Athletic Performance

Sequence specific motor performance gains after memory consolidation in children and adolescents.

... 30.65, P,.001) with better performance in the 17-yearolds compared to the 12-year-olds, and with better performance in the 12-year-olds compared to the 9-year-olds (Scheffe,.001, Figure 2). In terms of accuracy, there was a significant age-group effect (F(2,59) = 4.09, P,.05) with better performance in the 17year-olds compared to the performance of the 9-year-olds (Scheffe,.05). To ... 1 | e28673 Sequence Specific Motor Performance Gains effect (F(2,59) = 27.33, P,.001) with better performance in the older age-groups. Similarly, for accuracy, comparing T to RT showed a significant main effect of condition F(1,59) = 5.75, P,.001) with the performance in the trained hand more accurate than the performance of the right, untrained hand ... adults, however, it was previously shown that the gains in performance retained after a training experience are sequence specific, i.e., cannot be expressed in the performance of a different sequence; even a new sequence composed of the same component movements of the trained sequence (e.g. [4–5]). The ability to transfer performance gains is a measure of the possible
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Performance Evaluation of AODV and DSR with Varying Pause Time and Speed Time Over TCP and CBR Connections in VANET

... certain period of time which is called time out then TCP transmit the data again. 5 .PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS METRICS & NETWORK For network simulation, there are several performance metrics which is used to evaluate the performance. In simulation purpose we have used three performance metrics. 5.1 Packet Delivery Ratio Packet delivery ratio is the ratio ... different. We measured the performance of AODV and DSR with varying speed and constant pause time in [10].We used both high and low node density and observed the performance differences between TCP and CBR connection. Then we used varying pause time and constant speed in [11].We have observed that by changing the speed and pause time the performance varies ... protocol and compared their performance. The remainder of the paper is organized as follows: Section 2 describes previous work related to performance evaluation of AODV and DSR and section 3 discusses about two unicast routing protocols AODV and DSR of VANET. Section 4 describes connection types like TCP and CBR. Section 5 presents performance metrics and
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The Setting of Progressive Energy Efficiency Performance Standards for Products through the Ecodesign Directive

... been lyzing technical options for improving the en- possible in practice to set MEPS for a wide array vironmental performance (conditions: economic of product groups, and there have been no major viability, no significant loss of performance or legal battles over this issue. usefulness for consumers); identify the best-per- Often requirements ... tiers: this forming products and technology available on means that a certain improvement of product the market. The consultants should also consider performance must be in place by a certain date the performance of products available on inter- in the near future whereas a more stringent stan- national markets and benchmarks set in other dard comes ... 298/10. 11 ECOFYS, Economic benefits of the EU Ecodesign Directive, Report, 2012; CSES/Oxford Research, Evaluation 22 Carl Dalhammar: The Setting of Progressive Energy Efficiency Performance Standards for Products through the Ecodesign Directive 250% by 2030.15 Since it is not politically ac- environmental law,18 but is quite controversial. ceptable
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Recent Developments in Wire Electrodes for High Performance WEDM

... the performance of beta phase coatings. Therefore, the epsilon phase coating provides cutting performance at par with beta or gamma phase coating, while having a lower cost to manufacturer than either beta or gamma phase. E. Coated wire electrodes [steel Core] To achieve high strength and rigidity, coating is plated on steel wires. For best machining performance ... ELECTRODES A. Development Targets The high-speed and high-precision machining can be realized through improvement of the electrical discharge machining performance since; the important process variables have direct effect on performance characteristics such as machinability, machining speed etc. For high speed cutting and high precision machining any wire electrode should ... conditions deteriorate, those flaws tend to become larger and larger, eventually causing catastrophic failure of the wire. B. Zinc Coatings Promote Speed and Performance More zinc in wire electrode would enhance the performance of WEDM but it is problematic to increase the percentage of zinc in the wire to more than 40 percent, due to wire drawing problems. Changes
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The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance

