Antiproliferative Activity


... level of 500 mg/kg.b.w possessed a significant antiulcer activity (p
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Ação profissional dos assistentes sociais no sistema único de assistência social: problematizações resultantes de uma pesquisa empírica no RS = Professional activity of social assistants in the single social assistance system: questionings resulting from

... Ação profissional dos assistentes sociais no sistema único de Assistência Social: problematizações resultantes de uma pesquisa empírica no RS Professional activity of social assistants in the single social assistance system: questionings resulting from empiric research in Rio Grande do Sul VINI RABASSA DA SILVA* MARA ROSANGE ACOSTA
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Allelopathic activity of saponins exctracted from Rhododendron luteum Sweet

... хроматография в фармации и клинической биохимии. Мир, Москва. 370 Modern Phytomorphology 4 (2013) Allelopathic activity of saponins exctracted from Rhododendron luteum Sweet Iryna M. Yezhel Abstract. Article deals with allelopathic activity of saponins exctracted from Rhododendron luteum Sweet leaves. Investigations show nonlinear correlation between
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Inhibition of c-Abl kinase activity renders cancer cells highly sensitive to mitoxantrone.

... constitutively active c-Abl expression. This aberrant kinase activity results in enhanced proliferation, which can be inhibited with imatinib. Imatinib is an ATP-competitive inhibitor stabilizing inactive c-Abl conformation [8]. The kinase activity of c-Abl is increased after DNA damage and then increases the activity of Atm and Atr [9]. Treatment with imatinib ... (Promega, Madison, WI, USA). The luciferase activity was quantified with the aid of a hybrid capture luminometer (Digene, Gaithersburg, 2 August 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 8 | e105526 Mitoxantrone and c-Abl Kinase Activity MD, USA). Luciferase readings were divided by WST-1 value to obtain normalized reporter activity. Statistics To evaluate differences ... is not able to alter these levels (Figure 2). Cells treated with 0.6 mM MX and 0.8 mM DXR increased the caspase activity 2.5 fold, whereas the MX + imatinib combination treatment increased the activity 4 fold. Imatinib did not increase the activity induced by DXR alone. Time-lapse microscopy Images were captured in one hour interval for 72 hours with IncuCyte
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Antitumor Activity of a 5-Hydroxy-1H-Pyrrol-2-(5H)-One-Based Synthetic Small Molecule In Vitro and In Vivo.

... antitumor activity, this activity has rarely been explored because their synthetic difficulty makes the unavailable. Recently, a highly efficient and expedient protocol for synthesis of 5-hydoxy-1H-pyrrol2-(5H)-ones was developed [9], and this protocol permits the synthesis of a variety of this compound’s derivatives for the study of their antitumor activity. In ... DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0128928 June 4, 2015 9 / 15 Antitumor Activity of a 5-Hydroxy-1H-Pyrrol-2-(5H)-One Discussion In this study, we explored the antitumor activity of the derivatives of 5-hydoxy-1H-pyrrol-2(5H)-one and demonstrated that 1d possessed a strong anti-proliferative activity toward a wide range of human cancer cell lines, and that ... that all the derivatives we synthesized exhibited some degrees of anti-proliferative activity, suggesting that both the Nheterocyclic scaffold and the side groups contribute to this activity. More importantly, we demonstrated that 1d possesses a potent tumor suppression activity using both in vitro cell culture and in vivo xenograft tumor models, suggesting
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Selectivity Profiling and Biological Activity of Novel β-Carbolines as Potent and Selective DYRK1 Kinase Inhibitors.

... is nearly identical to the one observed for DYRK1A/B and explains the observed inhibitory activity of AnnH75 for CLK1. Kinome profiling The selectivity of AnnH75 was profiled against a panel of 300 kinases at a concentration of 1 μM (Table A in S1 File). These activity assays identified CLK1, CLK4, haspin (gene symbol PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0132453 ... given because % -activity values are not given in the reference. IC50 value taken from Cuny et al. [38] c doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0132453.t002 To compare the overall kinase inhibitor selectivity of AnnH75 and other inhibitors, we calculated a selectivity score (S) for each compound by dividing the number of target kinases (< 50% residual activity) by ... rate. Inhibition of DYRK1A activity in cell culture To evaluate the new harmine analogues for their capacity of inhibiting DYRK1A in cell culture experiments, we compared the effect of AnnH75 and other select compounds on the DYRK1A-catalysed phosphorylation of splicing factor 3b1 (SF3B1). Phosphorylation of SF3B1 on Thr434 closely reflects the cellular activity of
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Identification of PPARgamma partial agonists of natural origin (II): in silico prediction in natural extracts with known antidiabetic activity.

