Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

... for which it does not already have a route, it broadcasts a route request (RREQ) packet across the network. Nodes receiving this packet update their information for the source node and set up backwards pointers to the source node in the route tables. In addition to the source node's IP address, current sequence number, and broadcast ID, the RREQ also ... to that contained in the RREQ. If this is the case, it unicasts a RREP back to the source. Otherwise, it rebroadcasts the RREQ. Nodes keep track of the RREQ's source IP address and broadcast ID [8]. If they receive a RREQ which they have already processed, they discard the RREQ and do not forward it. As the RREP propagates back to the source, nodes set ... slightly lower than AODV when the nodes is higher. 4.1.3. Routing Overhead Figure 6: Routing Overhead in Scenario 1 From Figure 6, DSDV less prone to route stability compared to AODV. For AODV, the routing overhead is not so affected as generated in DSDV. I-DSDV generates less routing overhead compared to DSDV. I-DSDV didn’t effected by the number nodes. 4.2.
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Realtime multiprocessor for mobile ad hoc networks

... Adv. Radio Sci., 6, 239–243, 2008 © Author(s) 2008. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Advances in Radio Science Realtime multiprocessor for mobile ad hoc networks T. Jungeblut, M. Grünewald, M. Porrmann, and U. ... to the on-chip memory via Adv. Radio Sci., 6, 239–243, 2008 242 T. Jungeblut et al.: Realtime multiprocessor for mobile ad hoc networks Fig. 7. Test-Environment for the MPSoC. Table 1. Power dissipation of the MPSoC [mW]. Highest Load PE SB PP 74,254 86,288 2,6 Idle 35,864 24,417 1,451 Total 8xPE, 2xSB, 2xPP Highest Load Idle 594,032 172,576 5,2 771,808 286,912 48,834 2,902 338,648 Fig. ... area of one PE. T. Jungeblut et al.: Realtime multiprocessor for mobile ad hoc networks As there are only two of each in contrast to eight PEs, their impact on the total area is insignificant in the realized architecture variant. Figure 9 shows the power dissipation for idle state and highest load. Because currently
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Defensive effect of lansoprazole in dementia of AD type in mice exposed to streptozotocin and cholesterol enriched diet.

... days. Two doses of STZ (3 mg/kg, i.c.v, 10 ml each) were administered bilaterally on day 1 and 3. The STZ concentration was adjusted to deliver 10 ml per injection. The injection was made in two locations due to the difficulty of administering 10 ml to a single site. To ascertain that the drug was administered exactly into the cerebral ventricles, some ... origin [1], [2]. AD brain also exhibits prominent activation of innate immune responses contributing to neuronal loss [2]. Increasing evidences specifically prove that high cholesterol diets increase the risk of sporadic AD [3], [4]. The role of cholesterol metabolism, apolipoprotein E (apoE) and ATPbinding cassette protein A1 (ABCA-1) in AD pathogenesis ... water maze test. Each group (n = 10) represents mean6S.E.M. a = p,0.05 Vs time in other quadrants in control group, b = p,0.05 Vs time spent in target quadrant in control group, c = p,0.05 Vs time spent in target quadrant in STZ control group, d = p,0.05 Vs time spent in target quadrant in HFD control group. ANOVA followed by Tukey’s multiple range test. LD =
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A Comprehensive Study on Defence Against Wormhole Attack Methods in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

