Privacy policy committed to protecting the privacy of personal identifiable information of customers. Members can read the "Privacy Policy" to better understand the commitment that the Board of Management implementation, in order to respect and protect the rights of access

  1. Information of user

    The information collected through our website, we will use to: Customer support when purchasing materials on the system Customer inquiries

    Gives you the latest information on the website of implementation of promotional activities, events related to the products and services of To access and use certain services in, members will be required to register with the Board of Management of personal information (email, name, contact phone number, ...) All information declared to ensure the accuracy and legality. not bear any responsibility relating to the law of the declared information. Moderators can also collect information about the number of visits, including members of pages viewed, number of links (links) you click and other information related to the connection to Moderators also collect information which web browser to use whenever members access website, including IP address, user language, time, ...

  2. Use of personal information collect and use personal information for the purpose of membership consistent and fully compliant with the contents of the "Privacy Policy" is. When necessary, administrators can use this information to direct contact with members such as sending open letters, letters of thanks, technical information, new event information. Members may receive a regular supply of new announcements, upcoming events

  3. Sharing personal information

    Except for the cases of use of personal information as described in this policy, we are committed to not disclose your personal information out. In some cases, we may hire an independent unit to conduct market research project and then your information will be provided for this unit to carry out the project. The third party will be bound by a confidentiality agreement by which they are only allowed to use the information provided for the purpose of completing the project. We may disclose or provide your personal information in the case is really necessary as follows: (a) at the request of law enforcement agencies; (B) in cases where we believe it will help us to protect their legitimate rights under the law; (C) emergency and necessary to protect the personal safety of members

  4. Privacy Policy for documents respect the copyright of the information and documents which Members put up, however reserves the right to edit the content as appropriate or cancel the information and documents members provide without notice to the member to ensure that the information and documents to be registered in accordance with Regulation have the right to stop temporarily or permanently access and use the Web site The Member armor if action is damaging to the website or violate the Terms of Service without compensation any damage to the member. may refuse to register as a member of the Members have been canceled as a member on have the right to provide the personal information of members to third parties and / or state agencies competent in the case of members violating the regulations published information, document or website at the request of State agencies. When the court, procuracy, police, tax authorities, law office, central consumer protection, competent authorities equivalent, or company security requirements make our company provide personal information, will provide personal information of members for the purpose of protecting the rights, trademarks, property of have the right to send electronic mail for the purpose of advertising, providing information according to the email address registered member. If members do not want to receive mail, Members may send a notice to the mail, will stop providing information.

  5. The mechanism for receiving and resolving customer complaints suggest all of members feedback all cases on the Board's Customer Care throught email or phone number: 0936,425,285.