... 11 extracts known to have antidiabetic activity. Six of these molecules are similar to molecules with described antidiabetic activity but whose mechanism of action is unknown. Therefore, it is plausible that these 12 molecules could be the bioactive molecules responsible, at least in part, for the antidiabetic activity of the extracts containing them. ... the increase of the insulin-stimulated glucose uptake through the action of PPARc. We also suggest plants with undescribed antidiabetic activity that may contain PPARc partial agonists and are related to plants with known antidiabetic activity. These plants represent a potential new source of antidiabetic extracts. In addition, the new PPARc partial agonists ... natural extracts were described previously as having antidiabetic activity (Table 2). These 11 extracts contained 12 molecules that we predict to be PPARc partial agonists (see Table 2 and Figure S1), therefore, it is plausible that they could contribute to the observed antidiabetic activity of their corresponding extracts. In fact, a search with 2 February
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Differential water mite parasitism, phenoloxidase activity, and resistance to mites are unrelated across pairs of related damselfly species.

... response including PO activity. Their major issue with PO activity was that with long term storage, even in -70°C temperature, PO activity could be degraded or spontaneously activated. There is no question that PO activity plays a role in insect innate immunity, but it is very species specific. There is a debate about the relevance of PO activity as a proxy ... less PO activity [20], and in Hetaerina americana (Fabricius) the larger individuals with larger wing spots had higher levels of PO activity [21]. In these circumstances, there is considerable variability in PO activity within species, some of which might relate to immunity either directly or indirectly [15]. Although the reliability of PO activity ... effect of species on potential PO activity (Fig. 2D). Argia moesta had significantly higher PO activity (F1,76 = 58.55, p
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Intra- and Interhemispheric Propagation of Electrophysiological Synchronous Activity and Its Modulation by Serotonin in the Cingulate Cortex of Juvenile Mice.

... the cerebral cortex is the generation of synchronized activity during normal sensory processing [16] and also during pathological conditions (e.g., seizures [17]). Disinhibition of the neocortex by blockers of GABAA receptors (bicuculline, picrotoxin) is especially effective in generating synchronous activity, both in vivo [18] and in vitro [19, 20, 21]. ... involving the generation and local propagation of this synchronized activity in motor cortical areas [18, 22, 23], including the propagation of epileptiform discharges across the corpus callosum [24, 25], there is still little information about the propagation of this kind of electrical activity in other cortical areas. Among other afferent systems, the ... velocities were within the same range as the propagation velocities described previously for epileptiform activity or interictal discharges induced by the block of GABAergic receptors [24], but were much faster than the propagation of epileptiform activity induced by bathing the slices in zero Mg2+ extracellular solution [52, 53], a condition in which
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Molecular engineering of fungal GH5 and GH26 beta-(1,4)-mannanases toward improvement of enzyme activity.

... Mannanase activity of selected Y. lipolytica variants. Enzyme Activity (U.ml21) CV (%) Activity Improvement (%) - PaMan26A wt 1.2460.15 12.2 PaMan26A-P140L/D416G - - 147 PaMan5A wt 1.7860.14 7.7 - PaMan5A-V256L/G276V/Q316H - - 46 PaMan5A-W36R/I195T/V256A - - 9 PaMan5A-K139R/Y223H - - 20 PaMan5A-G311S - - 11 The mannanase activity ... (PaMan5A and PaMan26A, respectively) in order to improve their activity towards galactomannan. To evaluate the activity of mannanase variants produced in the Yarrowia lipolytica expression host, an in-house highthroughput method based on the reducing sugar assay [23] was adapted to assay mannanase activity in liquid culture. The results are interpreted in ... tested to confirm the enhancement of activity in liquid cultures, we finally selected four mutants of PaMan5A and one mutant of PaMan26A that displayed improved activity beyond the CV of wild-type mannanases (7.7 and 12.2%, respectively). The Y. lipolytica strain expressing the best PaMan26A variant displayed an increase of activity towards galactomannan
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Effects of solar activity on noise in CALIOP profiles above the South Atlantic Anomaly

