Docking Study

Associations of Bone Mineral Density with Lean Mass, Fat Mass, and Dietary Patterns in Postmenopausal Chinese Women: A 2-Year Prospective Study.

... inclusion criteria were included in the study. According to a previous study[ 26], the postmenopausal status was defined as menopause at least one year since the last natural menstruation. The postmenopausal women aged between 50 and 65 years at the time of the study and having lived in Harbin for at least 5 years were eligible for this study. Subjects were excluded ... independent variables and the rest as the covariates. Therefore, the findings of this study would improve our understanding of the dynamic contributions of lean mass, fat mass, and other factors to BMD in a longitudinal study. Limitations to the present study should be noted. Firstly, the study subjects were selected from one clinic, and they were unlikely to represent ... surgery, premenopausal hysterectomy, gastric resection and thyroidectomy; (v) used estrogen at the time of the study or had taken drugs for a month or more; and (vi) were likely to migrate. Finally, 282 women were included in the study. The study protocol was approved by the National Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety Chinese Center for Disease Control
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Cross-sectional study of height and weight in the population of Andalusia from age 3 to adulthood

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A millifluidic study of cell-to-cell heterogeneity in growth-rate and cell-division capability in populations of isogenic cells of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

... RESEARCH ARTICLE A Millifluidic Study of Cell-to-Cell Heterogeneity in Growth-Rate and CellDivision Capability in Populations of Isogenic Cells of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii a11111 OPEN ACCESS Citation: Damodaran SP, Eberhard S, Boitard L, Rodriguez JG, Wang Y, Bremond N, et al. (2015) A Millifluidic Study of Cell-to-Cell Heterogeneity in Growth-Rate ... genetic compartments [56,60–62]. Chlamydomonas is hence very widely used in the study of photosynthesis [55,58,63], chloroplast biogenesis and gene expression [55,58,64] and flagellar assembly and motility [65]. In some instances Chlamydomonas has been used as a model organism to study human health-related issues, notably ciliopathies [66–68], as well as for ... cells over periods of a week, but is also able to sort and collect drops of interest, containing viable and healthy cells, which can be used for further experimentation. In this study, we used isogenic algal cells that were first synchronized in mixotrophic growth conditions. We show that these synchronized cells, when placed in droplets and kept in mixotrophic
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Docking Studies on Anticancer Drugs for Breast Cancer Using Hex

... novel compounds. One such method is the docking of the drug molecule with the receptor (target). The site of drug action, which is ultimately responsible for the pharmaceutical effect, is a receptor [4]. Docking is the process by which two molecules fit together in 3D space. II. TOOLS & MATERIALS USED For our present study we used bioinformatics tools, biological ... displaying feasible docking modes of pairs of protein and DNA molecules. Hex can also calculate Protein-Ligand Docking, assuming the ligand is rigid, and it can superpose pairs of molecules using only knowledge of their 3D shapes [8]. It uses Spherical Polar Fourier (SPF) correlations to accelerate the calculations and its one of the few docking programs ... their SMILES notation obtained from Drug Bank and the structural analogues of these drugs were sketched. The docking analysis of Raloxifene and Toremifene with Human estrogen receptor was carried by HEX docking software. ISBN: 978-988-17012-2-0 Docking allows the scientist to virtually screen a database of compounds and predict the strongest binders
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Equilibrium and kinetic study on chromium (VI) removal from simulated waste water using gooseberry seeds as a novel biosorbent

... Global J. Environ. Sci. Manage., 1(3): 233-244, Summer 2015 Global J. Environ. Sci. Manage., 1(3): 233-244, Summer 2015 ISSN 2383 - 3572 Equilibrium and kinetic study on chromium (VI) removal from simulated waste water using gooseberry seeds as a novel biosorbent *J. Aravind; G. Sudha; P. Kanmani; A.J. Devisri; S. Dhivyalakshmi; M. Raghavprasad Department ... constants k and q0 was found to be 0.0061 (L/mg) and 19.23 (mg/g). The adsorption system obeyed Pseudo second order kinetics with R2 value of 0.999. The results of the present study indicated that gooseberry seed powder can be employed as adsorbent for the effective removal of hexavalent chromium economically. Keywords: Biosorption, Cr(VI), Equilibrium, ... phosphor group to which heavy metal bind. In this context, Gooseberry seed powder (Phyllanthus acidus), a novel biosorbent was examined for Cr(VI) binding efficiency. In the present study, various parameters which influence Cr(VI) removal such as pH, initial metal ion concentration, contact time and adsorbent dosage were investigated in a batch mode. Analytical
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Uncertainty analysis of a spatially explicit annual water-balance model: case study of the Cape Fear basin, North Carolina

