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An Assessment between Software Development Life Cycle Models of Software Engineering

... Development Models, Software Development Life Cycle, Comparison among five models of Software Engineering 1. Introduction No one can disagree with the significance of computer in our life, mainly during the current time. Actually, computer has become indispensible in today's life as it is used in several areas of life for example industry, medicine, commerce, ... 1998. [3] Steve Easterbrook, "Software Lifecycles", Universityof Toronto Department of Computer Science, 2001. [4] National Instruments Corporation, "Lifecycle Models",2006 , http://zone.ni.com. [5] JJ Kuhl, "Project Lifecycle Models: How They Differ and When to Use Them",2002 www.businessesolutions.com. [6] Karlm, "Software Lifecycle Models', KTH,2006 . [7] ... V-Shaped life cycle is a sequential path of execution of processes. Each phase must be completed before the next phase begins. Testing is emphasized in this model more than the waterfall model. The testing procedures are developed early in the life cycle before any coding is done, during each of the phases preceding implementation. Requirements begin the life
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Dance type and flight parameters are associated with different mushroom body neural activities in worker honeybee brains.

... suggest that the foraging frequency and visual experience during foraging are associated with different MB neural activities. Citation: Kiya T, Kubo T (2011) Dance Type and Flight Parameters Are Associated with Different Mushroom Body Neural Activities in Worker Honeybee Brains. PLoS ONE 6(4): e19301. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0019301 Editor: Daniel Osorio, ... non-GABAergic neuron activity in the optic lobes of the forager and re-orienting worker honeybee (Apis mellifera L.). PLoS One 5: e8833. 19. Barron A, Srinivasan MV (2006) Visual regulation of ground speed and headwind compensation in freely flying honey bees (Apis mellifera L.). J Exp Biol 209: 978–984. 8 April 2011 | Volume 6 | Issue 4 | e19301 ... distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Funding: This work was supported in part by the Program for Promotion of Basic Research Activities for Innovative Bioscience (PROBRAIN) and the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas ‘‘Systems Molecular Ethology’’ from the Ministry of Education,
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Monitoring of aphid flight activities in seed potato crops in Serbia

... ZooKeys 319: 333–346 (2013) Monitoring of aphid flight activities in seed potato crops in Serbia doi: 10.3897/zookeys.319.4315 A peer-reviewed open-access journal Research article www.zookeys.org 333 Launched to accelerate biodiversity research Monitoring of aphid flight activities in seed potato crops in Serbia Andja Vučetić1, Tanja ... A, Vukov T, Jovičić I, Petrović-Obradović O (2013) Monitoring of aphid flight activities in seed potato crops in Serbia. In: Popov A, Grozeva S, Simov N, Tasheva E (Eds) Advances in Hemipterology. ZooKeys 319: 333–346. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.319.4315 Abstract Aphid flight activities in seed potato fields have been studied by the yellow water traps. It ... critical period of virus infection (Van Harten 1983). It is a good way to stop virus transmission from leaves to tubers. In Serbia the maximum aphid flight activities and at the same time the maximum vector activities occur end of May-early June (Petrović-Obradović 2003). In that period, potato is at early stages of growth and desiccation is not possible.
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Pre-Altitude Serum Ferritin Levels and Daily Oral Iron Supplement Dose Mediate Iron Parameter and Hemoglobin Mass Responses to Altitude Exposure.

... respectively, of oral iron supplement daily. Serum ferritin levels decreased by -33.2% [-46.9, -15.9] and 13.8% [-32.2, 9.7] from pre-altitude levels in athletes who supplemented with nil and 105 mg of oral iron supplement daily, but increased by 36.8% [1.3, 84.8] in athletes supplemented with 210 mg of oral iron daily. Finally, athletes who ingested ... Ferritin Levels and Daily Oral Iron Supplement Dose Mediate Iron Parameter and Hemoglobin Mass Responses to Altitude Exposure. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0135120. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0135120 Editor: James R. Connor, The Pennsylvania State University Hershey Medical Center, UNITED STATES Abstract Purpose To investigate the influence of daily oral iron supplementation ... enhanced erythroid iron incorporation and Hbmass in iron supplemented athletes. Moreover, daily oral iron supplementation attenuated the reduction in serum ferritin levels following altitude exposure, compared with non-iron supplemented athletes. Therefore, we conclude that daily oral iron supplementation may support Hbmass production and maintain iron balance
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Subjective Preferences of Criterion-Oriented Support of Professional Activities of Managers