... Solutions Src Add May.2014-Volume 2.No5 ISSN 2345-3397 Requ Sour Dest Dest ce est Add Seq Seq ID No No Figure.2. RREQ Format Hop Count Routing Reply (RREP): If a node is the destination, or has a valid route to the destination, it unicast RREP message back to the source, which has below format. Src Add Dest Add Dest Seq No Hop Count Life Time Figure.3. ... Message (RERR): All nodes monitor their own neighborhood and broadcast message when: A node detects that a link with adjacent neighbor is broken. Unreachable Dest IP Unreachable Dest Add Seq No Figure.4. RERR Format HELLO Messages: Each node can get to know its neighborhoods by using local broadcasts, so called HELLO messages. 2) Working of AODV a) Route ... Conferenc on broadband networks IEEE 2004. ix. Reza Fotohi, Shahram Jamali, Fateme Sarkohaki, Shahram Behzad,"An Improvement over AODV Routing Protocol by Limiting Visited Hop Count", IJITCS, vol.5, no.9, pp.87-93, 2013. DOI: 10.5815/ijitcs.2013.09.09 x. Qazi SH, Raad R, Mu Y, Susilo W. Securing DSR against wormhole attacks in multirate ad hoc networks.
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Rare variants in APP, PSEN1 and PSEN2 increase risk for AD in late-onset Alzheimer's disease families.

... with the same status. Fully shaded circles or squares indicate confirmed AD by autopsy. Three/fourths shaded symbol indicates probable AD diagnosed using NINCDS-ADRDA criteria. One/fourth shaded symbol indicates that the family reports this individual has AD. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0031039.g001 susceptibility for LOAD [50]. However, the impact of ... Familial Late-Onset AD While there has been considerable success in the identification of genes contributing to EOAD, LOAD is far more frequent, accounting for 99% of all AD cases. LOAD remains a less well understood disorder. The major genetic risk factor for LOAD is APOE genotype [29]. The frequency of mutations in APP, PSEN1, PSEN2 in LOAD families is ... PSEN2, increase risk for or cause late onset AD. The presence of variants in these genes in LOAD and early-onset AD demonstrates that factors other than the mutation can impact the age at onset and penetrance of at least some variants associated with AD. MAPT and GRN mutations can be found in clinical series of AD most likely due to misdiagnosis. This study
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Vehicle Assisted Data Delievery Technique To Control Data Dissemination In Vehicular AD - HOC Networks Vanets

... mobility is made, which is limited by the traffic pattern and the road layout. Based on the existing traffic pattern, a vehicle can find the next road to forward packet; a vehicle can find the next road to forward the packet to reduce the delay. Several vehicle-assisted date delievery (VADD) protocol is proposed to forward the packet to the best road with the ... best road with the road with the lowest data delivery delay. Experiment results are used to evaluate the proposed solutions. Results show that t he proposed VADD protocol outperform existing solution in terms of packet delivery ratio, data packet delay and protocol overhead. Among the proposed VADD protocols, the Hybrid probe (HVADD) protocol has much ... Data Delievery Technique To Control Data Dissemination In Vehicular AD HOC Networks (Vanets) Sandeep Kumar, Kantveer Abstract: Multi-hop data delivery through vehicular ad hoc networks is complicated by the fact that vehicular networks are highly mobile and frequently disconnected. To address this issue, the idea of helper node is opted, where a moving
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Simultaneous auroral observations described in the historical records of China, Japan and Korea from ancient times to AD 1700

... interval of nearly 2000 years from 193 BC to AD 1700. These multiple auroral observations, which are undoubtedly simultaneous and independent, occurred during the nights of AD 1101 January 31, AD 1138 October 6, AD 1363 July 30, AD 1582 March 8 and AD 1653 March 2. Four further similar events occurred in the interval AD 1700±1900 but some of the associated ... simultaneous observations that are indisputably independent have been found during the interval 193 BC? ?AD 1700. These occurred during the nights of AD 1101 January 31, AD 1138 October 6, AD 1363 July 30, AD 1582 March 8 and AD 1653 March 2. Four further similar events occurred in the interval AD 1700±1900. However, as a result of the general increase in the availability of ... from spatially separated sites in East Asia. In the period up to AD 1700, only ®ve examples have been found of two or more oriental auroral observations from separate sites on the same night. These occurred during the nights of AD 1101 January 31, AD 1138 October 6, AD 1363 July 30, AD 1582 March 8 and AD 1653 March 2. The independent historical evidence describing
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Analysing the Behaviour and Performance of Opportunistic Routing Protocols in Highly Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

