Consume Bovine Liver Pregnant Women

Associations of Bone Mineral Density with Lean Mass, Fat Mass, and Dietary Patterns in Postmenopausal Chinese Women: A 2-Year Prospective Study.

... Women: A 2-Year Prospective Study Yongjie Chen1, Jing Xiang1, Zhiqiang Wang2, Yaming Xiao1, Dongmei Zhang3, Xia Chen4, Huiting Li5, Meina Liu1☯*, Qiuju Zhang1☯* 1 Department of Biostatistics, Public Health College, Harbin Medical University, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China, 2 School of Medicine, University of Queensland, Royal Brisbane & Women' s ... Dietary Patterns in Postmenopausal Chinese Women: A 2Year Prospective Study. PLoS ONE 10(9): e0137097. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0137097 Editor: Stephen L. Clarke, Oklahoma State University, UNITED STATES Received: March 20, 2015 Abstract Objective To assess factors associated with bone mineral density (BMD) in postmenopausal women in a longitudinal study, and ... reported that the correlation between lean mass and BMD was significantly higher than the correlation between fat mass and BMD in women[ 23]. Although the effects of lean mass and fat mass on BMD were comparable in postmenopausal women, the correlation for lean mass was still greater than correlation for fat mass. So far, however, the relative importance
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Consequences of missed opportunities for HIV testing during pregnancy and delayed diagnosis for Mexican women, children and male partners.

... morbidity or mortality of a child or a male partner, diagnosis when women developed AIDS-related complications, or testing to all pregnant women [8]. However, Mexican HIV legislation was not modified to include the obligation of healthcare services to offer HIV testing to all pregnant women until 2010 [9] and, as of June 2014, the national ANC legislation ... 1, all 14 pregnant women who were offered PITC and tested positive during ANC or intrapartum care received interventions to prevent vertical HIV transmission, as did another seven women who were diagnosed with HIV during pregnancy outside of ANC (21/48). Of the 34 women who were not diagnosed in ANC/intrapartum care, 27 were diagnosed after delivery and ... woman diagnosed at 38 weeks gestation delivered by cesarean section and her child was given antiretroviral prophylaxis; none of the three women diagnosed during labor received antiretroviral prophylaxis for themselves or their children but two delivered by caesarean section; and none of the women breastfed. Of the 21 women who learned their diagnosis during ANC
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Genetic characterization of complete open reading frame of glycoprotein C gene of bovine herpesvirus 1

... open reading frame of glycoprotein C gene of bovine herpesvirus 1, Veterinary World 6(11): 897-900. Abstract Aim: To characterize one of the major glycoprotein genes viz., glycoprotein C (gC; UL44, unique long region 44) of bovine herpesvirus 1(BoHV1) of Indian origin at genetic and phylogenetic level. Materials and Methods: A bovine herpesvirus 1 isolate viz., ... infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in mithun (Bos frontalis) in India. Rev Sci Tech 23:821–829. Nandi S, Kumar M, Manohar M, Chauhan RS (2009) Bovine herpes virus infections in cattle. Anim Health Res Rev 10:85–98. Spiliki FR, Esteves PA, Lima MD, Franco AC, Chiminazzo C, Flores EF, Weilblen R, Driemeier D, Roehe PM (2004) Comparative pathogenecity of Bovine ... References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Whetstone CA, Evermann JF (1988) Characterization of bovine herpesviruses isolated from six sheep and four goats by restriction endonuclease analysis and radioimmunoprecipitation. Am J Vet Res 49:781–785. Qu XY, Li CH (1988) Studies on diagnosing infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in yak by ELISA. China J Vet Sci Tech 3:5–8. Rajkhowa
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Social Skills and Perceived Maternal Acceptance-Rejection in Relation to Depression in Infertile Women