... 11-year cycle of solar activity (with a 1year lag). By analyzing the geographic distribution of noisy profiles, we are able to reproduce known findings about the SAA region. Over the considered period, it shifts westward by 0.3◦ year−1 , and changes in size by 6◦ meridionally and 2◦ zonally, becoming larger with weaker solar activity. All results are ... the SAA, which impacts the noise in CALIOP observations, is anticorrelated with the 11-year cycle of solar activity (with 1 year lag) (Fürst et al., 2009). This anticorrelation is due to heating of the exo- and thermosphere during maximum solar activity, which leads to a higher neutral density in the altitudes below affected by the SAA (e.g., Qian et ... al., 2006). This increases the absorption and deflection of trapped particles, resulting in a lower particle flux compared to when the solar activity is minimum (Dachev et al., 1999). Thus during maximum solar activity the flux of energetic particles below CALIOP is smaller. The 1-year lag reflects the time needed for the atmosphere to react to incoming
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Associations of sedentary behaviour, physical activity, blood pressure and anthropometric measures with cardiorespiratory fitness in children with cerebral palsy.

... physical activity intensity between tertiles, p
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Monofractal or multifractal: a case study of spatial distribution of mining-induced seismic activity

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Characteristics of intercommunications of sport results and indexes of technique and tactic of competition activity of highly qualified sportsmen of karate-do.

... стиль, двобій, кореляція, особливості. BaranovM.V.,MalyarenkoA.T.Characteristics of intercommunications of sport results and indexes of technique and tactic of competition activity of highly qualified sportsmen of karate-do. The effectiveness of the individualization of technical and tactical training of athletes of karate-offensive, maneuver, and
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Mathematical Modeling of Interacting Glucose-Sensing Mechanisms and Electrical Activity Underlying Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Secretion.

... electrical activity (Fig 4A and 4B). A further increase in GSGLT1 does not affect electrical activity significantly because of the high affinity of SGLT1 to its substrate. PLOS Computational Biology | DOI:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004600 December 2, 2015 7 / 26 Glucose Sensing Underlying GLP-1 Secretion Fig 4. Simulated electrical activity in ... Nonetheless, pharmacological closure of K(ATP)-channels by tolbutamide can trigger electrical activity and GLP-1 secretion [4, 9, 17], and our model shows that although the exogenous K(ATP)-channels activity is very low, a further reduction is sufficient to allow electrical activity. The simulated electrical responses are summarized in Fig 4C and 4D, showing ... glucose-induced electrical activity (GSGLT1 = 10 mM and gK(ATP) = 0.015 nS/ pF) and subsequent application of TTX in GLUTag cells with default parameters. Red line represents mean voltage during electrical activity. B: Calcium current corresponding to the simulation in panel A. Red line represents mean Ca2+ current during electrical activity. C: Simulation
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Sertoli cells maintain Leydig cell number and peritubular myoid cell activity in the adult mouse testis.

... a pressure cooker for 5 minutes with 0.01 M citrate buffer (pH 6.0). To quench endogenous peroxidases activity, slides were incubated in 0.3% hydrogen peroxide (v/v) in Tris-buffered saline (TBS) for 30 minutes at room temperature (RT). Nonspecific activity was blocked using the appropriate normal blocking serum (10% normal serum (vol/vol; Biosera) ... Leydig cells with mature cells only forming near the rete testis where Sertoli-like cells remain [21]. Once formed, activity of the adult Leydig cells is dependent on LH and osteocalcin and in the absence of either hormone Leydig cell activity is markedly reduced although cell numbers are largely maintained [27,54]. Results reported here now show for ... cells around the rete testis following Sertoli cell ablation would be consistent with the Sertoli cell-like activity of the rete epithelial cells seen in neonatal mice [21] and suggests that these cells may retain a degree of Sertoli cell functional activity beyond puberty. It is less clear why Leydig cells are also retained or re-localize to the sub-capsular
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Abundance, composition and activity of ammonia oxidizer and denitrifier communities in metal polluted rice paddies from South China.