... limitations and to provide efficient delivery of data in these highly dynamic ad hoc networks. Using the broadcasting nature of the wireless medium, this latest routing technique tries to address two major issues of varying link quality and unpredictable node mobility in ad hoc networks. Unlike conventional IP forwarding, where an intermediate node ... move different applications from traditional infrastructure environment into the ad hoc context, so that a great deal of new services like multimedia streaming can be generated for the new environment. Although MANETs have brought in a lot of advantages to set up new applications, a number of issues still remain to be addressed. Unreliable wireless links ... complex in design and work well in mobile ad hoc networks. The major advantage of OPRAH is that it is less complex and requires no MAC modification. The major disadvantage of this protocol is the inability to handle duplicate transmissions. Also using number of hops alone may not offer optimal path in highly dynamic ad hoc networks. Transmission and propagation
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Detection/Removal of Cooperative Black and Gray Hole Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

... Sreekantaradhya, J. Dixon, and K. Nygard. Prevention of cooperative black hole attack in wireless ad hoc networks. In Proceedings of 2003 International Conference on Wireless Networks (ICWN’03), pages 570–575. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2003. [6] Oscar F. Gonzalez, Michael Howarth, and George Pavlou, Detection of Packet Forwarding Misbehavior in Mobile Ad- Hoc ... destination. Overhead: This is the ratio of routing-related transmissions (ROUTE REQUEST, ROUTE REPLY, ROUTE ERROR, and QUERY, MONITOR, RESULT, VREQ, VREP) to data transmissions in a simulation. Some routing packets are more expensive to the network than other packets: ROUTE REQUEST, QUERY, MONITOR packets are broadcast to all neighbors which in turn broadcast ... Nnext is not destination node D then Step 2.5.1: Broadcast monitor (S, D, NNR) message to all its neighbors replacing NNR by Nnext. Step 3: Else Rebroadcast monitor (S, D, NNR) message to all its neighbors. Step 4: Terminates its action. Gray/Black Hole Removal process Action by Source Node S Step 1: Broadcast query(S, D, NRREP, ni) message to all its neighbors.
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A Comparison of the TCP Variants Performance over different Routing Protocols on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

... S.R. Biradar et al. / (IJCSE) International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering Vol. 02, No. 02, 2010, 340-344 A Comparison of the TCP Variants Performance over different Routing Protocols on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks S. R. Biradar 1, Subir Kumar Sarkar2 , Puttamadappa C3 1Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, ... mobility as well as traffic. Routing overhead shown in Figure 1b. It shows the increase of the traffic correspond to increase in routing overhead. However the overhead without mobility lower in both the cases. It shows the increase of the mobility to increase in packet drop approximately 50 packets. Control overhead is higher in Tahoe than Vegas. a) ... network throughput degradation. This is due to the fact that TCP fails to distinguish the path failure and network congestion. In this paper, the performances of TCP over different routing (DSR, AODV and DSDV) protocols in ad hoc networks was studied by simulation experiments and results are reported. 1. INTRODUCTION Recent advances in wireless
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A Comparative Study of IEEE 802.11 Standards for Non-Safety Applications on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Congestion Control Perspective

... Applications on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Congestion Control Perspective Shamsul Jamel Elias, Mohd Nazri Bin Mohd Warip, R Badlishah Ahmad, Aznor Hanah Abdul Halim Abstract — Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) is an important component within the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) that have been part of global strategy and advanced applications. ... system features can communicate with existing on-road vehicle surveillance network to form a ITS architecture. In the Figure 1, the wireless communication unit inside car ( on board unit or OBU ) exchange data with the roadside unit (road side unit or RSU) to get road condition and traffic information ahead of it. ISBN: 978-988-19253-7-4 ISSN: 2078-0958 ... unique to the vehicular environment that need to be addressed in order to make decisions concerning the adoption, adaptation, and improvement of the multichannel architecture proposed by the standardization bodies. Provisioning the safety-critical and commercial services on the road are crucial to vehicular ad hoc networks. Multiple channels are assigned
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Ice core precipitation record in central Tibetan plateau since AD 1600