... 2006). In short, a theory of performance is necessary to determine: relevant dimensions of performance, performance standards or expectations related to performance levels, restrictions on how the situation should be measured when assessing performance, the number of performance levels or gradient and the extent to which performance should be based upon ... of performance. The performance will be implemented successfully to achieve organizational performance satisfaction from reaching employees, their motivation, effective management of HR by production high quality products. 377 Luftim CANIA Figure 1. The relationship between strategic HRM and performance Source: Armstrong (2006, p. 75). In HRM -performance ... reveals that studies into the HRM performance have not determined a specific and precise meaning for the organizational performance construct. Some studies have used subjective measures to evaluate firms’ performance, such as employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, executives’ perceptions about the company’s performance, absenteeism, employee
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Influence of drinking water containing Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) gel on growth performance, intestinal microflora, and humoral immune responses of broilers

... an alternative for AGP substitution. Keywords: Aloe vera gel, broiler, ileal microflora, immune responses, performance. Introduction So far, subtherapeutic dosage of antibiotics has been used more than 50 years in poultry nutrition to promote growth performance and prevent diseases [1-4]. However, continuous use of in-feed antibiotics is suspected to result ... organs of broilers. Despite these findings, few studies have evaluated efficiency of AV on performance, intestinal microflora, and immune responses in broilers. The aim of this trial was to further enhance our knowledge and examine the effects of AV gel on broiler growth performance and other important biomarkers for broiler development and health such as ... procedures of SAS (SAS Inst., Inc., Cary, NC, USA). Means were compared using Tukey’s HSD test. Statistical significance was determined at p
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Does foraging performance change with age in female little penguins (Eudyptula minor)?

... Department, Phillip Island Nature Park, Cowes, Victoria, Australia Abstract Age-related changes in breeding performance are likely to be mediated through changes in parental foraging performance. We investigated the relationship of foraging performance with age in female little penguins at Phillip Island, Australia, during the guard phase of the 2005 ... seabird foraging performance in the wild [11,17]. In the present study we used an avian long-lived marine top predator, the little penguin (Eudyptula minor) as a model to examine age-related foraging behaviour since age-related differences in breeding performance are well documented [7]. We investigated whether age affects penguin foraging performance by ... influence of age on foraging performance are challenging because: 1) long-term demographic datasets are scarce [16] and, as in all age-related studies, it is difficult to have a various sample size in age up to old age and 2) at-sea behaviour can only be recorded by remote sensing technologies compared to studies on age-related breeding performance on land.
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Effect of feeding guar meal on nutrient utilization and growth performance in Mahbubnagar local kids

... Neeradi R, Chedurupalli S, Thirunahari R (2016) Effect of feeding guar meal on nutrient utilization and growth performance in Mahbubnagar local kids, Veterinary World, 9(10): 1043-1046. Abstract Aim: This study was conducted to evaluate the growth performance and nutrient digestibility of guar meal, an unconventional protein-rich feed ingredient in kids ... sweetner and flavour on production performance of Sahiwal cows. Indian J. Anim. Nutr., 31(2): 138-142. Makki, M. (1998) Use of Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonolobba) Germ in the Diet of Sheep. M.Sc. Thesis. University of Khartoum. Salehpour, M. and Qazvinian, K. (2012) Effects of feeding different levels of guar meal on performance and blood metabolites in ... It can be concluded that guar meal can be incorporated at 50% level in the concentrate mixture of goats replacing groundnut cake without any adverse effects. Keywords: growth performance, guar meal, nutrient utilization. Introduction Livestock is an integral part of agriculture and plays an important role in contributing to national economy. Although
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Is physiological performance a good predictor for fitness? Insights from an invasive plant species.

... treatments lasted for 150 days and then we measured maximum quantum yield and seed-output as proxies of physiological performance and fitness traits, respectively. Measurements of physiological performance and seedoutput We measured physiological performance (maximum quantum yield) at the end of the anthesis at room temperature using a pulse-amplitude modulated ... Departamento de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad del Bío-Bío, Chillán, Chile Abstract Is physiological performance a suitable proxy of fitness in plants? Although, several studies have been conducted to measure some fitness-related traits and physiological performance, direct assessments are seldom found in the literature. Here, we assessed the physiology-fitness ... aborted and predated seeds) produced per capitula (see, 26). This way, we obtained physiological performance and a fitness estimate for each individual. Statistical analysis To test the hypothesis that seed-output is directly affected by physiological performance, we used standard Pearson correlation in order to investigate the relationship between
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Paying for Performance in Healthcare Organisations