... comparable to the model structure uncertainties. Our case study supports the use of the model for predicting land-use change effect on water provisioning, although its use for identifying areas of high water yield will be influenced by precipitation errors. While some results are context-specific, our study provides general insights and methods to help identify ... inform the latter, this paper focuses on the former, since typical measurements of water yield (streamflow) are inherently aggregated. Using a case study in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina (NC), our study (i) quantifies the effect of parameter uncertainty on model outputs through sensitivity analyses, (ii) compares the distributed application of ... following sections, we describe the study area, the methods for the sensitivity analyses and uncertainty assessment of input parameters and forcing variables, and our approach to assess the structural error of the model: comparison with observations, and with the (classical) lumped model predictions. 3.1 Cape Fear study area The Cape Fear catchment
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Differential selection on carotenoid biosynthesis genes as a function of gene position in the metabolic pathway: a study on the carrot and dicots.

... reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Funding: This study was supported by grants from the Pays de la Loire region. Jérémy Clotault was a PhD student funded by the French Ministry of Research. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Competing ... Peltier D, Soufflet-Freslon V, Briard M, Geoffriau E (2012) Differential Selection on Carotenoid Biosynthesis Genes as a Function of Gene Position in the Metabolic Pathway: A Study on the Carrot and Dicots. PLoS ONE 7(6): e38724. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0038724 Editor: Miguel A. Blazquez, Instituto de Biologı́a Molecular y Celular de Plantas, Spain Received ... Differential Selection on Carotenoid Biosynthesis Genes as a Function of Gene Position in the Metabolic Pathway: A Study on the Carrot and Dicots Jérémy Clotault1,2,3*, Didier Peltier1,2,3, Vanessa Soufflet-Freslon1,2,3, Mathilde Briard1,2,3, Emmanuel Geoffriau1,2,3 1 Université d’Angers,
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Modeling and Optimisation of Distribution Networks Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms: A Comparative Study

... depending on the capacity of the DC. On the other hand, the operating costs for a DC are allocated as costs per actual unit transiting the DC: VI. CASE STUDY TABLE 2. STRUCTURE OF COSTS The case study mainly focuses on the second stages of the methodology to optimise the CLA problem. The distribution network is composed of 25 PFs, 10 DCs and 25 R. ... DCs; 3600000 Table 3. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF DISTRIBUTION NETWORK OVERALL COSTS. 3400000 Cost No. of DCs COSTS 3200000 3000000 2800000 2600000 2400000 1 7 13 19 25 31 37 43 49 55 61 67 73 79 85 91 97 103 109 115 121 127 133 139 145 GENERATION Fig. 2. Typical evolution of the results of the HGA VIII. A COMPARATIVE STUDY - APPLICATION OF THE HGA ... combinatorial explosion. The methodology presented here is a development of algorithms of similar complexity presented in [7], [8] and an extension of the work in [3], [4]. A complex case study, of considerable size and a complex cost structure, achieved excellent run times. It demonstrates the robustness of the Hybrid Genetic Algorithm (HGA) and its capacity to
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A Study on Selective Data Mining Algorithms

... IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 8, Issue 2, March 2011 ISSN (Online): 1694-0814 479 A Study on Selective Data Mining Algorithms 1 1 A.N.Pathak, 2 Manu Sehgal and 3 Divya Christopher Dr.A.N.Pathak, Professor & Head Applied Science, NITTTR Chandigarh -160019, India 2 Department ... problem is to weight the classification taking into account the distance from the test point to each of its k nearest neighbors. 3.4) Parameter selection 4. Conclusions This study has given a brief view of different algorithms that can be used for data mining. we have discussed one algorithms each on clustering and classification. Partitional clustering
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Monofractal or multifractal: a case study of spatial distribution of mining-induced seismic activity