... reviewed discussion forum of Climate of the Past Ice core precipitation record in central Tibetan plateau since AD 1600 T. Yao1,2, K. Duan1,2, B. Xu1,2, N. Wang1,2, X. Guo1, and X. Yang1 1Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100085, China 2State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences, Cold and Arid Regions Engineering ... drilled from the Puruogangri Ice Field on central Tibetan Plateau in the year 2000 helped re5 veal the precipitation variations since AD 1600. Analysis of the annual accumulation data presented precipitation changes from AD 1600, indicative of wet and dry periods in the past 400 year in the central Tibetan Plateau. Accordingly, the 18th and 20th centuries ... found that it had retreated nearly 70 m since Little Ice Age (LIA), loosing an area of 24.2 km2 (Pu et al., 2002), and presenting 10 a unique combination of lakes, ice dunes and the Gobi desert around the glaciers (Yao, 2000). This paper would be engaged in the analysis of Puruogangri ice core by presenting its precipitation record since AD 1600. 2 Data
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Performance Analysis of Ad hoc Routing Protocols in Mobile WiMAX Environment

... Xiong, “Rate-adaptive Multicast in Mobile Ad- hoc Networks,” IEEE International Conference on Ad hocand Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications 2005 (WiMob 2005), Montreal, Canada, August 2005. [31] D. B. Johnson and D. A. Maltz, “Dynamic Source Routing in Ad- Hoc Ad hocNetworks," Mobile Computing, ed. T. Imielinski and H. Korth, Kluwer Academic Publishers, ... 90-100. [15] Charles E. Perkins, Ad hoc networking, Addison-Wesley publication, 2001, Ch. 5. [16] Elizabeth M. Royer and C-K Toh “A Review of Current Routing Protocols for Ad- Hoc Mobile Ad hocNetworks,” IEEE Personal Communications, April 1999, pp. 46-55. [17] Hong Jiang, “Performance Comparison of Three Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks,” Communications ... 234-244. [5] QualNet documentation, “QualNet 4.0 Model Library: Advanced Wireless”; Available: qualnet/download.php#docs [6] A. Boukerche, “Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Ad hocNetworks,” Mobile Networks and Applications, vol. 9, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004, pp. 333-342. [7] Broch, D. A.
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Boulder Deposits on the Southern Spanish Atlantic Coast: Possible Evidence for the 1755 AD Lisbon Tsunami?

... have been generated in this area, including those in 218/216 BC, 210 BC, 209 BC, 60 BC, 382 AD, 881 AD, 1731 AD, 1755 AD, 1769 AD, and 1969 AD (Moreira, 1988, 1993; Campos, 1991). The 1755 AD earthquake ranked 8.75 to 9.0 on the Richter scale (Campos, 1991; Mader, 2001) and was one of the strongest in human history. The earthquake was felt in Hamburg ... et al., 1995 Ria de Formosa 12 MOREIRA, 1993 9 ANDRADE, 1992 11-20 ANDRADE, 1992 Spain Cadiz 18-20 >10 4 CAMPOS, 1991 BAPTISTA et al., 1999a MOREIRA, 1993 Tarifa 11 CAMPOS, 1991 Gibraltar 2 KOZAK & JAMES, 2001 Morocco Tanger 10 BAPTISTA et al., 1999b Madeira 5 REID, 1914 S-England 3 REID, 1914 Antillean ... the Trafalgar headland. Fig. 7 Direction of axes of two sites with imbricated boulders. 4.4 Cobble deposits on top of the cape An abundance of well rounded cobbles with diameters exceeding 15 cm were observed near the lighthouse road at ca.15 m asl and close to the roman ruins between 12 and 16 m asl (Fig. 8 and 9). These cobbles are made of Tertiary
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... In additionally, LSEA increases the packet delivery ratio because the LSEA lifetime of links becomes longer and also decreases the energy consumption. Comparing with AOMDV, the proposed algorithm is to reduce the route discovery overhead. 7. REFERENCES Chlamtac, I., M. Conti, J.J.N. Liu, 2003. Mobile ad hoc networking: Imperatives and challenges. Ad ... through one route discovery procedure. Multipath routing protocols provide fault tolerance for minimizing re-initiation of route discovery and load balancing for extending limited bandwidth. Additionally, load balancing makes MANETs equalizing Corresponding Author: Senthil Murugan Tamilarasan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vel Tech ... crisis management. 2. ADHOC ONDEMAND DISTANCE VECTOR ROUTING (AODV) Li and Cuthbert (2004) declare the AODV is a single-path, on-demand routing protocol. When a source node generates a packet for a particular destination node, it broadcasts a Route Request (RREQ) packet Williams and Camp (2002). where the source and destination IP addresses remain constant
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Avaliação de estratégias de roteamento Ad hoc e técnicas par-a-par de localização de conteúdo em redes par-a-par sobre redes móveis Ad Hoc