... understood under effectiveness of activities. It is an objective of this research to define main psychological and economic constructs of indicators of professional activities of a manager throught the analysis of criteria for assessing activities, as well as to reveal similarities and differences in a criterion-oriented support of activities in managers having ... subjective criteria for assessing professional activities, the degree of differentiation and congruency of activities provide evidence of not only a qualitative content of an employee’s 360 Fairuza S. Ismagilova, Galina S. Mirolyubova work experience, but of his/her ability to work out the very criteria for appraising activities as well, which is important ... Support of Professional Activities? ?? 361 The results of our research in problems of professional activities carried out in 2008-2010 and involving mid-level and top-level executives of companies from the Ural region determine the relevance of the research in psychological aspects of criterion-oriented support of professional activities. In particular,
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Building citizenship and life skills

... emergency education to convey ? ?life skills’ for survival. Education is essential to help conflict-affected children and youngsters to live a normal life and to prepare them for adulthood in what will hopefully be a more peaceful environment. Children exposed to violence and aggression from an early age need to be educated in basic life skills and values so ... and life skills FMR 22 to life issues such as conflict and health. These objectives are very different from learning knowledge by heart, and entail higher-level cognitive objectives as well as social and emotional development. They require experiential approaches to learning, suited to each age group, in which students undertake simple stimulus activities ... http://web.mit.edu/cis/ www/migration/pubs/mellon/3_somalia.html 2. See p30 Building citizenship and life skills by Margaret Sinclair As displaced people are sheltered (some would say ‘warehoused’) in huge camps, is enough being done to help them acquire the life and survival skills to enable a future based on reconciliation, human rights and democratic
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... (Table 2). Out of 238, 10 bulls had productive life beyond 12 years (Fig. 3). Average number of semen doses produced by these bulls was 60070 ± 6524. The common duration of productive life was between 1 and Table 2: Frequency of Sahiwal bulls for productive life and average semen doses produced Productive life (years) Number of bulls Cumulative %age 12 Overall 9 54 57 48 37 12 11 10 238 03. ... may not be useful indices for selection for higher milk yield. The productive life of a bull is important for efficient utilization of resources. Semen volume and ejaculate characteristics improve with bull’s age (Brito et al., 2002; Fuerst-Waltl et al., 2006). The productive life of Sahiwal bulls brought to SPU since 1972 ranged S.D 1214 794 774 1702 975 1626 1920 3701 3629 2816 2741 2510 1948 2166 1378 1785 2256 2121 2167 2587 2923 2372 2575 3314 3085 950 3523 4119 3239 3440 2823 upto ... desired genetic improvement in Sahiwal cattle due to indiscriminate use of bulls for AI in Punjab. Fig. 4: Productive life vs semen doses produced by Sahiwal bulls under progeny testing programme. Fig. 3: Distribution of Sahiwal bulls for productive life. This meant that for allocation of resources, if 5000 semen doses were to be collected from a bull, on the average
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Association of PER2 genotype and stressful life events with alcohol drinking in young adults.

... a means to cope with life events. Table 2. Linear regression models testing the effects of PER2 rs56013859 genotype, severe negative life events and their interaction on drinking measures in young adult regular drinkers (n = 131). Drinking measures1 rs56013859 genotype Severe negative life events rs56013859 6 severe negative life events B p B p B p Number ... homozygotes, each additional life event increased the AUDIT score by 0.669 (SE = 0.123), while not significantly decreasing the AUDIT score by 0.108 (SE = 0.268) in G carriers. Figure 1 visualizes the interaction, using a median split on the life events measure. There were no other interactions between PER2 genotype and severe life stress with regard to ... from 0 to 21. Stressful life events were assessed with a modified and shortened version of the Munich Events List (MEL) [31]. The questionnaire asked for occurrence and threat of severe life events and chronic difficulties in the four years prior to the assessment in young adulthood. The items addressed all areas of a young adult’s life from school to job,
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Influence of long-term fertilization on soil enzyme activities