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... and genotypes used in vogue. Therefore there is a need for study the variations for growth, yield and quality traits. 142 Annals of West University of Timişoara, ser. Biology, 2015, vol XVIII (2), pp. 139-144 The results were obtained from the experiment conducted during Kharif 2014 to study the yield performance and quality parameters among the ... higher in Virginia. The soluble sugars content in groundnut varies from 9.2 to 13.3% (Asibuo et al., 2008). Primary importance in groundnut is the oil 139 KOKKIRIPATI et al: Study on the performance of groundnut (Arachis hypogea l.) genotypes for seed yield and quality traits content of the seed, and in Indian cultivated groundnut varieties it ranges ... area, production and productivity of groundnut in Uttar Pradesh during 2013-14 is 0.10 million hectares, 0.09 million tons, 896 kg/ha (Anonymous, 2014). Hence, in this present study, 11 groundnut genotypes were undertaken for evaluation based on seed yield and quality traits. MATERIALS AND METHODS The field experiment was conducted during kharif 2014
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Eukaryotic expression system Pichia pastoris affects the lipase catalytic properties: a monolayer study.

... be identical to the native enzyme [16]. In this study, we report the expression of the tagged TPL (6HisrTPL) in Pichia pastoris. The recombinant tagged enzyme was purified and its kinetic properties are compared to the recombinant and the native forms using the monomolecular film technique in order to study the Recombinant expression Effects on Catalysis ... recombinant and tagged recombinant forms of a pancreatic lipase were compared using the monomolecular film technique. Turkey pancreatic lipase (TPL) was chosen as model. A kinetic study on the dependence of the stereoselectivity of these three forms on the surface pressure was performed using three dicaprin isomers spread in the form of monomolecular films ... regioselectivity without affecting its stereospecificity contrary to the N-tag extension which retained that regioselectivity and changed the stereospecificity at high surface pressures. The study of parameters, termed Recombinant expression Effects on Catalysis (REC), N-Tag Effects on Catalysis (TEC), and N-Tag and Recombinant expression Effects on Catalysis (TREC)
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Long-term mortality in patients with tuberculous meningitis: a Danish nationwide cohort study.

... has not been applicable. The usage of data from the various registries has been approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency. Study design This study was conducted as a population based nationwide cohort study. The study populations were all TBM patients registered in Denmark in the period 1972–2008 and a cohort of gender and age matched population ... mortality. In this population based cohort study the long-term mortality in TBM patients was compared to a population control cohort in a TB and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) low-endemic country with equal access to free, public health care. Materials and Methods Ethics statement This study is a registry based cohort study not involving animals or human ... The study was approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency. Results Characteristics of the study population In the period 1972–2008 a total of 127 patients were identified with TBM in DNPR and DTBR. Within the first year of diagnosis, 45 patients died (32%), two emigrated and 25 were less than 16 years of age at diagnosis leaving 55 in the study
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Socio-economic position has no effect on improvement in health-related quality of life and patient satisfaction in total hip and knee replacement: a cohort study.

... refute our hypothesis. Strengths of our study include the rigorous efforts to minimise confounding and the generalisability of our study population, due to the multi-center setting and the similarity of the demographics of our study population to those of large-scaled national joint registries.[31] Weaknesses of the study include the low participation ... presently reported study is an add-on to a multi-center follow-up study, conducted at the departments of orthopaedic surgery of the Leiden University Medical Center, the Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam, the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Dordrecht and the Groene Hart hospital in Gouda, the Netherlands, from August 2010 until August 2011 (see Study Time-line ... (8.3–8.9) doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0056785.t004 present in any particular study. [35] The difference between participants and nonparticipants is far more important.[36] As the found differences in demographics were small, it is unlikely that the study results will be severely biased. The follow-up period after joint replacement varies between 1.5 and 6 years in this study (Figure 1 and 2). Theoretically,
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Determining the State of Being Subject to Mobbing: A Study on Nurses

... Çalışma İlkay Sevinç TURAÇ, Bayram ŞAHİN* Mobbinge Maruz Kalma Durumunun Belirlenmesi: Determining the State of Being Subject to Mobbing: A Hemşireler Üzerine Bir Çalışma Study on Nurses Özet Abstract Hemşirelerin mobbinge maruz kalma durumlarının belirlenmesi amacıyla Ankara’daki beş hastanede çalışan hemşireler üzerinde anket yapılmıştır.
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Correlation study on equine bone densitometry and third metacarpus diaphyseal perimeter.