... para as duas camadas. A estratégia broadcast sobre broadcast apresentou como vantagem principal a facilidade de implementação, porém não foi escalável por causa do broadcast duplo. Sua complexidade foi dado como 0{n^), sendo n o número de peers. A estratégia broadcast também apresentou restrições de escalabilidade, no entanto, sua complexidade foi (){n). As ... localização de conteúdo P2P e de roteamento ad hoc , isto é, DHT (vide Seção 2.2.1) e broadcast. Eles utilizaram as seguintes combinações para a camada P2P overlay e a de roteamento ad hoc : broadcast (virtual) sobre broadcast (físico), DHT sobre broadcast (físico) e DHT sobre DHT. Além disso, também foram avaliados broadcast e DHT como protocolos cross-layer, ... Entretanto, antes dos resultados propriamente ditos, descrevemos a seguir a configuração do conjunto de simulações efetuados durante a avaliação. 5.1 Simulação Os resultados da simulação foram divididos por propriedade avaliada. São elas: • Carga da rede • Mobilidade • Densidade de peers • Densidade da rede Para alcançar tais propriedades, variamos um ou
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Content delivery in vehicular ad hoc networks

... direitos reservados. Aguiar Silva, Fabrício S586e Content Delivery in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks / Fabrício Aguiar Silva. — Belo Horizonte, 2015 xxvii, 115 f. : il. ; 29cm Tese (doutorado) — Federal University of Minas Gerais Orientador: Linnyer Beatriz Ruiz 1. Computação — Teses. 2. Redes de computadores — Teses. I. Orientadora. II. Coorientador. III. ... estudo detalhado da literatura para entender como os conceitos de CDN e P2P vêm sendo aplicados às VANETs. Em seguida, propusemos um modelo híbrido em que conceitos de CDN e P2P são herdados e adaptados para VANETs. Para auxiliar os projetistas de aplicações, também definimos um arcabouço que engloba os principais componentes a serem implementados para ... objetivos. Agradeço à Linnyer, que desde 2001 tem compartilhado comigo os seus conhecimentos e me motivado a buscar um equilíbrio entre trabalho e família. Ao Loureiro, por todo incentivo e contribuições significativas para o desenvolvimento desta tese. A todos os membros da banca, que contribuíram significativamente para a qualidade deste trabalho. Agradeço
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Estudo de algoritmos de roteamento para redes móveis Ad Hoc

