stop-shop e-Government Solutions in Europe: Experiences from the European OneStopGov Project

... electronic communications sector. 6) Establishment of a European supervisory authority The European Union has established an independent supervisory body responsible for monitoring the application of Community acts relating to the protection of personal data in the Community institutions and bodies. The European Parliament and the Council adopted Regulation ... Development Report on Defining a Global Research Agenda, Carnegie Mellon University, 2005 European Data Protection Supervisor (2006), Data Protection: Legislation, Available:, 2006 European Data Protection Supervisor (2006), European Data Protection Supervisor, Available: ICT and ... Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU 2) Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data; 3) Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of
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Have primary emission reduction measures reduced ozone across Europe? An analysis of European rural background ozone trends 1996–2005

... Paper | 18435 Discussion Paper 25 | 20 Discussion Paper 15 | 10 National and European legislation over the past 20 years, and the modernisation or removal of industrial sources, have significantly reduced European ozone precursor emissions. This study quantifies observed and modelled European ozone annual and seasonal linear trends from 158 harmonised rural ... sensitivity of the derived overall trends to the constituent years shows that the European heatwave year of 2003 has significant positive influence and 1998 the converse effect; demonstrating the masking effect of inter-annual variability on decadal based ozone trends. The European scale 3-D CTM CHIMERE was used to simulate hourly O3 concentrations for ... Paper 15 | 10 Discussion Paper 5 A review of Northern Hemisphere ground-based “background” ozone trends (including several European sites) has shown a slowly increasing average ozone concen−1 tration in the Northern Hemisphere of 0.5–2 % yr (Vingarzan, 2004). Long-term European background ozone trends of 1.5 ppbv yr−1 at Hohenpeissenberg (1971– 1983) (Logan, 1985), 1.2
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... estimates of the potential output are based on statistical estimates of trend output”. The European Union has its own method of determining potential output, different from the approaches of the OECD and IMF. According to Brandner et al. (1998), the approach of the  134 European Union for estimating the output gap consists of directly applying the Hodrick-Prescott filter ... Momigliano, S., Tujula, M. Cyclically Adjusted Budget Balances: An Alternative Approach, European Central Banking Working Paper, 2001, No. 77 Brandner, P., Diebalek, L., Schuberth, H. Structural Budget Deficits and Sustainability of Fiscal Positions in the European Union, National Bank of Austria, OeNB Working Paper, 1998, No. 26 - - Kalemli-Ozcan,S., ... economic convergence process represent the main challenges for the policymakers in the medium run. This paper analyses the evolution of potential GDP of the member countries of European Monetary Union (12). I employ the Hodrick-Prescott methodology on data from the World Bank Database. According to the results, the economic potential of the member states
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The mitochondrial T16189C polymorphism is associated with coronary artery disease in Middle European populations.

... in a Middle European population. As reported in other studies, in patients with T2DM an association with T16189C in individuals of European decent remains questionable. Citation: Mueller EE, Eder W, Ebner S, Schwaiger E, Santic D, et al. (2011) The Mitochondrial T16189C Polymorphism Is Associated with Coronary Artery Disease in Middle European Populations. ... n = 482) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM, n = 505) from two study centers, with healthy individuals (n = 1481) of Middle European descent in Austria. Methodology and Principal Findings: CR polymorphisms and the nine major European haplogroups were identified by DNA sequencing and primer extension analysis, respectively. Frequencies and Odds Ratios ... haplogroups and control region polymorphisms are not associated with prostate cancer in Middle European Caucasians. PLoS One 4: e6370. 39. Wiesbauer M, Meierhofer D, Mayr JA, Sperl W, Paulweber B, et al. (2006) Multiplex primer extension analysis for rapid detection of major European mitochondrial haplogroups. Electrophoresis 27: 3864–3868. PLoS ONE | 7
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Impact of the North Atlantic Oscillation on European aerosol ground levels through local processes: a seasonal model-based assessment using fixed anthropogenic emissions