... acceptance-rejection and social skills of infertile women with depression and with no depression Variables Two groups SD Mean t Sig. (2-tailed) Mother’s women with 28.8 ± 157.9 7.3 0.00 acceptance- depression rejection women 30.8 ± 101.0 with no depression Social skills women with 6.2 ± 77.1 depression women with no depression 8.4 0.00 7.08 ± 91.6 The ... psychological disorders in infertile women is much higher, compared to infertile men and their spouses. The psychological consequences of infertility for women are severest (6). It is likely that women' s response to infertility is influenced by social and personal factors like parental acceptance or rejection and the women' s social skills. Accepting parents ... depressed and not depressed infertile women in their perceptions of acceptance and rejection by their mothers. Further, women' s perceptions of rejection are a more significant predictor of depression among less socially skilled infertile women than among those who are more socially skilled. Less socially skilled women did not show symptoms of depression
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Hyper-activated pro-inflammatory CD16 monocytes correlate with the severity of liver injury and fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B.

... CD16+ monocytes is closely associated with liver injury as indicated by the correlation with ALT levels and that the expression of CD16 on liver macrophages is associated with liver injury as indicated by the correlation with HAI scores in IA patients. Neutrophils are reduced in peripheral blood, but accumulated in the livers of in IA patients Activated ... the pathogenesis of HBV-induced liver disease. Discussion Non-HBV-specific infiltration of inflammatory cells into the liver is likely responsible for liver pathology during chronic HBV infection in humans; however, very little information available is known about the compartmentalization of cell types within the affected liver, let alone about the crosstalk ... peripheral blood, are associated with liver injury in CHB patients. In addition, Th17 cells were shown to activate the IL-17 receptor-expressing cells in the liver, while the latter recruited neutrophils through IL-8 and growth related oncogen a secretion in alcoholic liver disease [23]. Furthermore, IL-8 levels in livers of CHB patients are increased
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Hygienic characteristics of working conditions and their influence on biological age of women occupied in modern wallpaper industry

... characteristics of working conditions and their influence on biological age of women occupied in modern wallpaper industry// Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research. 2011. Vol. 7, № 2. P. 347–350. The article presents a complex sanitary characteristic of working conditions of women involved in wallpaper production. The main favorable factors of industrial ... ГМУ им. В. И. Разумовского Минздравсоцразвития России, профессор, доктор медицинских наук. HYGIENIC Characteristics of WORKING CONDITIONS AND THEIR INFLUENCE ON BIOLOGICAL AGE OF WOMEN OCCUPIED IN MODERN WALLPAPER industry N. N. Pichugina — Saratov State Medical University n.a. V. I. Razumovsky, Department of General Hygiene and Ecology, Postgraduate; Yu.
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Lack of the matricellular protein SPARC (secreted protein, acidic and rich in cysteine) attenuates liver fibrogenesis in mice.

... SPARC mRNA expression during liver fibrogenesis. (A) Quantitative data showing differences in SPARC mRNA expression levels in human cirrhotic (Pt#1 to Pt#5) with fibrosis degree F4 and non-cirrhotic liver samples as measured by qPCR. *p,0.05, **p,0.01 compared with healthy liver samples. Mann-Whitney test. (B) qPCR analyses of liver samples from TAA and ... accumulation in the liver is considered a sign of advanced liver fibrogenesis [25]. Consistent with previous results, TAA-treated SPARC+/+ mice livers showed significant deposition of hyaluronan within fibrous septae while it was almost absent in TAA-treated SPARC2/2 animals (Figure S1). Reduced Number of Activated Myofibroblasts in Fibrotic Livers from SPARC2/2 ... that the liver of SPARC deficient animals have a gene expression profile which likely makes them less susceptible to develop liver fibrosis. Microarray Analyses Show Changes in Gene Expression Pattern in Advanced Liver Fibrogenesis due to SPARC Deficiency To uncover new protective mechanisms involved in the observed reduction in the degree of liver fibrosis
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Preconception Screening for Gene Polymorphisms Associated with Thrombophilia and Hyperhomocysteinemia Risk in Healthy Young Women