... pacotes gerados por pacotes de dados com a variação do alcance, sendo a velocidade média dos nodos de 4,5 unidades/iteração 85 8.22 Comparação entre o número de pacotes gerados por pacotes de dados e a variação da velocidade 85 8.23 Comparação entre o número de pacotes gerados por pacotes de dados e a variação do número de nodos, para a velocidade média ... classificadas como estruturadas ou independentes {ad hoc [3, 20]). 1.1.1 Redes estruturadas Redes estruturadas são aquelas em que o Host Móvel (HM) está em contato direto com uma Estação de Suporte à Mobilidade (ESM) na rede fixa. Esta ESM normalmente está ligada a uma rede fiixa de alta velocidade. ^Os termos computador móvel, hop, nodo e host serão usados ... duas estações estejam uma ao lado da outra é necessário que as estações estejam ligadas por um meio guiado para que troquem informações. Em uma rede estruturada é necessária a comunicação do HM com a ESM e da ESM para o outro HM; • Mobilidade; em contraposição, à falta de mobilidade dos computadores fixos. Como desvantagens podem ser citadas: • Banda passante:
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Uma metodologia para verificação formal de protocolos de roteamento para redes móveis Ad Hoc

... compreensão, união, felicidade, luzes, paciência e muito choro, muito choro de nós três deve ser lembrado. Obrigado por compreenderem o "meu caminho", e saberem entender o quão é importante esta etapa para mim. Sem vocês realmente este trabalho não teria sido o que é. Talvez nem tivesse começado. Obrigado, obrigado, obrigado. Aos meus orientadores e amigos Professor ... Isso ocorre pelo simples fato de que não foram projetados levando em conta a mobilidade. Além disso, o endereço IP tradicional não pode ser usado no roteamento, haja vista que ele só pode ser associado a uma única rede [104]. Neste tipo de arnbiente será assumido que cada computador possui um identificador único, mas que não referencie uma posição física ... propriedades desejadas do protocolo são então provadas matematicamente. Prova de teorema inclui um conjunto de formalismos tanto baseados em lógica, quanto no modelo adotado, o qual embasados em lógica de primeira e segunda ordem [3]. ^ Model Checking é um ramo da verificação formal que consiste de uma família de métodos de prova completamente automatizados
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Iniciação e consumo de substâncias psicoativas entre adolescentes e adultos jovens de Centro de Atenção Psicossocial Antidrogas/CAPS-AD.

... o padrão de consumo de SPA, entre adolescentes e adultos jovens matriculados no CAPS AD de Feira de Santana, Bahia. Método Este é um estudo de caráter retrospectivo, realizado com população da faixa compreendida en- tre 12 - 24 anos (adolescentes e adultos jovens) atendidos no CAPS AD de Feira de Santana, no período 2003 a 2008. Foram utilizados ... planejamentos e intervenções a partir de pesquisas específicas, no intuito de adotar estratégias adequadas à realidade de cada grupo populacional e ambiente cultural5. Estes estudos também não refletem a realidade dos adolescentes e jovens fora da escola. O reconhecimento das particularidades da adolescência e juventude impõe desafios à elaboração e execução de ... 95%. Esse estudo foi aprovado no Comitê de Ética e Pesquisa da Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana. Resultados No período estudado, foram atendidos 475 adolescentes e adultos jovens, sendo que a maioria era do sexo masculino e coabitava com os pais. Adolescentes destacam-se por mais alta prevalência de baixa escolaridade (< 8 séries), ser solteiro
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Employ the Ad-hoc Admission Control on WIMAX Relay Station to Give the Coverage for the Mobile Stations Out of Coverage

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CD27.R21: Ad Hoc working group to complement the regional strategies of Health for All by the Year 2000

... directions contained in Resolution XX;1 Being convinced of the advisability of incorporating contributions and observations made during the discussions at that Meeting; and Having considered the report of the Working Group appointed by the Directing Council. RESOLVES 1. To establish an Ad Hoc Working Group to draw up, in accordance with the guidelines ... complementary document reflecting the additional contributions and observations made during the XXVII Meeting of the Directing Council in connection with the regional strategies, for transmittal in due course for consideration by the WHO Executive Board Program Committee. 2. To request the Governments of Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, ... request the Governments of Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Saint Lucia to appoint one representative each to the Ad Hoc Working Group, which will meet from 24 to 31 October 1980 3. To delegate to the Ad Hoc Working Group the authority it needs to approve, on behalf of the Directing Council, the complementary document to be sent to
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Report of the ad hoc Committee on the "Study of WHO's structure in the light of its functions"