... Association between Mortality and Hospital Pay for Performance in England. N Engl J Med 2012; 367: 1821–8. 14. Jha AK, Joynt KE, Orav EJ, Epstein AM. The long-term effect of premier pay for performance on patient outcomes. N Engl J Med 2012; 366: 1606–15. 15. Kristensen S, McDonald R, Sutton M. Should pay-for -performance schemes be locally designed? Evidence ... Rosenthal M, Sermeus W. Systematic review: Effects, design choices, and context of pay-for -performance in health care. BMC Health Serv Res 2010; 10: 247. 3. McDonald R, Cheraghi-Sohi S, Tickle M, Roland M, Doran T, Campbell S, et al. The impact of incentives on the behaviour and performance of primary care professionals. Report for the National Institute for ... were often unaware of the content of targets. Although doctors in California received feedback from their medical group on their performance against quality targets, they had concerns about the accuracy of the data used to assess performance. These findings resonate with other recent studies, which highlight how clinicians are not necessarily resistant
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... considerable variation among the genotypes for all the characters studied. On the basis of mean performance, genotype ICG 14127 revealed better performance in primary branches/ plant, pods per plant, pod yield/plant, seed yield/plant and ICG 14482 showed better performance in kernel yield q/ha, oil content, oil yield while ICG 188 showed higher protein ... 27.60 141 KOKKIRIPATI et al: Study on the performance of groundnut (Arachis hypogea l.) genotypes for seed yield and quality traits Genotypes ICG-36 ICG-111 ICG-115 ICG-188 ICG-332 ICG-14118 ICG-14127 ICG-14482 ICG-14630 ICG-14705 IND-156 Mean C. V. S.E. C. D. 5% RANGE Max Min TABLE 2: Mean performance 9 quantitative and 3 qualitative ... Virginia. The soluble sugars content in groundnut varies from 9.2 to 13.3% (Asibuo et al., 2008). Primary importance in groundnut is the oil 139 KOKKIRIPATI et al: Study on the performance of groundnut (Arachis hypogea l.) genotypes for seed yield and quality traits content of the seed, and in Indian cultivated groundnut varieties it ranges from 47 to
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An Effective Analysis of Weblog Files to Improve Website Performance

... in improving the performance of the web site. Similar studies can be done for any other web sites to improve their performance. But this work can be extended by applying data mining techniques like association, classification, clustering to a group of regular users to find frequently accessed patterns that leads to high accuracy and performance. Acknowledgement We ... the effective management of web sites. This web usage data is stored in a file called weblog by the web server. In order to discover the knowledge, required for improving the performance of websites, we need to apply the best preprocessing methodology on the server weblog file. Data preprocessing is a phase which automatically identifies the meaningful ... ISSN:2249-5789 M Praveen Kumar et al, International Journal of Computer Science & Communication Networks,Vol 2(1), 55-60 An Effective Analysis of Weblog Files to improve Website Performance 1 T.Revathi, 2 M.Praveen Kumar,3R.Ravindra Babu, 4Md.Khaleelur Rahaman, 5B.Aditya Reddy Department of Information Technology, KL University, Vijayawada, AP, India.
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The Study of the Relationship between Mother's Studies with Study Skills and Mathematics Performance of Students

... with mathematics performance of students in positive direction; therefore mathematics performance of students will be better if mothers' studies increased. Mathematics performance depends on internal and circumference factors that mothers' studies is one of the circumference factors that has positive effect on mathematics achievement and performance regard ... in positive direction. That is, whatever the level of mothers' studies is be more, mathematics performance of their children will be better. Table 3: The study of correlation between mothers' studies and mathematics performance of students Mathematics Performance Mothers' studies P-Value 0.000 Spearman Coefficient 0.29 5 Conclusion Study ... importance and plays important role in mathematics performance of students. As mothers spend more times with self-children then they can be effect on study and their mathematics performance. Present research implements to study of the relationship between mothers' studies with study skills and mathematics performance of their children. Population of this
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Patterns of cognitive performance in healthy ageing in Northern Portugal: a cross-sectional analysis.