... promote the formation of marine aerosols over the water mass areas. Published by Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union. 11196 S. Jerez et al.: Impact of the North Atlantic Oscillation on European aerosol ground levels On the other hand, radiation levels and temperature play a major role on gas-phase chemistry ... compared to NAO− phases. At the same time, NAO+ promotes African dust intrusions into southwestern European regions (which occurs mostly in the summertime) as the westerly winds associated to NAO− events prevent subtropical air masses to reach the European midlatitudes; although, on the other hand, these NAO− related large-scale zonal winds also favor ... simulation (that is driving the CHIMERE run) to simulate the extensively reported NAO impact on the European atmospheric conditions. This fulfills two relevant requirements, namely to (1) guarantee that it is effectively able to reproduce the known NAO impact on the European climate, and (2) provide an appropriate context for the interpretation of the following
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Biochemical and ultrastructural changes in the liver of European perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) in response to cyanobacterial bloom in the Gruža reservoir

... well as determination and quantification of the phytoplankton community were performed at the time of fish sampling. Biochemical response of European perch to cyanobacterial bloom 981 The freshwater fish European perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) were caught by a local fisherman, before (28 specimens with the average length of 10.27 ± 0.27 cm and average ... alteration of almost all membrane-bound organelles Biochemical response of European perch to cyanobacterial bloom 983 Fig. 1. Specific activities (U/mg protein) of total, manganese and copper zinc containing superoxide dismutase (Tot SOD, Mn-SOD and Cu/Zn-SOD) in the liver of European perch (Perca fluviatilis) before and during cyanobacterial bloom ... of European perch (Perca fluviatilis) before and during cyanobacterial bloom in the Gruža Reservoir. The data are expressed as mean ± S.E. The non-parametric Mann-Whitney U-test was used to seek significant differences between means. A minimum significance level of *p
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European integrations and policy of multiculturality in Serbia

... miltikultuarlista za priznavanjem njihovih identiteta. Goran Bašiæ EUROPEAN INTEGRATIONS AND POLICY OF MULTICULTURALITY IN SERBIA Summary The issue of the policy of multiculturalism toward ethno-cultural minorities in contemporary Serbia has been reviewed within the project Regional and European Aspects of Integrative Processes in Serbia held by the
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International Conference: Post-Communism and the New European Identity

... CONFERENCES International Conference: Post-Communism and the New European Identity The Research Centre on Identity and Migration Issues within the Faculty of Political Science and Communication, University of Oradea is organizing the International Conference “Post-Communism and the New European Identity”, that will be held on November 5th -7th , 2009
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Remote sensing of LAI, chlorophyll and leaf nitrogen pools of crop- and grasslands in five European landscapes

... covered 25 % of the European land area, 5 and grassland pastures cover an additional 17 %, which add up to a total European agricultural land area of 2 286 931 km2 (EEA/ETC-LUSI, 2010). The five study areas each represent an area of 10 × 10 km2 and are centered on the NitroEurope landscapes. They are geographically located across a European South-North ... al., 2011) as well as the atmospheric deposition of ammonia 15 and nitrogen oxides (Churkina et al., 2010). Despite a nitrogen-use surplus in European croplands (Eurostat, 2012) which is one of the main causes for European agriculture to be a net source of greenhouse gases (Ciais et al., 2010), water and nutrient resource availability is responsible for ... References Tables Figures Back Close Full Screen / Esc Printer-friendly Version Interactive Discussion Soil maps (1 : 1 000 000) from the European Soil Database (ESDB) of the European Soil Data Center ( were used as base soil maps for all landscapes except for Denmark, where a more detailed map comprising
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The community structure of the European network of interlocking directorates 2005-2010.

... exceptional peek into the European orientation of big business. The process of European Unification has always been strongly supported by large industrial conglomerates and business interests. The common market and later the monetary union were seen as in the interest of European business in general. Over the past decade however the project of European Unification ... European corporations increasingly link with each other across European borders. France and also Germany play a key role in this network, reflecting both their political position as drivers of European unification as their economic and industrial position within Europe. But interestingly so, a number of small countries emerge as brokers within the European ... 18. Heemskerk EM (2013) The rise of the european corporate elite: evidence from the network of interlocking directorates in 2005 and 2010. Economy and Society 42: 74–101. 19. Van Veen K, Marsman I (2008) How international are executive boards of european mncs? nation-ality diversity in 15 european countries. European Management Journal 26: 188–198.
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Universal Service in a Broader Perspective: The European Digital Divide