... Governments, as an Ad hoc Committee or Working Group. CD26/27 Page 2 (Eng.) The Director of PASB invited the three countries to nominate representatives to serve on the Ad hoc Committee. The Ad hoc Committee had its initial meeting at PAHO Headquarters on 5 January 1979, and at that time it was determined that an additional Staff Group to the Ad hoc Committee ... FUNCTIONS SUMMARY ANALYSIS BY THE AD HOC COMMITTEE OF THE PAHO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MARCH, 1979 (X -V CHARGE TO THE AD HOC COMMITTEE Arising out of Resolution WHA31.27, operative paragraph 3, and its consideration by the XX Pan American Sanitary Conference, the 81st Executive Committee appointed an Ad hoc Committee consisting of Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, and ... 1979. COMPOSITION OF THE AD HOC COMMITTEE Dr. John H. Bryant, USA, Chairman Dr. Marcelo Endara Miflo, Ecuador Mr. Hubert Blackett, Trinidad and Tobago The Ad hoc Committee held three meetings on 5 January, 8 February and 8 March, 1979. However Mr. Blackett was unable to attend on March 8 COMPOSITION OF THE STAFF GROUP The Staff Group appointed by the Ad hoc Committee
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Informe del Comité ad hoc sobre el "Estudio de las estructuras de la OMS habida cuenta de sus funciones"

... le habla encomendado, el Comité Ejecutivo designó a los Gobiernos de Ecuador, Estados Unidos de América y Trinidad y Tabago para formar parte de un Comité Ad Hoc o Grupo de Trabajo que actuara en nombre de los Estados Miembros. CD26/27 (Esp.) Página 2 El Director de la OSP invit a los tres paises a qe nombraran representantes para el Comité Ad Hoc. Este ... reciben servicios, por accesibilidad geográfica y financiera a los servicios o por indicadores del mortalidad de estado de salud (por ejemplo: madres y niños)? ¿Desea formular otras observaciones de este capitulo? CD26/27 (Esp.) Página 5 El tipo de cooperación más claramente identificado por los Gobiernos fue la disponibilidad de expertos consultores por ... agosto 1979 ORIGINAL: INGLES INFORME DEL COMITE AD HOC SOBRE EL "ESTUDIO DE LAS ESTRUCTURAS DE LA OMS HABIDA CUENTA DE SUS FUNCIONES" Introducción La 3a Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, celebrada en mayo de 1 97, brind6 a los Estados Miembros la oportunidad de reafirmar la necesidad de una acción integrada en toda la Organización para lograr el principal objetivo
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Convention ad referendum

... the merchandise. All this are facts of observation, but badly observed. During how much time will we detain the men and as was done at Panama in the year 1892, when the cholera which had invaded Spain ' threatened. But to the fear as adviser in hygiene, we commence to substitute the reason: Already England observes that in the disinfected and cleaned ... governments which may not have signed the present convention are to be admitted to adherence thereto upon demand, notice of this adherence to be given through diplomatic channels to the Government of the United States of America and by the latter to the other signatory governments. Made and signed in the city of Washington on the 14th day of the month ... Joubert, minister resident in Washington; Republic of Venezuela, Sefior D. Nicolhs Veloz-Goiticoa, chargd d'affaires of Venezuela, Who, having made an interchange of their powers and found them good, have agreed to adopt, ad referendum, the following propositions: 103 104 SECObID INTERNATIONAL SANITARY CHAPTER 1%Ef_ULATIONS AS TO PLAGUE, BE OBSERVED CHOLERA, BY O1% SECTION
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