... we found a significant decrease in performance in memory and block design performance with age (Figure 3 and Table 3). In addition, Tcluster 1 had a higher value for the dispersion parameter, estimated for each test, which was interpreted as a higher interindividual variability when compared to T-cluster 4. Memory performance variables, in particular ... evidenced by a strong relation between performance in executive tests and physical activity [44–46]. Interestingly, the benefits of physical activity on memory performance are less obvious [46]. Our observations on the effect of social inclusion, as a proxy for an intellectually stimulating lifestyle [47], on cognitive performance parallel those of other ... cognitive performance has been associated with education [17–19], social engagement [20–22], economic resources [23] and genetic factors [10,24], while dispersion has been associated with demographic, health and individual characteristics [16,25]. Altogether, the influence of these multiple factors, including socio-cultural characteristics, on cognitive performance
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A New Method to Calculate Centrifugal Pump Performance Parameters for Industrial Oils

... viscosity due to increase in hydraulic losses and skin friction. Fig. 5. The performance curve of centrifugal oil pump with different viscosities for impeller "B". Fig. 4. The performance curve of centrifugal oil pump with different viscosities for impeller "A". Fig. 6. The performance curve of centrifugal oil pump with different viscosities for ... Pumps 26-8. Li, W. G. (2004). A Method for Analyzing the Performance of Centrifugal Oil Pumps. ASME Journal of Fluid Engineering 126,482-485. Li, W. G. (2008). Performance computations of centrifugal pump handling viscous oils. Dra Irr Mach. Li, W. G. (2010). Blade Exit Angle Effects on Performance of a Standard Industrial Centrifugal Oil Pump. ... using such computer program. The interesting point known previously as "sudden rising head" can be seen on such diagram. 2. CALCULATION OF PUMP PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS FOR VISCOUS FLUID PUMPING In this section, performance parameters of centrifugal pump such as head (H), efficiency (ߟ) and input power ( P ), for viscous fluid pumping in will be derived
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... used in customized image processing algorithms to improve retrieval performance for high resolution CT lung images in computer-aided diagnosis. Notable improvement using Fβ measure among five modules is from 0.56 to 0.81, which is a 44.64% increase (p=0.022). This method improves retrieval performance in many applications in medical imaging informatics. Rajkumar ... Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (IJCSE) Image retrieval plays a basic role in handling much visual information in medical applications [1]. Image retrieval system performance depends on the multi-dimensional feature vector formed through use of information extracted from images, computing of the similarity measures and accurate database ... basis with lifting scheme framework. Weights are introduced between subbands. All parameters are tuned by an optimization procedure, using database medical image grading to define performance measures. System assessment is through two medical image databases: one for diabetic retinopathy follow up and another for mammography screening, as well as a general
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... No.1, January 2015 Fig. 8 and Fig. 9 Shows the BER performance in case of N=128 and QPSK modulation for the existing [7] method and proposed method respectively. Figure 8. Existing method [7] of BER performance for QPSK Figure 9. BER performance by Proposed Method for QPSK Table 4. Comparison of BER performance for Existing & Proposed Method [QPSK ... existing method [7]. Fig. 10 and Fig. 11 Shows the BER performance in case of N=128 and QAM modulation for the existing [7] method and proposed method respectively. Figure 10. Existing method [7] of BER performance for QAM Figure 11. BER performance by Proposed Method for QAM Table 5. Comparison of BER performance for Existing & Proposed Method [QAM ... No.1, January 2015 PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT FOR PAPR REDUCTION IN LTE DOWNLINK SYSTEM WITH ELLIPTIC FILTERING Snikdho Sworov Haque1, Md. Munjure Mowla2 1,2 Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh ABSTRACT This paper is concerned with the performance improvement
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... Annals of the „Constantin Brâncuşi” University of Târgu Jiu, Economy Series, Issue 1, volume I/2015 PERFORMANCE AND DEVELOPMENT LEVEL - COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF DISPARITIES AMONG REGIONS OF DEVELOPMENT AND MACRO-REGIONS IN ROMANIA MARIA OŢIL LECTURER Ph.D, FACULTY OF ECONOMICS ... efficient. The present research aims at accomplishing a comparative analysis regarding disparities among regions of development and macro-regions of Romania in order to assess the performance of the productive sector, of the structural types of economies and of their level of development. Key words: regional disparities, regions and macro-regions of development, ... Romania The present work aims at a comparative analysis of disparities at the level of the regions of development and of the macro-regions in Romania in order to assess the performance of the productive sector, of the structural type of the economy, and their level of development. The assessed regional disparities are related to the gross domestic
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Discussão sobre os desconfortos físico-posturais em flautistas e sua relação com a técnica de performance da flauta transversal