... correlation between enzymatic activities and chemical properties in the 0-10 cm layer (Table 4) showed that soil enzyme activities were significantly correlated with chemical properties. This indicates that enzyme activities were associated with active microorganisms in soil which are the major source of soil enzymes. The activities of all five enzymes ... phosphatase activities, disodium phenylphosphate served as enzyme substrate. Two activities were measured: acid phosphatase activity in reaction mixtures to which acetate buffer (pH 5.0) was added and alkaline phosphatase activity in reaction mixtures treated with borax buffer (pH 9.4). The buffer solutions were prepared as recommended by [13]. Phosphatase activities ... correlations between the enzymatic activities and chemical indicators were determined according to the methods described in [15]. 113 Influence OF Long-Term Fertilization on Soil Enzyme Activities RESULTS Results of the enzymological analyses are presented in Table 1. Table 1. The effect of different types of green manure on enzymatic activities in a brown luvic
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The Specific Role of Relationship Life Events in the Onset of Depression during Pregnancy and the Postpartum.

... DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0144131 December 8, 2015 4 / 12 Relationship Life Events and Depression during the Perinatal Period activities (e.g. residence, employment, life events) and is marked with key events in a respondents life, such as birthdays. The interview begins by gathering information on life trajectories (e.g. where the respondent has lived) and then ... more in depth interview to gather information on mental health, recent life events, personality functioning and relationship functioning. Depression diagnosis, assessed using the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia-Lifetime (SADS [38]), and life events, gathered using the Life History Calendar (LHC [38]), were used for this study. The interviews ... [10,22]). The findings are consistent with the hypothesis that life events which are more personally salient will be stronger predictors of depression onset than other life events. Previously, Brown and colleagues [30] demonstrated that the occurrence of life events which ‘matched’ an important area of life commitment were three times more likely to precipitate
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Identification of anti-ErbB2 dual variable domain immunoglobulin (DVD-Ig™) proteins with unique activities.

... that showed enhanced cell proliferation significantly promoted pTyr, pAkt, and pErk signaling (Fig. 2B), suggesting that they enhance N87 cell proliferation through an ErbB2 signaling pathway. Together, the signaling data are consistent with the cell proliferation data. Figure 1. Anti-ErbB2 DVD-Ig proteins inhibit cell proliferation. (A) Calu-3, (B) ... and Variable Domain Orientations Show Different Effects on Cell Proliferation To test whether the anti-ErbB2 DVD-Ig proteins retained the cell proliferation inhibition activity of mAb1 and mAb2, we screened the eight DVD-Ig proteins in a panel of human cancer cell lines via cell proliferation assay. Among the cells that responded to mAb1 and mAb2, ... are consistent with what observed in the cell proliferation assay: DVD687 induces cell cycle progression but has no effect on apoptosis which resulted in the enhancement of N87 cell proliferation; DVD688 induces apoptosis but has little effect on cell cycle, which resulted in the inhibition of N87 cell proliferation. In contrast, DVD687 and DVD688 show
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Averaged strain energy density-based synthesis of crack initiation life in notched steel bars under torsional fatigue

... total fatigue life of the austenitic stainless steel increases with increasing stress concentration factor for a given applied nominal shear stress amplitude. By using the electrical potential drop method, Tanaka observed that the crack nucleation life was reduced with increasing stress concentration, on the other hand the crack propagation life increased. ... phases. The initiation life was defined in correspondence of a 0.1÷0.4-mm-deep crack. It was observed that the total fatigue life of the austenitic stainless steel (SUS316L) increases with increasing stress concentration factor for a given applied nominal shear stress amplitude. In particular, Tanaka [13] observed that the crack nucleation life was reduced ... acting during the fatigue crack propagation phase, such as sliding contact and/or friction between fracture surfaces, crack initiation life has been considered in the present work. In the original paper, initiation life was defined in correspondence of a 0.1÷0.4-mm-deep crack. The control radius R0 for fatigue strength assessment of notched components,
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Socio-economic position has no effect on improvement in health-related quality of life and patient satisfaction in total hip and knee replacement: a cohort study.