... p.1065-1069, 2012 Comunicação [Communication] Estudo da correlação da densitometria óssea e do perímetro diafisário medial do terceiro metacarpiano em equinos [Correlation study on equine bone densitometry and third metacarpus diaphyseal perimeter] A.C.S. Aguiar1, V.M.V. Machado2, R.V. Santos3, J.N.P. Puoli Filho2, M.D.S. Mota2, L.C. Vulcano2 1Aluna ... metacarpiano como método de seleção de animais com menor risco de fratura. Palavras-chave: ultrassonografia quantitativa, equinos, terceiro metacarpiano ABSTRACT In this study, 14 “post mortem” equine metacarpal bones were evaluated to correlate the medial III metacarpus perimeter to dorsal bone density of the same region using Computed Tomography
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Retrospective study of 19 cases of polioencephalomalacia in cattle, responsive to the treatment with thiamine.

... n.1, p.239-241, 2007 Comunicação [Communication] Estudo retrospectivo de 19 casos de polioencefalomalácia, em bovinos, responsivos ao tratamento com tiamina [Retrospective study of 19 cases of polioencephalomalacia in cattle, responsive to the treatment with thiamine] L.C.N. Mendes1, A.S. Borges2, J.R. Peiró1, F.L.F. Feitosa1, C.R. Anhesini3 1Departamento
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Hematoma extradural estudo radiológico comparativo entre pacientes em coma e não comatososExtradural hematoma: comparative radiological study between, comatous and noncomatous patients.

... Bricolo A P , Pasut L M . Extradural hematoma: toward the mortality: a prospective study. Neurosurgery 1985, 16:602-606. 7. Chan K H , Mann KS, Y u e CP, Fan Y W , Cheng M. The significance o f skull fracture in acute traumatic intracranial hematomas in adolescents: a prospective study. J Neurosurg 1990, 72:189-194. 8. Choux M, Grisoli F, Peragut JC. Extradural ... por apresentarem lesões associadas intracranianas únicas ou múltiplas. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: hematoma extradural, coma, neuroimagem. Extradural hematoma: comparative radiological study between, comatous and noncomatous patients SUMMARY — A series of 129 patients harbouring extradural hematomas was analysed considering the neurological state immediately ... 1:1240-1242. 40. Mohsenipour I, Kostron H, Russeggu L. Das luzide Interval bein epiduralen Hämatom. Zbl Neurochir 1982, 43:121-125. 41. Munro D, Maltby GL. Extradural hemorrhage: a study of forty-four oases. Ann Surg 1941. 113:192-203. 42. Neubauer UJ. Extradural haematoma of the posterior fossa: twelve years experience with CT-scan. Acta Neurochir (Wien)
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A Usability Study of the Automatic Ticket Vending Machines for the Middle-aged and Elderly Patrons: The Case of the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit System

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CD29.R6: Study of the holding of technical discussions during meetings of the Directing Council and the Pan American Sanitary Conference

... REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 26 September – 3 October 1983 RESOLUTION CD29.R6 STUDY OF THE HOLDING OF TECHNICAL DISCUSSIONS DURING MEETINGS OF THE DIRECTING COUNCIL AND THE PAN AMERICAN SANITARY CONFERENCE THE 29th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having examined the study on the holding of Technical Discussions during meetings of the Directing Council ... compliance with Resolution XXVI of the XXI Pan American Sanitary Conference (Document CD29/8); Aware of the need to enable the Governing Bodies to give all necessary time to the study and approval of the proposed biennial program budgets of the Pan American Health Organization, without detriment to the interest and importance that must attach to the holding
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CD23.R27: Study of technical discussions