... examination was conducted among 130 planned-pregnancy healthy young women aged between 19 and 29 years. A gene mutation analysis was performed using a real-time polymerase chain reaction (real-time PCR). Factor V Leiden (FVL G1691A) and prothrombin gene (FII G20210A) mutations were not identified in the women surveyed. The frequency of the occurrence of the heterozygous ... C677T/A1298C and MTRR A66G gene polymorphisms in planned-pregnancy healthy young women. Material and Methods The study was approved by the Сhita State MedicalAcademy Ethics Committee. A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted among 130 healthy planned-pregnancy young women aged between 19 and 29 years that did not have a pregnancy, family or individual ... identified in the women surveyed. The frequency of the normal homozygous  FVL 1691G/G genotype was significantly higher than the heterozygous FVL 1691G/A genotype ((99.2% (129/130) and 0.8% (1/130), respectively; P
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Kupffer cells hasten resolution of liver immunopathology in mouse models of viral hepatitis.

... e1002061 Kupffer Cells Resolve Liver Immunopathology Author Summary Kupffer cells (KCs), the resident macrophages of the liver, are considered important contributors to liver injury during viral hepatitis due to their pro-inflammatory activity. Herein we utilized two different mouse models of viral hepatitis (where liver damage is triggered, as during ... virus-specific CD8 T cells) to show that KCs do not directly induce liver injury nor do they affect the pathogenic potential of virusspecific CD8 T cells. Instead, KCs limit the severity of liver immunopathology. Mechanistically, our results are most compatible with the hypothesis that KCs contain liver immunopathology by removing dying hepatocytes. Dying hepatocytes ... production of this proinflammatory soluble mediator. As mentioned earlier, liver disease in this model is transient because IFN-c-dependent mechanisms rapidly eliminate viral gene products from the liver [17,25,27]. Accordingly, viral DNA, RNA and proteins disappeared from the liver of saline- and Clo-Ltreated mice with comparable kinetics (not shown
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Generalized Liver- and Blood-Derived CD8+ T-Cell Impairment in Response to Cytokines in Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection.

... contribution of liver- infiltrating CD8+ T-cells to the immunopathogenesis of this infection remain poorly understood. It is hypothesized that this impairment is partially due to reduced CD8+ T-cell activity in response to cytokines such as IL-7, particularly within the liver. To investigate this, the phenotype and cytokine responsiveness of blood- and liver- derived ... of Bcl-2 following IL7 stimulation was also lower in HCV infection and inversely related to the degree of liver fibrosis. In liver- derived CD8+ T-cells, STAT5 activation could not be increased with cytokine stimulation and basal Bcl-2 levels of liver- derived CD8+ T-cells were lower than bloodderived counterparts in HCV infection. Therefore, generalized ... observed in both circulating and liver- infiltrating CD8+ T-cells. This was a challenging study, as the relatively low number of IH-CD8+ T-cells in a liver biopsy of an HCV-infected individual limited the breadth of these investigations. In addition, the recent increased use of elastography diagnostics (i.e. fibroscan), instead of liver biopsies, has significantly
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... newborns taken after delivery from women. The group of women has been divided into two groups depending on number of pregnancies: nulliparous (n=53) and multiparous (n=46). The samples were collected from Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Upper Silesian Region - Bytom (Poland). Written consent for the research has been taken from 99 women. We obtained ... concentrations these metals in cord blood and newborn’s parameters. The study material was collected immediately after delivery from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Bytom. The cord blood was taken from 99 women between 29-40 years old. Women were divided into two groups: nulliparous and multiparous. The concentration of metals in the cord blood ... demonstrates that magnesium, copper, cadmium and iron were noted in all tissues, both nulliparous women and multiparous mothers. The maximum concentration of cadmium in umbilical cord blood was observed among multiparous mothers (2.229 d.m.). In group of nulliparous women was observed higher concentration of Fe, Mg and Cu in umbilical cord blood than in
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Hepatitis B virus induces IL-23 production in antigen presenting cells and causes liver damage via the IL-23/IL-17 axis.