... universo da performance da flauta. Este estudo foi desenvolvido em três etapas: 1ª etapa - foram elaborados um questionário para avaliação da frequência de desconfortos físico-posturais em flautistas e um protocolo de vídeo para garantir a padronização das filmagens das performances dos flautistas; foi também sistematizada a técnica de avaliação de performance ... standard and systematic takes were created, a technique to assess flute performances was also elaborated; Step 2 questionnaire application, clinical and neurological evaluations of the flutists; videos of the flutists’ performances; evaluation, through video analysis, of the flutists’ performances by a physiotherapist (specialized in taking care of musicians) ... MORO, 2000). 2.2 A postura na performance da flauta 2.2.1 Considerações históricas Embora seja muito antiga, não é frequente na literatura especializada, a preocupação com a postura durante a performance de um instrumento musical e, muito menos, estudos que correlacionam os desconfortos físico-posturais com esta técnica de performance. Entre flautistas,
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O gênero atuante: a performance de gênero em The Passion of New Eve e Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

... Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), de Ann-Marie MacDonald, usando o conceito de performance de gênero, de Judith Butler. Desta forma, discute algumas questões relacionadas com o gênero, mostrando a necessidade de considerá-lo, na contemporaneidade, como uma performance. Trata-se de uma leitura transgressora das duas obras literárias, que pretende ... Carter, e Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), by Ann-Marie MacDonald, using the concept of gender performance, by Judith Butler. This way, it discusses some issues related to gender, showing the necessity of considering it, nowadays, as a performance. It is a transgressive reading of these two literary works, which intends to bring some improvement ... .................................................................................... 104 CAPÍTULO III – Performance: o mundo de ponta-cabeça .............................. 108 3.1 – Forçando os limites .................................................................................. 109 3.2 – Performance lingüística ............................................................................
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Habanera, Sonatina, Malambo e Carnavalito de Salvador Amato: aspectos históricos, analíticos e edições de performance.

... históricos, analítico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s e edições de performance. !!!!RODRIGO GUILLERMO OLIVÁREZ OLIVARES BELO HORIZONTE 2015 !!!!RODRIGO GUILLERMO OLIVÁREZ OLIVARES !! ! Habanera, Sonatina, Malambo e Carnavalito, de Salvador Amato: aspectos históricos, analítico!!!!!!s e edições de performance. Dissertação de Mestrado apresentada ao Programa ... inconsistências e erros notacionais. Entrevistas com ex-alunos de Amato revelam práticas de performance que não estão explicitadas nas partituras, mas que são transmitidas pela tradição oral. Após coadunados, os dados analíticos serviram de base para as edições de performance das obras que, apresentadas ao final, tem o objetivo mais geral de resgatar ... but also notational inconsistencies and errors. Interviews with Amato’s ex-students reveal performance practices that are not notated in the scores, but transmitted through oral tradition. The analytical data served as the basis for the preparation of the performance editions of the works, presented at the end with the broader goal to rescue Amato’s
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Literatura e performance: incursões teóricas a partir da escrita literária de Lemebel, Lispector, Prata e Saer