... in disease-specific quality of life in patients with more disadvantaged SEP than in patients with less disadvantaged SEP. However, not all patients were measured at each time point. A cross-sectional comparison at each time point precludes judgment on the actual within-patient improvement in disease-specific quality of life. Due to methodological shortcomings ... doi:10.1093/rheumatology/ kel184 15. Gill TMFeinstein AR(n.d.) A critical appraisal of the quality of quality-of -life measurements. JAMA: the journal of the American Medical Association 272: 619–626. 16. Muldoon MF, Barger SD, Flory JD, Manuck SB (1998) What are quality of life measurements measuring? BMJ (Clinical research ed) 316: 542–545. 17. Ware JE, Sherbourne ... examined. Citation: Keurentjes JC, Blane D, Bartley M, Keurentjes JJB, Fiocco M, et al. (2013) Socio-Economic Position Has No Effect on Improvement in Health-Related Quality of Life and Patient Satisfaction in Total Hip and Knee Replacement: A Cohort Study. PLoS ONE 8(3): e56785. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0056785 Editor: Francois Rannou, Cochin Hospital
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Ionospheric anomaly due to seismic activities-III: correlation between night time VLF amplitude fluctuations and effective magnitudes of earthquakes in Indian sub-continent

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Las características laborales del profesorado de las actividades físico-deportivas extraescolares en función de la edad y el sexo, dentro de la Comunidad de Madrid. (The employment characteristics of teachers of extracurricular sport activities according

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Regional activities

... 4 Brazil’s Response to Polio Outbreak in Angola ...................................... 4 Ecuador Holds National Immunization Day ........................................... 6 Regional Activities ................................................................................ 6 Reported Cases of Selected Diseases .................................................... ... (32%) No. of Cases Rate per 100,000 country is critical, since it aloccurred in the state of Santa lows for the rapid implemenCruz, 268 (32%) in Cochabamba, tation of control activities that and 200 (24%) in La Paz. The will result in decreased virus remaining 12% come from transmission. In this regard, it states of Oruro, Potosi, Beni, is encouraging ... be allowed for ample involvement of communities, and for adequate distribution of human and financial resources. • Special attention should be given to the decentralization of activities, to ensure that health areas take full responsibility for implementation. Measles Vaccination Campaigns in the Americas Region Country/Territory Andean Bolivia Colombia Ecuador Peru Venezuela Brazil Belize Costa
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Feeding in the first month of life, by social strata, in Córdoba, Argentina

... Stratum IV and then increased markedly in Stratum VI. When each infant’s feeding history for the first month of life was reconstructed, it was determined that in 98% of all cases natural breast-feeding had been attempted in the first week of life, and also that 88% of the infants had received milk formula at least once between birth and 1 month of age. With ... initially breast-fed. Second, a high percentage of these children received artificial milk during the first month of life. And third, relatively few of the children were receiving complete natural breast-feeding at the end of their first month of life. In much of Latin America, demographic and health surveys conducted between 1986 and 1994 (27-29) have shown ... that the median length of the complete natural breast-feeding period occurs within the first month of life. As this suggests, early introduction of formula was very prevalent, with 74% of the study infants receiving artificial milk by their first month of life- 14% being exclusively bottle-fed at that time and 60% receiving partial natural breast-feeding. Abandonment of
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Years of productive life lost to premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases

... Productive Life Lost to Premature Mortality from Cardiovascular Diseases1 INES LESSA* 444 Cardiovascular diseases exact a major toll in both developed and developing countries in terms of death, ill health, and premature incapacitation. This presentation concerns itself with the economic cost-expressed in terms of years of economically active life lost ... for men and 333,912.5 for women. As may be seen, in all the regions women appear to have lost more years of productive life per person dying than men. Both men and women suffered slightly higher average losses of economically active life per person dying of cardiovascular diseases in the less developed regions (the North, Northeast, and Midwest) than ... calculations (yielding the number of economically active years lost to cardiovascular disease) were made using the formula employed by Romeder and McWhinnie (20) to estimate potential years of life lost and reducing that formula’s upper limit from 70 years to 60. The resulting figures were then modified by multiplying the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases
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Role of nongovernmental organizations in health activities in Trinidad and Tobago