... we first assessed the expression of IL-23 in liver tissues from healthy individuals and patients with CHB or ACLF. Results showed that IL-23 transcripts and protein were strongly expressed in liver tissues of ACLF and CHB patients, as compared to that detected in tissues from healthy controls. Moreover, the liver tissues of ACLF patients exhibited a much ... exhibited a much higher expression level of IL-23 over that in CHB livers (Figure 1A and B). The high IL-23 expression in the livers of CHB and ACLF patients was further confirmed by in situ immunohistochemistry assay. We found that the frequency of IL-23+ cells was significantly increased in liver tissues of infected patients, as compared to healthy controls, ... among ACLF, CHB and healthy controls suggests an association between IL-23 and liver damage in HBV infection. To further confirm the source cell type of IL-23, we performed immunofluorescence staining on liver tissues from patients with hepatitis B. Confocal microscopy of liver tissues showed that IL23p19, the specific subunit of IL-23 heterodimers,
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Detection of Brucella spp., Leptospira spp., bovine herpesvirus and bovine viral diarrhea virus nucleic acids in aborted fetuses and bovines dead perinatal.

... da diarréia viral bovina, em fetos bovinos abortados e em animais mortos no perinatal [Detection of Brucella spp., Leptospira spp., bovine herpesvirus and bovine viral diarrhea virus nucleic acids in aborted fetuses and bovines dead perinatal] A. Cortez1, A.M.G. Castro1, M.B. Heinemann2, R.M. Soares1, R.C. Leite2, E. Scarcelli3, M.E. Genovez3, A.A. ... aborto, feto, PCR, RT-PCR ABSTRACT Samples of 114 bovine fetuses and 10 calves, which dead in perinatal period, were examined for detection of DNA. The most common detected agent was Brucella spp. in 17 samples (13.7%) followed by Leptospira spp. in 4 cases (3.2%) ,bovine herpesvirus (BHV) and bovine viral diarrhea (BVDV) in 3 animals (2.4%) each, ... spp. and Leptospira spp. DNA from aborted bovine fetuses. Vet. Microbiol., v.87, p.139 - 147, 2002. RIDPATH, J.F.; BOLIN, S.R. Differentiation of types 1a, 1b and 2 bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) by PCR. Mol. Cell. Probes., v.12, p.101-106, 1998. ROS, C.; BELÁK, S. Studies of the genetic relationship between bovine, caprine, corvine, and reangiferine
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Primary seronegative but molecularly evident hepadnaviral infection engages liver and induces hepatocarcinoma in the woodchuck model of hepatitis B.

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Characteristics of HIV-infected childbearing women in Barbados

... women who were pregnant for a second time (including two sets of twins), 6 women who were pregnant for a third time, and 2 women who were pregnant for the fifth time after being diagnosed as Kumar and Bent • Characteristics of HIV-infected childbearing women in Barbados TABLE 2. HIV infection-related characteristics of HIV-positive childbearing women ... HIV-infected women in the country who delivered between 1986–2000, with similar data coming from a control group of HIV-negative childbearing women. Routine information recorded during antenatal care was obtained from the women? ??s case records. Additional data were collected from interviews with the women. Results. There were 182 HIV-infected women who delivered ... infection among both younger women and younger pregnant women has been reported from countries that have experienced explosive HIV epidemics (10– 13), so these lifestyle characteristics that we found in our study in Barbados are a cause for concern. Therefore, monitoring the HIV incidence and its trend among both young women and young pregnant women in Barbados could
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CSP26.R21: Women, Health and Developmemt

... 2002 RESOLUTION CSP26.R21 WOMEN, HEALTH, AND DEVELOPMENT THE 26th PAN AMERICAN SANITARY CONFERENCE, Having considered the report of the Director on women, health, and development (Document CSP26/16); Taking into account the inadequacies of current information and surveillance systems for documenting the health situation and trends in women? ??s health and the existing ... monitoring of policies and in the initial and ongoing education of health care providers and to ensure access to gender-sensitive health programs that address the health needs of women throughout their lives, taking into account their multiple roles and responsibilities. 2. To request the Director to: (a) stimulate and support the production, dissemination, ... manner; (f) address the need for more in-depth studies on the perception of health service providers, for the identification and explanation of the health problems of men and women. (Ninth meeting, 27 September 2002)
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Pap test coverage in Sao Paulo Municipality and characteristics of the women tested