... COUNCIL   27th SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 29 September – 8 October 1975 RESOLUTION CD23.R27 STUDY OF TECHNICAL DISCUSSIONS THE 23rd DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having studied Document CD23/16 and its Annex I on the study of the Technical Discussions carried out by the Executive Committee; and Agreeing with the Executive Committee1 ... Conference or the Council, as has been the practice up to the present. 2. To note with satisfaction the study and the documents of the Executive Committee and the recommendations contained therein. 3. To instruct the Executive Committee to continue to study the matter thoroughly, with due regard to the observations made at the present meeting. Sept.–Oct.
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CD19.R18: Report of the study group on the coordination of the medical care services of ministries of health, social security institutes, and universities

... 1969 RESOLUTION CD19.R18 REPORT OF THE STUDY GROUP ON THE COORDINATION OF THE MEDICAL CARE SERVICES OF MINISTRIES OF HEALTH, SOCIAL SECURITY INSTITUTES, AND UNIVERSITIES THE 19th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having examined the report of the Director of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (Document CD19/19, Rev. 1)1 apprising the Directing Council of the Final Report of the Study Group ... which met at Washington, D.C., from 4 to 8 August 1969, RESOLVES 1. To thank the members of the Study Group for their work. 2. To thank the Organization of American States for its assistance in organizing the meeting. 3. To confirm the recommendations of the Study Group. 4. To recommend to the Director that he give the report the widest possible circulation ... that he organize zone meetings of senior health, social security, and medical education officials for the purpose of discussing how and to what extent the recommendations of the Study Group can be applied in the countries concerned. Sept.–Oct. 1969 OD 99, 68
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CD14.R26: Study of the organization of the PSC

... COUNCIL   15th SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 16 - 25 October 1963 RESOLUTION CD14.R26 STUDY OF THE ORGANIZATION OF THE PSC THE 14th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having examined the report of the Director of the Bureau on the study of the structure and organization of the Pan American Sanitary Conference, and the replies received from ... (Document CD14/5); and Bearing in mind that many Governments have not as yet expressed [an] opinion on the various points under study, RESOLVES 1. To urge the Governments that have promised to make comment with regard to the study of the organization of the Pan American Sanitary Conference, and those that have not as yet replied to the Director on
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Study of mycoses in the Americas

... nation-wide study of the disease. The committee was composed of 13 persons specialized in the various phases to be covered by the study (clinicians, mycologists, bacteriologists, parasitologists, pathologists, dermatologists, epidemiologists, otorhinolaryngologists, and odontologists). By statutory provision, the Coordinating Committee for a Nation-wide Study ... submit to you our Government's request to include on the agenda of the XI Ileeting of the Council, to be held this year, the topic "Study of Mycoses in the Americas," For this purpose, I am enclosing two multigraphed copies of the study document and a proposed resolution on this topic, In view of the ever-growing importance of this group of diseases, and ... American Health Organization. Very truly yours, (Signed) E. Santo Mendoza Minister of Health and Social Welfare CD1i/3 (Eng.) ANNEX II Page 1 "STUDY CF MYCOSES IN THE AMERICAS" Coordinating Committee for a Nation-wide Study of Mycoses Venezuelan Experience Gradually and spontaneously, largely through individual effort, knowledge of the mycoses in Venezuela
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Provisional agenda item 16: aedes aegypti; report on the status of the cost-benefit study

... cost-benefit study in a period of six months. After CE68/13 Page 2 (Eng.) having discussed the proposed plan and budget estimates, the Executive Committee adopted Resolution V authorizing the Director to receive voluntary contributions from the countries for financing the study and to contract the necessary services for carrying out the study in accordance ... PAHO Study Group on the prevention of Aedes aegypti-borne diseases, which shall be carried out at the lowest possible cost and without increasing the budget; and to endeavor to obtain sufficient voluntary contributions. "To request the Director to submit to the 66th Meeting the Executive Committee a report on the status of the proposed cost-benefit study. " of In ... 16 REPORT In accordance CE68/13 (Eng.) 15 May 1972 ORIGINAL: SPANISH ON THE STATUS with OF THE COST-BENEFIT the instructions contained STUDY in Resolution XXIII of the XIX Directing Council (September-October 1969), a PAHO study group on the prevention of Aedes aegypti-borne diseases was convened (February 1970). Resolution VII of the 64th Meeting of
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