... the ICT equipment in households and its usage by individuals are essential prerequisites for benefiting from ICTs, the situation in the European Union is far from uniform. This article provides a description of the European information society development scenario using the values reached by the member states in a set of indicators selected for measuring ... Informatica Economică vol. 13, no. 2/2009 155 Universal Service in a Broader Perspective: The European Digital Divide María Concepción GARCÍA-JIMÉNEZ, José Luis GÓMEZ-BARROSO Dpto. Economía Aplicada e Hª Económica Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) ... analysis. Below, a study is provided on what variables are relevant for interpreting the situation that is presented. Keywords: Information society, digital divide, universal service, European Union, ICT. 1Introduction Universal service is the figure guaranteeing individual access to all citizens to those services which are considered basic (at present, essentially,
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Sex-linked pheromone receptor genes of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, are in tandem arrays.

... scapulalis, is similar to that in European corn borer, O. nubilalis. J Chem Ecol 28: 533–539. PLoS ONE | 9 April 2011 | Volume 6 | Issue 4 | e18843 Pheromone Receptor Gene Cluster in Ostrinia 10. Roelofs WL, Glover T, Tang XH, Sreng I, Robbins P, et al. (1987) Sex pheromone production and perception in European corn borer moths ... and accordingly, facilitate differentiation of sex pheromones. Citation: Yasukochi Y, Miura N, Nakano R, Sahara K, Ishikawa Y (2011) Sex-Linked Pheromone Receptor Genes of the European Corn Borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, Are in Tandem Arrays. PLoS ONE 6(4): e18843. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0018843 Editor: Troy Zars, University of Missouri, United States ... pheromone recognition system in males can adapt rapidly to the changes that have occurred in the female pheromone biosynthetic pathway. The genus Ostrinia, which includes the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, and the Asian corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis, is an excellent model for studying the evolution of the pheromone biosynthesis and recognition
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Process based inventory of isoprenoid emissions from European forests: model comparisons, current knowledge and uncertainties

... capture gross fluxes but inefficiencies in capturing short term variability. A regional inventory of isoprenoid emissions for European forests was created using each of the 15 three modelling approaches. The models agreed on an average European emissions budget of 1.03 TgC a−1 for isoprene and 0.97 TgC a−1 for monoterpenes for the period 1960–1990, which ... potentials for 80 dominant European forest species both occurring naturally and in forest plantations. In all cases, original studies were examined and 10 a new consensus estimate was derived for each species. Using these basal emission potentials we derive an emission inventory for both isoprene and monoterpenes emissions from European forests under current ... the model, an extensive database has been built within the framework of the European ATEAM (Advanced Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis and Modelling) and ALARM (Assessing Large-scale Risks for biodiversity with tested Methods) projects, connecting diverse information sources at a European level 6162 ACPD 9, 6147–6206, 2009 Process based inventory of isoprenoid
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Globalization and european integration exigencies - new challenges for Romanian banks

... impact that the adhering to the European Union will bring to the banking system in Romania will be on the banking market stability and the increase of the sophistication. This thing will mainly happen by the intense attention the banks will show to new regulations and prudence, which will be introduced according to the European regulations and standards ... payments balance deficit, acceleration of the economic integration process in the European structures. Under these circumstances, we tend to believe that the main courses of action meant to lead to the banking system revitalization and, implicitly, its integration into the European and global community are: • finishing of the privatization process (CEC); • ... Romanian banking system’s assets (19 Romanian commercial banks can be found in this situation at the level of the 4th trimester in the year 2006). Moreover, in the context of the European banking system integration, we appreciate that a necessary solution which the Romanian commercial banks’ managers should take into consideration is that of concentrating
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... THE IMPORTANCE OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF INTEGRATED INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN THE RESTRUCTURING AND EUROPEAN INTEGRATION PROCESS OF ORGANIZATIONS Moisuc Diana-Aderina “Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj Napoca Faculty of Economics and Business Administration ùteliac Nela “Babes-Bolyai” ... importance of the implementation of integrated information systems in the background restructuring of the organization, which can thus become consistent and competitive with the European Union one, so the integration process becomes a real and possible one. Keywords: integrated information systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship ... private domain) are aware of the importance of this solution in the background restructuring of the organization which can become thus compatible and competitive with those of the European Union. Therefore, the integration process becomes a real and possible one. References 1. Fotache, D., Hurbean, L., SoluĠii informatice integrate pentru gestiunea afacerilor
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Metallurgical characteristics of Samarco Mineraçãos product portfolio and their influences on Western European blast furnace operations