... lead to an increase in denitrifying activity but do not change the composition of the nirK community [65,66]. An inhibition of denitrification activity had been widely recognized under highly elevated Cu level in soil though soil pH could be an important factor for denitrifying activity. A decrease in denitrification activity in soils spiked or polluted ... fingerprinting and enzyme activity assays and comparisons to adjacent non-polluted soils, we examined changes in the abundance and activity of ammonia oxidizing and denitrifying communities of rice paddies in two sites with different metal accumulation situation under long-term pollution from metal mining and smelter activities. Potential nitrifying activity was ... amendment. PLOS ONE | 8 July 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 7 | e102000 Microbial Communities in Metal Polluted Paddy Figure 4. The potential nitrifying activity (a) and denitrifying activity (b) of the background (Blank) and polluted (Shaded) soils in DX and DBS sites. Different lowercase characters indicate significant difference (p,0.05) between
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Osmo and hydro priming improvement germination characteristics and enzyme activity of Mountain Rye (Secale montanum) seeds under drought stress

... antioxidant enzyme activity was performed. All extraction procedures were carried out at 4 ◦C. The seed samples, weighting about 0.3 gr, were homogenized with 3 ml of tris (PH 7.8), followed by centrifugation of 20000 g for 20 min. The supernatants were used for determination of enzyme activity. The supernatants were used for determination of enzyme activity. ... priming, Secale montanum, Germination characteristics, enzyme activity, drought stress. JOURNAL OF STRESS PHYSIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY Vol. 8 No. 4 2012 254 Osmo and hydro priming improvement... ORIGINAL ARTICLE Osmo and hydro priming improvement germination characteristics and enzyme activity of Mountain Rye (Secale montanum) seeds under drought ... enzyme activity. Catalase (CAT, EC activity was determined spectrophotometric ally following H2O2 JOURNAL OF STRESS PHYSIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY Vol. 8 No. 4 2012 256 Osmo and hydro priming improvement... consumption at 240 nm (Bailly et al., 1996). Ascorbate peroxidase (APX, EC activity was determined according to the procedures
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LRRK2 kinase activity is dependent on LRRK2 GTP binding capacity but independent of LRRK2 GTP binding.

... phosphorylation activity for the T1348N mutant clearly allow us to conclude that the T1348N inhibits kinase activity. Taken together, these data show that the capacity for GDP/GTP binding is essential for LRRK2 kinase activity, but that the specific guanine nucleotide bound to LRRK2 ROC does not play a modulatory role on LRRK2 kinase activity. Therefore ... phosphorylation activity of LRRK2 is unchanged when the LRRK2 guanine nucleotide binding pocket is previously saturated with various nucleotides, in contrast to the greatly reduced activity measured for the guanine nucleotide binding site mutant T1348N. Interestingly, when nucleotides were incubated with cell lysates prior to purification of LRRK2, kinase activity ... Our data show that an intact ROCGTPase domain is required for LRRK2 kinase activity and that kinase activity remains unchanged upon direct application of GDP compared to GTP or non-hydrolyzable GTP analogues, reconciling discrepancies in previous reports. Results LRRK2 kinase activity of the affinity purified protein is not altered upon co-incubation
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Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activity of Three Bitter Plants-Enhydra fluctuans, Andrographis Peniculata and Clerodendrum Viscosum.

... of 06 to 08 mm in diameter (Table 2). In antifungal activity test, ALE produced zone of inhibition between 07 to 15 mm against Aspergillus niger, Fusarium sp and Aspergillus fumigatus whereas MLE exhibited activity against Aspergillus niger and Fusarium sp (Table 3). Both MLA and ALA showed moderate activity only against Human-3 sp and produced inhibition ... were tested separately for antibacterial activity by disc diffusion assay method.16 Kanamycin disc (30 μg/disc) and Nystatin disc (100 μg/disc) were used as positive antibacterial and antifungal control, respectively. Blank disc impregnated with the respective solvent was used as negative control. The antibacterial activity of each extract was tested against ... range 06 to 14 mm. ALA and MLA showed activity against Sarcina lutea, Escherichia coli and Shigella sonnei and produced zone of inhibition between 06 to 11 mm (Table 2). MLC and ALC were found inactive against the tested bacteria at concentration of 200 μg/disc, whereas at concentration of 400 μg/disc, it showed mild activity against Sarcina lutea, Escherichia
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Implantação do método activity based costing na logística interna de uma empresa química.