... responses were affirmative (22-24). With regard to the use of oral contraceptives, women were classified in accordance with two categories: women currently using or ever having used oral contraceptives and women who had never used them. With respect to breast self-examination, women 304 Bulletin of PAHO 3014), 1996 were asked whether they had performed this ... (6.81, P = 0.009), the percentage of women who had been tested was similar for the first four categories but increased for women with more schooling. This percentage was clearly greater (87%) among women with university education. With regard to per capita family income, the greater the income, the greater the percentage of women who had ever undergone testing ... or single women may be attributable, at least partially, to the fact that some of these women have not yet initiated sexual activity (this study did not provide such information). The relatively high rate of cervical cytology tests conducted on women in the 35-44 year age group may be attributable to the fact that, beginning in the late 197Os ,women of
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Report of the Special Subcommittee on Women, Health, and Development

... PAHO/WHO Program on Women, Health, and Development and Activities Proposed for 1995 ................................ ti Item 5: Preparatory Activities for the World Conference on Women Item 6: Health Situation of Women in Latin America and the Caribbean ..... Item 7: Update on the Study of the Factors that Limit the Access of Women to Professional ... necessary to move beyond the concentration on women' s reproductive roles and consider the impact of women' s productive roles on their health, especially as regards conditions frequently associated with morbidity and mortality in women and exacerbated by gender factors. In addition, it should be made clear that "women' s rights," rather than being antithetical ... of health to demonstrate their support for women' s health, not merely through existing rhetoric, but also by allocating financial resources from regular funds to the respective offices of women' s health. Item 6: Health Situation of Women in Latin America and the Caribbean Dr. Elsa G6mez of the Program on Women, Health, and Development presented the
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Final report of the special subcommittee on women, health, and development

... approaches and attitudes promoted by the Program on Women, Health, and Development 2. Women, 3. Women and communicable 4. Women and the development 5. Conceptual 6. Research 7. Experience ITEM 10: work, CLOSING and occupational framework on women, health diseases of local health for women health, and health systems in development and ... obstacles and limitations in the identification, recruitment, and selection of women. He reaffirmed his willingness to continue working closely with the Subcommittee on Women of the Staff Association and with the Regional Program on WHD. SMDll/FR Page 8 Dr. Subcommittee Gloria Coe on Women. the number of women that the Subcommittee in presented She called the for views of the a ... the the of United Nations General proportions of 35% for women in professional posts of Grade P.6 and higher as targets to be achieved Association Subcommittee on Women recommended in report a minimum proportion of 25% women 1995 and expressed an interest in working meeting this target. 2. by women. Summary at each professional with the Administration and by its level by toward of
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Report of the Special Subcommittee on Women, Health and Development

... mortality, the occupational health of women employed in the formal and informal sectors of the economy, use of legal (sedatives and stimulants) and illegal drugs by women, the place of women in the organizational structures of the various institutions making up the health sector in the countries, and the impact of AIDS on women as individuals and members ... of women Greater clarity and conceptual soundness are still lacking in this area, and the indicators currently used to gauge the participation of women in economic activity are open to question, for they refer only to women employed in the formal sectors of the economy and disregard those in the informal sectors, which are the very area in which women ... problem represented by this syndrome to women, couples, families and society at large. It noted the importance of informing and alerting women to this disease, ways of preventing it, and its impact. Specifically, it was considered that measures should be taken to mobilize women for the prevention of this disease. The status of women in PAHO There has been practically
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CD32.R9: Women, health and development

... D.C., 21-25 September 1987 RESOLUTION CD32.R9 WOMEN, HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT THE 32nd DIRECTING COUNCIL, Having seen the report of the Special Subcommittee on Women, Health, and Development (Document CD32/14 and Annex I); Bearing in mind the previous resolutions approved by the Governing Bodies of PAHO on women, health, and development, particularly ... providing real access for all women to comprehensive health services; d) To study the national legislation and adjust it for attainment of the goal of equality for women in the quality and coverage of the health services available to them; e) To develop and integrate within comprehensive health services specific programs for women which especially address ... implement the Regional Strategies on women, health, and development approved in Resolution XII of the XXII Pan American Sanitary Conference; b) To continue strengthening the national focal points in accordance with the guidelines laid down in the document "Structure and Functions of the National Focal Point of the Program on Women, Health, and Development,"
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Women, health and development: report of the Subcommittee