... Juliana Helena Gomes Leal LITERATURA E PERFORMANCE: INCURSÕES TEÓRICAS A PARTIR DA ESCRITA LITERÁRIA DE LEMEBEL, LISPECTOR, PRATA E SAER. Belo Horizonte Faculdade de Letras da UFMG 2012 Juliana Helena Gomes Leal LITERATURA E PERFORMANCE: INCURSÕES TEÓRICAS A PARTIR DA ESCRITA LITERÁRIA DE LEMEBEL, LISPECTOR, ... literário. Palavras-chave: Performance. Escrita performática. Espaço de performação. Corpo. Dissidência. RESUMEN En esta tesis, a partir de la lectura de obras de los escritores Antonio Prata (Brasil), Clarice Lispector (Brasil), Juan José Saer (Argentina) y Pedro Lemebel (Chile), de la construcción de una genealogía no agotadora de los usos del término performance ... leer las obras que componen su corpus literario. Palabras-clave: Performance. Escritura performática. Espacio performático. Cuerpo. Disidencia. LISTA DE ILUSTRAÇÕES Fotografia 120 x 100 (2003) do artista espanhol Chema Madoz ......................................... 10 Fotografia da performance “Salto no vazio” - Yves Klein, 1960 .........................................
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Um olhar sobre a performatividade na cultura contemporânea: a performance como conceito e a produção artística de Diamela Eltit

... um ciclo. 23 ETAPA 1- O CONCEITO DE PERFORMANCE: TEORIA E PRÁTICA E o que é performance? Têm sido muitas as maneiras de se olhar a arte e mais especificamente a performance. Tomo como referência para estudo sobre o tema a abordagem de Renato Cohen, pioneiro nessa linha de pesquisa no Brasil, que considera a performance como uma “linguagem de interface ... sobre performance, pela abrangência das manifestações estudadas e pelo resgate das origens da performance nos movimentos de vanguarda do início do século XX. Destaco, como fundamental na abordagem da tese, uma das características que a autora atribui ao fenômeno - “a performance está sempre aberta para o momento 9 COHEN,1989, p.45. Algumas performances ... a autora amplia, ainda mais, o conceito de performance. Dessa maneira, a definição de performance está estreitamente associada a seu fazer, o que traz um espectro tão grande de procedimentos quanto de criadores. Será possível, então, definir performance? Pela amplitude de atuação, como aponta Goldberg, a performance passeia por diversas medias (ou
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Performance, captação e foco das famílias de fundos de investimento

... estatisticamente significativos. Contudo, a variabilidade nos indicadores de performance foi estatisticamente superior nas famílias especializadas. Na segunda parte do estudo, analisou-se o efeito da especialização das famílias de fundos na captação líquida, performance e persistência da performance dos fundos individuais. Utilizaram-se técnicas de regressão ... indicators but not statistically significant; however, the variability in performance indicators was statistically higher for specialized families. In the second part of the study it was examined the effect of fund families specialization on net fund flows, fund performance and fund performance persistence. We used multiple and logistic regression techniques ... têm focado sua atenção em como essas famílias, aproveitando a relação não linear entre performance passada e fluxo de recursos, podem afetar a rentabilidade Introdução 24 de seus fundos, favorecendo os de melhor performance passada, com prejuízo para os de menor performance. Shy e Stenbacka (2003) ponderam conjuntamente a análise das preferências
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Public health in the Americas: conceptual renewal, performance assessment, and bases for action

... Subregional Analysis 161 3. Major Conclusions From the First Performance Measurement of the EPHF in the Region 225 12. A Case Study in Performance Measurement at the Subnational Level: United States of America Part IV. From Measurement to Action 231 247 13. Institutional Strengthening for the Performance of the EPHF 249 14. Estimate of Expenditures ... Health 49 6. Essential Public Health Functions 59 7. Framework for Action to Improve Public Health Practice 71 vii Part III. Performance Measurement of Essential Public Health Functions 89 8. Rationale for the Performance Measurement of EPHF 91 9. Development of the Measurement Instrument 97 10. Measurement Process 109 11. Results of ... the Americas. Conceptual Renewal, Performance Assessment, and Bases for Action. Washington, D.C.: OPS. Scientific and Technical Publication No. 589 ISBN: 92 75 11589 3 I. Title 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. II. Author Public Health Steering Role of the Health Sector Essential Public Health Functions (EPHF) Public Health Workforce Performance evaluation of health
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