... Western European sinter and their mixtures.........................................96 Figure 98: Reducibility R of burden Samarco pellets and typical Western European sinter tested separately. ..............................................................................................97 Figure 99: Reducibility R of PBFMB45 and typical Western European ... Sinter. .............98 Figure 100: Reducibility R of PBFSTD and typical Western European sinter...............99 Figure 101: Reducibility R of PBFHB and typical Western European sinter. ..............100 Figure 102: CO reference points for Samarco pellets and typical Western European sinter. ........................................................................................................................102 ... for the production of the typical Western European sinter sample Table V – 4 Quality characteristics of the sinter fines utilized for the production of the typical Western European sinter sample Table VI – 4 Quality characteristics of the raw materials utilized for the production of the typical Western European sinter sample Table VII – 4 Sinter
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Phenotypic profile of peripheral blood lymphocytes from European bovines.

... p.107-110, 2004 Comunicação [Communication] Perfil fenotípico de linfócitos periféricos de bovinos de raças européias [Phenotypic profile of peripheral blood lymphocytes from European bovines] J.F.F. Bittar1, M.F.B. Ribeiro2, A.P.V. Marciano3, J.H.P. Salcedo4, O.A. Martins-Filho5 1Instituto de Estudos Avançados em Veterinária da Universidade de Uberaba ... animals showed a lower T/B ratio than the lymphocytes from Hereford animals. These results suggest the existence of different phenotypic profiles of peripheral lymphocytes from European breeds of cattle. Such differences may be related to the different pattern of immune response described for these breeds in the literature and may account to varying disease
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Isolation of Pasteurella spp. and Vibrio spp. in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): susceptibility to different antibiotic groups.

... 2004 Comunicação [Communication] Isolamento de Pasteurella spp. e Vibrio spp. em robalos (Dicentrarchus labrax). Susceptibilidade a diferentes grupos de antibióticos [Isolation of Pasteurella spp. and Vibrio spp. in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). Susceptibility to different antibiotic groups] M.J. Saavedra, R.D. Brito, M. Sousa, A. Alves, P. Rema Universidade de Trás-os-Montes ... R Palavras-chave: Dicentrarchus labrax, antibióticos, resistência, pasteurelose ABSTRACT The most frequent infectious diseases that affect fish are those of bacterial origin. In European sea bass fish farms (Dicentrarchus labrax) are included Vibrio spp., Pasteurella piscicida and Myxobacter spp. In addition to these, it is also possible to find, although ... the development of strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Bearing that in mind, a survey was conducted on the susceptibility of isolated strains of bacteria found in juvenile European sea bass. It was concluded that chloranphenicol and tetracycline are two important antibiotic alternatives for therapy against isolated bacterial agents. Keywords: Dicentrarchus
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A comparative study on accounting heredity: the case of ex soviet countries versus other eastern european countries

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Incidence and reproduction numbers of pertussis: estimates from serological and social contact data in five European countries.

... Therefore, social contact data were collected in several European countries in the years 2005/2006, enabling agePLoS Medicine | Methods Serological Data, Immunization Scheme, and Coverages During the European Sero Epidemiology Network (ESEN) project serological data were collected in seven European countries for a number of infectious diseases, ... pertussis serological data from five European countries (Finland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom) as collected during the mid1990s prior to the introduction of adolescent booster doses [13]. We also use age-dependent contact data from the same countries, as collected during the POLYMOD project (a European Union funded project on ‘‘Improving ... exist. Abbreviations: BIC, Bayes Information Criterion; ESEN, European Sero Epidemiology Network; PT, pertussis toxin. * E-mail: PLoS Medicine | 1 June 2010 | Volume 7 | Issue 6 | e1000291 Incidence of Pertussis dependent mixing patterns to be described for eight European countries [21]. In this article, we bring
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