... Achievements ............................ of the U.N. Decade for Women. 9 ....................... Policies and Programs to Protect and Improve Women' s Health 10 National Legislation Designed to Guarantee Equal Rights for Women .................................................... 12 Training and Career Opportunities for Women ... ............... 14 A. National ... related to women' s health, many countries report at least one or two program areas in which efforts are being Some countries are made to give special attention to women' s health. to ensure that working developing data bases on women' s heath status and health data are collected and published by sex. Legislative advances have been made in relation to women' s ... collaborate with the women' s bureaus which serve as national WHD focal points. The WHD Focal Group for the Eastern Caribbean, coordinated by PAHO, includes representatives of various groups, such as the Young Women' s Christian Association (YWCA), the Women and Development Unit of the University of the West Indies (WAND), and the Caribbean Women' s Association
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Report on women in development

... on the International Women' s Year. A document on the Integration of Women in Health and Social Development was written for the Buenos Aires meeting. The staff also prepared documents on women in health, the role of the Organization in the promotion of women in health, and health conditions of women in the Americas. 2.2 Health of Women During the 1976-1980 ... participants in the International Symposium on Women and Their Health agreed that: a) Socioeconomic environments health. are primary determinants of women' s b) Health care must treat women as total human beings. c) Women need health care throughout their lives. d) Women must be represented in the health delivery system at all levels. 4p CD27/33 Page ... substantially the situation of women. Development is essentially multifaceted, and interdependence among sectoral programs is crucial. Women' s health depends on women' s development. The approach to women' s health, therefore, must be comprehensive, dynamic and sensitive to the changes in a woman's needs throughout her life-cycle, to changes in women' s roles both
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International Meeting on the Eradication of Bovine Tuberculosis in the Americas : Final report

... Eradication Bovine Tuberculosis in the Americas of controlled or eradicated in these countries through the use of the tuberculin Just over half of the 420 million head test, followed by slaughter of animals of cattle in the Americas are raised in testing positive. countries or areas that are considered inIn addition to their public health benfected with bovine ... benfected with bovine tuberculosis (that is, efit, bovine tuberculosis control proprevalence is 1% or more of the total bo- grams have substantially reduced the vine population), or where information economic losses caused by the disease in on prevalence is lacking. It is estimated both dairy and beef cattle. Before bovine that in South America some 4 million ... eradication of bovine tuberombia, Paraguay, Suriname, Uruguay, culosis and submit it to the Member Govand Venezuela), in which some infectionernments for consultation. free areas exist. The disease has been BACKGROUND Source: Pan American Health Organization, Veterinary Public Health Program; Final Report, International Meeting for the Eradication of Bovine
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Advances in bovine leukemia

... laboratory. SUMMARY Bovine leukemia, a malignant neoplastic disease, affects cattle of both sexes and all breeds. Statistics of the U.S. Federal Meat Inspection Service show a steady rise in the frequency of bovine leukemia in the United States. A leukemia-causing virus closely associated with bovine leukemia was recently discovered and characterized. Known as the bovine ... confused with the disease, even when it is benign and seldom evolves toward leukemia (6,7,9,10). Bovine Leukemia Virus Recently, a leukemogenic virus which is closely associated with bovine leukemia was discovered and characterized. This virus, known as the bovine leukemia virus (BLV) belongs to the C-type oncomavirus (oncogenic RNA virus) group, which ... particles in bovine lymphoid cultures (11-23). The viral nature of these particles was first demonstrated by ultrastructural studies carried out in our laboratory (Z-14). Subsequent immunological investigations (15,16) permitted us to establish the identity of BLV, demonstrating 304 Ferrer l ADVANCES IN BOVINE that it is an indigenous bovine virus
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