... the media and integrate HIV/AIDS activities with other health and social initiatives. The conclusions and recommendations stemming from this meeting will serve as a springboard for a renewed effort in the 1990s to stem the spread of STD and HIV/AIDS in the Americas. 444 Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Health Activities in Trinidad and Tobago As ... training for NGO personnel. Priorities for Future NGO Activities. Areas for NGO action urged by the conference included educating the population to adopt more responsibility for its health; identifying needs and alerting the government to changing patterns; emphasizing programs in such areas as lifestyle change, care of children and the elderly, and ... result of this conference, an ad hoc umbrella group was set up. This group has undertaken activities in project development training, mobilized support for establishing an NC0 resource center, and organized a communication workshop. In addition, priorities for NGO activities were agreed upon and are being implemented.
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Collaboration of member states in meetings and other international activities organized by the PASB

... Meeting Port-of-Spain Trinidad and Tobago October 1967 Provisional Agenda Item 35 CD17/24 (Eng.) 6 September 1967 ORIGINAL: SPANISH COLLABORATION OF MEMBER STATES IN MEETINGS AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES ORGANIZED BY THE PAN AMERICAN SANITARY BUREAU (Item proposed by the Government of Cuba) In view of the advances made in the medical sciences and the organization of ... an optimum level of performance is to be maintained in the national health services. Mindful of this fact the Government of Cuba encourages its departments to take part in the activities of the specialized agencies of the United Nations so that they may avail themselves of the experience of other countries and, at the same time, make the experience of
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CD14.R10: Report of PAHO activities in social and economic development

... 1963 RESOLUTION CD14.R10 REPORT OF PAHO ACTIVITIES IN SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT THE 14th DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having considered the report of the Director on the activities of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau in economic and social development (Document CD14/10); 1 and Considering the importance of these activities for the progress of the people ... (Document CD14/10); 1 and Considering the importance of these activities for the progress of the people of Latin America, RESOLVES 1. To approve the report of the Director on the activities of the Pan American Sanitary Bureau in economic and social development (Document CD14/10). 2. To recommend that the Director make the necessary arrangements with the
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CD13.R23: Economic aspects of health activities

... PAN AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION  WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION                    13rd DIRECTING COUNCIL   13rd SESSION OF THE REGIONAL COMMITTEE Washington D.C., 3 - 13 October 1961 RESOLUTION CD13.R23 ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF HEALTH ACTIVITIES THE 13rd DIRECTING COUNCIL, Bearing in mind Resolution X adopted by the Executive Committee at its 43rd Meeting; Considering that the Organization fully recognizes ... expressed by the observers from the Inter-American Development Bank and the Organization of American States, RESOLVES 1. To declare that the Organization should orient its activities in the future toward the attainment of the following objectives: a) To fulfill the role of PAHO in the implementation of the Act of Bogotá and the Charter of Punta del ... Este, particularly with reference to the strengthening of national health services and to the provision of potable water; b) To contribute even more effectively, through health activities, to the balanced social and economic development of the countries of the Americas; c) To emphasize the importance of health programs in the preparation of plans for
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Economic aspects of health activities

... (Eng.) 28 August 1961 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH Topic 17: ECOiNOMIC ASPECTS OF HEALTH ACTIVITIES In accordance with Resolution XXIII of the XII Meeting of the Directing Council, the Director presented to the 43rd Meeting of the Executive Committee a report on the economic aspects of health activities. The Executive Committee approved Resolution X, as follows: "The ... (Eng.) 28 August 1961 ORIGINAL: ENGLISH Topic 17: ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF HEALTH ACTIVITIES In accordance with Resolution XXIII of the XII Meeting of the Directing Council, the Director presented to the 43rd Meeting of the Executive Committee a report on the economic aspects of health activities. The Executive Committee approved Resolution X, as follows: "The ... Bogota, particularly with reference to the strengthening of national health services and to the provision of potable water. b. To contribute even more effectively, through health 'activities, to the balanced social and economic .development of the countries of the Americas. c., To emphasize the importance of health programs in the preparation of plans for
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Rotary International promotes immunization activities

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Training activities: local-level EPI courses: Peru, Guatemala and British Virgin Islands

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