... Implantação do método activity based costing na logística interna de uma empresa química Resumo Themis Castro de Vasconcellos Fernando Augusto Silva Marins Jorge Muniz Junior Este trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar como o método ABC - activity based costing foi implantado para realizar o custeio da ... logística precisa de informações contábeis referentes às atividades (FARIA; COSTA, 2005). Uma opção que permite tais resultados é o custeio baseado nas atividades, ou método ABC – activity based costing (KAPLAN; COOPER, 2000), o qual além de permitir o custeio de produtos e serviços também é uma ferramenta útil na gestão de custos (MARTINS, 2003). Gest. ... delineamento e procedimento de pesquisa seguido pela revisão bibliográfica sobre os conceitos no processo logístico e sobre métodos de custeio, destacando-se os princípios do método ABC (activity based costing). Na quarta seção é feita a apresentação da BASF e descrito o método ABC para a logística interna, para atender às necessidades de custeio da empresa. Na
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Antimicrobial activity of Lippia origanoides and Lippia rotundifolia oils against enterobacteria isolated from poultry.

... 2015 Comunicação [Communication] Atividade antimicrobiana do óleo essencial de Lippia origanoides e Lippia rotundifolia frente a enterobactérias isoladas de aves [Antimicrobial activity of Lippia origanoides and Lippia rotundifolia oils against enterobacteria isolated from poultry] D.S. Souza, A.C. Almeida*, V.A. Andrade, N.A. Marcelo, I.L. Azevedo, ... convencionais. Palavras-chave: óleos essenciais, produtos naturais, promotores de crescimento, frangos de corte ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of essential oils on enterobacteria Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus isolated from poultry fecal samples in the cloaca from 49 laying hens. To analyze the antimicrobial ... e UFMG/PRPq pelo suporte financeiro e concessão de bolsas de pesquisas na execução deste projeto. REFERÊNCIAS ANDRADE ,V.A., ALMEIDA, A.C., SOUZA, D.S. et al. Antimicrobial activity and acute and chronic toxicity of Lippia origanoides. Pesqui. Vet. Bras., v.34, p.1153-1161, 2014. BRASIL. Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento. Instrução
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Validade e equivalência da versão em português do Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire.

... Artigo Original Validade e Equivalência da Versão em Português do Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire Validity and Equivalence of the Portuguese Version of the Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire Geraldo de Albuquerque Maranhão Neto1,2, Antonio Carlos Ponce de Leon1, Paulo de Tarso Veras Farinatti2,3 Pós-Graduação ... Rio de Janeiro, RJ; Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências da Atividade Física - Universidade Salgado de Oliveira3, Niterói, RJ - Brasil Resumo Fundamento: O Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire (VSAQ) tem sido utilizado para a individualização de testes ergométricos (TE) e para avaliar indiretamente a aptidão cardiorrespiratória (ACR) em estudos ... Bras Cardiol 2011; 97(2) : 130-135) Palavras-chave: Validade dos testes, aptidão física, teste de esforço, doenças cardiovasculares. Abstract Background: The Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire (VSAQ) has been used to individualize exercise testing (ET) and to indirectly assess cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) in epidemiological studies. Nevertheless,
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Detection of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by cathepsin B activity in nude mice.

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Obesity, diet, and physical activity

... that the promotion of healthy diet and physical activity should not exclusively focus on obesity control but on changing inadequate dietary and physical activity patterns, as well. Promotion of Physical Activity as an Everyday Lifestyle The New Paradigm in Physical Activity Promotion: Moderate Physical Activity 33. Sedentary lifestyles are not simply ... intake. Physical Inactivity 12. Physical activity, defined as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in a substantial increase over the resting energy expenditure,” ranges from the performance of occupational work and household chores to recreational physical activity, such as sports and exercise. Decreased physical activity and/or ... and a low level of physical activity during periods of leisure in adults has been shown to be predictive of substantial weight gain (> 5 kg) in 5 years’ time. A number of studies conducted in Latin America have also reported that inactivity is strongly associated with obesity. 2 One hour or more of moderate/intense physical activity, five days a week.
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