Low-cost multi-stage filtration enhanced by coagulation-flocculation in upflow gravel filtration

... risk (Galvis, 1999). Research also explored the use of coagulation and flocculation with UGF, called CF-UGF, focusing, in pilot plants, on the combination with rapid filters (RF). The results showed a reduction in the consumption of coagulants by up to 30 % compared to the conventional system of coagulation, flocculation and high rate sedimentation (Cinara ... Discuss.: 29 June 2012 Revised: 11 November 2012 – Accepted: 30 November 2012 – Published: 7 December 2012 Abstract. This paper assesses the operational and design aspects of coagulation and flocculation in upflow gravel filters (CF-UGF) in a multi-stage filtration (MSF) plant. This study shows that CF-UGF units improve the performance of MSF considerably, ... 2012 doi:10.5194/dwes-5-73-2012 © Author(s) 2012. CC Attribution 3.0 License. Engineering and Science Open Access Open Access Earth System Science Data Low-cost multi-stage filtration enhanced by coagulation- flocculation in upflow gravel filtration L. D. Sánchez1 , L. M. Marin1 , J. T. Visscher2 , and L. C. Rietveld3 1 Universidad del Valle, Facultad de Ingenierı́a, Instituto
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Coagulation disorders in the patients with deep vein thrombosis of lower extremity

... VII. FINDINGS Activation of the coagulation process was registered. The values of monitored coagulation parameters are shown in table 1. Plasma levels of monitored parameters in the patients with DVT of the leg were significantly higher than in the control subjects. CONCLUSION In patients with a DVT a hypercoagulable state is common finding. Some parameters of coagulation ... Rapaport SI and Rao LWM. Initiation and Regulation of Tissue Factor - Dependent Blood Coagulation, Arterioscler. Thromb., 1992; 12, 1111-21. 15. Rao LV and Rapaport SI. Activation of Factor Vll Bound to Tissue Factor - A Key Early Step in the Tissue Factor Pathway of Blood Coagulation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 1988; 85, 6687-94. 16. Rappaport SL and Rao ... McGraw-HilI, lnc., New York 1995. 12. Jesty J and Nemerson Y. The Pathways of Blood Coagulation. In Wil liams He ma tol ogy 5 th ed, ed by Beutler E et al, p. 1227, McGraw-Hill, lnc., New York 1995. 13. Mann KG, Gaffney D, Bovill EG. Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Lifespan of Plasma Coagulation Factors. In Williams Hematology 5th ed, ed by Beutler E et al,
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Preterm birth in Caucasians is associated with coagulation and inflammation pathway gene variants.

... complement and coagulation pathway subset. This branch of the complement and coagulation cascade had a cluster of three genes with significant results (a,0.05) at either the allele or genotype level (labeled in red). In addition to these genes we also genotyped markers in PAI1 from this branch and two genes from other branches of the complement and coagulation ... receptor interaction Calcium signaling pathway, neuroactive ligandreceptor interaction Complement and coagulation cascade T cell receptor signaling pathway/, Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway, hematopoietic cell lineage, Jak-STAT signaling pathway, cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction Complement and coagulation cascade - KEGG Pathway - - Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction, ... involved in the complement and coagulation pathway, with other associations observed in genes involved in neuro-signaling and infection/ inflammatory response. Fetal data, in contrast to maternal data, had neither highly significant associations nor an excess of significant associations in genes involved in the complement and coagulation pathways, but did
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Charging and coagulation of radioactive and nonradioactive particles in the atmosphere

... Paper 15 | 10 Charging and coagulation influence one another and impact the particle charge and size distributions in the atmosphere. However, few investigations to date have focused on the coagulation kinetics of atmospheric particles accumulating charge. This study presents three approaches to include mutual effects of charging and coagulation on the microphysical ... interactions that facilitate or hinder particle coagulation (Fuchs, 1989; Tsouris et al., 1995; Chin et al., 1998). Coagulation of atmospheric particles can influence their charging because the particle size distribution can highly affect the time-evolution of ion concentrations (Yair and Levin, 1989). Also, particle coagulation can result in charge neutralization ... electrostatic forces on coagulation. | 10 Approaches to couple particle charging with coagulation kinetics Discussion Paper 2.4 Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures J I J I Back Close Full Screen / Esc Printer-friendly Version Interactive Discussion 15, 23795–23840, 2015 Charging and coagulation of radioactive
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Influence of various coagulation factors on chemical composition of sera gained by centrifugation from casein gel

... used the following coagulation conditions: - coagulation temperature (30ºC and 35ºC); - milk pH value (6.2 and 5.8); - amount of added CaCl2 (100, 200 and 400 mg/l). Lactic acid solution (10%) was used to adjust pH, while the level of CaCl2 was adjusted with 20 % solution of this compound. Liquid rennet from »Biopak» was used for coagulation. Rennet ... experimental conditions were completely formed. Nitrogen content of sera The effect of different conditions of coagulation on nitrogen content of milk serum is shown in Table 2. and Fig. 1. From data shown in Table 2. and Fig. 1 it can be seen under the same coagulation conditions, serum of all control samples, except in two cases, had higher nitrogen content ... and 35ºC increased with the increase of added CaCl2. Also, it is obvious that temperature caused the most intensive reduction of Number r/min (τ=5min) Coagulation temperature (oC) 30 35 30 35 Coagulation temperature (oC) pH value of milk 5.8 6.2 pH value of milk x (n=6) 6.33 6.56 6.49 6.31 x (n=6) Sd 100 0.0873 0.0622 0.0728 0.1402 Sd 100 x
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Comparative study on plant latex particles and latex coagulation in Ficus benjamina, Campanula glomerata and three Euphorbia species.

... has been paid to the exploration of the coagulation mechanisms, let alone an insight into the possible diversity of different coagulation mechanisms of these plants so far. All coagulation mechanisms proposed in the current literature seem to be mainly chemically driven. In the case of Hevea brasiliensis, the coagulation is mediated by a protein which ... hypothesize comparable, mainly chemical, coagulation mechanisms in these two species, whereas a physical coagulation mechanism is proposed for the latex of Euphorbia spp. The latter mechanism is based on the huge amount of densely packed particles that after evaporation of water build a large surface area, which accelerates the coagulation procedure. Citation: ... particles in the latex which leads to latex coagulation [12,14,15]. Wahler et al. [16] revealed that in the case of two Taraxacum species, both containing rubber particles, a different protein plays a major role in latex coagulation. For Carica papaya it was also proposed that the major component of latex clots during coagulation is protein [17,18]. Therefore,
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